It’s always felt so cruel to me how nightmares are often disregarded in children.

Do most not remember how unbearable they can be?

Nightmares are unrelenting; they know exactly which scenes need replaying to elicit unconscious tears and have you gasping awake, drenched in sweat.

Nightmares not only steal my restful hours, they also have me fighting off precious sleep in a desperate attempt to avoid them.

Nighttime can be so terrifyingly uncertain, but it also serves as a companion to those whose sleep is riddled with fear.

Reasons to be Grateful

1. You’re alive.

2. You have a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear.

3. You have access to basic education, and are able to read and write.

4. You have choices, and the freedom to make your own decisions (about what to eat, what to wear, where to live, the kind of career you would like to pursue etc.)

5. You are not being persecuted for your beliefs, and you live in a country that respects your human rights.

6. You have faced and overcome some huge obstacles.

7. You have experienced the warmth and the love of friends.

8. There are people in your life who miss you, and look forward to seeing you again.

9. You can enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

1o. You have access to the internet!

As the winter solstice approaches, I remind myself:
Light will always follow dark,
dark will always follow light.
It is the way of life to find hardship and happiness,
happiness and hardship.
Even on the darkest days, light will eventually return.
Recall how long the northern peoples can go without sunlight. 
You too can wait for the next dawn,
no matter how long that takes. 

Expectations for

sprinting clocks crawl

on Hell’s floor.

The light at the

end of the

tunnel dims into

a black hole and

eats reality like

benzos without

the high, only

the withdrawal; everything

shakes, everything


OCD asks!!

Stigma’s a bitch. So here are some mostly positive OCD asks for you and your followers to partake in :-) (if you want to reblog but don’t feel comfortable answering certain questions, put it in your tags!! Let it be known!! You deserve fun & safety)

Bumblebee: I don’t really know what OCD is, can you tell me about it?

Chamomile: what’s your biggest pet peeve about OCD stigma?

Raspberry: What’s your favourite/most helpful coping mechanism?

Ivy: What theme/subtype are you struggling with?

Silk: Has your theme/subtype ever changed?

Peppermint: Do you do mental or physical compulsions (or both)?

Molasses: Which compulsion do you do/struggle with the most?

Duckling: Have you ever been to/ are you in therapy for your OCD?

Petticoat: Have you ever been bullied/teased/belittled for your symptoms?

Cupcake: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re anxious?

Vanilla: Create a figurative image that describes your experience with OCD (either writing, drawing, painting etc.)

Notebook: Has living with this illness taught you anything good? If so, what is it?

Honey: How old were you when you started showing symptoms/had your first spike?

Dandelion: How long have you been struggling with OCD?

Buttercup: What OCD myth do you find most annoying or most harmful?

Blossom: Have you confided in anyone about your struggles?

Fern: Have people in your life been supportive?

Puddle: Has OCD negatively affected any of your relationships?

Marigold: Any OCD headcanons?

Sun-kissed: Favourite OCD headcanon?

Berry: Do you have a name for your intrusive thoughts/OCD? If so what is it?

Tangerine: What’s been the hardest thing about living with OCD?

Seasalt: What’s been the most healing/helpful thing since you’ve been struggling with OCD?

Sugar: Do you take medication?

Whisper: How do you encourage yourself when things feel hopeless/difficult?

Lace: What place are you at with your mental health right now? Good, bad or somewhere in between?

Bubblegum: If you could see OCD represented in any tv show, movie, media etc. what would it be?

Lavander: Have you made any new friendships/relationships because of this disorder?

If you think of any other ones please add to this! 💕

How to be social when you don’t feel like it

1. Give your energy level a boost. It’s hard to be friendly, and to focus on others, if you’re feeling really tired and would rather be in bed. To keep going, grab some coffee or a bite to eat, or go outside for a few minutes, and get some cool, fresh air.

2. Have some tactics at the ready if you don’t know the people – or if you have to be with people you would rather avoid. For example, if you don’t like the people, ask a friend to go with you … and have a great excuse for leaving once you’ve done the minimum.

3. Plan ahead to avoid conflict. Aim to stay in control of your reactions and emotions – and resist the pressure to take part in arguments.

4. Control your contribution. If you’re quiet and introverted then value you who you are. Don’t expect yourself to be a party animal. Show respect for yourself by taking time out if you need to, and only talk to people that you want to be around.

5. See it as a chance to practices a few social skills. Take the pressure off yourself by practising your social skills. For example, ask a few open questions, and keep the focus on the speaker. Try and come across as friendly through your use of body language – like making good eye contact and smiling while you talk.

Don’t compare people’s mental illnesses to physical illnesses

I can’t tell you how much I’ve heard people tell mentally ill people that they should just “straighten up” or “behave” because, “at least you don’t have medical problems”. They’ll say that others have it worse and I think that’s unfair. Mental illnesses are not comparable to physical illnesses. Both are valid, equally terrible and hard to deal with.

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home
by TOG84

After years of fighting Hawkmoth, the Heroes of Paris have finally uncovered his identity and launched a plan to capture him and reclaim the butterfly and peacock miraculous. They retrieved the miraculous, but Gabriel activated his damaged security system unintentionally destroying the manor and severely wounding Chat Noir.

Three months later Marinette and her friends, with one prominent absence, plan to celebrate Christmas together, though their friend might not be as lost as they had thought.

Words: 4689, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

I survived by
telling myself

‘I’ll kill myself tomorrow
but not today.’

I kept putting it off
for days and days and days
with the hope that the darkness
will leave my body one of these days.

and some days,
it leaves and some days,
it stays.

I’m still surviving
and that’s the sad truth
and maybe I’ll kill myself tomorrow
but not today.

—  Juansen Dizon, Magic Mantra