mentally slapping myself

Hidden Scar

Request: Could you write a reader x Alec Lightwood where he is helping her tend her wounds after a missions and he discovers her scars (which she’s self conscious about) from previous missions? Thank you!!                                                                                                                                           Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Note:I hope you’re going to like it so if you do let me know…:))                                                                                                                                               I was trying to get back to the Institute but since I was hurt pretty bad that was hard..Even if I activated my healing rune the pain was still unbearable.I was in some alley close to the Institute,but it looked so far away now..And then I felt my phone vibrating and I took it from my pocket..’Halo!’ I heard Alec voice on the other end and I instantly slapped myself mentally..’Y/N,where are you?” I took a deep breath before speaking..’Oh hey Alec,what’s up?’But unfortunately my voice shaked at the end because of a sharp pain on my side..’Y/N are you okay?’                                                                                                                   ‘Umm yeah don’t worry I’ll be there in a few.’And before he could answer me I hung up.                                                                                                               I was finally able to get to the Institute,I walked in and lucky  for me nobody noticed me so I keep walking straight to my room but then Izzy saw me..’Oh my God Y/N are you okay..’OH NO! ‘Yes,this isn’t my blood.’She looked at me suspiciously but nodded her head..And I walked in my room and closing the door leaning my head on them for a second catching my breath..But when I turned around I saw Alec standing with his arm crossed over his chest and I jumped..’Jesus Alec.’ He put his hands down and walked closer to me..’You’re hurt?!’It was more like statement then a question.’Pff,no I’m not.’I tried to avoid him but he stopped me grabbing by my wrist and just like that I winced because of pain..’Oh my God,You ARE hurt.Sit.’He showed me to sit down on the bed and I knew that arguing with him was pointless right now..’Alec you don’t have to,I already activated the healing rune.’He looked at me holding a wet towel..’Maybe but you’re still bleeding.’I didn’t said anything just let out a sigh..’Take off your shirt.’I looked at him confused..’Excuse me what?”               “Take off your shirt so I can take care of that too.’He showed with his index finger on my stomach and I instantly got sick,even if we were together for couple of months we still didn’t  took that “NEXT STEP”in our relationship..’Ohh that,really there is no need to.’ He gave me a death glare and a famous eyeroll..’Seriously Y/N?!”I hesitated for a minute ‘Okay,fine!’I pulled up my shirt and left it on the bed next to me,and the when I turned my gaze back to him  I saw him starring at my stomach and I didn’t even have to guess why,because I knew the reason it’s because of my huge scar from one of my previous battles with demons..’I immediately took the shirt and started pulling over my head but he stopped me..’Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked up from him to somewhere else in the room mumbling..’Because I was already self concious about it so I didn’t want anyone else to know except izzy.’ Then I saw annoying look on his face..’So that’s the reason why she’s been acting weird these couple of months?!’I looked at him..’Yeah,I guess.’ Then his face softened and he put his hands on my cheeks..’I love you Y/N and there’s no way in hell that for some stupid scar I’ll change my mind,understood?’I looked back at him smiling and then he kissed me,and that’s all I needed right now..’Understood.’     

Forgiveness Pt. 2

((Fell!Goth POV))

~Before the Fire~

I walked back inside still laughing my head off, but something felt off…even though I wanted memories to go away they didn’t. They proceeded to drill into my mind…mocking my every move. I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn’t heard the fire alarm going off.

“What the hell?” I looked towards the small bonfire outside only to see that it had spread drastically. “Sh*t!” that was the only thing I could say, I didn’t prepare the yard for a fire, I mentally slapped myself, I started heading towards the front door, only to be blocked by falling wood. I the whole second floor would’ve come down in that area if I wasn’t careful, so I stepped back.

Windows? No…

Any other doors? No…

I was trapped in my own stupidity, ‘Heheh, nothing knew…’ I thought.

((Fell!Palette POV))

~Back to the Present~

I gripped the ground, cursing my actions under my breath. I was blaming my self for everything. If I hadn’t yelled at him…no if I hadn’t talked him into it…NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED! My eyes sting from the tears streaming down my face…I had only one choice…

~Small Time-skip~

The fire had completely vanished, I walked towards the charred debris. What I found made it even worse…Nothing…Nothing but his f*cking scarf and a pile of dust…He was gone because of me…I never thought I cared…But I did, and now he’ll never know it…

~ Bad Ending ~

I gripped the ground, cursing my actions under my breath. I was blaming my self for everything. If I hadn’t yelled at him…no if I hadn’t talked him into it…NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED! My eyes sting from the tears streaming down my face…I had only one choice…

I noticed a moving pile of debris, I ran towards it almost instantly. I pulled broken and burnt wood off the figure, I didn’t care if it hurt…I…only cared if Goth was okay. Soon after some digging I found him, badly injured. I picked him up and carried him out of the “hell fire.” He looked weak and close to death

“Goth? Please talk to me…You can’t die like this you hear me?!”

He opened his eyes slowly, I couldn’t help but smile. However he glared when he saw me…

“Wh-What do you want?” He said coldly. That was harsh, did he not understand what the hell I just did for him?! But before I could answer him, he started coughing horribly. Damnit…He wasn’t gonna end up making it…I hated to admit it…I liked him, actually LIKED him…this wasn’t fair…

I put my arms around him, he looked shocked, made him look even cuter in my eyes. I quickly pulled him into a kiss before he could object, he tensed up but relaxed…


A moment later…


He slowly turned to dust in my arms…

~ Neutral Ending ~

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Fell!Goth - @nekophy

Fell!Palette - @angexci


“Who was that you were talking to?” My older brother, Bellamy, asked with a serious face. “That was Christopher, why are yo-” “Is he your boyfriend? I can beat his ass up if you want me to.” My sister, Octavia, chimed in. “Wow, relax, we just talked. And no he’s not my boyfriend.” I explained to them. I turned my head back to my brother and he wasn’t there. He was talking to Chris. “Oh God, what are you doing?” I asked him, making my way towards them. Bellamy didn’t respond and I heard him say something that made me mentally slap myself. “Okay, there are some rules for dating my sister. Rule #1, you can’t.”

Drunk Collab: Dan Howell

warnings: language, drinking, the feels

One knock on the door, another, and I am half dressed with dripping hair. Hopping to the door with one leg in my pants, I trip over the loose pant leg and fall. “Holy shit, motherfucker-”

“(Y/N)?” Dan said from the hallway, worry in his voice. Amid my struggles, I immediately freeze when I hear his voice. Play it cool, (Y/N). 

“Oh..hey Dan. Uh- just a minute, just making some…waffles.” I said, mentally slapping myself for the stupid excuse. Of course my alarm doesn’t go off the day the internet star Dan Howell is doing a collab with me. He’s way bigger than I am in the Youtube community, its a miracle he even agreed. 

