mental riches

be more chill as shit @estephina has said


michael: S A U C E M A N 

christine: anxiety? i dont know her. bill nye cured all of my mental illnesses.

rich: urghh its a deep fried burrito

jake: rowdy boy, hes a saucy boy. THERES MY BOY


brooke: a bag broke into my home, we have a lotta lobsters bub.

jenna: with my stance on robot fuckin said im gonna try to sleep


I’m a psychology major so I can help psychopaths, haha. I just want to fix all those crazy motherfuckers.
—  Sophomore Psychology Major
I find it helpful to remind myself that every human is a mess on the inside. It’s easy to assume the good-looking and well-spoken person in front of you has it all together and is therefore superior. The reality is that everyone is a basket case on the inside. Some people just hide it better. Find me a normal person and I’ll show you someone you don’t know that well.

Nathan could still feel his cheek aching from when Madsen had pressed his face into the cold tiles of the girls’ bathroom before there were policemen handcuffing him and hauling him off. Since then, he had been getting yelled at for hours – loud, gruff voices ordering him to tell the truth. Normally, this would have made him angry, because he always got angry when people told him what to do or when he was scared. Now, however, Nathan just did not have the power to scream back. He was empty.

There was a loud banging sound when the interrogator slammed his fists down on the table, seemingly having enough of his suspect’s lack of answers, and it made Nathan flinch and wince quietly. “Tell me what you know already!”, the man shouted.

“I’m sorry”, was all that Nathan got out.

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I’ve noticed there’s a lot of condescension around taking medication to sooth symptoms rather than “working through the problem,” but that seems like a very classist mindset to me like

I can’t afford to go to therapy for $100+ per session, but I CAN afford a $5/month prescription for an antidepressant that keeps me from wanting to die all the time

Neither option should be looked down upon, especially considering that one option is clearly more available to a larger spectrum of people than the other

Privilege depends on how other people see you, not on what you personally feel inside.  I’m white but I’m mentally ill and not rich, I don’t feel privileged compared to a lot of other people but that doesn’t make me exempt from white privilege and it’s not something I can choose not to have.  I’m female but most people IRL assume I’m a dude, so I sometimes can benefit from misdirected male privilege.  The argument that trans women never experience male privilege is simply untrue, because privilege depends on how other people see you, not what you personally feel inside.

featherinmycapandcheese  asked:

some people distinguish a working class between lower and middle. other people like to stretch their image of American stability

That’s true about the working class. We may be considered working class? I don’t know if there’s a range for that or what it is. I do get really angry when people act like like I’m middle or even upper class. We aren’t. 

My parents have worried about being homeless the majority of my life. The only reason we ever weren’t is because my grandparents helped us out with their retirement. Which now they can’t do anymore or they’ll be in more trouble than they were already in. We are always on the brink. All my money goes to them/anything they owe me gets withheld for YEARS at a time. Me going away to college is terrifying because I won’t have the money to help support them.

I’m not saying I have it the worst, but I really wish people would quit acting like we have it perfectly well and fine or being labeled like we are rich. 

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For all the disappointed 707 route players’.

I’ve been reading quite a few rants of Mystic Messenger players, who claimed to be disappointed and pissed off at character 707′s route. I have to admit, reading them made me more pissed off and disappointed in the people who played this otome game. And I am here to rant, just like those players but for a different purpose; to slap some comprehending into their hearts and minds.

First off, Saeyoung wasn’t meant to be a simple and uncomplicated character. He’s supposed to be the key to the whole story, which some dear players think that is “not true at all” and “bullshit”. He is a person who has more issues than the rest of RFA members. He has family problems, mental and emotional problems and a problematic life in general. Most players didn’t like that he pulled and pushed MC away but of course he would do that since he was indecisive. Like every other person, Seven wanted to have a love life and a person who could finally understand and accept him for who he was without keeping secrets and lying on a daily basis. Then again, he didn’t want to pull that special other into this big mess that could affect her and/or him too. After all, we don’t want our loved ones to get hurt emotionally or physically, right? But Seven didn’t and did understand that the games he was playing unconsciously, could hurt MC.

