I can’t stop thinking about everyone around me. I’m always the awkward kid walking through the halls and classroom constantly thinking about what the people think of me when i walk by: ew shes fat, shes ugly, she has too much acne, her thighs are huge, oh my gosh, etc.’ Everyday during first period i start crying and hide in the bathroom. All of this anxiety is to overwhelming and theres no one that understands so i can’t let out my worry.

I Thought Things Would be Better By Now

I have always had a dark side.. a overhanging sadness since I was little. Not all the time.. I remember having fun..I must have. But what I remember most, and what still is in my life, is sadness.

I wish I had gotten help when I was younger. It’s so much harder to admit you’re depressed when you’re a grown adult.. and so much harder to deal with.

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