Back in 1988, a young man known only as George was plagued by severe obsessive-compulsive tics that locked him in a never-ending cycle of hand-washing and showering. The overwhelming condition drove George to Randy Quaid levels of insanity and forced him out of school and work. His mother, who was apparently not a very good one, eventually told her son to commit suicide if he thought that things were really that bad.

So the distraught 19-year-old took her advice and deep-throated the barrel of a .22 rifle. Of course, seasoned suicide advocates say that you should never try to off yourself with a bullet through the mouth lest you may survive with some unforeseen side effects, and George learned that lesson right away. George failed to kill himself, but he did manage to destroy part of his left frontal lobe.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that, after hundreds of years of study, scientists still have less understanding about how the brain works than the composition of an atom. We don’t know how to intentionally reach into a brain and surgically switch off somebody’s OCD. But it turned out that, through sheer luck, shooting part of his brain to hell did in fact wipe out George’s symptoms.

Amazingly, doctors detected no other brain damage and determined through numerous psychological evaluations that his IQ was unaffected. George went back to school and became an A-grade student. We assume his relationship with his mother remained shaky at best.

7 Horrifically Stupid Decisions That Somehow Saved Lives

My body positivism does not hinge on the idea that all bodies are perfect as they are, because for some of us, this isn’t true to our experience. But all bodies are worthy — meaning we should treat them with love and care, whatever that care looks like so long as it’s good for us.

My body positivism says that we should all reclaim ownership over our bodies. Sometimes that means allowing our bodies to just be as they are, pushing out harmful body ideals and, instead, letting love in.

But sometimes reclaiming requires change. Sometimes it means taking back our bodies from dysphoria, and making the choices that we need to for our health — health that we dictate on our own terms. Sometimes we must transition towards the bodies that we need in order to be well. That’s absolutely OK. Sometimes modifying our bodies can be our greatest act of self-love.

—  I’m Transgender And I Need Body Positivity, Too | Sam Dylan Finch for Ravishly
Playing your colours right

Blue: Makes the people around you feel at ease. Dark blues are great for interviews and lighter blues for parties and social events.

Red: The colour we associate with passion. Research conducted by the University of Rochester found that men were more attracted to, and turned on by, women who wearing ruby red clothing. Again, this is great for parties – but not always at work.

Purple: This brings out our creativity, and is associated with self confidence, independent thinking and class. Purple is appropriate on almost any occasion.

Black: Conveys authority, so that people see you as being powerful, confident and competent. It is the colour of choice of authority figures (like the police), or for stylists, trend setters and icons.

Orange: This luscious, exuberant colour sends the message that the wearer is friendly, sociable, relaxed, and approachable. It’s great for social events – but not for important business meetings.

Green: This is the colour of happiness and contentment. It can be an instant mood changer, putting others around you at their ease. It is great for all occasions, and can be worn in both the daytime and the evening.

Not Very Cute

An internal me (a me I do not want to be) admits, I feel too crazy to be in love, baby.

Baby. I imagine a holographic cruel You picking the meat out of your teeth. Bored. Not listening. This non-You licking its fingers as it thinks of who to fuck next.

but Baby, you’re not like that. You only eat tofu. You crawl into bed with me when I cry. You hear me calling my reflection crazy and you say, you’re ok you’re here.

Oh, Baby, all my internal selves met in the bathroom while you were sleeping. In midnight whispers they decided that baby, it’s true. I might be too crazy too selfish too something to be in love but oh fuck. Oh fuck it. All my selves, all my sanity and all my crazy, well they want you.

The most important love is the love we give ourselves. Without that we cannot possibly give to others the love that they deserve.
—  Lena Slaughter

The Kids Are Not All Right: College Mental Health Needs an Intervention

Big Think and the Mental Health Channel are proud to launch Big Thinkers on Mental Health, a new series dedicated to open discussion of anxiety, depression, and the many other psychological disorders that affect millions worldwide.

In the fourth video in the series, Dr. Victor Schwartz of The Jed Foundation runs through some staggering stats about mental health in college. University students are, in general, a very stressed-out demographic. Factor in things like alcohol abuse, homesickness, and elevated risk for sexual assault, and you’ve got quite the cocktail for mental health issues. Does the typical college student, asks Schwartz, really understand the sort of care options available to her? One of the major challenges of college mental health care is encouraging students to step forward when they are depressed or suffering from anxiety. It’s in everyone’s best interest for mental health to be a big priority. The trick is to remove the stigma from the process.

Read more at The Kids Are Not All Right: College Mental Health Needs an Intervention

By: Big Think.

PTSD sufferers don’t get to move on. This is how the disease works. Forgiveness, acceptance, inner peace–all of things are well and good, but at the end of the day, PTSD doesn’t care. You’re still going to jump when someone slams a door. You’re still gonna have nightmares. The trauma is not just a horrible event or experience. It’s a life sentence. It’s a burden that cannot be shed.
—  Ever

unpopular and possibly offensive opinion time, go!

Recently I have noticed this trend, that depression and anxiety are getting quite belittled by the users on here and I find this rather disturbing.

I see more and more “dont follow if/ask to follow if you only suffer from depression and anxiety”

This is putting me so off? Especially the “only”
these illnesses are as bad and severe as others and they literally drive people to suicide. daily.
Not do mention that they are both indicators for other ones as well.

I don’t know, to me it feels like the person who puts this on their blog is saying… “you are not mentally ill enough to follow me”

Please just stop doing that

mental illnesses are not honorary badges…

7 Unusual Mental Disorders

1. Capgras delusion theory - Being convinced that a friend or family member has been kidnapped and replaced by an identical-looking impostor.

2. Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome (or Todd’s syndrome) - A temporary condition caused by migraines, brain tumors or psychoactive drugs. It is a form of perceptual distortion where the individual thinks they have grown in size or that other people, animals and objects have shrunk in size.

3. Celebriphilia - An overwhelming obsession and desire to have a romantic relationship with a celebrity.

4. Hybristophilia -Being sexually aroused by, or falling in love with, someone who has committed a heinous crime.

5. Cotard’s syndrome or walking corpse syndrome – Believing you are dead and putrefying, or have lost all your blood, or have no internal organs.

6. Reduplicative paramnesia – An unusual delusion where the person believes that a building has been relocated without their knowledge, or exists in two places or dimensions at the same time.

7. Pica – A rare eating disorder where the person believes that non-edible items are, in fact, edible. Hence, they start eating items like rocks, hair, plastic and dirt.


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