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idk if this is a Thing or whatever but do other ppl with add/adhd sometimes feel bad for having a disorder that sort of feels, for lack of a better phrase, ’ less extreme’ than other disorders? like for instance, i feel like complaining about any of my adhd problems seems juvenile or trivial compared to like the problems someone with like ocd or bipolar

One time I was talking to someone and I tried to say “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed” and “I’m not the brightest bulb in the shack” at the same time, and ended up saying “I’m not the brightest tool in the shed” (which only proved my point further). 

but THEN! later I went to tell my sisters about what happened, and whilst talking about my stupidity, my stupidity decided to rocket launch itself into a whole other plane of supreme idiocy, and instead of telling them how I goofed and said “I’m not the brightest tool in the shed”, I somehow confused myself in a moronic mental warp and ended up spewing “I’m not the brightest shed in the shack” 

 So yeah now I get to live with that cruel irony for the rest of my life

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On your view with kin, what about if you're psychological kin? I, for example, am fickin due to being Autistic and wouldn't be otherwise. I'm not bashing you btw, I'm just curious on your two cents.

I was psychologically dependent on my kins too. But it’s one, not healthy, and two not ethical. If you really wanna identify with a fictional character, then maybe call it something else and don’t compare it to a religious belief held by an already oppressed and silenced group? I didn’t even know that it was a native thing until I was told. It’s harmful to native peoples because otherkin are already a big fucking joke on this site. The “don’t follow if you’re kin with Rick Sanchez bc I’m kin with Rick Sanchez” mentality is fucking moronic to say the least and makes actual kin people, two spirit and the like, look like they’re hopping on a fad when in fact their culture and religious views have been around for centuries. I get that maybe being otherkin helps you psychologically because it’s a good outlet for projecting yourself onto others and relating to them but to compare it to an actual spiritual belief is just not right.



Pairing: NishiHina

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Rating: T



Hinata awoke with alarms blaring and smoke filling his nose and lungs to the point of coughing and hacking. A rude awakening to put it lightly.

Someone set off the fire alarms. Of freaking course.

Hinata quickly dashed out of his bed and grabbed his robe before filing outside of his apartment with the rest of the groggy and grumpy residents. As they all shuffled down the stairs Hinata’s ears were flooded with children’s screams, adults trying to lull the fear from their kids, and a few adult screams tossed in there. It was hectic and noisy and Hinata found that he wanted to scream with everyone else too because he was just not in the mood for this especially since he went to sleep only a couple hours ago.

It was chilly when Hinata finally emerged outside of the building. He cursed himself for not putting on his slippers, his toes beginning to burn from the touch of the ice cold pavement and as a bitter breeze nipped at his few spots of exposed skin, he groaned in irritation. For crying out loud he just wanted to be in bed right now. Hinata bore the most prominent of grudges against whoever started a fire this late.

A small hand gripped his shoulder. "It’s freezing out here, ain’t it, Shouyou?“ 

Hinata turned around to see his neighbor, Nishinoya, with a grin somehow plastered on his face.

And in his boxers. His boxers.

Hinata’s hella cute neighbor is standing in front of him in his boxers.

"U-um. Yes it is. Why are you only in your boxers, Nishinoya..?”

Okay, so… Hinata thought he was struggling pretty hard over deciding whether or not he was crushing on Nishinoya, the very attractive neighbor who looked so damn kissable and who just so happened to live next door to him, but now that was most definitely not an issue, because he was crushing hard.

Nishinoya’s wild hair stuck up in all its usual places, and his eyes shined as brightly as ever under the street lamp light, and under that light, Hinata could see every curve and crevice in his skin. Like the dip of Nishinoya’s collarbones, the gradual surfacing of a six pack, the ‘v’ poking from above his boxers. Nishinoya wasn’t the most well built, but he wasn’t scrawny either. Hinata shamelessly fancied the idea of gracing his neighbor’s skin with love bites and bruises. 

Hinata placed a shaking hand over Noya’s and nearly jumped out of skin just now realizing the warmth emanating from his neighbor. "And how are you this warm?!“ He exclaimed as he took the hand in between his two shivering ones.

"Well, you see, I was getting ready to shower and well, next thing I know I smell smoke and the alarm’s going off and whatnot. Didn’t really have time to change. What if it was right across the hall? And I just don’t really get cold much. This weather isn’t even that bad!" 

