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lauren shippen, releasing the 55-minute season finale of the bright sessions on wednesday: “i am ready to cause lots of pain and suffering”

gabriel urbina, cackling to himself as he releases a 2-hour special episode of wolf 359 today, earlier than anybody expected: “lol watch this”

Magickal Facial Steam

Facial steams detox the skin by opening up the pores and softening dirt and debris that they hold. The blend of ingredients i’ve combined will allow your skin to feel and look younger while creating a soothing aroma to assist in waking up the brain cells. With a little positive intention during the steam, it can also assist in balancing and opening up the third eye and relieving any blockage in the crown chakra

Ingredients and properties:


The high vibrational energy in Amethyst assists in alleviating stress and anxiety providing peace and tranquility. Amethyst stimulates activities on the right side of the brain making this a perfect stone to enhance mental powers, creativity, and memory.

Lemon EO

Lemon oil alleviates headaches, enhances moods, boosts the immune system,  improves concentration, and eases symptoms of acne.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage calms and soothes the skin, lightens mood, normalizes blood pressure, improves mental clarity, and releases stress.

Rose Buds

Rose Buds are high in Vitamin C, A, and E which easily makes this herbs perfect for toning the skin and relieving it from free redials that damage the skin, making your skin look younger and healthier. 

Red Clover

Red Clover has been known to alleviate Eczema due to it being packed with natural protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. This herbs is also known for treating cancer and reducing the aging in skin.

Once you’ve finished steaming your face, rinse your face with lukewarm water and then apply your preferred serum or moisturizer.

-Jacqueline, the Plant Lady


‪22-year-old Matthew de Grood was a student at the University of Calgary. The son of a city police officer, he dreamed of attending law school. In the early months of 2014, Matthew started experiencing some bizarre delusions. He believed the world was going to end and that he was locked in a mortal battle with werewolves, zombies, and vampires. He started to post about his concerns regarding the end of the world on his Facebook account. Matthew believed that there was going to be a war of good and evil and on the evil side, according to him, was the Nazis and Barack Obama.‬ ‪

‬In the early mornings hours of 15 April, 2014, a party was underway at a home near the University of Calgary. It was the end of the school year and students were in a celebratory mood. Approximately 30 guests showed up, one of which was Matthew. At around 1:20AM, Matthew heard voices in his head, telling him to kill. He grabbed a kitchen knife and started to indiscriminately attack his fellow schoolmates. He killed five people - Joshua Hunter, Kaitlin Perras, Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong, and Zachariah Rathwell‬ ‪

‬ ‪During his trial, his defence lawyer contended that Matthew believed his victims were werewolves and vampires and that he had to kill them because they threatened his life. Two experts found that he was suffering from severe untreated schizophrenia. Much to the dismay of the family members of his victims, Matthew was found not criminally responsible for the murders. “There will be no peace for us. Our wounds will never fully heal because every year our families will have to wonder what will be the fate of the man who destroyed so many lives,” said Hong’s brother. 

Matthew was sent to a secure hospital where he shall remain until he is released. In 2017, it was reported he was granted more privileges such as being allowed to walk around the hospital grounds while supervised. After receiving his treatment plan for his mental illness, Matthew release a statement which read: “It breaks my heart that the good times they had with their loved ones are over. They may not care that I am schizophrenic. The act of killing five innocent people and putting their families through that agony is unconscionable. To them, I am either a very evil person or a psychotic individual who is dangerous and can’t be trusted.“‬ ‪

‬ ‪The tragic case of Matthew de Groot poses the question: Would the outcome have been different if somebody took heed to his warning signs?‬

Hi Tumblr! You’re invited to Post It Forward’s homebase (Tumblr HQ) for Release: A Mental Health Month Celebration on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

It’s going to be a night of conversation about mental wellness, coupled with meditation, music, and snacks. We’ll be joined by our friends in the mental health space from the Thrive NYC, Live Breathe, Bridging Access To Care and more.

There will also be a panel discussion influenced by clips from the Oscar-winning film Moonlight with these amazing speakers:


  • Hakeem Rahim, Mental Health Expert, Author, and Advocate 
  • Dr. Marilyn Fraser, CEO, Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health
  • Dr. Aletha Maybank, Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Founding Director, Center for Health Equity
  • Clay Cane, contributor, and Author
  • Dr. Gary Belkin, Thrive NYC 

Doors open at 4:00pm! Programming begins at 4:30pm.

