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“The only crime to see a spike in Sweden in the last year is hate crimes again Muslims”

Get this liar xenophobic racist apologist, Jedediah Bila, off air. 

Fair representation? She’s normalizing mass spread lies, gaslighting, and fascism, and defending utter islamophobia. Whoopi is far too kind to her, she doesn’t deserve that kind of respect or platform.

On top of being a defender of hate, unjust prosecution, and mental pollution, she LITERALLY tries bringing up more FALSE statistics. 

Agust D: The Last Verse 2 Breakdown

Second Verse:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

First line broken down:

현실의 - Real World

괴리감 - separation

First line put together:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

Damn huh reality’s separation

Second line broken down:

이상과의 - strange

갈등 - conflict

아프네 - it hurts

머리가 - head

The second line put together:

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

This strange conflict, it hurts the head

The Third line broken down:

대인기피증이 - social phobia

생겨 - be formed; began

버린 - ruin

게 - too (I’m not entirely sure)

18살쯤 - about 18 years old

The third line put together:

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

My ruining social phobia began too around 18 years old

The Fourth line broken down:

그래 - okay

그때쯤 - by that time

내 - My

정신은 - mentality

점점 - more and more

오염 - pollution

돼 - thats right

Fourth line put together:

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

Okay, that’s right, around that time my mental state became polluted more and more

The full Second Verse put together:

Damn huh 현실의 괴리감

Damn huh reality’s separation

이상과의 갈등 아프네 머리가

This strange conflict, it hurts the head

대인기피증이 생겨 버린 게 18살쯤

My ruining social phobia began too around 18 years old

그래 그때쯤 내 정신은 점점 오염 돼

Okay, that’s right, around that time my mental state became polluted more and more

This probably isn’t 100% correct, but I did try!~ I hope you liked this! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the third verse up soon as well!~ 

- Leader Lexi

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Cancer Woman, Pisces Man

The double Water Sign influence over those who love, such as the Moon Maiden and the Neptune man, is in many ways, more magnetic and compelling than a double Fire, Earth or Air combinations. The mystical water essence of their natures is sensitive and absorbing… reflecting images back and forth between them… so that frequently, their romance has a dreamlike quality about it, however many years they’re together.

If they should quarrel and separate for a time, the missing is usually much deeper than with other lovers who are thus temporarily parted… the emptiness greater. The need to return to each other and be mutually forgiven is intense. A recently parted Crab and Fish are two sad and depressed people indeed.

They should cheer up, because their chances of reconciliation are excellent - when she stops pouting and he stops trying to escape himself, which is, of course, a solution doomed to failure. It’s impossible to escape one’s self, as impossible as it is to permanently avoid the other half of one’s self. If there should be more than one negative aspect between the Luminaries, Ascendents, Mars and Venus in their birth charts, they could remain divided. But there will always be the memories… What in the world would he do if he ever lost her? How could she live without him? The girl Crab and the Fish feel their emotions with an intensity that belies their outwardly reticent, quiet manner. When the enormity of such a loss strikes the Lunar lady and her Pisces man in that awful, shocking way of a reality when it suddenly hits hard that it is a reality, not just a hazy “maybe,” their minds and hearts and souls are all three unexpectedly overwhelmed with a surge of emotion difficult to express, because the thought of the possibility suffuses the intellect and the feelings so totally.

All the more reason for the Moon Maid and her Pisces man to make a special effort to refuse to allow the few differences between their personalities to grow until they drown their caring.

Fortunately, the differences are relatively minor, and can be smoothly compromised, once they’re confessed - and softened slightly. Since they both like happy endings, we’ll peek at their problems first, then last of all, remind them of the oceans of good things they share that make their romantic chemistry so powerful.

The first scarecrow we see in their garden is made of the strangest things. What could it be? Certainly not straw. It’s green, slightly soiled, crumpled and wrinkled, with bits of metal fastened here and there. It’s money. Sure enough. Actually, worth much less, in the long run, than straw or hay. The scarecrow of money can frighten some lady Crabs and the Fish they love with its ability to form itself into a high wall between them. She likes to accumulate it, save it, keep it, sock lots of it in the bank, stuff it in her sachets and watch it grow sturdily through investment. She’s normally more than a little economical with cash, if she’s a typical Cancerian, and she may nag him about being so disinterested in gathering up scoops of it, so careless about scattering it around among his friends who need it, spending such large sums of it on his multiple dreams and schemes - and what she considers to be unnecessarily large tips to waiters, waitresses, bellmen, doormen, redcaps, porters and the like. He’ll have to try to understand that she’s not really stingy, just concerned about her security in what he must admit is an increasingly insecure world - and she’ll have to try to comprehend that an excessive concentration on cash strangles his creative freedom and his imagination equally. Then they should open separate checking accounts, each of which will be none of the other’s business whatsoever. (Even so, he’ll probably be less interested in her monthly balances than she’ll be in his.)