Situating myself, and with one more look in the mirror, I open the door to a smiling Dan. 

“Hey, (Y/N)” he said, the dimple on his cheek popping out with his smile. Shit, I forgot how cute he was. 

“Hi” I said, looking up at him. Wow, he is actually fucking hot…

“Uh, can I come in?” he asks with a laugh.

“Oh, yes! Oh my god, yes, sorry.”

Dan walks in and takes his leather jacket off, throwing it over the arm of a chair in the living room.

“Where are the waffles?” he asks. My eyes widen and I suck in a breath. Wow, he saw straight though my lies. He remains standing there, a half-smile on his face so innocently. How will I get out of this? More lies. Brilliant, (Y/N).

“Oh, I thew them out,” I said casually, leaning against the door frame. 

“They couldn’t have been that bad-" 

"They were.” I cut him off with a nervous laugh. Shit, he must think I’m crazy. 

I lead him into the lounge where we would film the video. I set up the tripod while he told me some story (I wasn’t listening, though, too much fangirling). 

“So what are we doing today?” he asked. 

“I thought we could do a challenge?” I said, nervously. Again, I mentally slapped myself for not being more creative. “I thought we could do a ‘try not to laugh’ challenge.”

“Fun,” he said simply. He hates it, I’m so basic. He looked around my lounge and his eyes fall on my liquor cabinet. 

“Wanna make this a little more interesting?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. I followed his gaze to the drinks, and I felt a smile grow in my face. 



“Hi everyone! Today I am here with the one and the only…Danisnotonfire!” I said, facing my camera. Dan leaned into shot and waved to the camera as well.

“Hello Internet!" 

"So today, we are doing the try not to laugh challenge, where we watch a complication of funny videos, and, hence the name of the challenge, try not to laugh.” I said. 

“BUT, every time one of us laughs, we have to take a shot.” Dan adds, and we hold up my bottles of Vodka. 

“You’re lucky I’m letting you use my vodka for this.” I said while scrolling though Youtube to find a video. Dan laughs and pours a few shots to get them ready. 

“You guys can play along too, at home. Try not to laugh!” Dan says.

I pop back up and look into the camera, “Only if you are 18 or 21 or of legal drinking age!”

“Yes! We do not condone under-age drinking!” Dan adds. “Oh my god, I feel like a dad." 

I look over at him and smirk, "I’m sure this is not the first time your fans have called you daddy.” I laughed. He looked at the camera with wide eyes. 

The video only became more hilarious the longer we filmed. Everything one person said, the other would be in fits of laughter about. We almost never made it though a video, so by the end we were hammered. 

Slurring my speech, I tried to end the video, but somehow I couldn’t say 'subscribe.’

“Subscr…sub…subcri…fuck.” I said, laughing. 

“You’re so cute.” Dan laughed, slurring his words as well.

“You think I’m cute?” I said, probably yelling. He shrugged and looked away, giggling. 

“You know, I had a big crush on you before I met you.” he said, sitting back in the couch and looking at me. 

My smile faded and I looked back at him, “Really?” I asked, suddenly serious.

“Yeah, I almost kissed you when we were playing Mario Kart in my room at Playlist.” he said, obviously something he would not say when we were sober. 

“I wanted you to.” I said, looking over at him. Suddenly, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, cupping my cheek with his hand. As the kiss got more heated and sloppy, I pulled away, but only leaving a few centimeters between our lips. 

“The camera,” I said, breathlessly, a little more sober now.

“Edit it out.” he said, reconnecting out lips and laying me down on the couch. 

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One of those days

So today was one of those days where I have to make a conscious effort not to slip into little space…. Like, I had to mentally slap myself every few seconds and be like “no no me, this is not socially acceptable”. I actually whined at full volume at some point and got stared at like I had three heads. At this point, I’m so glad I can just go home and roll in my Mountain of stuffies and watch cartoons on netflix.

Celebrity Crush

Note: you’re a famous singer/dancer/actress (you choose) and you were ask to guest star on the Ellen show, as she asks you and Justin who you’re celebrity crushes are.

Y/n’s POV

“Actually a couple of days earlier, Justin was on the show…did you get a chance to watch it?” Ellen says as she smiles.

“No I didn’t actually…how was it?” I ask happily but deep down I mentally slapped myself for sounding so stupid, considering I was his best friend and I didn’t even know he was on the show.

“It was good, it was great…we started talking about the casual stuff then for some odd reason it led to celebrity crushes, because apparently he’s single,” she says as she winks at me, causing the audience and I to laugh.

I tried to keep the crown entertained with my awful sense of humour as I reply “Ohhh I see, so he wants to mingle” causing the audience and Elle to laugh once more.

“Yeah he does,” she replies chuckling, “and by any chance do you know who his celebrity crush is?” She asks raising one of her eyebrows.

Oh fuck…i forgot who’s his celebrity crush is, but I mean can you blame me? He has so many, okay you know what I’ll just go with my gut. “Pfft, of course I’m his best friend, I believe it’s… Beyoncé!” I clap my hands together smiling as if I had just won the lottery. As I face the camera and point “see Justin, i listen…” As I hear the crowd laugh once more at my dorkiness.

Ellen looks at me and smiles, “you know what, let’s just take a look on what he said” she says, as a video of Justin’s interview appears on the screen behind me.

Ellen looks towards Justin and smiles “so Justin, you are now single and living your life…how are you feeling?”

Justin looks back and smiles as he replies “better than ever, I feel as if it was best for us two, and that we should just remain as friends and start to see other people, and I mean, we had a good closure so I’ve been doing okay.” The crowd applauds at his new confidence and positivity.

“So since you are single….are there any celebrity crushes you want to put out there, to let others know you’re ready to date?” She questions as she winks causing Justin to laugh and mutter “oh man” under his breath.

“Uh uhm let me see” he says nervously, as he puts his hand on his chin, giving the impression he was thinking.

“Don’t worry, we all know that I’m your celebrity crush, but it’s just not going to work out between you and me so it’s okay….take your time , because I am hard to get over from.” Ellen says as she shrugs her shoulders and looks at him with a serious look, which caused the audience to laugh, and Justin.

Justin places his hand on her knee “you will always have a place in my heart,” he says smiling.

“Awww” she smiles then turns to the crowd, “he just can’t get enough of me.”

Justin scratches the back of his neck and smiles nervously, “my celebrity crush would definitely be y/n….for sure” as he blushes and bites his lip from smiling.

Just like that, the crowd goes wild.

Ellen smiles widely as she calms the audience down, and asks Justin to explain his answer.

“She’s just an amazing human being, and a wonderful close friend…I admire her beauty, personality, and everything just about her…and I love her to pieces.” He says with the biggest smile on his face.
The crowd erupts into “aww’s” and just goes wild to Justin’s comment. Ellen immediately winks at me and calls out my name.