Tumblr HQ
35 E 21st St
NY, NY 10010



Ellis Grant glanced up towards the flickering white light, it had been playing up for days now and the more she looked it, the more it infuriated her. She’d been in the facility for longer than she cared to remember, in fact she had lost count of the number of days long ago. Her days, which were once filled with warm sunlight and the fresh air of the outdoors, were now regimented and gruelling, filled with artificial light and the sterile scent of hospital corridors. 

“Elle…” Owen Grady’s voice tore Ellis’ attention from the flickering light and she stared at him blankly. She didn’t speak much these days, in fact she did very little. “Please…” Owen pleaded, “…just try.” 

If she could’ve found it in herself, Ellis would have laughed. Try she thought. As though it were that simple. As though she hadn’t been trying since the moment they brought her out of the coma that they had kept her in for weeks. She’d done her trying, and she’d gotten precisely nowhere. 

The two of them stared at each other intensely for short while before eventually Owen sighed and stood up, turning away from Ellis and walking towards the window on the opposite side of the room. He left her in her wheelchair at the end of the parallel walking bars that had been her nemesis for the past couple of weeks and looked out towards the entrance gates. When he caught sight of a figure, heading towards the large wrought iron gates Owen smirked. Heading towards the rehabilitation centre was a tall, thin, man with greying hair. He was dressed entirely in black: black shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes, and walked with an air of self confidence like nothing Owen had ever seen before. He neared the building, a sarcastic grim reaper, there to pull Ellis from the slump she presently found herself in. 

“Oh you’re in for it now Grant.” 


Before Adam Lanza, who perpetrated the “Sandy Hook Massacre,” there was Patrick Purdy and the “Stockton Massacre.” Patrick was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1964. When just 2-years-old, Patrick’s mother divorced his father after he threatened her with a gun. As a student in Cleveland Elementary School, he soon turned to alcohol in an attempt to alleviate his problems. After slapping his mother in the face, he was thrown out of her home and was homeless for several months before being placed in foster care. Patrick was eventually adopted by a family and shortly thereafter, started to take hard drugs as a coping mechanism.

When Patrick was 17-years-old, his father died in a traffic collision and Patrick soon started to accuse his mother of stealing money that was left behind for him. Throughout his adolescence, he was in and out of trouble with the law. He was a known drug addict and as a way to finance his drug addiction, he turned to prostitution. He was arrested on several occasions, from drug dealing to robbery, he was seemingly constantly serving a sentence for something. On one stint, he attempted suicide and was diagnosed as having “‘mental retardation.” After his release in 1987, he started to collect books on white supremacy and could often be heard complaining about the high volume of Asians in the area he lived as well as San Joaquin Delta College where he attended welding classes. Friends would later describe Patrick as suicidal, adding that he seemed to have a particular hatred for those of Asian descent, adding that he never came across as violent. His apartment in Stockton, California, was filled with toy soldiers - he was peculiar, they said, but nothing hinted he was dangerous. He often complained he was upset that he never made anything of himself and was a failure. On 17 January, 1989, an anonymous caller contacted Stockton Police Department and warned them that the young pupils of Cleveland Elementary School, Patrick’s old school, would be dead. Nevertheless, classes carried on as usual but that day would be anything other than “usual.”

At approximately noon, Patrick parked his car behind the school. His car was packed with fireworks which he then set alight, causing his car to explode. From here he walked to the school playground, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, he shot indiscriminately. Within three minutes, he shot 106 rounds, killing five children and wounding another 30. All of the children who were killed and a vast majority of the injured were of Cambodian or Vietnamese descent. The parents of these children had immigrated to America in search of pastures green. After the shooting, Patrick shot himself dead.

The shocking murders begged the question: “How could a man with a history such as Patricks, walk into a gun store and leave with an AK-47, no questions asked?” The sole purpose of weapons such as this is to end human life, so why was he so easily able to purchase one? Following the murders, measures were taken to ban assault weapons in California, paving the way to the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act or 1989.

