I am so physically and mentally exhausted that I feel like there’s no room in my head to take in anything else

I am really struggling with pretty much every aspect of my life right now. I am mentally and physically drained all the time. I do not ever want to leave my room or see anyone or talk to anyone and i hate that i have to. I don’t think i would ever get lonely if i lived on my own, i’d love to be completely isolated from everyone right now. I am really hating life at the moment. And i don’t mean that in a typical teenager “i hate my life, fml.” way. I mean, “i hate my life i don’t want to wake up in the morning” kind of way.


i’m so fucking tired of caring and worrying about people who don’t give a crap about me.

all i do is help everyone around me but in return, when i need someone to lean on no one is there.

but when they need me they expect me to be there…

Had a real tough few days, but maybe things will start looking up.

Want this to be a message to anyone else who’s doing it tough. I want you all to keep your head up, and know that things won’t always be this way. Keep your chin up and keep smiling. Things will get better.