I couldn’t help but blush, as I try to hide my face with my hands.

“So y/n, who’s your celebrity crush?” Ellen says in a funny tone that I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Well I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m going me to pick now..” I say as I look towards the crowd, which cause the crowd to go wild once more.

“My celebrity crush is Justin,” I say as the crowd goes wild, but I quickly add in “timberlake.”

Ellen and crowd erupt into huge fits of laughers at my little joke, as Ellen looks at me smiling, “you little tease” she says shaking her head, laughing.

“No I’m kidding, well not really because timberlake did bring sexy back, but I mean, Justin is great, he’s very handsome and he will always be the one to make me laugh,or smile and his voice will always make my heart melt, but he’s not my celebrity crush, because I’ve got something a whole lot better in real life….he’s my best friend.” I say smiling, as Ellen and the crowd applauds and goes wild once more.

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 52)

All Chapters

“We’re there, baby.”

Mark’s soft voice tears me away from sleep. I open my eyes, plunged in partial darkness. I’m in a car…a taxi. I lift my head from Mark’s shoulder, I look up at him.

“Good?” He asks, kissing my forehead. I nod as the car comes to a halt. I’m exhausted. Mark kisses my cheek and shifts, making me sit up straight. The passenger door on my side opens, and I snap my head in its direction and spot long legs in black suit pants. A valet?

“Out you get.” He says, opening his door himself. I bring my tired legs out of the car and stand.

“Thank you.” I say to the valet, then quickly slap myself mentally for saying this.

“You’re welcome.” He flashes me a smile. Mark pays the taxi driver while a second valet heaves our luggage out of the truck. My valet joins his friend as they get our stuffs out of the car and Mark walks to my side as I stand, mesmerized in front of the huge building. It’s night, so they turned the lights on, and the old, castle-like building looks breathtaking. Hotel Carlton. Holy shit.

“It’s our hotel?” I ask him as he drapes his arm around me.

“Yes, baby.” He kisses my temple and  starts walking towards the huge doors. My feet get in action as I follow him.

“It’s luxurious.” I say, and my adjective mustn’t be well chosen because Mark snorts.

“You haven’t seen our suite.” He replies as we reach the doors. Two large black men are on each side, and then open the doors for us politely.

“Our suite?” I ask. Mark is too busy pushing me in, he doesn’t answer. I think he was playing anyway. The interior is even more luxurious. Everything is black, red, wood and gold. I feel dizzy around and this wealth. Seated behind a big red counter, the blond receptionist greets us.

Bonsoir, messieurs dames.” She smiles warmly.

Bonsoir. Réservation au nom de Mark Tuan.” Mark’s fluent French starts flowing naturally. He’s not really made long sentence in French since we arriver. Only a couple of Bonjour’s and Merci’s. The blond types on her computer and turns back to Mark.

Puis-je voir une pièce d'identité?” She asks. Mark fishes his wallet out of his back pocket and gives her his ID. She looks at it briefly. I notice she’s not swooning in front of my man. It’s refreshing.

Deux clés?” She asks.

“S'il vous plaît.” Mark replies. The woman stands, turns, grabs two keys and drops them on the counter.

Voilà, monsieur. Chambre 1505, mon collègue vas vous y enmener.” She says and waves towards a valet with our luggage on a carrier.

Merci, bonne soirée.” Mark says, taking the keys, and I understand we’re moving. I flash her a small smile and follow as the valet leads us to the elevator. It’s see through, like the one in Chucky. I look around once more, trying to absorb all this richness. I look like a stain with my pale blue sundress and my sandals. Mark is hot as usual in a navy blue shirt and pale chino pants.

“You speak very well.” I say to him. He smiles, widely, but doesn’t say anything. The elevator comes and we step in. The employee pushes the tenth floor button. I lean against Mark’s shoulder and sigh. I’m exhausted. We’ve been in the air for nearly thirteen hours, and we left LA at midnight so we’d arrive exhausted at night time in France. It worked, I need a good night of sleep.

“I thought you’d be more excited.” Mark mutters next to me. It’s true that I thought I’d be squealing, refusing to go to sleep and urging him to go out as soon as we arrived, but I’m too tired to do anything like this.

“I’m sorry, I’m just too tired.” I mumble.

“Don’t apologize. We’re going straight to bed, yeah?” He kissed my head.

“Yes.” I agree. “What time is it?”

Mark glances at his watch. He’s changed the hour on it?

“Half past ten.” He says. Oh, good. I’ll have a complete night of sleep and wake up in the morning, killing the jet lag for good. The door opens on a long, red corridor, with a red floor and a darker red carpet. It’s lighted by golden lamps between each doors.

Mark opens the door to our room, the Sylvie Testud room, and my jaw drops to the floor. The first thing I see is the living room. Yes, the living room. It’s all red and white and gold, with a coffee table and and two small armchairs. My feet wander inside, as I gawk mindlessly. It really is a suite! Fuck, fuck, shit! Behind the living room there is the actual bedroom, with a huge bed. The bedding is white and red, and the bed is really high, it raises to my hip. Holy shit. There is a dressing and a dressing table, all white and red. The bathroom though is only white, with a huge, really big shower, a double bowl sink and a huge mirror. Shit! Fuck! Retracing my steps, I join the living room again and open the curtains. A balcony! I open the huge doors and step outside. Once again a white coffee table and a red bench. It gives a breathtaking landscape. Oh my god! When I come back inside, Mark is watching me, a smug smile on his face, his hands loosely put in his pockets, his legs slightly spread.

“You’re completely over the top.” I sag against the door, kicking my sandals off. He is crazy.

“You like?” He asks me. If I like? I guess so, but it’s not me.

“It’s sumptuous, Mark, really, but not necessary.” I reply. He hits me with a big, dazzling smile and walks to me.

“I know.” He murmurs, circling his arms around me and lifting me, swinging me around. His smile and his good mood are infectious, so I push all those thoughts in the back of my mind. Putting me down, he kisses me tenderly, our tongues rolling, caressing, exploring. We hear someone clear his throat.

We snap our head towards the door and see the valet with our luggage on the floor. His face matches the decoration.

Çe sera tout.” Mark snaps, and though I don’t understand, I know he’s not tender with him. The man quickly exits, and Mark turns to me, smiling fondly.

“We’re in France.” He murmurs, pressing his lips on mine.

“Yes.” I whisper.

“Come, let’s go to bed. You’re wrecked.” He says, taking my hand and leading me to the huge bed.

“My pajamas.” I call after him. He turns and pulls me to him, his eyes smoldering.

“You’ll sleep naked.” He affirms. Oh, okay. He kisses me briefly and pulls away, grabbing the hem of my dress.

“I would have loved to crystallize this bed.” He says, dragging my dress up, and I help him by lifting my arms, and I am naked except for my panties. 

