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I know Taylor Swift lied about Kanye, but at the same time, he did make a nude wax model of her and use it in a music video. Which is so disgusting and misogynistic. So I do kinda take her side. I'd rather have a liar than someone who is gross sexually

Listen I never said Kanye West was perfect, I have huge issues with the sexism and the entire Kardashian family, to be honest. And the fact that he “endorsed” Trump, although he did check into a mental health clinic a few days after that so who the hell knows if that behavior wasn’t influenced by his mental illness. That being said Taylor Swift didn’t just lie. Putting it down to Taylor lying is a huge understatement of what she did.

Let’s look at what Taylor did, shall we? 

So Kanye West writes a song in which he mentions Taylor and making her famous. Now what does Kanye West do, he calls Taylor up told her about this song, she told him he was cool with it and at an award show, she would surprise everyone by saying she was in on it. Instead what she did was paint Kanye as this crazy, obsessed, evil black man. She denied ever getting a phone call from him. 

After Taylor got exposed by Kim Kardashian for being a lying snake, does Taylor apologize? Does she ever act regretful? No, what she does is release a bullshit statement about not wanting to be  “a part of this narrative” and how she didn’t know about the bitch part which makes her entire actions towards him okay. 

Now if Taylor didn’t know about the bitch line and was upset about that, fine she could have been, however, that’s not what Taylor went after Kanye West for. She painted the entire narrative as her being just attacked out of the blue by him. Not knowing at all anything that was going on. 

Fast forward to now, she has now had a song, all about Kanye entitled “Look what you made me do” a line many have pointed out is a word abuser’s use at their victims. The entire song gaslights Kanye West and again makes it appear as though she was his victim. Instead of owning up to her shit she is trying to yet again paint Kanye West as the evil black man coming after her. 

She is not only copying Kanye’s merchandise from his Life of Pablo album, but she also is copying Beyonce’s Lemonade, particular from the song Formation, which is a song about a black woman’s struggle in America. On top of that, she is releasing her album on the day Kanye West’s mother died. And I call bullshit that she didn’t know. If anyone follows any of this shit closely you know that Kanye’s mother’s death deeply impacted him, it’s speculated that it was part of the reason his mental illness was triggered. Taylor Swift knows this as it was talked about during the VMAs stuff, and she is obsessed with “getting” Kanye West back for interrupting her VMA’s speech, which yes was stupid of him, but Kanye had a point when he did that. Kanye was attempting to stand up for black women when he did that, he did it in an incredibly stupid way but his heart was in the right place. Taylor has never got over that moment and has set out to make Kanye West forever look like the black man who is bullying her. 

So no Taylor isn’t better than Kanye, Kanye may not be the best person on the planet, but you don’t need to be perfect in order to be a victim. And that’s what Kanye is right now, he is a victim of a white woman attempting to paint herself as this innocent, while he is an evil black man attacking her. 

Now let’s get into some history here which is deeply upset and most white people, especially white women, want to ignore. Historically white women have lied repeatedly about black men attacking them, usually sexually, and this has led to the violent, brutal, deaths of hundreds of black men. One of the most famous cases was of Emmett Till, who in the 1950s (a time period that people are still alive from) was lynched by a group of angry white men after a white woman lied (she’s admitted it now) about him whistling at her. 

These are the facts of this country, white women repeatedly lying about black men leading to them being murdered. So no Taylor Swift isn’t just lying about some random music bullshit, she is lying in a racially charged way. She is using systematic racism and white supremacy ideas to help her win this battle against Kanye. 

And as I’ve stated many times that yes Kanye has his issues, but Kanye can still be affected by racism, the same way Taylor can be subjected to sexism. Those two things shouldn’t be conflated. Two wrongs don’t ever make a right, Taylor coming for Kanye in a racially charged way shouldn’t sit well with anyone. Especially in our current political climate where we have the KKK/Neo-Nazis marching through the streets, killing people, where we have black men and women being killed disproportionately by police officers, for usually non-violent crimes. 