Another scarecrow looms in the moonlight - moodiness, a complaint each of these two will make against the other. He withdraws into Neptune’s silences to meditate, she becomes cross because he won’t tell her what he’s thinking. Or - she crawls into her crab shell to brood in an inexplicable melancholy during the waning Moon, and this causes him to be depressed, because the Pisces man, as I’ve noted before, is a “psychic sponge,” helplessly absorbing all the feelings around him. Influenced by the Lunar phases, the Cancerian woman is a “reflector” of feelings, imaging them back like a photographic plate. (It’s not a coincidence that most Crabs are either photographers or intensely interested in photography.) So she “reflects” his silences, and he “absorbs” her melancholy. He’s curious about what she’s thinking when she’s quiet, though his curiosity is more veiled than hers. These two both like to keep secrets, at the same time they like to know secrets, and each is equally adept at pulling secrets out of others, while locking their own against all questions. Once they recognize this trait they share, they can learn to laugh about it, and refuse to allow it to cause tension between them. With her reflecting nature and his absorbing nature, mental and emotional pollution is a constant danger. If they allow their frustrations to rise or sink above or below the safety level of tranquility, the clouds of tension can only pour back upon them a rain of resentment, frustration and selfish seeking that kills happiness.

The girl Crab’s great sense of humor is a saving grace regarding many of their problems. Unless there are unusually severe afflictions between the Luminaries and Ascendents in their horoscopes, there should be no “sexual scarecrows” to frighten them during their lovemaking. Normally, Cancer and Pisces are ideally mated in a physical sense. Through their sexual union, they experience the rare joy of - not just receiving, not just giving - but exchanging the gift of fulfillment. The difference is something many lovers never realize. Because they’re so closely, even telepathically attuned to each other’s needs and desires, passion brings them profound peace, stills their trembling… and afterwards, when they’ve become two separate individuals again, their Oneness lingers in their eyes, like a memory of magic too deep to communicate in words, best left to only quiet knowing.

He really listens to her seasonal fears and apprehensions - with such gentle patience. She covers his winters of self-doubt with such warm and tender blankets of caring. Remembering how much they need each other, being aware of the unthinkable possibility of losing the security of their special kind of interdependency, can protect their relationship. This man and woman are extraordinarily sensitive to each other’s thoughts, literally able to read each other’s minds.

The refreshing newness of love, like the sweet grass-scented blessing of a silvery summer shower, is worth protecting.

~ Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

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it was around 18 when my social phobia began
yeah, that’s right, around that time my mental state became polluted

my parents came up the first time I went to the psychiatrist
they got counseling with me, they said they hardly knew me
I don’t even know my own self, so who can know me?
friends? no, you? whoever it is, they don’t know me

a word said like habit, oh, I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck
those words are all words I use to hide my weak self
that time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had that concert
I was afraid of people, so I hid in the bathroom and stared at myself

at that time I, at that time I
I thought I could compensate for success
but here’s the thing, but here’s the thing
as time passes by, it feels like I’m becoming a monster

shit shit, I get it, please stop
the cause of all these issues is me, I’ll quit in return
if my misfortune is your happiness then I’ll be unhappy
if the target of your loathing is me then I’ll go up on the guillotine

—  AGUST D - The Last

I was wondering if anyone mentioned Katniss yet?

She’s a mixed race girl with PTSD and hearing loss/a cochlear implant who had to pretend to be allo to survive the Hunger Games. When it’s all over, she “chooses” one of her “love interests” because she desperately needs support and she doesn’t know how to get the amount she needs from a friendship/her love interest pressured her. She even talks about how, for 15 years, he pressures her into having children.

The movie turned that into white girl with perfect hearing and a few hints of mental illness. She is caught in a love triangle between her childhood friend and the man she survived the HG with. In the end, she chooses the latter and they make 2 children.

