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Aries Mars always fights in the now and can be “easily triggered”.

Taurus Mars is really hard to provoke but can hold a grudge. Their conflicts tend to exist over territory, possession, a physical need/urge, or jealousy.

Gemini Mars lives in the vocal and mental realm. Conflicts tend to be caused by differences in opinions or insults. They can win an argument!

Cancer Mars conflicts tend to come from the past. There is a theme with past pain in their lives. Paranoia can be associated with them too.

Leo Mars is centered on pride and ego. This is the root to any anger and conflict. Bruised ego causes rage for Leo Mars but a strong and secure ego + learning humility makes them more patient and understanding.

Virgo Mars has many themes revolving around nervous energy and tension. Their own restlessness causes a lot of frustration and turmoil.

Libra Mars has conflict with conflict itself. Avoiding heated issues comes naturally for them. They have diplomacy but also a great disadvantage in fearing conflict. They can fall apart when conflicts are not solved.

Scorpio Mars conflicts live in the emotional realm with betrayal, revenge, hurt, grudges, pity, and vulnerability. They can have an active imagination in conflict and subconsciously depends on manipulation.

Sagittarius Mars can have a temper but see’s conflicts as a waste of energy and time. They avoid it or run from it in many ways. They want to shed and be “free” of undesirable emotions, this carries over into the Mars position.

Capricorn Mars conflict is very self-centered with criticism, self-doubt, restriction, and control.

Aquarius Mars conflicts tend to live in the realm of the mind. They are defensive over their opinions and ideas. They can be unyielding yet unpredictable in their “triggers”. But know it will usually be about lifestyle, identity, and beliefs.

Pisces Mars is famous for playing the victim and giving into self-pity. Conflicts exist in the emotional realm but is also lost on “why me?” They can lose themselves or get others lost with their association in illusions. They can unintentionally mislead and manipulate.

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How can i tell that my spirit companions and our conversations are real and not just my imagination? Im not that good at discernment and i guess im just worried that im wasting my time and talking to an empty vessel.

Hello, Anon!

Honestly, this is a very valid fear for any spirit worker. To be skeptical isn’t a bad thing, however- it’s in my opinion that this is one way we kind of keep ourselves grounded and open to discernment. I would personally raise an eyebrow and question anyone that has never, ever questioned the validity of their interactions and experiences.

Discernment is a skill like any other, Anon. It is something that- like any other ability- must be nurtured and developed. There are many ways to help improve your discernment, and I know that Mod Wolfe and myself are personally fond of @thetwistedrope‘s tag for discernment. Some posts include:

I’ll also be honest with you, Anon. I personally suffer from a mix of depression and anxiety. Sometimes this includes intrusive thoughts, and heavy mental chatter.

However, as I have developed my skills in discernment, I have been able to learn to separate my personal noise from the voices of the spirits I work with. Different voices, even different language patterns I don’t normally speak with, are all additional identifiers for me. The more you practice and bond with your companion(s), the better developed that bond will be, and you will be able to more easily communicate with them.

Remember that vocal and mental conversation aren’t the only ways you can ask for communication. Ask for signs. Ask for manifestations. One way I get confirmation from my companions is to ask for a certain sign X amount of times within a certain time period, such as “Red Flowers, at least three times, within three days.”

The ways that spirits around us communicate is often very different from what we’d expect. Sometimes it’s not literal, or vocal.

I remember when I met Socks, I asked for “Socks” as their sign (which eventually became their namesake). Hilariously, Dobby the House Elf flooded my dash and peoples’ mouths. “Master gave Dobby a Sock!” Socks himself likes to be a little roundabout, poke fun, and make me laugh. I confirmed these other things asking for more literal signs, too.

So go easy on yourself. Remember, you are trying to communicate with beings that are on literal separate planes of existence. Let your companion(s) know of your doubts and fears. Ask for those signs. I assure you, they will most likely understand.

