Movie House Hogwarts AU

Oh man oh man I’m really excited to write this Hogwarts AU but I still have a few questions so if you guys don’t mind answering them?

•What’s everyone’s best/worst subject?
•What subjects would everyone pick for third year, and drop during sixth year?
•Is Fox in the same year as everyone else? If not, how many years above them is he?
•What Houses would Bunny and 31 be in? (I can’t remember 31’s human name, sorry) Would they be in the same years as everyone else? If not, how many years above/below them are they?
•Who’s best at Apparation?
•Who plays Quidditch?
•Who becomes prefects?
•Is this too many questions?

Sorry for so many questions but oh gods I don’t wanna mess anyone up

anonymous asked:

If you could meet one tumblr user in real life who would it be?

Jeez, only one??

I am meeting wregular in a few weeks in person, so that’s an actual thing that’s happening that I’m whoa excited about

I really wanna meet my baby chickens (summersyettocome, creativesorceress, and mentalcentralstation), but they’re too young right now for an adult to be visiting them and have their parents be comfortable with it

I’d love to meet senpai rinnysega and roommate ollietheduke, and also friend luclipse85

Weh I wanna meet everyone why isn’t teleportation a thing

Actual Toddler Donnie Frasier

“Alexa I mustache you a question.”

“Donnie no.”

“Would you rather I shave it for later?”

“I would rather you shave that damn thing off, period.”

“But it makes me tough and manly!”


“Fox has a mustache and he’s manly!”

“Fox has stubble and he’s much scarier than you. Donnie go shave you look ridiculous.”