Hinata smiled at his neighbor’s energy. At least someone was awake this late at night. He tightened his hands around Nishinoya’s one hand. Savoring the warmth it emitted. 

"Ha, geez. You really are cold, Shouyou.” Noya placed his other hand over Hinata’s and he let out a sigh of relief. 

“Yeah, I am. I wish I could be back in bed sleeping.” Or with him doing activities Hinata thought as he eyed Nishinoya once more. He suddenly began mentally thanking the moron who caused this whole fiasco. 

They stayed like this for a few minutes, chatting away and trying to keep warm. They stayed like this when the fire trucks finally pulled up, and they stayed like this even after the noise began to die down, now sitting on a bench just by the building, bodies huddled close.

Nishinoya chuckled to himself. Hinata raised an eyebrow when the other male’s eyes met his.

“Haha. I never imagined that the first time we hanged outside of the apartment would literally be right outside of it with me in my boxers and us holding hands.”

Hinata’s cheeks began to flush just the tiniest of bits. “Oh, really?” He so badly wanted to ask if Noya’s imagined hanging out with him like he has before.

“I imagined something a little more, organized, y'know? Like calling you up or something.” Nishinoya spoke so honestly and easily. “Maybe catching a movie, or going out to dinner.”

Hinata blushed at that. His neighbor was certainly not lacking in courage whereas he could use a pick-me-up here and there.

“That sort of sounds like a date.” Hinata said shyly, trying his damned hardest not to look away from Noya’s eyes. 

“It is. What do you say?" 

It was then Hinata now focused on trying not to explode. At this point he needed to give the moron who started a fire a medal and a batch of cookies or something, because it this all just led to his crush asking him out while in his boxers. That’s pretty damn swell, if you ask him. He gave Nishinoya’s hands a squeeze.

"I say yes. Sounds awesome.” Hinata grinned and felt excitement bubble in his tummy. If he wasn’t so damn tired, he’d probably be squealing with enthusiasm because yes! The hot neighbor just asked him out!

Noya reached a hand up to cup Hinata’s face. “You really are so damn cute, you know that?” He said before placing a chaste kiss to his cheek. “Haha, man! Been wanting to tell you that for a little while!" 

And with Noya’s grin and lightly pink dusted cheeks, Hinata could handle it, he grabbed the other male’s face with haste and pressed his lips to his. Hinata’s lips were chapped and cold and Nishinoya’s lips were soft and warm. Noya rested one hand the bench, and another on Hinata’s thigh, shocked at first but now relaxing into the kiss. He felt butterflies in his tummy as he parted their mouths.

"And I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you in those boxers." 

And with that Noya laughed and took Hinata’s lips within his own. One hand rubbing his thigh up and down and another snaking into Hinata’s bright, orange hair. Hinata shivered when Nishinoya’s tongue licked his lips begging for entrance, which he gladly granted. Such a good kisser, just as he imagined. It was when Noya bit Hinata’s lip that he giggled. 

"What?” The other male asked smiling against his lips.

“I just remembered that it’s like 3 or 4 in the morning and I’m making out with my half naked neighbor on a bench.”

Nishinoya began playing with the curls of hair at Hinata’s neck. He pressed a small kiss to his lips. “Yeah, we should totally get you at least half naked too, and maybe in my room.”

Hinata blushed at his boldness, but smiled like an idiot all the same. “Haha, totally.”

Thank you moron who started a fire.





(Not you, Scotland. We cool. It’s mainly England I’m mad at …a sentiment which I’m sure you can appreciate)


Pairing: Nalu (Natsu x Lucy)

Words: 3,165

Note: Hey!!! Here’s my fanfiction you guys! If you’re brave enough to read the whole thing, I’d like you guys to tell me if you’d like a part 2, or if I should just leave it like this. It bothers me a lot x) Hope you’ll enjoy lovelies <3

Lucy pouted as she watched the pink haired dragon slayer running away from her, leaving her alone again.

“What’s up with him?” Levy asked as she sat next to her blonde haired best friend at one of the guild’s table.

“He’s been avoiding me for a week now”, was the only thing coming out of her mouth.

“Have you guys been in a fight lately?” the small girl frowned.


“Alright what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Eh? N-Nothing happened! Why do you think something happened?” she quickly spoke.

“Lucy, if someone in this guild knows you better than anyone, letting Natsu aside, it’s me” she firmly said.

