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What is ehlers-danos?

But uh, serious answer!

Ehlers danlos syndrome is a hereditary disorder that affects every function of the body (it screws up your collagen which is basically used to give strength to your tissue and it’s everywhere in the body.). There are 3-6 types (if I’m remembering correctly) but I have type 3- hypermobility- so that’s what I’ll be talking about, since it’s what I’m most familiar with. 

 How it actually affects your body varies. Some people will have it and only be flexible, since your screwed up collagan weakens your joints to the point you can bend them however you want. Some people have it and can’t walk and have various other problems. Your joints are far less stable which means dislocation and subluxation is something to expect and be prepared for. You also don’t react well to surgery and struggle to heal properly.

 As for how it feels, I’ve heard it’s similar to rhumatoid arthritis (I wouldn’t know since I don’t have rhumatoid, but from what I’ve read it seems fitting). It makes it hard to walk, write/draw, ect. Those are the common affects, but there are a lot of other affects like heart defects (POTS is very common), chronic fatigue, chronic pain, intestinal problems, infertility, mitral valve prolapse, mental problems (OCD is /super/ common!), poor vission, skull defects.. That’s off the top of my head

Thanks for asking! Sorry for the big chunk of text, but I hope it was helpful in one way or another. Feel free to send another ask or message me if you have any more questions, I really don’t mind.