mental motivation

anonymous asked:

Why do you think mothers kill their own children (like Lacy Spears)? It's so horrible.

She’s a prime example of munchausen by proxy. She thrived on the attention a sick child brought her. The most often motivation behind parent killings is revenge on the other parent. Another common motivation is mental disturbance. A more rare motivation behind parent killings is sexual.

envision yourself exactly where you want to be. what motivates you? picture that, and never let it go. keep it in your mind and heart as you construct a plan to achieve what you want. with discipline and some confidence, you will reach your goal. you will.


Izzy’s daily reminder: 

It is ok to take breaks. 

You are allowed to step away from your desk, make yourself a cup of tea, take a long shower, watch a movie or bake some cookies.

You are still succeeding. 

You are still doing something productive.

Productivity isn’t only seeing results in academic progress. Productivity also means being able to realise when you need to relax and take a break to work on your mental health and just health in general.