That moment when....

You really really REALLY want to go be with someone, but you have a hard time going places AND you can’t because you have so many dr’s appointments in the following days you can’t and this sucks because you very rarely have days where you feel like you want to be productive!!! GAHHHHHH


I can’t stop thinking about everyone around me. I’m always the awkward kid walking through the halls and classroom constantly thinking about what the people think of me when i walk by: ew shes fat, shes ugly, she has too much acne, her thighs are huge, oh my gosh, etc.’ Everyday during first period i start crying and hide in the bathroom. All of this anxiety is to overwhelming and theres no one that understands so i can’t let out my worry.

I Thought Things Would be Better By Now

I have always had a dark side.. a overhanging sadness since I was little. Not all the time.. I remember having fun..I must have. But what I remember most, and what still is in my life, is sadness.

I wish I had gotten help when I was younger. It’s so much harder to admit you’re depressed when you’re a grown adult.. and so much harder to deal with.

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