If you have gone through all these steps and still have your doubts about the validity of your companion’s existence (such as not receiving signs or other forms of communication), try reaching out to the original conjurer, assuming your companion was matched to you via a companion shop. If they are not available, try reaching out to an unbiased third party- and perhaps not one that runs a shop, in the case that they might try to invalidate your companion or usurp your business. Just a thought.

I know you have your doubts, Anon, but remember that it is OKAY and HEALTHY. You aren’t alone. ♥ Hope this helps.

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If Mental Illnesses Were Monsters, This is What They’d Look Like

Mental illness is an intangible thing that can be all but impenetrable to those who don’t experience it.

That’s why the U.K.-based artist Toby Allen decided to draw different mental illnesses as monsters, as a way of helping himself and ultimately others.

“The project originated from imagining my own anxieties as monsters and finding it to be a cathartic and healing process to draw them,” Allen told The Huffington Post in an email. “It made them feel weaker and I was able to look at my own anxiety in a comical way. I wanted to expand upon this idea and draw other representations of mental illnesses that could help people in the same way it helped me.”

Allen’s “Real Monsters” series is a collection of illustrations that anthropomorphize mental illnesses like depression, schizophreniaand body dysmorphic disorder.

Article by Cavan Sieczkowski


witness   the    fragmented        minds
 tessellating    the   electronic  vellum
     with    their        shrapnel

the dissonance, cognitive–
each thought scripted in minuscule,
each violent verse vocalized,
each mental map made microcosm,
a tessera
                  in the walls
                  the inner sanctum
                  of a lost holy sepulchre

wasted on the dead

Suicide is the cause of one death per 40 seconds in the world.

About 800 thousand people die due to suicide int he world, creating 1,4% of the total deaths in the world.

About one million people die from suicide in the world per year, about 20 million people have tried to kill themselves.

Brazil has the hightest raiting of people diagnosted with anxiety.

Depression will affect about 300 million people in the world until 2030.

The hightest cause of suicide attempts is social harassment, also known as bullying and cyberbullying. 

Why am I saying this? First because this is mental health month, and we need to know that our worlds can affect people. We can never know what someone has been through, we don’t know their stories, what they’ve been through, and we have to be careful with what we say and do. 

And second because unfortunately Chris Wood - a man who’s very vocal about mental health, has been lead away from any social platform. He was scared off by hateful people, by people that - behind their screens - think they’re actually doing something. A man who has saved peoples life’s is now silent. 

The hate he gets everyone has become so gross, so vile and uncalled that it makes me scared about whoever is saying that stuff. How come a show about a hero has brought on so much hate in people, how come people think they’re entitled to do that?

You’ll have to understand that words have weight. Anything we say to anyone can break them, it can send them in a path of destruction. We finally, finally had someone who cared enough about it, and what people do? They make him go away.

Nothing is worth someone’s else mental state, no ship, no character is worth someone’s life. Please, think wisely about what you say, unless you want to be someone’s elses reasons why. 

anonymous asked:

And I already liked Chris, now that I now he raise awaress about mental health issues I love him even more

Chris Wood seems to be an incredible human being. He’s an advocate for mental illness, he’s always vocal about social justice and what he thinks is fair, he’s super sweet to his fans and he never engages with haters. I can’t believe that a part of the fandom wants to get this precious bean fired while simultaneously defending both Floriana and Mehcad. And then they claim to be woke and to hate Karamel because “social justice”. Yeah sure… 

Money-Drawing Coin Charm

This spell is for those who need to encourage some more cash flow into their life, for whatever reason(s) they may need it for.

* Please note that this spell is NOT fire- or smoke-free. If need be it can be performed outside, preferably on a calm day with little to no winds.