“I told you nothing happened!”


Levy quickly stood from her place and glanced outside. Narrowing her eyes, she jogged towards the guild’s doors.

“W-Where are you going?” Lucy asked confuse as she watched Levy dashing away, smiling.

“Just going to have a little talk with someone! Later, Lu-Chan!” she grinned.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

And with that, the celestial wizard was left alone once again.

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Kazakhstan ; Negara (yang dikira) terbelakang oleh (beberapa) orang Indonesia.

Juni 2013 saya menghadiri Almaty International Film Festival di Kazakhstan. Film saya ‘Negeri di Bawah Kabut’ (NdBK) berkompetisi di festival tersebut dan mendapat penghargaan 'Best Debut Documentary’. NdBK diundang untuk berkompetisi setelah programmer festival tersebut menonton film kami di seksi Young Cinema Competition DOK-LEIPZIG, sebuah festival dokumenter tertua di dunia. Setelah festival itu, banyak undangan dari festival lain untuk mendaftarkan film kami ke festival mereka, tetapi saya hanya mengirim ke dua festival yang menurut saya negaranya asyik untuk dikunjungi, yaitu Kazakhstan dan Italy. Festival di Italy lebih menarik karena dibikin di sebuah desa di pegunungan, khusus memutar film-film tentang 'mountain culture’. Sayang sekali kami tidak bisa menghadiri festival di Italy karena bersamaan dengan Lebaran.

Saya teringat reaksi beberapa kawan ketika saya mengatakan akan pergi ke Kazakhstan. Terima kasih untuk film Borat yang membuat orang Kazakhstan seperti terbelakang, reaksi beberapa teman saya persis seperti orang Eropa yang mengira tidak ada listrik di Indonesia.

Kazakhstan adalah negara terkaya di Asia Tengah. Sebelum dipindahkan ke Astana – yang menjelma menjadi seperti Dubai –, Almaty adalah ibukota negara. Ini adalah salah satu kota yang paling manusiawi yang perna saya kunjungi, seperti kebanyakan kota di negara-negara dunia pertama.

Tidak ada polusi suara sebab meskipun mayoristas beragama Islam, masjid tidak bertaburan seperti di Indonesia yang gemar sekali membangun masjid sembari berharap dengan itu bisa mendapat karcis tol masuk surga. Hanya ada beberapa masjid berukuran besar supaya bisa menampung lebih banyak umat.

Pasarnya bersih, beraroma campuran rempah dan klorin, tidak becek, tanpa lalat dan tanpa sampah bertebaran di lantai. Kalau pasar tradisional di Indonesia bisa dibuat serapi dan sebersih ini, kita tidak akan butuh supermarket.

Di dalam kota, kita sulit melihat langit sebab ditutupi oleh pohon. Ada taman dengan pohon-pohon besar di setiap sudut jalan, percayalah, setiap sudut jalan, berjarak minimal tiga ratus meter. 

Sungai (tentu saja tanpa sampah dan limbah) mengalir dari es yang mencair di gunung yang dimanfaatkan untuk menyirami tanaman di kota. Sungai ini kadang-kadang tersembunyi di bawah jalan yang kita lewati, untuk kemudian muncul di tempat-tempat tertentu. Seperti sungai buatan, tetapi asli.

Orang Kazakshtan pemakan daging sejati. Makanan khas (makanan nasional?) adalah daging Kuda. Sejak hari pertama, menu jamuan makan selalu antara daging Kambing, Ayam, Kerbau atau Kuda. Hanya sekali mendapat ikan. Tapi yang menyenangkan adalah berbagai jenis salad yang disajikan.

Makanan relatif mahal, saya tidak menemukan warung di pinggir jalan, kecuali di halte bus yang menjual kebab. Di warung kecil (kalau di Indonesia disebut restoran) makanan berkisar antara Rp.75.000,- sampai Rp.200.000,-. Air mineral 1.5 liter paling murah seharga Rp.15.000,-

Meskipun muslim, mereka terbiasa minum alkohol (Tak terbayang kalau di negara ini ada MUI yang gemar mengumbar fatwa haram) dan gemar sekali melakukan toast untuk menghormati seseorang. Dalam sebuah makan malam, paling tidak ada tiga toast. Pada malam pertama jamuan makan malam, pendiri festival yang mengetahui ada wakil dari Indonesia, mengangkat gelas minumannya lalu bilang ; toast untuk Sukarno. 

