stayunplugged asked:

You have been tagged to answer with ten facts about you. Tag ten more people~

vihaan sua laila XD

1. i hate finland
2. i don’t really trust people, i have only few persons who i can tell almost everything
3. i’m currently working full-time, as a hair-dresser
4. my bday is at march
5. i hate being single
6. but i really dislike dating as well
7. i love to party
8. but i love to be alone as well, just me, cup of chococcino, blanket and really good book.
9. i love when it rains.
10. if my hair doesn’t look good, everything sucks.

stayunplugged asked:

MBLAQ! (you totally saw this coming)

what where did that come from who are they

Favorite Member: I can finally say that I don’t have a favorite member, I love them all equally.
Least Favorite Member:  ^
Prettiest Member: Joon.
Member I Wanna Marry: Seungho or Thunder.
Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Seungho or Mir.
Favorite Song/MV: oh god ;A; they have so many amazing songs, Cry is my all time favorite but atm I’ve been listening to Stay, You’re My + and Tonight so much it isn’t even funny. Every song from BLAQ Style is so perfect /sob. My favorite mv’s are Cry, Stay and Mona Lisa.
Favorite Pairing: Joomi and 87-line but I mostly ship them as friends nowadays.