mental preparedness

Strategic Mothering

Characters: Mary, John, toddler!Dean, Samuel Campbell mentioned

Word Count: 900-ish

Warnings: Nothing major, slight description of panic and maybe a hint of angst

A/N: This popped in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. This is just a little idea about how Mary would deal with trying to control her hunter’s instincts while living the civilian life. Maybe a little more headcanon than a fic, but I don’t know. All my love to @idreamofhazel for the quick beta. She’s so amazing.

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Control the situation.

Walking into any room, Mary instinctively scans for the tactical advantage. Doesn’t matter if it’s an empty room in an abandoned house, or a busy bar. There are tactical fundamentals for clearing a building, for keeping yourself and others safe. Mental preparedness is top of the list. It’s too easy to fall victim to the physical changes your body endures as you make snap fight-or-flight decisions.

Control your body. Keep the panic down; increased blood pressure and blood flow to major muscle groups decreases the flow to extremities, lessening dexterity and encumbering one’s self in up close, hand-to-hand combat. Keep your heartbeat steady, breathing even.

Channel the fear into anger or aggression.

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Hey guys, just thought I’d share some lessons I’ve learned from failing my semester.. Don’t make the same mistakes like I did!

  1. Jump right into it! If you don’t know how to study something, don’t hesitate and go for it anyway. You’ll learn along the way.
  2. Progress, not perfection. Aiming for perfection will demotivate you really, really fast. 
  3. Do not rely on your future self aka don’t procrastinate. Don’t think “It’s ok to relax now, I’ll just pick up the slack later.” You’ll be setting yourself up for failure. 
  4. Try not to be overwhelmed by the amount of work (especially if you’re starting late). Break down your tasks, make a study timetable/checklists. Stick to it! 
  5. Learn to take a break instead of giving up completely. Don’t go into a complete stop just because you’ve hit a dead end. Not trying = No progress. 
  6. Never skip mock exams/quizzes/progress tests, especially if you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself because you didn’t study for it. It give you an idea of the final exam’s format and mental preparedness for the actual exam. Plus it’s a measure of your true understanding of the topic.
  7. Hustle hard. You’ll sleep better at night, knowing that you’ve gave in your all for the day. Giving up and turning in early will probably keep you awake because you can’t stop fretting about that upcoming test.
What would you do...

if you were in a situation where death was imminent or you had to leave the homestead/survival headquarters.

Would you salt the earth and trash your supplies. Or leave specific instructions to help whomever finds your cache?


the Hubs: I would totally leave a note to help whoever comes upon our stash. I would also direct them to the extra supplies in the basement. But little do they know, we would have already knowingly infected ourselves with the zombie virus, waiting patiently in the darkness to devour those foolish enough to-

Me: -reel it back babe. I didn’t say anything about zombies…
Being Prepared Is More Than Just Having A Bugout Bag, By Christine S.

Quick Tips taken from this post:

  • Get out of debt, have cash on hand. 
  • Stay mentally sharp. Get used to having to “do a lot” every day (by actually increasing personal productivity). 
  • Stockpile medications. Keep prescriptions on hand to be filled at moment’s notice. 
  • Exercise daily to get used to keeping on the move. Recommendations: Fencing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates. [WTDC Note: important physical assets to gain are agility, flexibility, stamina, speed, and strength] 

So I just finished rereading the first Divergent books and finally finished the series (which don’t even get me started). And I have this weird quirk where I dog-ear the pages with quotes on it that I like and I figured why not share them? None of these words below the cut belong to me; they all come from the talented mind of Veronica Roth. Enjoy!

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