mental's horde

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: drabble, fluff, best friend!Yoongi, Hogwarts!AU, Slytherin!Yoongi

Word count: 613

Milestone celebration drabblesSlytherin!Yoongi + Hogwarts!AU + “i’m not playing (insert game) with you again, last time you almost cursed me.”

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“Uncle Punk” became Steve Rogers’ Official Name among the Barneslings. Said name was officially coined by four year old Sophie, who kept hearing “Unca Bucko” call Steve “punk” too many times and decided that was his Actual Name.

As it is officially impossible to say no to little Sophie, Steve has accepted the affectionate nickname.

Bucky is, of course, very, very proud of his many niblings.“

—  Blanket Fort Headcanon, because the mental image of a horde of Barneslings calling out for their Uncle Punk is just too good not to share. :D