- a gold/silver coin, a coin with a hole through it, a coin of high monetary value, etc.
- two candles, preferably votive or pillar (try to aim for green and yellow, but green and white or just two white would work)
- a fireproof dish/container
- matches
- allspice (ground)
- basil
- bergamot (found in Earl Gray tea as flavouring)
- dill
- oats

* Be sure that all of your plant ingredients are fully dried so they will burn properly

- orange or blueberry essential oil
- a small bowl of sea salt or a cleansing incense (eg. sandalwood)
- a piece of paper and a pencil
- string or cord in green, yellow or white, or a necklace matching the material/colour of your coin
- a small bag, an inch or so on all sides, made of tightly woven cloth (green or yellow if you can, though black or white can substitute)

- instead of the coin, you could use a dollar bill or any other paper money, and a small glass vial
- feel free to use any of the following dried ingredients as well as/instead of those listed above, or any other personal associations you have for money/wealth: cinnamon, chamomile (from a tea bag is fine), clover, cloves, comfrey, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, marjoram, mint, moonwort, nutmeg, oak chips, orange peel/rinds, patchouli, pine chips, sesame, vervain, wheat, woodruff

* ALWAYS double and triple check that the herbal ingredients you are using are safe to handle and/or burn, and be aware of any allergies or allergic reactions

- day of the week: Sunday or Thursday
- moon phase: waxing moon


Collect your supplies. Prepare yourself for spellwork in whichever way you normally do (meditate, cast a circle, set up your altar/workspace, etc.). Set out the fireproof dish and the candles, one to each side of it. If you are using a mix of colours, place the green candle on the left side. If you chose to use essential oil, now is the time to anoint the candles with it. Light both candles when ready.

Put equal parts of every herb/plant you have chosen into the dish; a teaspoon or two of each should suffice, depending on how many ingredients you are using. Mix them all up with your fingers. As you do this, focus on the intent of drawing money and wealth your way. Think about the reason(s) you need/want money in your life; if there is a specific way you want the money brought to you (through tips or a raise at work, from paid commissions, starting a business, random gifts, etc.) keep that in mind; also try to set a time frame for when you want your money to appear (eg. in the next couple of weeks to a month). Channel these thoughts and your desire to obtain money into the herbs as you stir them with your hands. Do this for as long as you feel you need to for the herbs to be adequately charged.

If you wish to, draw a sigil on the paper to attract money or increase the flow of funds in your life. Once done, add the sigil into the herb mixture. Stir it in amongst the herb ingredients for their energies to fill and boost the power of the sigil. You may use the following sigil if you wish - the statement is “money flows into my life”:

If you feel so inclined, pass the coin (or bill) through the smoke of a cleansing incense, or mix it around in a bowl of sea salt, to purify it of any negative energies it may have gathered over time.

When you are ready, light a match and drop it into the herbs. Allow a good amount of smoke to start drifting from them, then pass your coin (or bill) through it multiple times. As you do so, feel free to come up with a phrase/chant/mantra to recite mentally or vocally,though it isn’t necessary. You could also use the following (or as an example):

Help draw money into my life
To ease myself of stress and strife
Bring to me the wealth I need
To help achieve my every deed

As the smoke billows around the coin (or bill), visualize it being filled up with a green energy/light that will draw money towards you for your purpose(s). Pass the coin (or bill) through the smoke for as long as you feel necessary, until it feels adequately charged, or until all of the herbs and the accompanying sigil have burnt down to ash.

String the coin if you can/so desire, or you can place it into a pouch with the ashes of the herbal mixture. (If you used a bill, fold it lengthwise and roll it into a tube shape as small as you can to fit it into a small glass vial, with or without the ashes; additionally, you could pierce a hole through the rolled up bill and thread it to fashion a necklace.) Carry the unstrung coin in your wallet, making sure to never spend it. If you were able to string it, you can wear it around your neck, or you could wear the pouch/glass vial with the bill similarly if you decided to use those.

