shoutout to arospec people who experience low empathy as a result of mental illness and have to deal with stigma surrounding being neurodivergent/mentally ill, low empathy, and arospec

you are not wrong or bad for being mentally ill and having low empathy and being arospec

you are not responsible for the demonization of mentally ill people as heartless and unable to love

you are not responsible for the demonization of low empathy people as heartless and unable to love

you are not responsible for the demonization of arospec people as heartless and unable to love

you are not wrong or bad, you are allowed to exist as yourself

teachers who lie
  • Teacher: It's mental illness awareness week! We need to work harder and support all our struggling students and recognize when students are mentally ill
  • Me, someone with adhd: *is struggling*
  • Teacher: Why don't you ever do your homework!? How could you not understand this? I've explained it three times!!!! You need to try harder 😠

Since it’s almost OCD awareness week,  it’s time to remember that the awareness colour used for OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER is Teal. 

What the cow is teal, you are saying? You can find it on Wikipedia, where i took this cut of colour info:

Also, down here there is a teal ribbon i made, in .png and transparent (if Tumblr didn’t add any background on its own), that you can save and use whenever/wherever you talk about OCD during this awareness week!

Don’t forget to tag your OCD awareness messages with the hashtag #OCDweek and add the teal colour in them as a way of identification!

OCD awareness week starts Sunday 9 October 2016 to Saturday 15 October 2016!

So OCD...

A famous, influential woman goes on national tv during OCD awareness week and says how she “loves” her (undiagnosed) OCD because it has made her organised and helped her become successful.

I was diagnosed with “extremely severe” OCD at 15. I dropped out of college at 16, missed my Grandad’s funeral (I thought it was my fault he died because of a missed ritual), missed my brothers graduation and many, many other family events over the years, lost all my friends, became housebound, unemployed and spent my whole day and night consumed by my never ending paralysing fears and carrying out exhausting (and sometimes painful) rituals to the detriment of everything in my life. 

I’m not neat, I’m not organised and I don’t give a fuck if there’s a red crayon in a box of blue crayons. However, I will hit my ankle against a wall for 20 minutes every night until it swells up and goes purple, just so it “feels right” and I will refuse to touch certain objects in the belief that the action will make my Mum’s cancer return. 

There are different severities of course, but if you “love it” it’s not OCD. 

mod ange is low on spoons, but wishes you all a happy ace awareness week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

special shoutout to disabled/chronically ill/mentally ill/neurodivergent aces who can’t participate even though they would like to, you’re still am-ace-ing and we are definitely still aware of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neurodivergent Voltron Week will be corresponding with Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Each day will have a character to work with, but they are merely suggestions. You can combine days and characters however you want. You can even use other characters that aren’t listed as your main choices (Rolo, Matt Holt, Nyma, Thace, Shay, etc).

Make sure you tag your post with #ndvoltronweek within the first 5 tags.

Absolutely no reposting, or ship hate

All post types are accepted!! Art, stories, headcanons, etc.

  • Day 1 (October 5th) - Lance
  • Day 2 (October 6th) - Pidge
  • Day 3 (October 7th) - Hunk
  • Day 4 (October 8th) - Keith
  • Day 5 (October 9th) - Shiro
  • Day 6 (October 10th) - Allura
  • Day 7 (October 11th) - Coran
  • schools: let's have a mental health awareness week but were not going to actually explain anything we're just gonna make people go outside and write positive things for people to see because depression is the only mental illness actually no let's make it about stress and not mental disorders
  • school: haha look at what a good supportive school we have :)))

Reblog to raise awareness - I created all of these for people to COPY and UPLOAD/USE - extra copies are on

This Child Abuse Awareness ones are Very hard to find for modifying online - they all seem copyrighted so I made this for people. Mental health awareness is similar, and I’ve never seen a Complex PTSD or DDNOS ribbon or badge anywhere before.

REBLOG everyone! Let’s help these images get out there to bloggers, websites, writers and social networking


It’s Mental Illness awareness week. I wrote this song for anyone who deals with any form of mental illness and the overwhelming frustrating feeling it can come with. Just know you’re not alone. Sometimes I feel Like I’m crazy and the darkness almost swallows up everything I see, all the good, and all the light, and that’s why I wrote this song, because I know others feel the same.

getting kicked out

Hey guys I know I’ve already made a post like this but I’m literally so close to getting kicked out of the house bc of my mental illness and my family would just rather not deal with it. It’s hard for me to hold a job and my friend I’m staying with won’t be here for two months and I have nowhere to go if I fuck up. It’d be awesome if you can help out a little, like $5 would just be nice. My paypal is and I’m trying to get enough for an apartment at least