#Every28Hours (2/23/15): Meet Janisha. Janisha was involved in a domestic dispute with her girlfriend, which resulted in her girlfriend calling the police to take her in for a mental health evaluation. Janisha’s girlfriend warned the officer’s upon entry into their apartment that she had a knife, but the she didn’t believe that she would hurt them, stressing again that Janisha was unstable and needed evaluation. When Janisha did not drop the knife, an officer proceeded to shoot her twice. According to Janisha’s neighbors she was a quiet and small young woman, barely standing above five feet. According to her girlfriend, Janisha was more than 6 feet away from the cops who shot her. Janisha’s story is not an easy one, but she deserved a chance at life, not a bullet when she needed help. Uplift her name. Janisha Fonville, we fight for you now too. #staywoke #farfromover

I just read this super sad post about this girl who’s asexual and married and everyone is basically telling her that she doesn’t deserve her husband/she’s just a prude/she should just do it anyway.
So I want to tell you all right now that if people tell you this, or if they tell you you’ll never have a relationship, it is BULLSHIT.
My husband is asexual and I’m not. He’s sex repulsed, we don’t have sex, we never have.
And it doesn’t matter to me. You know what does? He does. His mental health and wellbeing matter to me. Because he is my best friend and he’s one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I’ve ever met. And he’s had people tel him that he’s broken and it makes me SO ANGRY because they are WRONG.
Being different doesnt mean you’re broken.
If you don’t like sex/don’t want it/etc. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re inferior because you’re not.
Do not let anyone convice you that you’ll never have a relationship because they’re wrong(if you want one).
You are not broken, and it will be okay.


Lost In the Margins (1/26/16): There’s something foul happening in Florida right now (what’s new). Multiple prisons and “treatment facilities” are currently under federal investigation for abuse and negligence. One of key stories driving calls for further scrutiny is that of Darren Rainey. “A 50-year-old mentally ill inmate at the Dade Correctional Institution, Rainey was pulled into the locked shower by prison guards as punishment after defecating in his cell and refusing to clean it up, said the fellow inmate, who worked as an orderly. He was left there unattended for more than an hour as the narrow chamber filled with steam and water. When guards finally checked on prisoner 060954, he was on his back and dead. His skin was so burned that it had shriveled from his body, a condition referred to as slippage, according to a medical document involving the death.” Adding insult to basic intelligence, the medical examiner in the case (who took nearly three years to finalize his findings) is now ruling the death accidental. They also claimed that there were no visible burns, despite multiple reports (including the one that the correctional officers in charge filed) to the contrary. This is shaping up to be a cover-up of massive proportions, and sadly, it is all too common of the experience those suffering from mental illness face in the criminal “justice” system. Darren Rainey’s story has gotten very little press outside of Florida. Please help uplift his life and story. He deserved so much better than this. Rest in Power. #staywoke #farfromover

—  Words yelled by a Miami Gardens police officer just seconds before he shot 25-year old Lavall Hall as he tried to run away. Hall, a father of one, had just been released from a mental health hospital a week prior. His mother had called the police to take him back, as he was in the midst of an episode. Miami Gardens PD chased Hall around for more than 10 minutes, then after tiring, shot him 5 times instead. They originally claimed it was because he was threatening them… with a broomstick. Video of the incident was released yesterday. Rest in power, Lavall.
21 things black men don’t hear often enough

1. I love you bro. We don’t tell each other as men how much we mean to each other. There is no weakness in that. Only strength, solidarity, and power.

2. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to commit to getting better.

3. Someone is depending on you, to be exactly who you are.

4. Read more. You have time to read 12 books a year (which is more than the average American). We also aren’t average.

5. Showing and sharing your emotions isn’t a sign of weakness. Paying attention to how we feel helps us become more in tune with what’s actually going on.

6. Your mental health matters. You can’t “work yourself” out of your mind. Emotional trauma is very real and worthy of our time. We’ve been through a lot recently.

7. Living is an act of resistance. You are going to live, get out all these dreams, and thrive – despite the odds.

8. You are a descendent of kings. Seriously, don’t bow your head to life. You were built for this.

9. Their opinion won’t pay your bills, or build your dreams. They won’t always see your vision. Not everyone is supposed to.

10. Failure isn’t a tattoo. Learn how to take the Ls and move on. Adapt and overcome.

11. Getting this money, and doing good, aren’t mutually exclusive. You just have to be clear on your non-negotiables and stand by them.

12. You don’t have to ask for permission to be excellent. Go for it.

13. “Everybody eat’s b” – Ace Boogie. Seriously, we can all get what we want to out here. Helping people doesn’t make you a sucker. Do have boundaries though.

14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else (even if you’re from Harlem), but it pays to think like an owner. Signing the front of a check is very different than the back.


16. If someone knocks you for your 9-5, they (1) aren’t your friends and (2) they don’t know about your 6-10. Keep going.

17. Start owning when you can. Pay yourself first. These loans ain’t loyal.

18. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You’re excellent and it’s perfectly okay to still be warming up.

19. Try to take care of yourself. I love Popeyes, but what we put in ourselves can actually kill us. Exercise, eat well, and get active. Put some $$ on your jumper, and invite your team out!

20. Learning how to cook is a great look. Seriously. Watch a couple Youtube videos, hit Home Goods, and start cheffing.

21. “Someday” is never going to show up on the calendar. Write that book, send that tweet, record podcast. Don’t opt out, especially not right now.

The sadness will pass

The apathy will pass

The obsessions will pass

The anger will pass

The exhaustion will pass

The delusions will pass

The anxiety will pass

The nightmares will pass

The manias will pass

The guilt will pass

The hopelessness will pass

The uneasiness will pass

The sleepless nights will pass

The hallucinations will pass

The agitation will pass

The dependency will pass

The irritability will pass 

The compulsions will pass

The self-harm urges will pass

The addictive urges will pass

The discomfort will pass

The restlessness will pass

The panics will pass

The dysphoria will pass

The paranoia will pass

The aggression will pass

The eating disorder urges will pass

The grief will pass

The fear will pass

The self-hate will pass

The mood swings will pass

The darkness will pass

The disconnect from reality will pass

The pain will pass.

This doesn’t even begin to cover what folks with mental illnesses experience. This is real, this is heavy, and even though some of these symptoms feel like the never really go away, the intensity will pass. You might need various therapies, medications, and supports, and that is so so valid and so so important. This will not control you forever. You matter. Keep fighting.