Taylor has a lot to answer for race-wise, her best friend is engaged to Jared Kushner’s brother. Breitbart News, home of the Alt Right Neo Nazi movement is praising her new song and using her lyrics over Pro-Nazi articles. She will not denounce Donald Trump, neither before or after the election. Isn’t it funny that “Feminist” Taylor Swift won’t denounce our “Grab them by the Pussy” President? Taylor uses feminism when it pleases her agenda but won’t stand for it when it would affect her fan base and ticket sales. 

And I call bullshit on anyone saying she doesn’t have to state political opinions. We don’t live in that world, anyone. That’s over. We are living in an era where our own President won’t condemn Neo Nazis after they murdered someone in the streets. We are in a critical and crucial time in American history, anyone who doesn’t see that is fooling themselves. If you’re a big name celebrity like Taylor, who has been political in the past, and your staying silent, that’s all we need to hear. Taylor’s silence on these matters speaks for her.

Taylor shouldn’t be given a free pass by anyone for using systematic racism, just because the man she’s using against isn’t perfect himself. That isn’t how victimhood works. We are under this false notion that in order to be a victim you have to be perfect. The same way Taylor Swift was a victim of sexual assault when a man groped her, Kanye West is a victim of racism by Taylor Swift. Her attempt to rewrite the narrative to make herself seem like a victim isn’t okay at all. Nobody should be supporting her in this at all. She is in the wrong here. 

Saturn in the 4th, Sun in the 12th, Uranus in the 10th, Sun-Uranus aspects the father’s presence may have been erratic and the individual lost faith in authority early. The father may have spent long periods away or been disinterested in the child’s personality 

Saturn in the 2nd, Cancer on the midheaven the individual may have grown up in money tight (often single parent) households, they are too early exposed to the sacrifices made by parent(s) and start feeling guilt from a young age 

Neptune in the 4th, Moon-Neptune aspects, Neptune in the 10th, Pisces midheaven one of the parents can be in need of salvation, the individual can be primitively exposed to emotional instability, addiction, or illness. It can make the child feel very unsafe or threatened because she realises her protective unit is not integrated 

Uranus in the 4th, Moon-Uranus aspects, Moon in the 12th the mother may have an inconsistent presence. In the case of Uranus the mother wants to keep in touch with her personal identity and interests not related to motherhood, with the 12th the mother may spend time away in hospital, rehabilitation, or mental health clinics 

Mars in the 10th the father (or mother) can encourage competitiveness and winning in the child, commonly through sports. Venus in the 4th can dearly admire the mother and the mother can be absolutely beautiful in their eyes. Saturn in the 5th can feel poked and prodded in childhood, being under a glaring watchful and critical eye and possibly forced into performing arts

Mars in the 4th the individual may have walked on egg shells as a child because they may have been the outlet for the mother’s rage or moods Moon in the 8th has a powerful, magnetic, and unbreakable bond with the mother. Psychic abilities have been inherited from her as well as her ancestral energies


10 Things I Wish Clients Knew Before Starting Therapy

I realized as I started to write this list that I could probably put way more than 10 things on it, so maybe there will be a part 2 eventually. Your suggestions/additions are very welcome! Of course, clients are very different from one another, but in general, here are some things I wish clients knew before they started therapy. (Credit to the anon who suggested doing this list!)