I’m aroace, professionally diagnosed with PTSD, and physically disabled by a traumatic event. Katniss’ story meant so much to me. She was me. To watch that representation get stripped away was absolutely heartbreaking. And then you hear how people are glad they did away with the “mental illness nonsense” that “polluted” the final book, that portraying her as allo was great because Peeta *deserved* to have his feelings returned after all he did for her…it hurts. It really, really hurts. 

Needing to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced by photographs is an aesthetic consumerism to which everyone is now addicted. Industrial societies turn their citizens into image-junkies; it is the most irresistible form of mental pollution.

Susan Sontag, On Photography

I find this quote humorous because I instantly think of tumblr

Military health: The insurmountable gulf

In 1990 and 1991, the United States deployed some 700,000 military personnel to the Gulf to form a coalition with the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and several other countries to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait. The seven-month campaign resulted in few coalition casualties. But soon after returning home, about 30% of US veterans began to get sick. Their illnesses were difficult for doctors to understand.

They shared a cluster of symptoms — including severe fatigue, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders and cognitive problems. But few individuals had all of the symptoms, and there were many proposed causes. The destruction of chemical-weapons repositories was a leading suspect. Troops also marched past burning oil wells, slept in tents doused with pesticides and received new vaccines and pills to protect them from diseases and biological and nerve agents.

“From the beginning, the VA has refused to honestly face the problems that face veterans,” said Joel Graves, a Gulf War veteran who until last year had served on a committee advising the VA on research priorities related to the illness.

Graves and others contend that the agency has refused to recognize Gulf War illness as a unique physiological condition, maintaining instead that it is psychosomatic or the result of stress. The VA, they claim, has obstructed research into Gulf War illness, stacked scientific review panels with members who would favour a psychological explanation and defanged the research advisory committee (RAC) that Graves served on. As a result, critics contend, thousands of soldiers have found it difficult to get a diagnosis or related health benefits. At the meeting, James Binns, an attorney and chair of the RAC, called the VA’s actions “morally and intellectually bankrupt”.

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Let’s convince our friends and family, our neighbours and our classmates that the mental environment is as precious, and as vulnerable, as the lushest stretch of rainforest. Let’s get people thinking about their mental health in the same way that they think about their physical health–two sides of the same tarnished coin. Get households banishing TV pollution at the same time they banish toxic detergents. Get parents watching their children’s commercial intake as closely as they watch their sugar intake. Challenge students to say no to corporate curricula with the same fervor they say no to oil spills. Let’s train people with mood disorders to reduce their mental burdens, in the same way that people with allergies reduce their chemical burdens. Let’s turn psychologists into mental ecologists, pioneers of a new and vital social science, In other words, let’s get into detox before there’s no turning back.
—  Adbusters, January/February 2006

I Am Pro-Israel

I want peace.
I don’t want apartheid,
a part in your lies,
your words that criminalize
the people with whom I empathize,
all because you despise
the look in my eyes
when I say
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I don’t stand for racism.
I stand for Judaism,
I stand for the faces
that form the basis
of this oasis
in the Middle East.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
But I’m forced to protect my people
because if our army is feeble
the world will take our legal
rights to a land that’s equal
and surrounded by diesel
fueled upheaval.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
But you refuse to cooperate
with the terms under which we operate
because you refuse to tolderate
our collaborate.
If you would only moderate
we wouldn’t have to reiterate
our plan to accelerate
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I stand for the two-state solution,
the solid resolution
to this counterrevolution,
to your mental pollution
and false allusion
to your supposed execution.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I stand for a solid defense force,
one that can reinforce
the source
of this remorse,
one that can morph
this discourse
to peace with our neighbors.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I want a country based on unity,
based on community,
based on equal opportunity,
not on dishonesty
or inequality,
but security
and modernity.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
But rockets are falling on my city
perpetrating negativity
because you hold the pity
despite our credibility
and reliability
and your blatant hostility.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I’m sick of terrorism
played off as heroism
and journalism
that encourages antagonism
and discourages protectionism
out of illusionism.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
But you’re hiding behind civilians
and calling it resilience
but without our assistance
and our persistence
you’d sink into nonexistence,
riding on confidence.
I am pro-Israel.

I want peace.
I want an end to this war
because there’s no reward
for drawing the sword.
No one can afford
to export
for a scoreboard.
I am pro-Israel.