“But you’re tired, and so am I.” He adds, sliding my underwear down my legs. When he gets up he kisses me tenderly.

“Bed, now.” He orders, and I am only to willing to over. I climb on the bed and slide under the big covers. Damn, it’s really comfy. I drift away instantly.

I stretch under the covers, and it’s a long, liberating stretch. Oh fuuuuuuuuuck. I open my eyes and find our luxurious suite bathed in soft natural light. Mark is fast asleep next to me. We’re in France! Hopping off the bed I adventure myself naked in the living room. I open the curtains wide, not minding any eyes because we are on the last floor of this huge hotel that can’t be overlooked. Outside Lyon is already full of life, with its people and its buses like suppositories. It’s Lyon, It’s France. I bite my lower lip in excitement, and feel familiar arms curling around my naked body.

“Come back to bed.” Mark murmurs, nibbling at my earlobe. Mmmh…

“I can’t believe we’re really here.” I say, turning to face him. He looks glorious, in nothing but his boxers, his black hair messy, and his stubble light and defined.

“We are.” He murmurs before kissing me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back, running my fingers in his hair.

“Because of you. Thank you.” I murmur against his lips and feel his smile. Bending, he clasps my thighs and throws me over his shoulder, probably carrying me back to the bed. I secure my hands on the small of his back, just above the waistline of his boxers, chuckling to myself. Yummy. I slide my hands in his boxers and cup his sweet little ass, feeling his muscles flex as he walks.

“Did you come to this hotel when you were with Olivia?” I ask him, squeezing his buns.

“Yes.” He replies. I tense. I wasn’t expecting this answer. How dare he bring me here?

“You slept in this room?” I ask, turning my head to look at his back.

“No. Not this room.” He answers simply before tossing me on the bed. I land and bounce on the trampoline mattress, and he crawls between my legs. I open my mouth to tell him how rude he’s being but he traps my mouth in his, pushing his tongue in my mouth without permission. I moan.

My tongue meeting his, I place my hands on his shoulders, caress his back, his nape before curling my fingers in his hair. I pull, making him groan in my mouth. He pulls away, leaving me breathless and wanting, and his lips are all over me, my face, my jaw, my neck, my collarbones. He trails his nose down between my breasts, then up again, his stubble rubbing against my nipple. I groan and writhe beneath him.

“I don’t know if it’s because you’re one year older now,” He says, trailing little bites all over my breasts. “But I can see your body changing.” He muses, licking me from the valley between my breasts to my throat. My hips buck involuntarily.

“These are growing up too.” He kisses each of my nipples, referring to my breasts. His lips head south, leaving butterfly kisses in their wake, and I’m tingling everywhere.

“Your hips are wider.” He muses against my skin. He latches at my scar above my hip, sucking and licking and biting.

“Please.” I moan, lifting my pelvis. He hums appreciatively, his hands caressing my thighs.

“You have fine, fine legs.” He compliments before kissing his way up to me. He takes my mouth once more, pressing his weight onto me, his erection straining against my intimacy.

“Oh, Mark.” I gasp, my hands sliding down his back into his boxers, grabbing his behind and hauling him close. I circle my hips against him, his hard on rubbing in all the right places.

“You like that?” He teases, matching my movements and my rhythm.

“Yes.” I moan, pulling him closer.

“Do you want to come like this?”

“I want you inside of me.” I plead. Mark stops and sits on his heels, pulling me up with him. He hauls me close, his arms firmly holding me close, both of his hand in my hair as he kisses me hard, subduing me with a merciless assault of his expert tongue. I kiss him back the better I can, my hands lost in his hair.

“Grab the headboard.” He orders before releasing me, and I obey, turning ad grabbing the headboard. I would arch my back but the little space he gives forces me to stay straight. After pulling his boxers down he grabs my hips and pulls me down so I’m practically sitting on him. Teasing my earlobe with his teeth, he flexes his hips and slowly drives inside of me, penetrating me partially.

“Mark.” I gasp. I feel so full, and he’s not all the way inside yet. I love the way he stretches me from the inside. I close my eyes and savour the sensation.

“More?” He asks in my ear, his voice tight and strained.

“Yes, please.” I whimper. He pulls me down some more and thrusts forward, driving deeper but still not all the way. I groan at the sensation, my breathing heaving. Unable to refrain myself, I lift myself up and slam back down onto him.

“Anh!” I moan as he fills me up completely, reaching deep.

“Fuck.” Mark hisses, his fingers digging in my skin. And I can’t stop myself, bewitched by the sweetness of the sensation, and I start circling my hips against him, finding an electrifying friction.

“That’s it, baby.” Mark says appreciatively, but remains immobile. I need him to move, make me feel more, control our rhythm, drive me crazy.

“Please.” I whimper, panting. I slow down my movements, trying to tempt him by my sensuality. “Please, move.”

His hips shake a little as he struggles to keep still. I groan out of frustration and pleasure and throw my head back against his shoulder.

“Pease, Mark.” I plead desperately, feeling the hotshots of pleasure stabbing me deep and already pushing me towards my release. I won’t last long, I need him. He moans into my ear and bites my earlobe, tugging hard with his teeth and sucking hard.

“Oh, please.” I groan, and I’m shaking with unwanted pleasure, my hips stuttering as I move them in small circles. Mark pants against me, his hot breath all over my neck.

“Yes, Abby.” He moans, accompanying my movements with his hands, guiding me as I grind against him. “Oh, god.” He grunts.

His hands find my breasts and my nipples, and he takes both of them between his fingers, twisting gently. Whimpering, I pick up pace, the sensations on my breasts mixing with the fire inside of me. He pinches them both, making me yelp.

It’s pleasure overload, and I have to stop moving, trying to canalize the pleasure.

“Don’t stop.” Mark groans, and I whine incoherently. I am literally shaking, because of the pleasure, but also because of the frustration and the need. I feel needy. I need him.

“Please, Mark, move.” I beg, and he tugs at my nipples in response. The sharp pleasure gets me going, and my hips start moving on their own again.

“Shit.” I curse under my breath. Mark’s hips stutter a hit and buck, but he manages to hold Mark. I know he feels the urge to thrusts, but he doesn’t. He has such control over his body, while I have none.

“Please, Mark.” I moan, squirming, writhing on him because of the hammering sensation between my thighs. “Please, move with me.”

“Are you close?” He rasps in my ear. Oh, god.

“Yes!” I cry, and his hands find my hips again.

“Hold on tight.” He orders, and I obey without a word, clinging to the headboard as he starts pounding inside of me.

“Yes!” I scream as he thrusts fast and hard, hammering, simply ravaging me. The speed, the friction, it’s perfectly intense and strong.

“So. Fucking. Beautiful.” He thrusts with a force and a violence that could have propelled me against the headboard if I wasn’t holding on so tight. He thrusts sharply and violently, no tenderness or sensuality, pure lust, pure sex, pure fuck.