  1. Your therapist is not your friend. You and your therapist should have an important, close relationship, but it’s the not the same as a friendship. This is a good thing! (See #7). You want your therapist to be able to see you and your treatment as objectively as possible while being caring and empathetic about you as a person. This will help you two work successfully together. It’s okay if it takes time to figure out how your particular relationship will work, and if it is different from one therapeutic relationship to the next. 
  2. Start and work through treatment with the end in mind. Ideally, therapy should not last forever- you should begin with a goal or goals (see #3) and you and your therapist should figure out how to achieve those goals so that you no longer need treatment. Your therapist will probably check in about how close you are getting to these goals, and may set a timeline at the beginning of therapy or partway in. This is normal. We like our clients, we want to continue seeing them, but treatment is successful when they don’t have to see us anymore. 
  3. Goals are essential to successful treatment. Some clients would like to come in and do a “weekly review” sort of thing, or a “crisis of the week” sort of thing. The problem with this is that it doesn’t help them achieve a goal or improve their lives, it mostly just passes the time and maybe provides some social support. We’re not really doing our jobs when this is all that happens. That’s why goals- short and/or long-term- are essential. 
  4. There are infinite worthy goals. There are lots of things that are worthy of being a therapy goal. I usually group them into three categories: goals related to decreasing your distress (for example: decreasing anxiety), goals related to increasing your functioning (for example: having better social skills), and goals related to increasing meaningfulness (for example: pursuing hobbies, existential questions).  
  5. Structure is also essential. If a client has great goals, but they continue to come in with a crisis of the week, or are constantly distracted throughout session, it’s often hard to get things accomplished. Although it isn’t necessary to only discuss the therapy goal(s) 100% of the time (and sometimes it’s necessary to halt things due to crisis), it is important to have some kind of structure of make sure that treatment is progressing. Lots of different kinds of structures can be used (from almost nothing, to agendas, to manuals) depending on your needs. 
  6. Your therapist is not being mean to you when they enforce boundaries. Boundaries are necessary, to uphold professional ethics, protect the therapist and their family/loved ones, protect the mental health field, protect the agency the therapist works for, protect other clients, and most importantly, to protect you. It isn’t random, and it isn’t a punishment. We do our very best to be both professional and have a sincere relationship with you.  
  7. Your therapist is not judging you. Here’s the thing- you really are a special and unique person, with your own backstory. But as therapists, we have heard some weird and terrible things (it’s unlikely you’re going to top the list, for better or worse). It is our job to listen to those things and not judge. Since we’re not our client’s friend, we’re not thinking about judgement, we’re thinking about how to help, or how impressed we are that you trusted us enough to share, and so on. We’re in your corner. 
  8. The therapeutic relationship is important- and not off-limits to discuss. I always make such a big deal about the therapeutic relationship, and it is because it matters so much to client outcome. So pay attention to it. It’s okay to care about how things are in the interaction and relationship with your therapist. And if you are confused, or upset, or concerned, or pissed off, talk about it with your therapist. You are not doing anything wrong- this is key to the success of your treatment. 
  9. It’s okay to question and disagree with your therapist. Clients sometimes think that therapists are untouchable– sort of all knowing experts. It’s true that therapists are trained in specific things, and hopefully know how to do the things they need to do to help you accomplish what you want to in therapy. But this does not mean they know everything about you or will not mess up (we don’t and we will). So ask questions. Get more information. If you disagree, speak up. A good therapist is comfortable discussing the process and being wrong. 
  10. It’s okay to find a new therapist, but make sure you think about why you are doing it. If you do not like your therapist, it is okay to look for a new one. But- “therapist shopping” is sometimes frowned upon because we worry that you are looking for a therapist who will tell you what you want to hear about something, and a good therapist is willing to challenge their clients- which means their clients will sometimes be pissed off and uncomfortable. This means a good therapist is sometimes not the one who makes you feel warm and fuzzy all the time. So, find a new therapist if you do not like yours, but think carefully about why you are doing it. Make sure you work with someone who helps you reach your goals. (That’s why you’re there, right?) 

Anxiety And Depression Together

Anxiety: *banging pots and pans together* GET UP! HURRY! DO IT! WE’RE IN DANGER! GET IT DONE NOW!

