Do mental illnesses ever make you feel rude

Like sometimes I’m talking to someone and I’m genuinely interested but this awful mental illness makes me:

•look behind my shoulder
•fidget with my clothing
•eyes dart around
•wring my hands
•rock back and forth
•bite my nails

And I’m not trying to be rude or distracted I promise I’m listening to every word you say but I can’t help it. I feel so rude. Am I alone in this??

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i headcanon that hanzo has borderline personality disorder since it results from abuse typically (and there are many signs of hanzo being canonically abused) and can result in trust issues, bursts of anger from supposedly nowhere, dissociation, and a difficulty in accepting your own worth. The way hanzo's voice lines and interactions play out for the most part, he seems to fit a picture of having been abused and developing this severe personality disorder that would affect his whole life after.

*sticks my leggy out dramatically* h e l l o, 

I agree with an abused(mentally/emotionally) and traumatized Shimada heir, and gonna throw out my own HC that because of the extreme pressure to preform to the expectations of the clan and his cultural standards too (& all this could probably be interpreted differently from Japanese and western perspectives too), he’s got hella perfectionist/performance issues too. and that’s why he’s always trying to sound so confident in his voice lines and shit because that’s what we do when we have zero idea what we’re doing but don’t want anyone to know. fake it til ya make it.

blizzard please give us a hug for hanzo this boy needs canonical healing and redemption.

like even if ur aware that your mental disorders can cause you not to be nice to people why would you not recognise that as something that isn’t okay and something that you should be working on in some regard

like if someone says ‘hey be nice to people’ and ur response is ‘wow u sound neurotypical lol’ as if its okay to be a dick to ppl just cause u have a mental disorder like wtf. what even is that train of thinking..


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Create a photoset of yourself, surrounded by characters you heavily relate to!  (in case ur wondering, from top to bottom, left to right it’s tony stark, leia organa, wade wilson, finn, peter quill, lito rodriguez, poussey washington, and kanan jarrus!)

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can mod bethany shut up about her personal issues? She always brings her shit into things.every day its some new problem

Okay, fuck you. This blog belongs to Mod Bethany, and she puts so much into this blog so she can vent if she wants to. This blog isn’t just for our followers, it’s for us too. Don’t like it, don’t follow. Good riddance.

-Mod Ches

Dear anon, 

Last night I had a mental breakdown because the stress of my upcoming finals got to me. The last straw was when my dog peed on my futon. I put her in her kennel while I cleaned everything up, but she was whining the whole time so I got a noise complaint, at which point I lost it. I spent the next six-ish hours coming to the conclusion that my dog is too high energy for me and maybe I should give her up. Today, I’m exhausted (crying for multiple hours takes effort). For now I’ve decided to keep my dog but keep evaluating if we’re a good match or not. If I can’t take care of her and if she’s not giving me the emotional support I need (she’s an emotional support animal), then the best thing for both of us would be to take her back to the shelter. It’s a tough decision. 


We’ll talk about whatever we want seeing as how it’s our blog and not yours

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