“Come on, Abby!” He shouts, and I detonate around him, screaming my pleasure as I implode in a huge firework, my body roaring and bowing, surrendering, falling and falling in a spiral of pure ecstasy.

“Fuck!” Mark shouts as he finds his release, curling his arms around me, a hand around my throat and the other cupping my sex as he pins me against him, holding me close as he pours himself inside of me.

“Shit.” He whispers, gently circling his hips against me, caressing my clitoris and panting in my neck, easing both of us down from our highs.

He kisses me below my ear, down my neck and to my shoulder before lifting me off him. We fall down across the bed, my back to his front as we catch our breaths.

“I love waking up with you.” He says breathlessly.

“Surely has its advantages.” I giggle. Once my lungs function correctly, I roll on my side and curl myself against him.

“What are we doing today?” I ask him.

“We’ll walk around. See where our feet bring us.” He replies, throwing his leg over me.

“Sounds good.” I say before kissing me. He nips at my lower lip and tugs with his teeth.

“Shower, now, little lady.” He says before playfully slapping my naked behind.


We eat lunch on the Place des Terreaux and wander down the Cordeliers, looking through store glasses and watching people pass by. We enter a knick-kcnack store, or should I say even. It’s really big with tons and tons of useless stuff, I’m dazed, amazing. I wander aimlessly in the store and stop in front of a small figurine of a soccer player. This would be for Mark. Turning the little figurine I read the name. Lenov… Levdanv… Lindoski… Le-van-dow-ski. Isn’t he his favorite player?

“There you are!” Marks voice make me jump. He’s at the other end of the aisle, glaring at me. I ignore his scowl and walk to him.

“Look, there’s-”

“Why the fuck did you walk away without telling me?” He hisses down at me, glowering. I flinch, taken aback. Woah.

“Don’t get out of my sight, understand?” He demands, and I’m too shocked to sass him.

“I’m sorry.” I murmur.

“Understand?” He insists.


He visually relaxes and sighs, while I am petrified.

“What did you want to show me?” He asks quietly.

“Nothing.” I lie. Now I just want to get out of here.

His rancor forgotten, Mark takes my hand and leads me out of the store. I stare blankly at him, dazed and confused.

“Where do you want to go now?” He asks me, and I shrug. Right now, I want to go home, in LA, and bury my face in my pillow, but I’ll take his option.

“I want to take you shopping.” He says, his eye full of hope. I don’t have the energy to refuse.

“Okay.” I shrug, and his eyes and face light up like Christmas. He kisses my cheek and starts walking again.

“They built this huge mall recently. Alex says we can get there via boat.” He says, and he sounds excited, happy even, enough to make me crack a small smile.

“Alex? When will I meet him?” I ask him.

“Tomorrow.” He turns and winks at me.

Alex didn’t lie, we can go to the mall via boat. I stare out of the window of the cabin, mesmerized by the huge building afar.

“It’s called the Confluence.” Mark explains.“Because it’s built where the Rhône and the Saône become one.” He says.

This mall is amazingly big and full of different store. Except an Apple store and Sephora, there’s no store I know. Mark bring me to a shoe shop called André. Even though I’m not supposed to enjoy shopping with Mark, I fall in love with a pair of navy blue wedgies with fringes at the ankles.

Can you ask the price for me?” I ask Mark who is watching me try them on.

Elles sont à combien?” He asks the saleswoman.

Cinquante Euros.” She gushes. I roll my eyes openly.

“How much?” I ask Mark.

“Fifty Euros.” He translates.

“I’m buying them.” I pipe up.

“No, I pay.” He counters.

“No.” I argue. “I came with my own money.”

He leans over me and kisses my forehead.

“And you’re going to keep it.” He murmurs, before straightening his back and flashing his smile to his French admirer.

On les prend.” He snaps.

I’m scowling and sulking like a child when we walk out of the store, but Mark ignores me.

“Bea asked me to buy her a perfume.” I announce, entering a beauty store.

“That you can pay for it.” He says.

“Gee, thanks.” I roll my eyes.


Once we’ve bought Bea’s perfume, Mark stops in front of a jewelry. He looks at all the diamond rings and the bracelets.

“I want to buy you a watch.” He turns to me, making all of the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

“No.” I reply immediately. “No, please no.”

“You want to buy it yourself?” Now he’s scowling.

“No. I don’t want one.” I explain. “Can we look for something for you?”

“I’m good.” He snaps.

“I want a snack.” I propose, and he gives in.

“There’s a fabulous place across the hotel.” He says, taking my hand.


The Pain Chaud is crowded, and it’s already been five minutes Mark has been queueing. Right next to the cafe there is a men’s store. Glancing inside the cafe, I spot Mark in the queue, he’s still has a long time to wait. Collecting my shopping bags I get up from our place on the terrace and go the store, and as I had bet, they sell perfume. I come out of the store five minutes later, bumping into Mark.

“I told you not to go away!” He hisses, catching me before I fall on my behind. He’s fuming again.

“Sorry.” I murmur.

“Are you determined to give me a heart attack?” He lets me go and runs his hair in his hair, sign of exasperation. “I blink and you’re gone, it’s frightening.” He grumbles.

“Sorry.” I repeat. He sighs and takes my hand, leading me back to the cafe where our drinks and snacks are waiting. Mark nods towards my new shopping bag.

“It’s a men’s store.” He says.

“I bought a perfume for my dad.” I lie.

“Oh. Okay.” He says. He lifts his behind from his seat and leans in, pressing his lips on mine.

“I’m a little jumpy when we’re outside, I don’t want you to get lost.” He murmurs.

“I’ll stop, promise.” I reply, and he smiles to me.


“Got it.” I say, paying for our snacks before he can. He pulls of the biggest scowl I’ve ever seen.

“You have to be quick around here, old man.” I tease, and he grumbles something I don’t understand. He’s really pissed.

“You’ve been paying for everything from the beginning.” I say, but he doesn’t take my argument. I roll my eyes.

“Aren’t you tired to spend money on me. With this trip alone and the piano and the car you’re already around…” I pause and make quick calculations. We’re talking about something like one hundred fifty thousand dollars. I thought he only had a hundred thousand dollars.

“What?” Mark asks as he sees my expression.

“You said you only had a hundred thousand dollars.” I explain, his brow cease.

“The piano alone is over a hundred thousand dollars.” I explain, then it hits me like a train.

“You’re in the red.” I declare, horrified.

“I’m not.” He says simply, looking away. He thinks he can keep lying now?

“Don’t lie to me.” I mutter.

“I’m not lying.” He says confidently.

“But…” Is all I can say. He’s spent more than he could. He is in the red, he’s broke. Or..

“You lied again?” I ask him

“About what?” He replies.

“Your money. You lied?”