Depression: *lethargic* I hear you. I agree, but… I’m so tired, I wouldn’t even be able run away from danger if danger showed up because I didn’t do the thing that I didn’t do because I have no energy to do it.
Anxiety: *banging pots and pans together* GET UP! HURRY! PEOPLE WILL GET MAD AT US! DO IT NOW!
Depression: I don’t care. Let it happen. We deserve to be punished.

inside your head for hours at a time

Just to clarify...
  • psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness. This is the person you would go to to get your prescription medication. 
  • psychologist has a doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D.) in psychology. In the sense that most people think of psychologists, this is the person you would talk to in therapy; however, he or she does not prescribe mediation (except in a select few states). Psychologists hold a wide variety of other jobs though, including research positions, teaching positions, and working in hospital settings.
  • licensed mental health counselor has a master’s degree (M.A., M.S.) in psychology, counseling, or a related field. Many of these individuals provide counseling and psychotherapy. However, holding a master’s degree in psychology does not make one a psychologist. 
  • clinical social worker has at least a master’s degree (M.S.W.) in social work. They also can provide therapy, but also work in case management, advocacy, and hospital discharge planning. 
  • Further, there is a difference between counseling, which is typically provided by someone with a degree in counseling or social work, and psychotherapy, which is typically provided by someone with a degree in psychology, although the terms are commonly used interchangeably. 
Mad Love, Darling.

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pairing: psycho!wonwoo x psychologist!fem reader
words: 4078
warnings: violence, smut
a/n: thanks for request wedomaatter! the ‘’scenario’’ is nearly a fic with the length (oops!) but here ya go! when i read it i thought of joker x harley?? so im sorry if its not what you since i didnt really know how to write push and pull… and somehow smut ended up in it uhm.. yea

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Common Misconceptions about Otherkin
  • Otherkin believe they are completely non-human.

No, we are well aware that we are human. Biologically, physically, neurologically (with the exception of possible neurological abnormalities, but this doesn’t exclude the fact that the brain is completely human). I can however see where this misconception might come from given the most commonly used definition states “identifies as in part, or fully non-human”. Usually it goes on to specify that this is in a non-physical way but even so this proves detrimental to those arguing in the case of otherkin because it leaves a loophole where someone could claim to be completely non-human in every way except physically. Which still could not be possible.

This is why I personally opt for a more up-to-date and in-depth definition which explains better what otherkin are: “An individual who identifies, in part, as one or more non-human beings in a non-biological or physical way (this may be for spiritual, religious, psychological or neurological reasons). The identity is widely acknowledged to be subconscious and not chosen.“

  • Otherkin believe they can physically change into their kintypes.

Absolutely not. Physical shifting is something that is heavily frowned upon by the vast majority of people in the alterhuman communities as a whole. There is no denying there are small pockets of people out there who consider themselves able to physically change into another species but they are not entertained, and vulnerable individuals are heavily discouraged from pursuing such people for their own safety and well-being. 

  • Otherkin claim to be trans because of their non-human identity and this hurts the LGBTQ+ community.

Dear gods, no. Otherkin is not and has never been about gender, it would make absolutely no sense. Most people who claim to be "bungender” or “schroedinger’s cat gender” are trolls. Otherkin are just as offended by these people as the LGBTQ+ community are because it harms both of us. And for many of us, we are part of both communities anyways (as legitimate genders and sexualities). There is actually a disproportionately large number of LGBTQ+ members in the otherkin community so it would make absolutely no sense for us to want to mock ourselves.

  • Otherkin are zoophiles/support bestiality.

Nope. Just nope. Identifying as non-human in part absolutely does not mean we are attracted to non-human animals. We’re humans in the here and now, we’re naturally attracted to other humans now like everyone else. While like in any community you will get those people, this again is something that is absolutely not supported in this community. Anyone who excuses their actions because they are otherkin will be shunned and looked down on. It is also far from otherkin-exclusive, deviant sexualities pop up in most any community. 

  • Otherkin are delusional/have a mental illness.

