What is life? I got an autograph from Taya “Echo” and she was so sweet. She said she wanted to visit Austin and loved my thank you card.

I waited in line for Bob and I loved how he took his time with everywhere. I was so nervous and got a label stuck on my poster. I got it off and then dropped stuff because I was so nervous. It was embarrassing. Finally, it was my turn. I gave him the card and he was thankful. I gave him my Bellarke Poster and he said, “We got another believer.” He laughed and then showed it to Eliza. Eliza smiled and laughed. She was nice though. Bob signed it and I said, “I like the leadership dynamic.” He smiled and I thanked him for speaking up about mental health. I told him about struggling with depression and he was so sweet. He said, “I don’t understand the stigma. In Australia, it’s an open topic. I came to the states and wanted to do the fundraiser for Beyond Blue. My managers said, "Are you sure you want to be attached to something like that?” Bob said, “Why not? There’s nothing wrong with it!” I was so excited and encouraged. I asked him about the Pike dynamic and he said, “He won in a landslide. Bellamy has to deal with the fallout of his actions.” I replied, “I love how he’s there for his friends.” I thanked him again for coming and said lots of people support him. I asked for a hug and he said, “Yeah.” It was such a great hug. What is life?! How do I recover?! @ginalou16 @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @forgivenessishardforus @ravensluna

You do not have to prove your mental illness to anyone. You do not have to be “sick enough” in order to feel what you are unfortunately feeling. You do not have to go to great lengths to explain why you feel this way. You do not need an explanation for your feelings. If you find the courage to tell someone what you are going through and they hastily dismiss your problems as no big deal, it is most certainly not your fault. Do not allow someone’s incredulity to invalidate you.


Michelle Shirley, black woman killed by police in California, was open about bipolarism

Before Michelle Shirley’s life ended in a hail of police gunfire in California this week, she was open about her struggles with bipolar disorder.

Police encountered the 39-year-old Shirley on Monday after she was seen driving erratically on the wrong side of a road in Torrance, California, south of Los Angeles, KABC-TV reported. A short chase ended with Shirley’s car boxed in by police cruisers; she then accelerated and rammed into a cruiser, as officers fired multiple shots into her car.

Shirley died in a local hospital. In life, she was outspoken about her struggles with manic bipolar disorder. As a mother of one, studying in San Diego to become a lawyer, Shirley once disclosed in a video that her illness made achieving her dreams difficult.

One Easy Tip For Recovery

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important/positive reminders

- you are valid

- you are good enough

- your mental health matters: make it your priority. make yourself a priority!

- your body, your choice!

- tell yourself you are worth of happiness!

- self-care isn’t selfish!

- you CAN do it

- it’s okay to ask for help

- put yourself first

- you are NOT your mistakes

- celebrate even your smallest accomplishments!

- you are capable of extraordinary things!

- learn to love yourself. be yourself for yourself!

- spread kindness!

- your weight doesn’t define you! acne is normal! stretch marks are normal! body hair is normal! don’t be ashamed of your body

- women need to support each other

- support people of color

- support the lgbt community

- trans women are women, trans men are men

- make up has no gender!

- men can be feminist!

- stop slut shaming!

- you are loved! you are BEAUTIFUL! you are NOT alone! you deserve to be happy! your opinion matters! your feelings matter! you matter

Reasons to smile

A couple could be reuniting at this very moment and hugging one another ever so tightly
A baby could be smiling a gummy smile to its parents for the first time
Someone could be taking the first bite of their grandmother’s homemade cookies
A child could have just successfully came out to their family and received nothing but support
A person could be walking away from a toxic relationship and starting their life anew
A struggling author could have just gotten their book published for the first time
A student could have just received their report card and saw nothing but good grades
A child could be getting pushed on the swing set
A college student could have just made it safely home to visit for Thanksgiving
A child could have finally gotten adopted by loving parents

I’ve been in a pretty dark place the past two weeks, I let things control me that I’d previously sworn to never let take over again.  I fell down a deep dark hole and for awhile I just lay there feeling defeated.  Yesterday I stood up, and now I’m slowly trying to climb out.  Please be patient with me, as I’m still lost and fragile.  I’ll find my way back soon, I can see the rainbow ahead.  I’m not making any fitness goals this week, because I know I’m not ready for that, right now my only goal is to find the light again.  Focus on growing myself.  

I love you guys all so so much and I can’t thank you enough for supporting me and reaching out to me and trusting in me.  You’re all so unbelievably wonderful and I know you’re all going to achieve great things.


The sadness will pass

The apathy will pass

The obsessions will pass

The anger will pass

The exhaustion will pass

The delusions will pass

The anxiety will pass

The nightmares will pass

The manias will pass

The guilt will pass

The hopelessness will pass

The uneasiness will pass

The sleepless nights will pass

The hallucinations will pass

The agitation will pass

The dependency will pass

The irritability will pass 

The compulsions will pass

The self-harm urges will pass

The addictive urges will pass

The discomfort will pass

The restlessness will pass

The panics will pass

The dysphoria will pass

The paranoia will pass

The aggression will pass

The eating disorder urges will pass

The grief will pass

The fear will pass

The self-hate will pass

The mood swings will pass

The darkness will pass

The disconnect from reality will pass

The pain will pass.

This doesn’t even begin to cover what folks with mental illnesses experience. This is real, this is heavy, and even though some of these symptoms feel like the never really go away, the intensity will pass. You might need various therapies, medications, and supports, and that is so so valid and so so important. This will not control you forever. You matter. Keep fighting.