- the currency you use does not have to be the currency you use in your country/every day life; you could use any coin or paper money that you want
- it is preferred that you use real legitimate currency in order to draw the like towards yourself, but you can experiment with play/fake money or even printed-out money if you desire
- the vial or pouch can alternatively be placed with/near your financial documents if you can’t fashion a necklace or keep it on you for whatever reason
- this charm can be used for yourself or given to someone else to use; if for a specific target, be sure to keep their face and name in mind as the coin (or bill) is charged, direct its energies toward them, and give it to them to hold on to if at all possible

4x15 intent: an analysis on harvey/donna

an analysis on some of the scenes that were huge in terms of character development, love, loyalty,and that demonstrated the depth of feeling between them

“How is that different from all the times you risked me?”
“Because she’s different.”

This echoes twice throughout the episode and it ripples through the people around him like a force to be reckoned with. Donna is the only one he will literally go to helland back for, the only person that means more to him than his job and even his own life, the person he intensely keeps out of danger and shields from anything that could harm her. She screwed up but he isn’t angry with her, he’s putting his anger on the people around him (i.e. Mike) because he expects them to protect her like he does. If it was anyone else, it would have been on them rather than expecting others to keep them out of harm’s way, even Mike, who Harvey has demonstrated that he cares for multiple times.

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I dO not kNOW WHY im always so distracted and caught up on boys who have no independence or future for themselves when Im over here being the best version of myself by being financially independent while still being able to go to school and gradually build my career. I am probably the best thing these guys will ever encounter. I cant help but notice that men tend to back away when their threaten by my social standing and how strong I am (mentally and vocally). I honestly dont give myself enough credit. Im just glad that as I grew older, guys who cant handle me dont really hurt me anymore.

Points of Advice for the Aspiring Vocaloid/UTAU Producer

Try a lot of DAWs.  To start, you need to have music software to use.  Find trials for everything you can find, figure out how the functions work, how to navigate it, etc.  In the end, everything can produce the same quality of music with the right instruments/effects/samples, so the most important thing about your choice is the workflow.  If it feels awkward or you get lost, it’s not the DAW for you.  But try giving the manual a quick read first.

Learn the basics of music theory.  You don’t need to learn about fancy jazz chord progressions and all that stuff.  But you absolutely need to understand basic things like tempo, measures/bars, what “bass” means, and staying in key.  It’s an important tool to help you get started, but once you know the rules well, they’re fine to break.  Theory is to expand your abilities, not limit them.

Try to start with the instrumental first.  It’s absolutely possible to start with the lyrics first, or the melody first.  However, being that vocalsynth is a very vocal-focused fandom, people often forget that it’s really only another instrument in the entire song.  Starting with the music can help you focus on bringing all the right notes together before you worry about what the rhymes will be or how you’re going to tune all the pitchbends.

Analyze music that you like.  No formal training required.  Just listen to one of your favorite songs and pick out the different parts.  How long is the intro, if there is one?  Where’s the verse and where’s the chorus?  Which instruments did they use in each of the sections?  How long are the parts without vocals?  How does the song end?  Ask yourself lots of questions about how the song was put together.

Remix! This continues from the last point.  Take that favorite song and import it to your DAW, then try to remake it.  Listen carefully to find the notes that it uses and then figure out how it sounds good.  Figure out how it flows from one section to another, to keep you interested in listening.  Does it gradually add instruments as it goes from the verse to the chorus?  Does the drum beat change in the bridge?  When you figure out how a good song is put together and why it works, you can use what you’ve learned to write your own songs.

You don’t need a -P name.  It seems like a merit badge to be awarded with such a huge honor, but nowadays it’s just another option of a name to go by as a producer.  You can pick anything as an alias, even your current internet username.  (“Skrillex” is already taken, sorry.)  Reasons to specifically use a P would be

  1. to evoke thoughts of late 2000s crypton vocaloid music
  2. for a horribly clever pun
  3. as originally used, an Idolm@ster reference

Know an instrument? Use it.  Piano or guitar skills are excellent for songwriting, but if you play other instruments, go ahead record something to put in your music!

I created this post because I notice that a lot of aspiring vocaloid/utau producers don’t really know where to start, so this is just a little poke in what’s hopefully the right direction.  Please feel free to send me questions about writing vocalsynth songs, or ask for links to actual resources.  