Being otherkin in and of itself is in absolutely no way a delusion or a mental disorder. To begin with, let’s take the two terms and then go into details for each in turn.

Delusion: “A false belief maintained in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, apart from beliefs that are articles of religious faith or are widely accepted in the person’s culture.”

Mental Disorder: “According to DSM-5, a syndrome characterized by clinically significant disturbance in cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour that reflects a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning. Mental disorders are usually associated with distress or disability in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning. According to ICD-10, a mental disorder is a clinically recognizable collection of symptoms or behaviour associated in most cases with distress or interference with personal functions. A deviant pattern of behaviour, whether political, religious, or sexual, or a conflict between an individual and society is not a mental disorder unless it is symptomatic of a dysfunction in the individual.

Both taken from the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology.

As you can see, in neither of these official definitions does otherkin fit. It is not a delusion as there is not overwhelming evidence to the contrary for spiritual or psychological believes. It also ties in with religious/spiritual beliefs. And it is not a mental disorder alone due to similar reasons and the lack of any impairment in functioning.

That said, there are many people within the community who are neurodivergent or suffer from mental health issues unrelated to their identity. But again, the identity being usually unrelated to these issues, there is absolutely no reason to equate otherkin as being a result of mental illness unless there is suddenly some in-depth research that points otherwise. A deviant belief alone does not make a delusion or a mental disorder unless it also is accompanied by significant distress or struggle in one’s life. There no doubt will be some people who fit that criteria in the otherkin community, but that is likely to be caused by underlying issues. Otherkin by the definition alone is neither delusion nor mental disorder and never will be.

  • Otherkin have/claim to have DID.

This is not true for the most part. I personally have never seen anyone claim to have DID solely because they are otherkin, but if there have been people out there who do, they are most definitely a minority. Being otherkin =/= DID in any way, shape or form. There is little to no overlap.

Both involve multiple identities, but the way in which the term is being used and how these manifest is in stark contrast. Someone with DID is said to have two or more distinct identities and more often than not experiences memory lapses (and in some cases the alters may not even be aware of the others’ existence). Someone who is otherkin may have more than one identity but they are not distinct from the individual. They are an integral part of the individual and how they see themselves.

  • It’s a harmful coping mechanism or roleplay taken too far. 

While it is true that some people use otherkin identity as a rather questionable coping mechanism, that is not at all what being otherkin is. The term used to describe these particular people is “copinglink”. They are related to, but not otherkin, as their identity is inferred to be chosen. Same goes for roleplaying or playing-pretend, that would imply the identity is consciously chosen, which it is not.

  • Otherkin are just strongly connected to/like their kintypes too much.

Yes there are people who do feel strongly connected to their kintypes. This might be a direct result of their identity, or came before their discovery in the form of really liking said kintype. However, feeling connected to something alone is not what being otherkin is. One must identify as, in part, the being. Adding to this, one doesn’t need to be strongly connected to or even like their kintype to be otherkin either. There are people out there who absolutely hate their kintype(s), or don’t mind them, but know a hundred things they’d rather be.

  • Otherkin are appropriating other cultures/stealing terms!

I see this statement flung around a lot, but with no explanation as to what cultures are being appropriated or why. With no context it brings down greatly the legitimacy of such claims. There are people who feel their otherkin experiences are tied to their religious and/or spiritual beliefs, but from my knowledge there is no one culture or religion that strongly featured otherkin-like beliefs "first”.

In the same vein, I have seen many people claim that the use of terms such as “shifting” and “phantom limbs” are stealing terms from official disorders, illnesses or health issues. This is also not true. I can understand where the phantom limb concern comes from, and in actual fact the term “supernumerary phantom limb” would be better used (due to the length it is often shortened). But in terms of shifting, the term is not used officially in any psychiatric literature to refer to existing mental disorders and is a word with such a broad number of meanings the point of it being stolen or appropriated becomes moot.