His eyes look away from mine. “Yes.” He confesses. Fuck! He lied to me again! He has more than a hundred thousand dollars, he’s richer than that! Fuck! Now, I’m furious. He earned all of this money because of his psycho ex girlfriend, and he’s spending everything on me.

“How much?” I hiss, well aware I’m radiating with anger.

“Let’s get out of here.” Mark proposes, not wanting to make me snap in the cafe. I’m nit moving, not until he’s told me.

“How much?” I repeat, glaring at him. Then I realize he’s probably going to tell me a number, but there will be no way I could be sure. He’s lied to me twice already.

“Whatever you tell me, it could be a lie.” I shake my head.

“Abby, baby.” He reaches out to take my hand, but I move it out of his reach.

“No, I don’t even want to know.” I hold my palms up, showing him how disgusting I find this.

“I didn’t want to upset you.” He explains. I shake my head, not wanting to hear his excuses. The mother fucker is rich, really rich. When I think about all he’s paid for, as if it was nothing.

“Olivia bought me a house.” He explains, and my ears threaten to bleed at the mention of her name.

“Stop.” I spit. He keeps his eyes down, nervously playing with his glass.

“A big house, in Calabasas.” He adds. A house in Calabasas? Oh, fuck this.

“I don’t want to hear this. Stop talking about this.” I raise my voice a little bit, determined to shut him up.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.” I mutter, getting up from my seat, forgetting about my shopping bags. Mark takes them and follows me out.

“I’m sorry, Abby.” He says once we’re about to cross the road to join our hotel. Now I’m even more disgusted with this place.

“I bet you are.” I mutter.

Bonjour.” The receptionist greets us with a warm smile. I don’t greet nor acknowledge her, too busy scowling.

Bonjour. Chambre 1505.” Mark replies to her. She gives us our cards and I stomp off to the elevator. Our journey up is silent, and I glare at Mark though he doesn’t look at me. He runs his hair through his floppy hair, and it falls down on his forehead.

“You need a haircut.” I mutter, and he turns to me.

“Do I?” He asks, his eyebrow raised though his hair is hiding them. I sigh, ending the discussion. I feel bad for being so mad, it’s not like it will change anything. It doesn’t change the fact that I love him, but he’s been impossible today and this is just too much.

“Abby.” Mark says once we’re in our suite. I turn to him.

“Kiss me.” He demands, his eyes as desperate as he’s sounding. I lean on my toes and peck his lips. He grabs me instantly.

“Kiss me like you mean it.” He says. I sigh, clasping his face in my hands, tilt my head to the side and press my lips up on his, my tongue caressing his lower lip. He snakes his arms around me and pulls me close as I kiss him, our tongues rolling against each other. When I pull away his eyes have softened.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He breathes, and my heart sinks a little.

“I know.” I reply not too convincingly. “I’ll be in the bathroom.” I mumble before leaving him. I need to be away from this man a moment.

While the hot water of the shower cascades over me, my thoughts bump into each other inside my head. I’m here, in France, in a luxurious suite in a sumptuous hotel, with my wealthy boyfriend. He’s probably a millionaire. If he sold that house in Calabasas, then he definitely is. The thought is sickening.

When I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around me, Mark opens the door, leaning against the doorframe. He crosses his arms over his chest and crosses his legs at his ankles.

“You’re still mad at me.” He declares. Fastening my towel, I turn to him.

“No, I’m not.” I lie. Sighing, he pushes himself away from the doorframe and walks to me, taking my face in his hands.

“Ask me and I’ll tell you exactly how much money I have. No more lying, I promise.” He says, plunging his deep brown eyes in the blue of mine.

“I don’t want to know.” I murmur. He sighs, giving me a small smile, and lowers his lips onto mine. He kisses me tenderly, lovingly, then he snakes his arms around me and pulls me against him, fingers tangling in my bun. He tugs gently, tilting my head back and dipping his tongue in my mouth. I steady my hands on his shoulders.

“Mark, I’ve just showered.” I protest against his lips, but he takes my mouth, his tongue exploring, claiming, possessing.

“I need to make sure we’re okay.” He murmurs, his lips mowing to my jaw and my neck.

“We are.” I sigh. He takes my mouth once more, more fervently, slightly aggressive, and he undoes my towel with a flick of his fingers, letting it pool on the floor. I gasp.

“Stop, Mark, not now.” I break away from him and pick up my towel from the floor, wrapping it around my body once more. Mark takes a step back, and when I rise, I don’t dare to look at him.

“I need some space.” I whisper.

“You’re still mad at me.” His answer is instantiate.

“No.” I lie. “I just need a moment for myself.”

“You’re leaving me?” He breathes, and all the anguish in his voice makes me look up at him. He looks frightened.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I snap, but he doesn’t relax. “I just need a small break.”

“A break?” He looks dumbfounded. I know he’s imagining the worst.

“I just want to grab some fresh air. Fifteen minutes. To think.” I explain.

“Without me.” He says. I almost roll my eyes.

“I’m not leaving you, Mark.” I reassure him.

“Fine, I’ll leave. Don’t go out.” He holds his palms up, indicating me not to move and strolls out of the bathroom, then out of the suite. I sag against the nearest wall. This is so going to be a fight, but I know I need this. I want to be away from him.

I dress into my panties and a camisole, wrapping me up in the satin robe provided by the hotel. I wander aimlessly in the suite, the luxury and the richness hitting me at each corner. Is that the life he wants me to live? Suites, birthday cars and classy restaurants. It all happened already, I was too blind to see it, but he’s locked me in this lifestyle without me noticing anything. I still feel his presence here. This suite represents too much. I walk to the living room to grab my magnetic card and get ready to go out when I notice it’s gone. I look everywhere, absolutely everywhere, and there’s no sign of my card. He must have taken it. He took it so I wouldn’t go out. The bastard! Even when I show him we’re not okay, he finds a way to make the situation even worse. This man is impossible. I am mad at him.

I hear the door of our suite being opened, and I know Mark is back. I glance at the clock: it’s quarter to eight. Yes been gone for almost two hours. He bumps into something.


I stand by the bed, my arms crossed over my chest, almost tapping my foot as I wait for him to enter. He walks aimlessly, sees me and freeze. He frowns, surely intrigued by the anger radiating from me.

“You took my key.” I state. He fishes the two magnetic cards out of his pocket and drops them on the dressing table.

“Yes, I did.” He replies coolly, unaffected by my ire.

“You locked me in like some kind of animal.” I mutter.

“You wanted me away.” He grumbles. There’s something in his attitude, there’s something off.

“I needed fresh air.” I counter.

“It’s hard enough to hear you don’t want me near you, I wasn’t going to let you run away and get lost in a city you don’t know.” He hisses at me through gritted teeth. I recoil.

“You’re drunk.” I whisper. He rolls his eyes.

“Give a man a break.” He mutters, kicking his shoes off.