Harry Styles’ Natal Chart Analysis

So many of you have been asking me to do this forever and I finally finished it and decided to post it! It’s quite long but quite worth the read.  (And very interesting.  Especially if you want to see what you have in common with him!) 

A general note: none of this is written from any bias or from what we as fans already know. It was taken from websites and books that I own, as well as my own knowledge of the signs and how they affect a person.  Read this willing to note the positive AND negative aspects of his personality. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my own personal feelings/interpretations of this, or chime in with your own! 

Without further ado and below the cut, here is… the Natal Chart of Harry Styles.

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Writing your own spell can seem intimidating and complicated but following these steps will help you to create spells that can be just as effective as ones you learn from books or other witches. 

  1. Boil down the purpose of the spell to a word or short phrase.
  2. Find the ingredients suited to that goal like crystals, herbs, candles and incense (fin suitable ones with correspondence lists and resource books)
  3. Consider the best possible timing for the spell (moon phase ect)
  4. Decide if you want a verbal component (incantation). If so, write it in a manner that includes your components and goal.
  5. Bless all the items you will be working with (ridding them of any unwanted energies)
  6. Consider any actions that might help support the magick and where best to place them in the spell process (eg, lighting a candle at the outset to illustrate your intention)
  7. Focus your will and begin the spell, building energy.
  8. Guide the energy as far as you can mentally, the release it and trust the in the outcome
  9. Keep a journal of you successes and failures for future references and improvements

The release of this picture had me in absolute tears. From princess to general - this woman has fought all of her life to become what she is in the Star Wars universe. And she fought until her last days to overcome some of the hardest things an individual can face in our own world. Her advocation for mental health will always remind me to be strong, but to also never be afraid to admit how much these things can suck and that sometimes I need a little help. She’s the true definition of fighting like a girl. I hope we all always remember to be #LeiaStrong

Apollon Paiôn,
beautiful deliverer of healing to we mortals,
He who averts plagues and evils of the world!

Mighty God who heals with divinity and medicine,
protective God who saved his mother from violation!
You are our divine rescuer!

If I have ever
in your name,
and it be well received,

I beseech you!
Please ease my pain,
both mental and emotional.
release me from the dark chains of mental illness,
so I can walk in your light.
I ask you to stand beside me,
in my hospital bed,
in therapy,
the prescription pick-up line,
or the ward,
or to simply allow me to rise in the morning,
out of malady-stained stale sheets,
to face each day
so I can give my utmost devotion,
and provide arête!

Praise and thanks be to you, Apollon Boêdromios, who aids us in our darkest hours of illness and suffering!

—  “Prayer to Apollon for Mental Illness Recovery”

Hello there! For the fifth day of my back to school marathon (and also the day I start school rip), I have another masterpost for you, and it is about how to mentally prepare yourself for this school year! School can be overwhelming and stressful when the time comes, so it is significant that you should prepare your brain for another year of suffering studying!

Take care of your health: I must have to put 3 stars on this tip because yourself is most important. Make sure that you are taking care of all aspects of your health. Simple things like sleeping early, eating nutritious foods + hydrating (yes physical health correlates with mental health!), release positive vibes, and do little things that raise your happiness!

Organizing is key: It’s high time that you should start learning organization skills if you haven’t, but if you have, then you’re on the right track! Organizing allows you to be more efficient by saving time and space. Simply arrange similar items in a designated space. Also, make sure you maintain your orderliness by putting things back where they belong.

(Re)familiarize: Your mind has probably gained some rust over the summer, so it’s good to put it back in good shape by re-familiarizing yourself in studying, such as writing notes and reading books, or probably practicing math concepts. You should also familiarize yourself of what’s yet to come in the subjects you’re taking this year to get the feel of them before school begins, which saves you time.

Know the expectations: Of course, it’s always nice to imagine that everything will turn out fine. HOWEVER, you got to recognize the expectations. Otherwise, you’d fall on your face, but with more pain. Know what the class is expecting of the student; if you have to work harder, finish assignments on time, or whatever it is. This is part of great preparation.