There are probably misconceptions I’ve missed off or could have added more detail to, so if anyone has any additions feel free to reblog with them.

Stages of Masters in Counseling


Theories of Counseling - Psychopathology - Ethics Courses

Pre-practicum - Clinic Procedures - Basic Counseling Skills




Comprehensive exams


Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners is just like

After completing your hours for licensure

Hi, my name is Amber. I’m from New Orleans, and I’m currently in grad school studying to be a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. There is a great need for POC mental health practitioners, especially in New Orleans. My goal is to help remove the stigma associated with mental health in my community and provide adequate mental healthcare to my community and beyond!


I’m hurting so much right now. My grandma died & my family abandoned me completely& I have to go to a funeral with the people that abused me all my life. My mental disorders are getting worse and worse & I can’t pay my bills or rent this month. My boyfriend is completely overwhelmed with my bpd and my huge fear of now loosing him too (we just moved in together). I can’t pay for all my new books I need for Uni, for bus tickets, food FOR MY DOG or for us (my boyfriend is a student too and works really hard rn but it’s not even enough to cover his insurance or gas. I really really need to go to therapy, I feel like my heart is eating me from within. All I want to do is go back to the mental health Clinic.

If you want to help please donate 1$ or whatever you want, if you can’t/ don’t want to 🌸PLEASE REBLOG🌸this.

I feel so disgusting asking my sweet followers for help I promise this will never happen again but I am just so desperate right now.


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Popular Claims About Sakura.

- “She’s weak”:

- “She’s flat”:

This doesn’t even matter, but:

- “She treated Naruto like shit”:

- “She’s useless”:

- “She never tried to understand Sasuke”:

- “She was only after Sasuke’s D”:

- “She was still the same 12 year old fangirl”:

From this:

To this:

- “She didn’t develop at all”:

From this:

To this:

From this:

To this:

From This:

To This:

- “She’s an abusive mother who lied to Sarada for 12 years and threatened her with physical violence”:

  • She never lied to Sarada once. Lying and withholding information are two different things. Nothing she told Sarada was ever incorrect.  
  • The nonsense of the 2nd point demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of how to threaten someone with physical violence. All Sakura did was punch the ground, and then for some inexplicable reason, many think it was this that drove Sarada to tears, when it was actually Sasuke’s absence, which was the whole point of the conversation in the first place… People believe anything as long as it makes Sakura look bad: 

So much for an abusive mother…

- “She gave up her Medical career and aspirations to become a simple housewife”:

*Opens a Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic in Sakura Hiden*.

*Was important enough to be at the 5 Kage meeting in Naruto Gaiden*.

And is still the head Medic in Boruto the Movie:

And I’m sure we all could have found plenty more examples which prove each statement wrong. *Sigh*.

Step Forward

Characters: Jensen x Friend!Reader, Jared x Friend!Reader

Length: 2099+ words

TW: Assault, Depression, Mental health clinic + treatment 

A/N: This will most likely the be first (and only) real people fics I will write. This was an idea that has been swimming in my head for a while, and something that happened recently encouraged me to write it. There are some details in this story that hits close to home. At first I wanted to write a lot of backstory for this character, but I decided to keep it completely open, and focused on the topic and the moment, instead of the character’s past. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Y/N stared at the fan with wide eyes. Her heart was pounding against her rib cage as thoughts raced through her mind faster than she could process them. In hindsight, she should’ve seen this coming. The industry always had little consideration to people’s emotions. There was always the option of denying all the rumours, but she knew it wouldn’t go very well. The truth was bound to come out, and it would be best to address it right away before it gets any further. At least this version was the closest to the truth.

She felt someone touch her elbow, and she immediately flinched, pulling her elbow back and taking two steps backwards. She stared at the two people she shared the stage with fearful eyes, almost letting out a whimper. Willing herself to calm down, she address the elephant in the room.

