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First mid semester exams are over

And everyone is “Yay, exams are finished!”, “I give a shit on how but I finally made it!” and “We’re going for a beer, be happy with us!!” And, this is embarrassing, I got a little confused, so I started to think about it (just to check if I’m really fucked up like it sounds) and realized after two weeks of starvation, sleep deprivation, coping with the hell of mood swings (from insane laughs while grading freshmen exams to extreme desperation while taking mine), I just want to get on my room to curl up in a corner and stare at the walls. And it’s still a normal response to tiredness, but there’s more than just being exhausted and I don’t get it. Even if I started feeling a little detached from reality on the run (that would be less than normal but ok for me) the real thing is I want to keep being there because in my life, emotional torture don’t stop for the weekend. I have a documentary to watch and an essay on holocaust to do, overly demanding friends to feed, AND Supernatural is tonight! and Bobby and Cas and everything and asdasdas but I still don’t know how I feel about it, or anything, without describing it like something “not-happy” coming from my chest or stomach. And btw, I really suck at anatomy too, so I’m utterly ignorant of what happens on my whole “inside”.

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What are some good strategies for rumination especially on painful subjects that you are 100% sure are real but your delusions play into and make worse

hey, I’ll give my best suggestions anyone no others send/submit them I’ll make a second post if I get a few!

  1. Repeat a comforting phrase, an affirmation, a prayer, a poem or a song to yourself.
  2. read
  3. watch a movie
  4. play video games
  5. talk to people
  6. write about what your feeling then rip it up and do another one of these 
  7. Listen to music that has meaning for you or provides comfort. 
  8. Sing, dance or clean the car with the radio 
  9. Make arrangements to meet a good friend 
  10.  Ask yourself “what can I change, if anything?” If you cannot change the situation this can help you move on
  11. Schedule 20 to 30 minutes a day to worry and make the most of it.
  12. create a schedule 
  13. practice self-care
  14. mindfulness  ( i only skimmed this article possible ableism)

I really do hope some of this works!

-Admin A

How to Overcome Mental Ruminations and Replaying Negative Events in Your Head

Realize Why You Have Negative Feelings

The first step to overcoming mental ruminations and stopping the negative events in your head is to realize why you are upset.  Finding why you are upset helps you start to get rid of those feelings.  It is always easier to come to terms with something when you understand it.  It also leads into the second step of helping yourself overcome the ruminations, removing the negative triggers.

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ive heard marla frost is now a model. blond hair, big boobs, skinny waist, tiny clothing, the whole shabang. what do you think dylan would of thought? aside from her looking good, would he just think she had turned into a 'zombie' like everyone else? i couldn't really see him ever being with someone like that lol

Yes, Marla did a whole lot of cookie cutter, silicon boob, bottle blonde modeling in her twenties but now in her thirties, she’s moved on beyond that. Her hair is more of a natural blonde and she appears to be doing a lot of sporty activites like hiking and climbing. She seems to be a very natural, outdoorsy kind of gal. Which, actually, would’ve been a good personality combo for him because she would’ve gotten him to be more adventurous and active and out of his constant mental, intellectual ruminating. While, I don’t think Dylan would much appreciate the phony look she was aspiring towards in her twenties as part of her career choice, he was still friends with her in high school and from what we’ve surmised, seemed to have liked her personality (as well as her looks) so I don’t think he would’ve kicked her to the curb about her drastic physical metamorphisis. A guy isn’t going to turn down a girl he’s known in school that now looks even more attractively enhanced. Think he would’ve still dug her anyway and wouldn’t have turned down dating her even during her model phase. But again, like I said, Marla has changed now as she’s in her thirties so the model photos that are on the web are now becoming old news.

The other thing I drew at the laundromat today. I’ve been mentally ruminating over an epithet that came into my brain recently: “The Sunflower King.” The fact that sunflowers are immensely tall and goldenheaded should make the origin of the epithet painfully obvious, but in an attempt to maintain some of my dignity, I decided to take it in another direction.

I thought about what it would be like to make an image as innocuous and pleasing as the sunflower into something malevolent. The key to such is probably in the head of the sunflower, where the seeds eventually develop. The structure of the head is a Fermat’s spiral, a pattern related to the Golden Ratio, one of the most peculiar and beautiful expressions of naturally occuring mathematics in nature. If one were to gaze too long into the spiral, one might begin to lose their senses. The Sunflower King thus earned a reputation as a thief of sanity and a stealer of hearts. Perhaps he could be another manifestation of the King In Yellow.

Stop Ruminating and Start Chasing Butterflies for Mental Health

Stop Ruminating and Start Chasing Butterflies for Mental Health

Stop Ruminating and Start Chasing Butterflies for Mental Health 0 5 Vladimir Galantsev/PhotoSpin The concept that nature is good for you is not a new one. In 1901, Scottish-American naturalist John Muir wrote, “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their…

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