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SUNDAY SMUT: Valentine’s Day Special

Hey there, people, and happy Valentine’s Day! First of all, thank you all for your “Happy Valentine’s Day” messages you’ve sent to us. We love them and we love you all. Thank you, guys! I’m sending you all big and warm mental hugs. You’re the best. It really made my day to find those messages, so thank you.

I wish you all have had so nice day or that you’re gonna do something nice later (and romantic, maybe). In Finland we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day that much, and actually in our language the name of the day means “Friends’ day”. Pretty stupid because it ruins the entire meaning of the day, lol… Anyway, since it’s (once again) a special day and Sunday, I picked up more than one themed smut fic. Each and every one of these fics has smut scenes in them and all of them are with Valentine’s Day theme. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did, because I’m telling you, we did enjoy these very much! It’s one of the best recs I’ve ever done. I just couldn’t skip the fact that it’s Sunday and Valentine’s Day! – Admin J

Title: loved you then, love you now

Author: gidgit

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,108 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: Hehe, the best case ever. Read it and you’ll get it! This is non-AU slash case fic, pretty typical set-up but so good story, totally worth reading for. And I love grumpy Cas in it. He’s so adorable!

Summary: Certain as the sunrise, holidays for the Winchesters did not pass without excitement.

“Excitement,” Cas grits out between his teeth, “is not precisely the word I was looking for.”Well, whatever.

Dean and Cas go on a Valentine’s Day hunt.

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Title: Valentine’s Day

Author: kirargent

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,750 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: I’m not sure it was because it was 3 am when I did read this fic or what, but this was like the most romantic and the most sexiest thing I’ve read for a while. I’m not kidding! I’m definitely having a kink for “look at me” now. Fics are turning me to have many kinks. If you don’t want to read more than one Valentine’s Day fic, then pick this up, okay?

Summary: A week ago, if you’d asked Dean about his plans for Valentine’s Day, he would’ve smiled (he does not look like a lovesick sixth grader, thank you Sam) and told you in excessive detail about his reservation at a little italian place downtown. And if, by some chance, you stuck around through his worshipful description of the dessert menu, he’d smirk and say vaguely “Then me ‘n Cas will head home and have us some fun, V-day style.”Being tied to the bed with his crotch covered by thin pink satin would’ve been nowhere on the list of possibilities. And yet, here they are.

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Title: Sticky Notes and Fluff (the other kind of fluff)

Author: bortlescale

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,472 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★   

Admin J’s notes: This was… Ok, let me say one word to you: dick. It was like the first thing in my mind after reading this. I love the idea of Charlie leaving those notes, it’s so cute and romantic! Pornstar Cas is always pretty weird since I see Cas more like very asexual person than pornstar, but hey. who am I to judge? I’d watch every video he’d be in, over and over again.

Summary: Dean is a fluffer. Cas is a pornstar.
There’s one dick Dean would like to get to know.
Charlie is awesome.

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Title: Bulletproof Heart

Author: destieljunkie

Rating: Explicit

Words: 15,950 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: This was so romantic. I need someone to make this a movie so that I can re-watch it every Valentine’s day while eating ice cream and crying. The only thing that prevent me from giving full five stars was that the “I love you” part came too quickly. It kinda ruins everything if you rushed with it, you know?

Summary: Valentine’s Day is approaching once again and Dean Winchester is preparing for a busy week at the dating agency where he works, even though he himself has vowed to remain single. To save himself from the pain of yet another shattered relationship, he has carefully wrapped an impervious shield around his heart that is seemingly immune to anything even remotely akin to love and affection. Then he met Castiel.

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Title: Helplessness Blues

Author: fio

Rating: Explicit

Words: 10,021 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: To be fair, this fic would have deserved five stars, but hippie Cas gave me bad mental image. You know, Cas with long hair and all, wearing odd hippie clothes and having good times with marijuana… Not cool. I’m sure the writer has meant something like future Cas, but my mind is playing tricks on me. All the other ways this was amazing. Only thing I was missing was the third part in which they’d been together for ten years!

Summary: I’ll get back to you someday soon, you will see
(or, the story of how Dean gets it wrong the first time around, but thankfully, gets it right on his second try)

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