Once people try to start, they often feel discouraged because it seems too difficult.  Again, it’s the mentality of the vocals being the star of the show, with the music just being extra bits.  Writing music does take a lot of work but when you know what you’re getting into it can be very fun and rewarding.

Imagine teasing Woozi when he tries to act all smooth and cool during your date but fails.

Sculpting Creativity

Description: So you wanna be a creative genius? Me too! **Added psychic bonus!**  It is a little lumpy, but it has a certain charm to it ;)

Type: Poppet

Necessary Materials: 

  • Flour
  • Piece of you (hair, nail clippings, etc.)
  • Sigil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Purple paint (optional)
  • Cinnamon*
  • Marjoram*
  • Small dish
  • Chalice or other glass container for mixing
  • **Mixing utensil

Necessary Background Knowledge: Casting a circle, Channeling Energy, Grounding, Creating Sigils, Closing a circle.

Process: So, as you may have guessed, this process can get a little messy! All the more fun, right? Since it is a longer process, I’ll number it. 

  1. The first thing you’re going to need to do is make  yourself a sigil, with a good statement of intent. I’d like you to create your own, so I won’t say mine outright, however I will give you this much: the phrase I used is somewhere on this post! Don’t forget to channel some energy into your sigil. (I’ll put a photo of mine at the bottom of the post) Also, it is a good idea to just go ahead and mix  your marjoram and cinnamon into one.
  2.  Once you’ve got that, the fun can begin! Cast your circle with all of your materials, and get yourself organized! You’ll thank yourself for it! 
  3. Take your small dish and put your sigil in it, then cover your sigil in peppermint essential oil. Set it aside. 
  4. For this in particular, I decided to mix everything together in my chalice, as it is a good symbolic representation of water and creativity. So into your mixing dish goes your flour and water for starts. Save yourself and use a mixing utensil here, as I used my hands and got stuff everywhere! While you’re doing this, you’ll need to either mentally or vocally program your spell. For me, I whispered what was going on: “This mixture represents me,” or something of  that nature. Get a good consistency, you’ll know you’ve done it right whenever it sticks to itself and not to you or the container. 
  5. The next part is going to be playing with that consistency. Add in your cinnamon and marjoram mixture. Add more water/flower if needed to get your consistency back.
  6.  Once you’re there, you’ll need your hair or nail clippings or whatever you decide. Toss them in. Grab your sigil from its dish, and drop that in as well. Mix it all together until it disappears into your flour lump, all the while programming it mentally or vocally. 
  7. Take your mixture, and shape your poppet! I highly recommend keeping flour on your hands at all times while completing this step, as well as covering whatever surface you’re working on in it (so it doesn’t stick to it when you try to pick it up later and break). While you’re shaping it, use your statements to program it: “This poppet represents me,” or.. “This poppet represents me creatively,” etc.  I’m a channeling fool, so if it suits you, charge the crap out of that poppet!
  8. **Optional** : If you’d like an added psychic boost, now is the time to take your purple paint and add a third eye to your poppet! For me, I painted the eye, added a drop of the peppermint essential oil to the eye, then also added a drop of the psychic moon water we made previously! 
  9. Once you’ve got your desired shape, and appearance, seal in all that yummy creative energy. I represented this physically by sprinkling flour all over it, then sealed it energetically. Leave it somewhere to dry, periodically checking on it and *carefully* picking it up to keep it from sticking. After some time (when the front is fully dried) flip it so the underneath can dry.
  10. Close your circle and clean up! :)

Personal Notes: Something I believe made this successful is the fact that it is something that requires some creativity to create! It’s a lot of fun but don’t forget, it can be super messy! As in, I destroyed my room making this, so learn from my mistakes and keep some flour on your hands at all times! Another important thing I think is worth noting, is that this poppet is completely doable without the third eye. If you are not ready or open to spirit work or seeing things, do not include the third eye. That said, I saw results the night of making this, psychically speaking. All night I saw movement, sparks of flitting light, sounds, etc. Actual, visible things. I wish I had a better description for you, but unfortunately words don’t do it justice. I think this poppet also attracted some spirit activity, because when I was cleaning up my horrendous mess, the door in my hallway kept opening and closing, and other small things occurred. My house was more active than usual. If you are the type to be scared of these things, do not perform any sort of spell or magic working that will bring these things about, as the results are very real and if I had tried to perform these things a day sooner than I was ready, I’d have been a terrified mess. 