“Where were you?” I ask.

“You wanted me away, Abigail. You don’t get to nag.” He spits, and I have to refrain a gasp. He’s been really harsh. I remain petrified.

“Do you want me to sleep on the floor or take another room?” He asks ironically, giving me a contemptuous look. My mouth falls open as I stare, wide-eyed at a man I don’t recognize. Now he’s just being mean and hurtful.

“Now you’re being unfair.” I whisper.

“I’d never ask for a break from you, Abigail.” He counters, his voice full of reproaches and venom.

His harsh words pin me down and all my blood drains from my face. I can’t believe he’s being so hurtful. He makes me feel miserable, which is not something I thought he could do. I want to look down at my feet shamefully but I don’t, not wanting to show him he’s hurting me. I want him to realize himself he’s been a real asshole, not him feeling bad because of my reaction. I think it works, because he closes his eyes and drops his head. He pinches the bridge of his nose and puff his cheeks while sighing.

“I’m gonna take a shower.” He declares before strolling to the bathroom without giving me a single glance. When he closes the door behind him it feels like he’s finished building a wall between us, and I feel excluded, unwanted.

I feel the tears coming, the tears I’ve been holding back during the whole day, and I know this is going to be ugly. Not wanting him to find me crying when he comes out of the bathroom, I step on the balcony. I sit down on the red leather bench, hugging my knees and let my eyes get lost in the horizon, blocking everything, so there’s just me and the landscape.

I feel emotionally wrecked, and hurt. I don’t recognize this man, I don’t recognize my life. Yesterday I was still a normal teenage girl, and now I’m dating a millionaire who wants to dictate my life. It’s scary how fast it all happened. I’m shocked, and I’m not sure I can’t continue like this. I have mixed feelings. Today was awesome because he’s taken me to France, and made me discover Lyon, but he was impossible at the same time. From his barking orders to the fact that he lied to me, he really knew how to make me mad. And his harsh words, I’d never thought I’d see such a mean and hostile look in his eyes while he’s looking at me. He’s nothing like the sweet man I know. Suddenly I want to leave, I want to go home and forget about him, but I’m stuck here with him.

He said that to make me feel bad. He wanted to hurt me, and he succeeded. My heart ache with painful emotions, and tears start rushing down my cheeks. And I cry to myself, cry all the frustrating I’ve felt today, probably trying to cry out this whole situation. I break down, completely, lost in my shoulder shaking, lip trembling and hiccupping crying. I choke on my tears and cough, each tear bringing another. My crying starts to get messy and ugly, and I’m shaking violently, hiccuping like a kid, my nose running and my eyes constantly pouring. And I don’t stop, for minutes, maybe an hour or two.

The french doors swing open, and I snap my head in the direction of the room, finding Mark staring at me, in a black T-shirt and shorts. His face blanches, I am absolutely unable to stop crying.

“Shit.” He mutters, walking to me. “Merde, putain, Abby. Shit!” He curses, grabbing me by my arms and setting me on my feet. I wail, more tears falling out of my eyes as Mark drags me back inside the room. His presence only is enough to make me feel hurt and betrayed again. He’s heartless and mean. He’s the reason I feel so bad, it’s all his fault. I yank my arm free from his grip.

“Don’t touch me!” I shout. Mark freezes and stares at me for a moment, shocked and I complete lost, and a second later he’s charging forward, grabbing my upper arms again. No! His touch, his presence, his existence spark a fire of anger inside of me.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I yell, banging on his chest and swatting him away. He doesn’t budge and wraps his arms around me, imprisoning me so I can’t move. Tears or rage are rushing down my face. I am fuming with rage, I am furious, furious at him and everything he represents. I’m bordering on hysteria, hitting him, scratching him, yelling and crying.

“Fuck!” He curses and tackles me to the floor, laying his body on mine and trapping me. I let out a high-pitched scream. I don’t know what’s getting into me. I see red, it’s only rage, rage, pure rage.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, baby. It’s my fault.” Mark murmurs, his eyes pleading. He manages to get hold of  my wrists and pins them above my head. Fuck!

“No! No! No! No! No!” I shout, screwing my eyes shut. I struggle and fight him with all of my strength, all of my frustration, all of my pain, and my pain is huge.

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry.” He breathes. “God, I’m sorry.”

I can barely hear him, I’m not listening. He wanted to hurt me, he wanted me to cry, it was intentional. All of this was intentional, that’s what he wants, me crying and yelling.

“I hate you!” I spit, pulling on my wrists and kicking my feet in the air. I try and try hard to free myself, but he’s too heavy. I don’t stop trying though, I’m furious and hurt.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” I scream as loud as I can, making my throat sore. And jump off the edge of hysteria, my brain disconnecting with reality, and my crazy, angry stunt turns into a panic attack.

I’m taking today to mentally slap myself into being a productive human being by cleaning up myself so i can give myself the illusion that the past 16 years haven’t been absolute shit

Music and Lyrics of a Love Song (Takashi Ninagawa SITS Fanfic)

Saturday morning. I woke up with bright rays of sun shining from the window. I glanced to my side and saw my boyfriend’s sleeping face. I ended up sleeping in his room again. I really think he should buy a bed. We barely fit in his sofa. We were so close together I can feel his breath in my ears. I blushed. I propped my elbows and stared at him. He’s so cute when he sleeps. You would never imagine this same face becomes a monster when he’s in the zone. I chuckled. Staring at him made me want to kiss him. I mentally slapped myself. Naughty me. Well, he won’t know, right? I lowered my face and stole a peck on his lips. I giggled.
“Aren’t you a sneaky one?” Taka’s eyes were open, staring right at me.
My eyes widened. “We’re you awake all this time?!” I shrieked. “Since when?!”
“A few minutes before you.” He smiled.
I pouted. “Then why did you pretend to be asleep?”
He laughed. “I was trying to see what you’re gonna do. And I say, I was surprised. I didn’t think you would steal a kiss from me.”
I felt blood rise to my cheeks. “It’s so embarassing.” I hid my face in his chest. He hugged me and I could feel him laughing. “It’s fine. I do that thing too.”
I glanced up him. “You what?!” Did I hear him right?
He just smiled then kissed me on my forehead. “Get up now. We’ll go somewhere.” He unwrapped his arms around me and got up from the sofa. I got up too and went straight to my room.
With no idea where we are headed to, I picked a simple pink dress to wear and matched it with a doll shoes. After taking a quick bath, I dressed up and put on a little make up. Lipgloss and light pink blush. I hope I don’t look over-excited for our little walk.
I heard a knock on my door as soon as I got dressed. “Yes?” I answered. “Are you ready?” Taka asked behind the door.
“Yes. I’ll be there in a sec.” I quickly fixed my hair then went to the door and opened it. Taka was wearing his usual outfit, a shirt under a jacket, black pants, headphones around his neck and a cap as a disguise, but he looks hotter in them now, if that is possible.
He stared at me for a few seconds then looked away. I saw a faint blush on his cheeks. I blushed too, seeing that. He returned his gaze at me and stretched out his hand. “Let’s go.” I nodded and took his hand. We left the house with our hands interlaced.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we walk down the familiar streets of the town. He glanced at me a bit. “Somewhere.” He vaguely answered.
I did not question any further and just excitedly anticipate where he’ll take me.
We arrived at a café. It’s a little hidden from the main road. The place is cute and comfy. There were only a few people in there, so we don’t have to mind Taka being spotted by paparazzis. We sat on the the corner spot of the coffee shop. The place might be secluded but we still have to be careful.
I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and iced mocha while Taka ordered caramel pancakes and caramel milk tea. I popped a slice of pancake in my mouth. “Mmmmm! This is so good.” I heard Taka chuckled. “You just love to eat.”
I pouted. “But it’s really tasty. How about yours?” He sliced his pancakes then brought a slice in front of me. Huh? Is he going to feed me?
“Open your mouth. My arm’s feeling numb already.” He said, bringing the fork near to my mouth. I opened up and ate the pancake. “I-it’s good too.” I managed to say, feeling embarassed.
He opened his mouth and said. “Aah.” I stared at him dumbfounded. “Feed me too. You should return the favor.” Though feeling shy about it, I also fed him. “It’s good. But I like my caramel pancake more.”
I smiled. “You just love caramel too much.” And we both laughed. We continued chatting as we ate.