Improve the past: It’s very useful to reflect on the previous school year about all the good and bad things that occurred. Make sure you’re continuing the positives while taking the negatives as a challenge for this year. Believe in yourself! You got this!~

Relax~: Eject all the negative feelings like stress and anxiety, because they are only going to slur your mind. Instead, take a deep breath, and exhale because you’re going to be doing fine, as long as you put your heart and mind into your goals~

Hopefully these tips help you in some form or another. Good thing I finished this post before I head to school. Wishing myself and you all the best of luck for school! Have a splendid day!~

The Arrangement: Chapter Ten

Author’s Note: It’s finally here! Thank you to everyone for being so patient for this chapter :) 

I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!


Originally posted by pixelrey

“What did you just say?”

You shrugged, “I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes you did. You said—” He sighed, “Never mind. Just get in to the Shuttle.”

“W-who’s Ben?” You couldn’t help yourself from asking.

You noticed Kylo shudder slightly at the sound of that name being spoken by you, “Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop saying that name,” he sneered.

He was keeping something from you, and it was as if this planet was reminding him of exactly what that was. Perhaps it was curiosity getting the better of you, but you needed to find out what he was hiding.

“Whoever he is, he must mean an awful lot for you to act like this,” you remarked.

“Enough!” Kylo scolded you, his hand flying up towards you. In an instant, you felt your throat muscles start to constrict. The surprise of his actions quickly washed over you as began to struggle for air.

You narrowed your eyes on his figure; you knew this wasn’t a test. He could quite easily end your life in that very moment caught up in such anger towards you.

But that was it. The very same emotions coursing through him were also flowing through you. You own frustration towards Kylo for lying to you, for wanting to hurt you like this. It was enough for you to fight back.

You felt Kylo’s Force grip on your throat loosen as you directed your own energy towards his hand. With each passing moment, your breathing became steadier as you mentally released his hold on you. You let out a large gasp when you freed yourself, catching your breath as fast as you could before scowling at him.

“Don’t pry into matters that do not concern you, Princess,” Kylo told you, as if the exchange between you had not just happened.  

Something in you snapped at his words and in a flurry of movement, you watched as Kylo staggered backwards before falling to the ground with an invisible push.

“Don’t you dare do that to me again,” you spat before storming off towards the ramp of the Shuttle.

Kylo groaned as he watched you push past him. He stood up quickly, brushing the snow from his robes as he continued walking in the opposite direction to the Shuttle.

He hated himself for how he had reacted. You were naturally inquisitive; surely he would know that by now. But he couldn’t possibly have imagined you ever having the slightest inkling about his past, let alone saying his old name. He knew you didn’t realise what you were saying. How could you when rarely shared anything personal with you?

Kylo quickly snapped himself from those thoughts. You were his apprentice, nothing more. He owed you nothing. And yet he couldn’t help but feel as if you were the one person he should share his past with.

But he knew he couldn’t. If you ever learned about his past, he was certain you wouldn’t forgive him for what he had done.

Kylo’s attention quickly reverted back to reality when his boot hit against something hard. He looked up to see the entrance of an ice cave and frowned. He hadn’t noticed the cave when he first set off. Exactly how long had he been walking for?

He turned around, ready to head back towards the Shuttle before he felt a shift in the Force. It was like something was calling out to him. No, someone. Kylo could recognise your presence in the Force in a heartbeat, and before he could think further, his legs were already in motion as he entered the cave to search for you.

How had you gotten in here? Kylo’s gaze darted frantically through the cave. He felt the pull strengthen as he walked further inside and his hand hovered over his lightsaber as he readied himself for whatever danger you might be in.

But when he turned the corner, expecting to see you, there was nothing. And yet he still felt the pull in the Force. It had to be you, he was certain of it.




Kylo was about to call for you again before his eyes landed on something glittering faintly in the ground. His eyes widened slightly as he saw the small Kyber crystal wedged between the snow. Hesitantly, he reached out for it. It had been his understanding that these crystals had been entirely harvested by the Empire decades ago. And yet the energy he felt within it was undeniable.

He took it in his hands slowly so as not to damage it. And that’s when he felt it; the crystal was calling out for you. It had not been your presence that he had felt, but rather the pull of the crystal towards you.

Kylo furrowed his eyebrows. He felt the same pull towards this crystal as you did. As if you were projecting your Force energy on to him. But you weren’t nearly far enough in to your training to have even started to explore that sort of power.

Such a connection between could only suggested one thing. He cleared that thought from his head.