Di negara tetangganya Turkmenistan yang juga mayoritas muslim, menurut salah satu filmmaker yang hadir, Vodka menjadi minuman sehari-hari. Vodka yang kualitas rendah harganya hanya Rp.20.000,-

Pasangan kekasih (terutama anak muda) terbiasa menunjukkan kemesraan mereka di depan publik. Cowok ganteng yang menjadi penerjemah, yang selalu memanggil saya dengan nama keluarga itu, agak terkejut waktu saya bilang kalau di Indonesia, pasangan itu pasti sudah dikawinkan atau masuk penjara. Saya bilang, pegangan tangan dan pelukan (di dalam mall) paling maksimal. Paling grepe-grepe di dalam bioskop atau blowjob di dalam wc.

Maka saya merasa geli dengan anggapan beberapa teman yang mengira Kazakhstan masih terbelakang. Inilah potret kota yang rapi dan teratur.

Infrastruktur jalan dibangun dengan baik, lebar dan mulus, dibersihkan dengan teratur oleh sebuah kendaraan (seperti pemadam) yang menyemprotkan air di kedua sisinya. Hampir tidak menemukan ada sepeda motor sebab orang memilih jalan kaki atau naik transportasi publik yang bagus dan nyaman. Tetapi yang membuat saya kagum setengah mati yang sumpah mati mustahil dilakukan pengendara di Indonesia adalah:

1. Ketika lampu kuning di lampu merah, semua pengendara kendaraan bermotor sudah berhenti. Bayangkan dengan mental orang Indonesia, pasti ngebut seperti kesetanan supaya tidak terjebak lampu merah.

2. Inilah puncak kekaguman saya. Pejalan kaki juga harus mengikuti lampu merah, tapi di beberapa bagian jalan tidak ada lampu merahnya. Ketika orang akan menyeberang di zebra cross yang tidak ada lampu merah, meskipun si orang ini masih belum menginjakkan kaki di zebra cross, kalau ada pengendara mobil yang melihat si pejalanan kaki, si pengendara akan berhenti supaya si pejalanan kaki bisa melewati zebra cross dulu. Misalnya saya perlu tiga langkah lagi sampai di zebra cross, sebuah mobil mau lewat dan saya yakin dia punya kesempatan untuk lewat sebelum saya sampai di zebra cross, tapi si pengendara memilih berhenti sampai saya lewat.

Di Indonesia, yang katanya berbudaya timur yang adiluhung ini, yang terjadi pasti sebaliknya, alih-alih berhenti di zebra cross, pengendara dengan mental yang moron tidak akan peduli dengan pejalan kaki karena mau menang sendiri.

Kadang-kadang kalau kita menyeberang sambil melamun dan tak menyadari lampu untuk pejalan kaki sudah merah dan kita ada di tengah jalan, para pengendara yang jalannya kita halangi, alih-alih marah seperti kebanyakan orang Indon, pengendara di Almaty akan tersenyum yang malah membuat kita grogi dan malu.

3. Saat para tamu festival akan dibawa ke gunung, mobil yang saya tumpangi tanpa sengaja menyerempet mobil lain ketika akan keluar dari parkiran. Dengan insiden yang sama kalau terjadi di Indonesia pasti akan terjadi pertumpahan darah. Pemilik mobil yang diserempet tentu saja tampak kesal, tapi mereka bisa menyelesaikan persoalan itu dalam waktu  lima menit tanpa makian dan sumpah serapah.

Orang Kazakhstan konon adalah campuran antara Turki dan Cina, tidak heran kalau mereka sangat enak dipandang. Serumpun dengan Usbekistan yang konon gadis-gadisnya banyak menjadi pekerja seks di Jakarta.

Meskipun masih mempunyai cadangan minyak yang melimpah, saat ini Kazakhstan sedang mengembangkan pariwisatanya. Ada beberapa lokasi menakjubkan yang menarik untuk dikunjungi, sayangnya sebagai tamu festival, waktu saya sangat terbatas.

Meskipun saya sempat tidak bisa keluar dari negara tersebut karena keteledoran panitia dalam hal surat imigrasi, Almaty tetap menjadi salah satu kota yang paling menyenangkan yang pernah saya kunjungi.



You disgusting vultures couldn’t even wait two hours to turn a horrific shooting caused by a mentally ill person into a feminist issue.

