mental artiste

An Artist’s Prayer

O Universe

We are gathered under your stars

That we may be compassionate to you and to our fellows

We offer ourselves as instruments

We open ourselves to creativity in our lives

We surrender to the abyss, our old ideas

We welcome your new and expansive ideas

We trust that you will lead us

We trust that it is safe to follow you.

We know that you created us and that creativity is you nature and our own

We ask you to unfold our lives according to the plan, not our low self-worth

Help us to believe that it is not too late

And that we are not too small or too flawed to be healed - by time and through each other - and made whole

Help us to love one another

To nurture each other’s unfolding

To encourage each other’s growth

And to understand each other’s fears

Help us to know that we are not alone

Help us to create as an act of gratitude to the universe.//


“I think a part of me is finally healthy again, their are still lonely and broken pieces surrounding my mess of a mind but I won’t fall apart at the thought of you anymore.”


Originally posted by 0horizon