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tbh whenever I hear that bs about ‘what if we’d medicated this or that mentally ill artists, maybe they wouldn’t have accomplished so much!’ I want to scream ‘but what if they had had access to the help they needed - be it medication or something else - imagine how much more they could have done then!’

Day 21 of Inktober. 

We all go through mental battles, as artists, family members, people. 

If you are going through right now, please don’t doubt yourself. Don’t give up just yet. It may feel down at the moment of the fight, but if you’re still here, you still have a chance. 

You are worth it. You are good enough. You are special, no matter what.

I hope this encourages someone today. 

  • Some jackass:real artists are tortured souls who struggle with mental illness and their "demons"
  • Me, a mentally ill artist:I haven't done art in ages because I lack the energy and my self doubt makes every piece of art I finish into a soul crushing embarrassment in my eyes.
  • Me, drinking and thinking about my tortured past:*not fucking doing art*
Commissions are OPEN

I’ve opened commissions! Ya’ll interested in supporting a queer trans mentally ill artist who’s looking to make a little extra cash during my university studies? Look no further! 
Please let me know if theres any information I haven’t covered in my write up this is a learning experience for everyone haha <:’3 
Thank you all so much for your continued support and interest in my work! 

Playing in the Shadow

I keep hitting all these second books in a series. This was the sorta sequel to Playing Passion’s Game, and like the first book this story included the characters of Trent and Juliet, they just weren’t as main characters here as they were in that one. I haven’t read the first book yet, but I do plan to. And I wasn’t lost or anything in this book having not read the first one either.

The main characters were Bryce and Scarlet. Bryce is a plasterer for Tweedy Contractors and she’s still in the process of trying to get past a bit a humongous car crash where she was the only survivor and she’s having quite a time of it physically and mostly mentally. Scarlet is an artist who when she isn’t taking photos or doing amazing paintings has resumed working for her father’s company (Tweedy) as an inside house painter. That’s where Bryce and Scarlet meet and that’s where sparks first fly between them. All is not easy and simple though. Bryce still has many scars from the crash, both inside and out. And Scarlet has some drama going on with her father over his company as well. Add to that an awesome little subplot with an ex of Bryce’s named Gerri and it was a very cool romance plot.

I also thought that the inclusion of the Goth stuff was interesting because in most of the ‘general’ lesbian romances I’ve read Goth isn’t one of the styles of the main characters. It was a fun addition to the novel though. And then there were the awesome Once Upon a Time (the TV show) mentions (Evil Queen, Yay!), not to mention the Nightwish mention (Storytime is my favorite some of theirs to see it in the book was very cool). It was a fun and surprisingly fast read. Now I just have to go find the first book.

I got this advanced galley through Netgalley on behalf of Bold Strokes Books.
This artist has created illustrations of mental illnesses for #Inktober
Each year thousands of artists sign on for Inktober, where they challenge themselves to create a drawing each day that focuses on mental health. Shawn Cross, a professional artist who produces work for the web comic and animated shorts of Cyanide and Happiness, as well as creating his own original work, found out about Inktober through a fan.

 These drawings are among the most expressive things I have EVER laid eyes on.

I lose like 20 followers everytime I answer asks or state an opinion and I find that sad that there is this “ post art and do not engage” mentality among artists.Where you loose “cool points” if you actually state your opinions or express yourself on your blog rather than lay out this perfect “ image” and only reply scarcely to any comments and avoid expressing yourself on the pure basis of “ Don’t want to loose followers.” ( note: Simply being busy is another matter having nothing to do with this.)

Fuck that.

Where is the fun then?
How is it respectful to the people looking up to you?
To mirror them an idealized false image of you?
I much prefer being unpopular but true to myself.

A fandom is fun when you can create, engage, express, give and debate.
Tumblr Expands "Post It Forward" Initiative with Community-Driven Mental Health Quilt
NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Tumblr today announced the next phase of "Post It Forward," an initiative...
By Tumblr

Very interesting to see how Tumblr is publicly addressing the large part of the community that is concerned with mental health; privileging Tumblr artists also seems really important here.