No. Surely this did not mean that you were developing a Force bond, at least not after just over a month of training together.

Suddenly his mind recalled when you had uttered his old name. It was so innocent. So naïve. And yet it made him livid hearing you say it in that moment. Why did he care so much that you had spoken his old name?

Kylo realised now that beneath all that anger, he was disguising something far more devastating… he was in pure anguish. In another life, Ben Solo might have been able to love you. To care for you the same way that Kylo could see you were starting to care for him. But these were different times. Different circumstances.

You were Kylo’s wife, certainly. But he had come into your life out of desperation for the First Order’s cause, not out of love.

He couldn’t give you the answers you craved, nor could he pretend that he wasn’t hiding them from you. And yet he was torn between confessing it all to you and keeping it from you forever. Unsure of what would be better for you.

Kylo scowled at that thought. He hated this planet. It was toying with his thoughts. His thoughts about you. As he held the crystal in his hand, it was as if he could feel a part of Ben coming back to life within him. As if you were bringing that part of him back to life. A part that cared about others, that wanted to help others.

He knew what he had to do now. If this truly was a Force bond developing between you, he knew the Supreme Leader would have sensed it too. This bond would be invaluable to your training, making you stronger than Kylo had initially foreseen.

He closed his fingers around the crystal, pocketing it quickly before exiting the cave. He needed to get back to you. Kylo felt his boots trudge faster through the snow. A sudden eagerness to return to you coursed through him, to share this new revelation.

His face was probably the last one in the galaxy you wanted to see right now, but Kylo brushed the thought away. He couldn’t afford to have you constantly doubting your trust in him if you truly shared this bond. You deserved the truth, even if it ultimately drove you away.

For the first time since joining the Dark Side, Kylo could feel a true sense of purpose, and he owed that to you.

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lasttotianna  asked:

I know and when I'm on Twitter and on bts Twitter people are saying that hobi needs to hurry up and put it out already and in my opinion that's a little disrespectful I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that.

yeah well… there will always be fans like that =/ but i just know our king will make it worth the wait!!!

Tricks To Living Your Best Self-Care Life
  • Take warm showers: Wash your body slowly, feeling all of your curves and ridges, make sure you feel your own skin and understand.
  • Stay active: Walk, run, jump rope, anything. This will allow your pent up energy to be released instead of manifesting itself into something negative.
  • Stay creative: Paint, sing, create music or arts, anything that allows you to release your mental energy, once again so it doesn’t manifest into negative energy.
  • Spend quiet time with yourself: Disconnect from your electronics, I promise it will still be there when you’re done.
  • Practice yoga and meditation: This will allow you to find a center to your mind and body, creating a mechanism of peace and understanding between the two.
  • Detox your relationships: If a relationship needs to be a secret, if someone is making you unhappy on a regular basis or you feel that your life is dependent on someone other than yourself for your own well-being, reevaluate that relationship. Find happiness within yourself and healthy relationships.
  • Eat well, but don’t be afraid to snack: Eating good food will make you feel good, and sometimes we need a Big Mac. Eat the Big Mac. Your mental health will be better because of it.

Happy 2015, make this year a dedication to self-care. You don’t need to be suffering, you don’t need to have any reason to self-care other than knowing you’re taking good care of yourself. It’s not selfish or rude, it’s important to each and every person. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the benefits that follow.


the schuyler gems au: gem!angelica is a pink sapphire! pink sapphires are the ideal stone of psychic and emotional protection. they help with focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. she has currently taken over pink diamond’s court after her diamond was shattered.

a second version under the cut that i wasn’t sure whether to keep or not it took me six hours to decide which one i liked better

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Yard Work (Brendon Urie)

Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader 
Warning/s: Swearing?¿ (unless you’re triggered by a shirtless Brendon) 
=Fluff/Suggestive (ish) 

Summary: After a trip to the store for some soda, you find your super hot next door neighbor tending to his front lawn… shirtless.

