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Hello dear :) you seem to have excessive knowledge on the background of SPN ( BTS to be more correct ) . Was there a time where TPtB tried to promote Misha as a third lead ? I notice he was in numerous pictures with just Jared and Jensen , there also used to be j2m panels sometimes . If it's true , I'm happy it didn't work .

I think they promoted Misha as “back up” rather than 3rd lead.  In case Jared is unable to continue to work due to his clinical depression, they can just sliiiiiiiide Misha right in.

It may seem cold but remember that there is a pretty strong stigma against mental illness for making their sufferers unreliable for work.  And on a show where you only have 2 leads, you are fuck out of luck if one of them becomes incapacitated.   Look at what happened to others shows when their leads ended up in rehab during the season, the show suffered, storyline foundered, and ratings take a hit.

But Jared was able to continue to work in part because he was a strong support system that includes Jensen, who has credited Jared for helping him step out of his shell and comfort zone.  The Js are a strong team.  Meanwhile, Misha ended up just waiting around for his turn, he wasn’t even the bridesmaid, he became Miranda babysitting the guestbook at her crush’s wedding (re Sex in the City).  I think it explains Misha’s jealousy and single-white-female-ing Jared because he thought he would take over Jared’s place one day.

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There are made up genders that are based around mental illnesses, disorders, and self harm. (Depressiongender, anxiegender, cutgender, there's ones based around eating disorders) and the fact people defend them as valid is fucking gross and offensive

I agree, I hate it when people create even more stigma around mental illness

People throw around the term mentally ill like it's a synonym for violence. "oh he shot people, he must've been mentally ill" "she killed her husband? Must be mentally ill" Imagine if someone said that but instead of mentally ill they said gay. "Oh he shot a bunch of people he must be gay" "killed her husband must be gay". Plain and obvious homophobia right there right? People with a mental illness are no more likely to commit a crime of any kind than someone without a mental illness, including violent crimes. We are more likely to be the victims of crimes then commit them. Stop using mentally ill as a synonym for violence!


While I’m still on the topic of intrusive thoughts

Intrusive thoughts can come from multiple mental illnesses or symptom clusters/episodes, and the content of the intrusive thoughts is often different for different mental illnesses.

  • Intrusive worries about coming to harm or doing harm to others/“doing bad things” = probably OCD, maybe anxiety or PTSD.
  • Sexual intrusive thoughts = same, but more likely to have PTSD involved.
  • Intrusive thoughts of self-harm = probably depression/depressive episodes, can be dysphoria (use your judgement). Could also be “punishment” intrusive thoughts from OCD, BPD, or eating disorders.
  • Intrusive thoughts about “fun” risky behaviors or obviously untrue things that would admittedly be pretty sweet if they were true = hypomania or mania. (Sit tight for the duration and try not to fuck up your life, basically.)
  • Intrusive thoughts that are disturbing images = OCD, possibly with secondary PTSD. (Harder to deal with, because you can’t simply logic your way out of it.)
  • “Nonsense” intrusive thoughts = OCD, but you’re having a relatively good day. Could also be a need for stimming.
  • In addition, pretty much any of these kinds of intrusive thoughts can be a component of some tic disorders, plus probably also a few other kinds of mental illnesses I’m forgetting about.
  • Intrusive thoughts can blend into other symptoms and behaviors–for example, tics, checking compulsions, echolalia, stimming, and even mild delusions. This is normal (well, as “normal” as any of this gets).

Intrusive thoughts can be painful and worrying. In fact, they often are. I’m not denying it. But I’m not going to act like that’s all they are, for all people, or that unpleasant intrusive thoughts are Bad (if you have intrusive thoughts, you probably know what I mean by capitalizing “bad”). Intrusive thoughts, even the really nasty ones, are value-neutral. You’re not having those thoughts, a part of your brain that does not give a shit about what you as a person think about anything is having them, and they just sort of get broadcast to you. Intrusive thoughts about torturing kittens are no worse than intrusive thoughts about images of skeletons, except that one might cause more distress than the other. (I say “might.” I had over three years of being constantly tormented by intrusive thoughts of skeletons, and that was by far the most distressing intrusive thought I’ve ever had. And I’ve had ones about me dying graphically, etc.)

So, I don’t think that emphasizing that intrusive thoughts are So Scary And Violent is a good thing. Yes, they can be. It is important to recognize that. But when people emphasize it, they are often seeming to put an implicit moral judgement on it and acting like intrusive thoughts are an inherently bad thing to have. They’re not. Can it be a shitty experience? Yes, but it’s not “bad,” not in the way I see pushed, not like say A$ existing is bad. It’s more like stepping in a wet spot with socks on. Less “this is horrible and terrible and a curse” than “Oh God what the fuck is this nonsense.” And when you stop framing intrusive thoughts as “this is Bad and Awful” and start thinking of them as “a glitch that is mildly annoying to really fucking annoying,” you feel less bad about having the intrusive thoughts, and when you feel less bad about having a mental illness and accept that it’s just another annoying thing to deal with on most days, instead of an inherent fault in your being, shockingly, that removal of guilt and anger has a positive impact on your psyche and whatever mental illnesses you have generally get a little more bearable.

Oh, and let’s not even get into how damaging it is that a lot of Christian denominations (and probably a decent handful of non-Christian religions), including the one I grew up in, believe that intrusive thoughts are caused by demons. I will take any amount of brain glitching over demons. So my brain is doing mysterious glitching that is telling me to hurt myself or repeat the nationalistic poetry that my shitty parents encouraged me to write in 8th grade? I will take that, gladly, over the option that it’s demons that are doing that. Literally nothing my brain can do on its own is scarier than the idea that multiple malevolent supernatural entities are trying to hurt me and take over my body. Compared to that, “my brain doesn’t work quite right” is really a fucking relief. So much less scary than demons.

I am a mentally ill, twice-institutionalized in a psych ward person. I read your posts. I read your comments. Many of us do. We all notice. We notice how much you want to blame mental illness for bigotry and believe it’s because people are sick in the head that people could say and do such things. For distance – it’s easier to not acknowledge society’s shortcomings when you can point fingers at mental illness. We notice how much you are willing to throw us under the bus to try and defeat Trump. Defeating Trump is a good cause. Using ableism to do it is unnecessary and increases stigma. It hurts people, including me. We know what you think.
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'Split' is the latest Hollywood effort to make a monster out of mental illness.

Another very well written article about how Split demonizes people with DID and mental illness in general! Also have some very telling statistics that show just how bad the stigma against people with mental disorders is even today~Scarlet