Saeyoung is mentally rich. He is a very smart guy who, with a snap of the fingers, can see the world with different points of view. He is bipolar. One second being happy and the other second being the most hurt human being in the world. He hides himself in a comfortable facade, making people believe he likes playing around with them and making jokes 24/7 while in reality he feels depressed and lonely. He lives a life different from normal people, in every aspect. And he doesn’t have any happiness or happy memories. But once he finds out that MC is the door to his happiness, he gets scared. Scared of leaving his comfort zone and scared of ruining such a beautiful gift.

I have yet to finish the whole game. When I started Seven’s route, I restarted just a couple of days before the party date because I wanted to play Jumin’s route first on the Deep Story. I do know what has happened to Rika and that V dies. I also know that they forgave her and most people are mad about that. BUT! If a person who seems to be the one who has changed your life for good (and for bad too in Seven’s case) turns out to be the one who you actually liked for a long period of time and suffers from severe mental problems, wouldn’t you forgive them too? I bet you would. No matter what, you would. Even if a tiny little bit, it still counts as a yes. She is, absolutely, a snake who doesn’t deserve any good in this world after what she has done… but it was V’s fault as well for being blinded by love. Like literally…

Anyway, I have yet to finish the game and more to add to my point of view but that’s all I want to say for now. Defender of Justice 707 is a game character I will always, I emphasize, always remember in my mind and heart as someone who represents me as a human being.

Nobody is the same and Saeyoung isn’t supposed to be the same as everyone.

Excuse my typos, thank you.

Spidey babble about: FBI Special Agent

Apart from the usual spy/undercover agent stuff, it has a certain casino vibe to me. But first and foremost I get the mental image of a rich, somewhat arrogant dude cruising around in his expensive car at night (maybe through Las Vegas).

I have absolutely no idea why, but I picture that guy to look like Mujyou from Jetters. Probably taking Mama for a cruise through town.

That theory about Draco tipping Hermione off about the Basilisk

So for anyone that doesn’t know, there’s a theory floating around that when Draco ripped a page out of the book at Flourish and Blotts, he was deliberately trying to tip off Hermione about the basilisk.

Setting aside the fact that this theory is derived from the films rather than canon, there are other reasons why it doesn’t quite make sense.

First of all, a huge part of Malfoy’s character is that he’s an entitled prick who wants to see how much he can get away with. It is not out-of-character for him to rip a page from a book that doesn’t belong to him. And it’s not weird that he would destroy something that he could easily pay for. It comes from the same there-are-no-consequences-I’m-entitled-to-everything-and-I-want-it-now mentality that drives rich kids to shoplift.

But even if we believe that he underwent a personality transplant and was secretly trying to help Hermione:

And why rip the page where his father might see him instead of just sending a written note? Why not tell them in-person or drop a few hints disguised as idle bragging?

Why not slip it to Dumbledore or one of the teachers anonymously, instead of giving it to Hermione? If he wanted to protect her, he wouldn’t have told her, he would have told someone who could protect her.

And why exactly would he have waited so long to tell Hermione what it was that was after her and the other muggleborns? Why give it to Hermione in spring, after the monster seemed to have been stopped by Hagrid’s arrest? They have classes together, and the school is relatively small to begin with. If he was trying the best he could, it wouldn’t have taken him until April.

And why wouldn’t Hermione tell Harry and Ron about the note? This was their mystery, she wasn’t going to withhold information. And she’s not the type to take credit for someone else’s knowledge. She has no reason to withhold the fact that she received a note (anonymously or no).

But most of all, the timeline doesn’t make sense. Remember, she ran off to the library because she had just then put the pieces together based on the clues already provided and wanted to confirm her suspicion. She doesn’t need Draco’s hint, she’s already solved the mystery.

This is also an out-of-character way for him to approach the situation. If he had tried to warn the trio anonymously, he would have done it to Harry. He has far more contact with Harry, knows that Harry is the leader of sorts, and it’s far easier to pull off without suspicion. And telling Harry means that it’s Harry rather than Hermione on a collision course with Slytherin’s monster.