When we finished our breakfast, we walked to a nearby park and sat on the bench. We just looked at the people walking around. He suddenly started to hum. I glanced at him. “Is that the new melody you’re working on?”
He shook his head. “This one’s a love song.” He stared at me and I saw myself reflected in his eyes. “It’s for you.” He smiled. I saw a faint blushed appear on his cheeks.
I smiled back at him. “Thank you. That’s a beautiful song.” I gave him a peck on his cheek and he became redder that he is.
“I need to write this down before I lost the melody in my head.” He said. My shoulders fell. Does this mean our date is already over? He made no signs showing that we’re leaving. He pulled his phone from his pocket and started drumming his fingers on it. I took a peek of what he’s doing and I saw him using an app that looks like his synthesizer at home.
I stared at him and smiled to myself. He’s lost in his own world again. I did not bother him anymore and pulled a notebook from my bag. I jotted down words that came to my head. Unknowingly, I was able to write lyrics for a full song.
“Are you done?” I looked up at Taka and saw him staring at me. His face is so close to mine. “I-I thought you were composing.” I fumbled at my words.
He nodded. “But I finished a few minutes ago.” He glanced to my notebook then back to my face. “Is that lyrics to a song?” I bobbed my head.
“May I see it?” I handed him my notebook and he read through the words I wrote. A smile crawled upon his face. He held my hand and suddenly stood up. “Let’s go home and start working on this. I think your lyrics fit perfectly to the melody I finished.”
I nodded and stood up. With that, we went home, straight to the recording studio to work on the new song.

After a few hours of working on the song, finally we’re finished. “All done!” I stretched my arms feeling fulfilled. Taka wrapped his arms around my waist. “Good job. That’s my girl.” He rested his chin on my shoulder.
I can feel his warmth around me. I want to stay like this forever.
Taka stretched out his hand and grabbed the computer mouse. He clicked on a file and the beautiful song we just finished played. He sang my lyrics. It’s like he’s singing it only for me.
I closed my eyes and let his singing voice drown my thoughts. “This will be our song. I won’t let anyone hear this yet.” I opened my eyes and see him looking earnestly at me. “Yes. It’s our secret love song.” We shared a passionate kiss as the song of our love plays.

~Yey done! This is my second fanfic for Taka. And I did this for my lovelies liaamari17 and ichthy-s. Lia-chan and Tia-chan (wow your names do rhyme :D), I do hope you like this one. I know you both love Takashi.
To everyone who would read this, I hope you would like this too! Happy reading! :)

Date Interrogation(Jaime Preciado~ Y/N)

Could you do one where you’re best friends with ptv and one day you’re about to go on a date (nothing serious) and the guys all really want to meet him CUZ they’re kinda protective of you and everyone’s cool with him except for Jaime and after the date Vic tony and mike tell you Jaime has feelings for you? Thanks!

Written By: Lauren

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Prom? | Part 2

(Note: hey loves, sorry for the long wait, but here is part 2 for prom, enjoy!!)


Your POV:

All day I’ve been avoiding Justins calls and text messages, I just wasn’t in the mood to talk to him, I know it’s a bit harsh, but I wasn’t quite ready to listen to him talk about his “date.”

I had just gotten home from work and I was hungry as hell, so I decided to get something to eat.

I walk towards the kitchen to see a note on the counter, confused I picked up the note and read it out loud.

“by the time your reading this, meet me in the backyard. -Justin”

I mentally slapped myself, forgetting that Justin has a spare key to my house so he was able to come in as he pleased. I smiled slightly, as I begin to head towards the backyard. What is this guy up to? I mumble to myself before opening the door.

I walk out, “Justin, what’s-” i say but immediately stop as I stare in awe at the view of my backyard.

It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…

Lights were wrapped and hung around the trees, lanterns were beautifully lit up, rose petals and balloons were placed all over the ground. I slowly cover my mouth with both hands as I see Justin appear in a tuxedo with a guitar in his hand, as he slowly strums and he begins to sing a song. (Song of your choice)

As he finishes the song, i was tying my hardest not to tear. Justin slowly puts his guitar down, as he quickly grabs a bouquet of red roses and a sign that I couldn’t quite read.

Justin slowly walks up to me smiling, and reveals the sign. “Y/N, will you go to prom with me?” He says nervously, I looked at him in shock, wait me? What about the girl? I look at him confused, “what about the girl you were talking about the other day?”

Justin looks at me confused, as he puts the sign and the bouquet down “what do you mean?”

I cross my arms, “I have a girl in mind” I say mimicking what he said yesterday.

Justin looks at me and chuckles, “So, is that the reason why you ran off yesterday?”

Embarrassed to continue, I looked at him not saying a word.

“When I said I have a girl in mind…” He says as me moves closer to me, “that girl is you” he says as he places his hand on my cheek.

I was completely frozen, I couldn’t believe it, all along I was upset over the fact Justin had someone else in mind, was actually me?!

“I’m in love with you Y/N,” Justin says, looking into your eyes, “ever since I bumped into you in junior high, and since then my feelings have grown, and I know-”

I immediately cut Justin off as I kiss him, he places his hands around my waist pulling me closer, as I wrap my arms around his neck.

We pull away both smiling, “I’d love to go to prom with you,” I say before kissing him once again.

Sorry if it was short!! Love you bbs!!

Requested by @xtinalear