It was scorching inside your house. Summer was in full swing at this point and you had no means of properly keeping cool. The AC kept breaking down so you had no choice but to turn it off unless you wanted to risk a house fire. The water pipes were also affected by the summer heat so cold showers were out of the question, so was turning on the weak-ass sprinklers that just made you feel sticky after a while. You bought some fans to at least quell the temperature indoors but all they did was blow the hot air right into your face. Still better than nothing, right? Since you lived alone you decided to just abandon most of your clothes, leaving you in just a dry fit sports bra and a very thin, very skimpy pair of boxers. And this setup worked… for approximately three and a half hours. Once midday started creeping in, the heat intensified. You briefly considered just walking around completely in the nude until you remembered that the grocery store a few blocks down was open and fully airconditioned. You dragged yourself up to your bedroom. “Fuck it.” You said, pulling on a thin red flannel, not even bothering with an actual shirt. You put on a pair of black sleeping shorts and finished with some flip flops cause fuck regular clothes in this heat. You grabbed your wallet and keys before running out the door.
You spend an hour at the grocery just enjoying the cold of the store before realizing that you actually had to buy something. You checked the time and groaned. Seeing as it was still well in the afternoon and still very hot, you opted to buy a nice cold can (or four) of soda. After paying, you made the quick trek home. You were fishing for your keys in your pocket when you looked up and saw the most beautiful sight. A hot (no, god-like) guy was tending to his lawn… in only a pair of shorts. He was a good head taller than you, his slicked back pompadour definitely adding to his height. He was kinda skinny but he had some muscle which was evident in his well-defined abs. His most attractive feature to you were his tattoos, covering most of his left arm. His skin was so pale that they weren’t hard to miss. You murmured a soft “fuck” under your breath. This man was so damn attractive that you forgot what you were doing in the first place. Wait, what were you doing again? Keys. For house. Yeah, you needed to get inside. You quickly fumbled with your keys before sparing one more glance at the handsome man next door. Your eyes raked over him before landing on his beautifully chiseled V-line. The gorgeous curves dipping so easily and beautifully. You couldn’t help but drool over this man and how much you just want to pull those shorts down just a little bi- “Hey!” He called out to you. Fuck, you thought. Fuckfuckfuuuuuuck. He had a smile as bright as the sun and waved his hand in greeting. You swallowed hard and waved back nervously. “H-hi.” You replied. “Is that Coke?” He asked, pointing to the chilled cans you were holding, dark brown eyes lighting up in curiosity. “Um…yeah. D-do you want one?” He shrugged nonchalantly. “If it’s not an inconvenience…” You steeled yourself and walked up to the edge of his fence, easily passing the cold drink over to his side. He accepted it gratefully and took a swig. You opened a can for yourself to lessen the awkward silence. “I’m Brendon, by the way.” He said, holding his hand out. You took it in your own and shook it. “I’m y/n.” You could feel your cheeks heat up as he discreetly checked you out almost identically to how you were just doing to him. “Fuck, he knows” You internally screamed. “He thinks I’m a creepy stalker kid.” You scolded yourself mentally. He released your hand and you realized how cold it was once he let go. “Well y/n, it was nice meeting you but I have to get my chores done before my housemate, Spencer, kicks my ass.” He let out a light chuckle as did you. “Ok then, nice meeting you neighbor.” You said before turning to your door. “Bye… oh and y/n?” He called out as you were on your way inside. “If you wanna stare at me again, you can always come over. We are neighbors after all…” He said smugly before winking and turning to pick up the garden hose on the ground. You blushed beet red. “U-um okay I guess.” You tripped over your words and shakily unlocked your door. You were slightly confused and light-headed from the exchange but you got one thing straight: your super hot neighbor just flirted with you and invited you to his house.

A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 7

category: floof, angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: sorry for not posting yesterday, but this is a loooooong chapter!!! 1.9k words jesus christ becky

Originally posted by asterocky

“Whenever we look at eachother like this, do you feel the same way I’m feeling?”

Your heart did a somersault, a back flip, a front flip, and won the Olympics. You didn’t know how to respond, your mind went blank. It was astonishing how he could make your heart stop, brain freeze, and knees go weak with just a sentence.

“What do you mean?” You whispered back.

Eunwoo’s eyes never left yours as he reached out, grabbed your hand, and placed it directly on the center of his chest. Under your delicate fingertips, you could feel a strong, steady pounding.

Your lips curled up into a smile as you used your other hand to grab his and place it over your chest as well. His face lit up as he felt the same thing you felt, the forceful beating of a broken heart.

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