-“Teresa, Did you tell cho that I will go with Agent Tork? ”
-“ why? I can go with you, we’re just going to talk to the victim’s family, it’s not that big deal! ”
-“Teresa, we’ve already discussed that, you’re in your last months!”
-“but ….but I wanna go with you, I’ve had enough of desk duty …please ”
- “No”
-“come on, say yes ”
-“ugh I hate you! ”
-“oh no you don’t ”
-“whatever… ”

It’s 3 am and exactly this time I used to watch The Mentalist online
I’ve never regretted not sleeping all night long because of a new episode
And now I feel so empty and sad because a huge part of my life’s been gone forever
I don’t think I’ll ever get over this incredible show
Thanks for everything guys, for every smile of happiness, every unforgettable moment when I cried because of you and laughed so hard, for this wonderful journey!

Oh I miss you so so much and l’ll never let you go heh

lililove87 asked:

Hi Shena :) I'm so glad you decided to come back with your amazing stories, I've no words to tell you How much I missed them :) Well, I don't know if prompts are still open but I'm gonna try anyway :P lol Can you, please, write a fic about the little Lu meeting for the first time his baby sis? (maybe while Lisbon is still at the hospital) I really need your family bliss :) -Thanks a lot !!!

Meeting Baby Sis

He held his small son by the hand and headed down the dull gray hallway, allowing Lucas to stop and look at the balloons on the nurse’s station desk. After a bit of distraction from the colorful, inflated plastic, Jane and Lucas set off again toward the room at the end of the hall.

“We are getting to see mommy and your baby sister,” Jane promised his son, bending down to pick him up as they neared her room. “Would you like to meet Michelle?”

“‘Chelle?” the nearly four-year-old tried to reiterate.

“Yes,” he nodded at his son. “And mommy.”

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Having serious trust issues and being deeply withdrawn from the world when it comes to sharing what torments them, both Jane and Lisbon feel the need to confide in each other and trust each other. It’s so important that they have this need and that deep down the thought is ringing in them that they are not better off alone, after all. It’s like sharing their deepest fears and worries with each other and asking for help produces a therapeutic effect and makes them feel it is probably fine to be weak at times and rely on someone else, the one that is standing by their side silently and allows them to be themselves.

I think they both understand that the fact that the other depends on them gives meaning to their life. It means responsibility but it also means learning to speak their heart and turn to the other for help or advice. And the feeling there’s someone out there needing them is addictive. Gradually, their trust grows more personal as they open up to each other but I love it that even when they get together, they continue to treat each other’s most sensitive issues very carefully and with respect, not letting anything come between them. That’s precious and it makes their relationship so solid and strong.

anonymous asked:

Hellooo :) Could you please write about Jane and Lisbon's first dance at their wedding? Including them talking to each other as they dance, if that makes sense. Thank you <3

All You Have To Say

The lights twinkled above them as they walked back to the crowd of guests, their news of their impending parenthood still buzzing through their veins as the stepped onto the small wooden dance floor. They watched their friends and family dance around them happily, all unknowing about the secret they kept between them.

They stood there hand-in-hand with each other, taking in the happy occasion that made them bonded to each other in ways they had only dreamt about in the past.

“Should we tell everyone?” Jane whispered, leaning over to whisper in his bride’s ear. “About our baby, I mean?”

Lisbon looked around at Rigsby and Cho dancing and talking, her brother’s doing some kind of crazy dance, and shook her head at her new husband. “Let them have tonight. We can keep this between us for a little while. Okay?”

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Un mentalista over 9000.


Where’s the difference?

They like bantering

They have opposite personalities without cancelling out each other

They work together

They are more than friends less than a couple

(feel free to add more)

So why is one more accepted from the other?

Why is swan queen “just friends” when they also share a son and understand each other more than anyone else?(from actual canon dialogue)

When are people going to wake up and realize that “they don’t see it” because they’re not used to it?

Tell me one time that two male/female protagonists where “just friends” (even Mentalist went there)

Or did the world suddenly develop a great appreciation of platonic relationships?

Now that it’s between two women friendship is more important to represent than romance.

Get your head out of your ass average man.

riversiderequiem asked:

Tell a story about a time you met a famous person

Okay so I don’t know if you know Simon Baker but he plays The Mentalist which I love and he’s Aussie and actually lives like half an hour away from my hometown when he’s not working in America. So I used to work for this shop that sold commercial kitchen things and the bosses would always send me across the road to get coffee. And one time I’m in the coffee shop, I’ve placed my order and I’m waiting for the coffee, and I hear a voice behind me say “two flat whites, one with two sugars, one with no sugar, right?” and it’s fucKING SIMON BAKER but I play it cool and I’m just like “oh haha I get it cuz you’re the mentalist right” and he smiles and places his own order but then I pause and really think about it and I’m like “okay wait but how did you know that” and he laughs and says “I heard you order them” and that was how I met The Freaking Mentalist.

For anti-honesty hour

The Signs As Crime Shows
  • Aries:NCIS
  • Taurus:Law And Order: SVU
  • Gemini:Castle
  • Cancer:Bones
  • Leo:The Mentalist
  • Virgo:Criminal Minds
  • Libra:True Detective
  • Scorpio:Rizzoli & Isles
  • Sagittarius:Elementary
  • Capricorn:Hawaii Five-0
  • Aquarius:White Collar
  • Pisces:Blue Bloods
Things I’m currently into

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One song: Ominous by the GazettE

Two movies: Deadpool’s movie that is coming out on February, or else, idc about films

Three shows: The Mentalist, CSI Miami and nothing else

Four people: …no one

Five foods: peaches, tea, grilled corn, coconut and carrots

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