Another thing I’d like to mention: These poppets take a long time to dry, depending on their size and thickness! Mine took about three days to dry completely. So, if you’re not open about your practice, make sure you have somewhere you can keep it while it dries. Mine did just fine under my bed, where I could periodically check on it. They also crack fairly easily, depending on how well crafted they are! Mine had a fairly large crack going right through the center of it, all the way around (pictured). I had to come back once it was mostly dry and mend the cracks, and continue letting it dry. Small cracks are not bothersome, but if it something that could result in a larger or more detrimental crack, it could ruin your magic. 

**Again, as I have said before, at the time of working this I was experimenting with correspondences and how they worked for me! If you have something better, or something you’d like to work with differently/experimentally, feel free! Be sure to track your results.

I became a better problem solver, wrote a bunch of awesome prose, was more inclined to participate in/deal with my little sister’s childish games, wrote a bunch of spells, etc. While I wish I got more from this creatively, I’d say it was a very good start for what I was looking for! I did like the psychic results I got as well. I will definitely make something similar in the future, but make changes to bring about bigger results (because I just like to go big or go home~)!

One last thing I’d like to mention (deep breaths, I know this is a long post): Having an improptu inspirational moment, I decided I wanted to be more connected with my poppet. Since my sigil was at the heart of it, I decided I needed it as well. With the flour  that was all over my hands, I (crudely) traced my sigil over my own heart. It just felt right.

Request: Note to Self

Request: can you write a sam x reader imagine where sam is drunk and he tells her he loves her?? thanks :–)

Word Count: 785

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you:D


You hadn’t expected the knock at your motel room door in the hours of dead night, much less for it to be him.

“What’s up?”

He shrugs, leaning against the doorframe. He smells like liquor.

Oh. That would be it.

“You want to come in?” You open the door further and he almost stumbles into you. The guy’s hammered.

“Thanks.” He smiles lopsidedly. You guide him to the little table and seat him in a chair.

“Stay there, I’ll find you some water.” You instruct. Taking a glass and filling it with water, you keep your eyes on him. His never leave your form and he smiles, looking up at you as he accepts the glass.

“Thanks, Y/N. You’re fantastic.” He smiles, downing it in one. You roll your eyes, taking the other seat.

“I do my best.” You laugh quietly. There’s a short silence, in which he decides to grab your hand over the tabletop. You half raise an eyebrow, but let it be.

“Your hand is so soft.” He whispers, running his thumb over the skin of the top of your hand- one of the few areas let be by hunting- unscarred, not toughened by years of weapon use, blemished only by a couple of freckles. You laugh again. He’s actually quite a funny drunk.


“I wish my hand was that soft. Is it a girl thing? All of your skin is so soft.” He moves to run his hand up your arm.

You’re pretty close to both brothers, you’re not even creeped out by this. You’re perfectly capable of getting rid of him if he bothers you, and you truly believe that, even drunk, Sam wouldn’t do anything you really weren’t willing to go ahead with.

Sam leans in, beckoning you closer conspiratorially. “Want to know a secret?” He whispers. You lean forward, holding back a giggle.

“Sure I do.”

He gets up close to your ear, his alcohol infused breath brushing a dance over your cheek and into your nose.

“I love you.”

Wait, what? You pull away and turn to him, repeating your mental question vocally.

“I love you. You’re so nice and pretty and brave.” He lists, counting on his fingers, “Not to mention funny.”

You decide to try and get some more information from him, to see if this is a drunken confession or a confused mind making up emotions.

“For how long?”

