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Thanks, it was… short. Not really sure if good or bad, and there was a girl leaving when I got there so there is competition. Now I’ll have to wait until mid-January…

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I love it when they go through some psychically or mentally challanging peroid(illness, some kind of side effect, unknow poisoning, over-worked on trying to bring down the bad guy, insomnia, PTSD, anything), and they get paler and thinner day by day. Bonus point it their loved ones worry themselves sick about them.

This has Fic written all over it. Someone write that, please. The whump possibilities are infinite, as well as the angst. Excellent trope.

Okay I get that Holby doesn’t know what medical accuracy is, but I’m drawing a line at how Ollie is acting. Shot in the frontal lobe doesn’t mean he’s a confused child that’s 100% mentally challanged with 0 memory and 0 linguistic capability.

I could see his pain.His Worry. His apologies. I know he was a tortured man that had warped dreams .I knew that he deserved what was about to come of his life but at the same time i asked myself why are we giving back to him what we didn’t want from him.. vengeance is the only word that circled through my head…Vengeance .For our people for our lives and for out history. The bad guy always losses in the end .Think about it he will die one day. That’s the ultimate loss .I guess we win.I mean he will always be there .Taught to our children and even though we teach them of his evil and our pure power and instinct to overcome he will still be passed on.His name will still be uttered with fright….istanni Bulgardio.

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