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Imagine Adopting A Kitten With Poe

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You didn’t know whether to be surprised or claw your face off in reaction to the adorable scene you found in front of you when you returned to your quarters on the Takodana base.

“Isn’t he cute?” Poe grinned, “I found him wandering the base…poor little guy was freezing.”

“You, Poe Dameron, could make a friend in an abandoned desert,” you chuckled. “…I’m sure I could convince the general to let us keep him.”

“Really?” Poe beamed.

“Oh, sure, but it’s not General Organa you’ll really have to contend to on this decision,” you laughed, pointing at the indignantly-beeping droid behind him. “It’s the droid.”

You were certain that Poe would find time for both– and you, of course.

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could it be, more random ooc AU fluff from me? amazing 

I’m mentally making this a sequel to this. This one is short, but I’m connecting it with another prompt I’m working on, to make a prompt sequence of sorts so. Look forward to that if this is your thing? 

Jack was a little bit suspicious.

He’d never expressed much of an interest in celebrating this particular day—certain memories still stung, even with the slight balm of Rhys and Cyrus—but the omega had been unusually persistent in his needling, trying to convince Jack to indulge him and their son, if just for a moment.

“Come on,” Rhys started, taking the alpha’s hand, “don’t act like you don’t want to have us give you attention and sing your praises all day long.”

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whenever I come across a story that I feel could have been longer but has no follow-up I always have the terrible urge to make said follow-up