He pauses and flicks his fingers up. Five, six, seven.


He nods. You widen your eyes- it was almost exactly seven months ago that you’d had a near brush with death after a hunt gone horribly wrong. That could be when he realised.

“After that demon in Pocatello.” He tells you, watching you closely. “I just…” He hiccups, “I realised I really didn’t want you to die. Like, really really didn’t want you to die. And I wanted to be able to kiss you and love you.”

Note to self: Sam really opens up when drunk.

You watch as he stands up and so do you. You stare at him for a moment and then he leans down and brushes his lips against yours.

You respond, but barely for a moment.

“Sam. Really. I appreciate this, I do, but-”

“You don’t love me?”

“I never said that. I only… You’re drunk, I don’t want you to do something you’re going to regret in the morning. Come to bed, we’ll talk in the morning?”

He nods and follows you over to the bed. You kick off your shoes and so does he.

Climbing under the sheets, he envelopes you in his arms. You gladly remain in his embrace- he’s warm and comfortable and despite the distinct smell of alcohol in his clothes and breath, you fall sound asleep quickly.


The morning sunlight is streaming into the room when you wake up, still wrapped in Sam’s arms. He, apparently, is good at holding on even in sleep.

When you look up to his face, you realise that he’s already awake, his hazel eyes gazing at you like you’re a dream come true.

“Morning.” You offer sleepily, and he grins widely.

“Hey. You look great this morning.”

You roll your eyes, running a hand through your hair. You must have bed head and your clothes are crumpled. Your eyes are almost definitely ringed with sleep and heavy lidded with remaining slumber.


“No, it’s true. You’re always beautiful.”

You take a moment to drink him in properly for what might be the first time.

“How much do you remember from last night?” You ask.

“Everything.” He says simple. You offer a laugh.

“So it was-”

“Real? Everything I said was one hundred percent real.”


Title: Finally

Author: @andie-womanofletters

Pairing: Destiel

Word Count: 1922

Rating: M (I might be being cautious, lol)

Dean sat at the kitchen table for a long time. It was only three days in to the new year, and he’d already broken nearly every damn one of his resolutions.

Honestly, it didn’t come as that much of a shocker that he hadn’t cut back on candy or booze the way he’d told himself he would. Or that he hadn’t started jogging in the morning, like he’d vowed to do. ‘I mean seriously, who does that?’ he thought, excusing his own behavior.

But the last resolution, well, that was why he was sitting in the bunker, alone, drinking whiskey and screwing up his courage. Because damn if he was going to let another year go by without letting Cas know how he felt. Maybe it would mess everything up, maybe it wouldn’t. Either way he needed to know how Cas felt because he was so damn tired of pretending.

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This House Don’t Feel Like Home - fic

Characters: Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Summary: Damian was going to find out eventually.
A/N: So, I wrote this, and then decided I wanted to shove it into the Unforgiven series, then realized I was too happy with how it was, and really didn’t want to have to rewrite it or re-edit it to fit into that ‘verse, so will have to do something else for Unforgiven. Originally inspired by ‘Unsteady’ by X Ambassadors (see why I wanted it in the other ‘verse?). Dick will find out about this later, obviously. Probably.


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I like drawing small scenes. Can you tell I’m more comfortable drawing pokemon than humans *sigh* I’ll attempt Maxie at some point, but for now, you’ll have to do with this *hides face in hands*


Another fic. Closely related to my previous one here. It’s not so much a sequel as… a prequel, because of this prompt:

“For prompts, how about the first time May took Maxie up on his offer, since in the Groudon fic he says he wasn’t expecting her to?” from leonawriter

This has, again, not been beta'ed. I did my best but… you know. *shakes fist* Betaing is important.

Anyhow, yeah uhm *points* I’ll leave this here and just go. This one’s a bit all over the place but the art above IS related to the fic, so there’s that! The shipping is mostly in undertones like the previous one, but yeah.

Posted HERE in Ao3 in case it’s hard to read on my tumblr

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