“Are you okay?” Jared whispered, eyebrows furrowed in concern and confusion. Jensen was a step back, equally as worried.

“I-I-” She cleared her throat, nervously wrapping her arms around herself. “I’m sorry,” she mouthed towards them before turning to the crowd. With shaky hands, she grabbed the mic. “I-I’d like to take two minutes to address these rumours,” she turned to face the boys, “if you guys don’t mind.”

They shook their head, Jared giving her an encouraging smile. She had to look away from their pitiful and concerned faces before she broke down.

“A little more than a year ago, my mom was diagnosed with alzheimer’s and dementia, and you guys know how growing up it had always just been me and her against the world. I also knew she was vehemently against being put in an ‘institution’. So I took her home with me, trying to balance my work life and my personal life. Her mind was degrading quickly, and the nurse I hired to take care of her when I’m gone said that she doesn’t have much time left before she wouldn’t remember me at all. It was tough to understand because physically my mom was still so strong, but her mind was a different story. Around that time, I was doing a lot of filming for this season. I won’t get into much detail of what happened, but someone who worked on the set of Supernatural har- assaulted me.”

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What is NOT Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

OCD is not colored candies, separated by their place in the spectrum of a rainbow.
OCD is not shoes lined up neatly in a closet from lowest heels to highest heels.
OCD is not a photo album in which the photos are in chronological order.
OCD is not being annoying by insisting on proper use of grammar and spelling.
OCD is not wanting to know everything about your favorite celebrity and collecting all the information and photos of them that you can find.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

OCD is knowing you did something and you did it right, but within seconds, part of your mind ‘forgets’ and  commits itself to convincing you that you didn’t do it or that you didn’t do it right and something bad is going to happen because of it.
OCD is like being locked in a room full of television screens that are on 24/7 tuned to different channels and talking over each other.
OCD is wanting to take your brain out of your head, shove it in a box, and bury it somewhere because it will not shut up; it talks at you constantly as long as you are conscious; it repeats itself relentlessly, and it keeps searching for new things that might be a threat somehow and scaring itself. Then it insists you to do something about what is beyond your control. It is not cute.

Friendly reminder that 1 in 84 or 3.2 million people in the USA suffer from Agoraphobia.

This includes but is not limited to fear of:
Using public transportation
Being in open spaces
Being enclosed in spaces
Standing in line or being in a crowd
Being outside of the home alone

So be nice to your friends who might ask you for help in one of these areas, don’t make fun of them for not wanting to go into Target alone or anything like that. Just be a bad ass safety buddy and help them get through fear/anxiety inducing situations, that’s what friends are for right?

To the autistics out there.

What do all of you professionally diagnosed people on the Autism Spectrum think of self DXers? I think that the majority of it is BS, but, in VERY FEW situations can be beneficial.

 Example of my image of valid self dx: A teen comes from an abusive family in rural U.S.There is no special needs testing at school, and no free mental health clinic in the area. The teen does extensive research, takes multiple autism quotients, and fits the criteria needed in DSM V. The teen then does more research, and then, after a period of time to process, comes to the conclusion that they PROBABLY have autism. 

Example of my image of invalid self dx: A young adult lives in a city with a good sized population, because of this, they have a state or city run mental health clinic that does free testing of autism, even for adults. The person in question is afraid of psychiatrists due to past experience, and also is worried they won’t be diagnosed, which would invalidate the identity they have taken on. They took on this identity after first seeing a list of autism symptoms that sounded similar to themselves which sprung them into research mode. They came across a Tumblr that had a resource for self dxing, and, after taking a quotient test that suggested they might have autism they moved onto the DSM. After seeing they fit most of the criteria for autism in DSM V, they promptly created a Tumblr and began to take up space in the actually autistic hashtag where they were validated for their self diagnosed autism.

I myself was diagnosed as a 17 year old bi female. Yes I am white, but I am also a couple of marginalized identities that people on here claim don’t get diagnosed as often.