Speaking as a mentally ill person myself…


He shot people because he was mentally unstable, you morons! No sane person deals with rejection by coming to the conclusion of “Hurr durr, I’m going to shoot this girl because she said no to me.” That is the thought process of the severely mentally ill.


Oh, and trust me, there are THOUSANDS more posts like these trying to derail the murder, suicide, and hospitalizations of multiple people in the name of FEMINISM and “male entitlement” instead of focusing on the lack of understanding and getting help for the mentally ill.

This website is nothing but a safe heaven for escaped mental asylum morons. From every place on a political compass imaginable, it’s impossible to imagine there are people in society that apparently would be “too shy” to talk about being on their period with the person they’re married to. I can’t believe there’s people that think being in a married couple gives you the right to rape your partner if they refuse you sex. This isn’t even a matter of ideology, it’s a matter of being complete societal rejects disconnected from real life

I’m so fucking sick of seeing people glamorise mental disorders, so damn sick if it. If you had the first clue what it’s really like, you wouldn’t even dare think you’re fucking ‘cute’ yammering on about how ‘socially awkward’ you apparently are, if you can easily have friends, study, work, go out in public places with ease you need to just stop. 8 years of my life I have had anxiety and depression, 5 of those years have been out of school, and I have been completely unable to achieve anything I’d wished to by this point in my life because of them, and don’t think that’s through lack of trying, because my god have I tried. Having both seems to have the horrible effect that everything you need to do to help one, the other gets in the way of, it’s being terrified of not achieving because of anxiety, but having absolutely no motivation because of depression, it’s wanting friends so you’re not so depressed, but finding prolonged conversation with people you’re not so familiar with absolutely exhausting, because of the mental strain it takes just to act like you’re hart isn’t fucking racing and can’t breathe properly, it’s wanting to work to improve your anxiety, but for the same reason knowing if would be incredibly mentally draining, and you can’t come across as enthusiastic because you forgot that long ago due to depression. It’s constantly being conflicted about everything, and every situation, and and endless cycle, having anxiety because you hated yourself, but now you hate yourself because you have anxiety, it’s wanting to give up, and not being able to stand settling and living with it at the exact same time, it’s being at constant war with yourself. It fucking kills me to think where I could be with my life by now with out it, or to think how much longer I will have to live like this, and what I may miss out on because of it. Anxiety and depression are fucking awful, even individually, but as a combination it’s actual hell, and if you think having to live this way for almost a decade is cute or quirky, then I will gladly give you mine, there is a reason why they call it suffering from mental disorders, because my god do you suffer. Stop glamorising mental disorders you fucking morons, you don’t want to live like this.

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You were one of my favorite true crime blogs, and I'm sure it hurts your heart none, but I'm unfollowing after your comment about the man who had a psychotic break & climbed into the lion den. Maybe it's because I'm studying to be a clinical psychologist, maybe it's because I'm a decent, empathetic person, but the mentally ill are not "morons". This man obviously needs treatment. I just wanted you to know you lost my respect. Please, educate yourself.

People who are mentally ill can be morons also, putting their disability aside. I didn’t say “the mentally ill are morons”, you complete puffed-up ignorant dish-rag, I called a particular man, a human being, a hairless ape, a moron because I speak my mind. Perhaps I should have read the post more carefully before, god forbid, writing the first thing that came into my mind but maybe educate yourself further with that clinical psychology degree of yours and understand that assuming I am not a “decent, empathetic person” could be just as offensive and *#ableist* to me, as me completely ignoring mental illness and focusing on human stupidity is to you. I am mentally ill myself. I am probably also a moron. Am I a moron because I have an illness? No. Anybody who classes my comment as offensive is a MORON MORON MORON and they should take their moronic opinions back to moron-land with them.


Honestly this is hopefully the last post I make about the ridiculous twitter drama but I just thought I should point out, just how completely immature and quite frankly bitchy some of his ‘fans are’. The person above within the space of less than 24 hours went from being not only rude but downright cruel, to demanding a follow for their friend. There is a culture in some of the fandom of feeling a misplaced self-entitlement. You only get respect if you give it. Hunty you and your friends are only a tiny part of the fandom so get a grip. Troye doesn’t owe you anything. Also it is never okay to joke about something being triggering. It is because of shit like this, from a bunch of immature morons that mental health is not taken seriously.