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Jacksepticeye on Dissociation

“I’m not well verse with that kind of stuff to be able to talk about it but you can see little patterns here and there.

it’s definitely honing in on that kinda aspect of things. And Mae, see that’s the thing you play as Mae a lot so you don’t know If all this stuff is actually happening or… what the hell is going on because Mae seems so have very strong dissociative disorders with reality and we don’t know if what she’s seeing is actually real the stuff in her dreams, I guess.

The symbolism of her with a baseball bat beating up… shapes? makes a lot of sense now because she just started seeing people as shapes.

And this happens to people in real life people, people can just certainly be watching TV and the all of a sudden it snaps. That just nothing makes sense to them anymore. They just look around their lives and they just see the world as like a video game or something, and that’s where a lot of that talk of like “Video games creates violence” kinda stuff and stuff. That’s… these types of disorders are normally ingrained inside people and then it’s stuff like video games and movies and TV “None of this is real” kinda thing and that’s very scary for anybody that’s going through that or anybody who knows somebody who’s going through that because then it’s like nothing has really any consequence anymore. your like, “well what’s stopping me murdering that person right now?” kinda stuff so maybe that’s what’s happened to Mae and maybe she just flipped, and she just got angry and just… attacked someone for no reason sometimes that’s all it takes and I kinda like that aspect of the game as well that not everything is kinda spoon fed to you

Sometimes it’s like, well that life! life is cruel, life is harsh, life is kinda shit sometimes not everything goes perfectly according to plan, and not everything has an explanation. sometimes shit just happens and you have to kinda deal with it instead of trying to figure out well, why did that happen?”

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I relate to Mae Borowski

Night In The Woods is an astonishing game. Not many games I’ve played or watched let’s plays of do well to deal with mental health and this one is just amazing.
Mae doesn’t want to open up about it, but she knows it’s not normal. She’s scared all the time about it but doesn’t often let anyone know.
She talked about shapes, and being dissociative. I don’t necessarily see just shapes, but I get to a point where I can’t focus long enough on anything, whether it’s looking at something/someone or being a part of a conversation.
It’s really bad sometimes, and I know what she means by just seeing dead shapes.
She’s relatable in the fact that she has no fucking idea what she’s doing with her life but she’s trying and that’s all she can do.
I love it.

Mae is Mentally Ill and (a) God is (Probably) Real

ok a thing I keep seeing on Steam discussion boards and in general is people saying Mae isn’t a) mentally ill and/or b) experiencing supernatural phenomena. so let’s fucking break it down

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bad things ive seen in the nitw tag:

- hating mae for how she is due to mental illness/stress
- mae/gregg (gregg is canonically gay)
- “mae is aroace” (mae is canonically pan)
- “angus/gregg is bad because angus will continue the cycle of abuse as an abuse victim”
- “please dont ship bea with girls shes straight”
- lori/mae (lori is 15 and mae is 20)

Night in the Woods and mental illness: ***WARNING SPOILERS***

Mae: Depersonalization disorder. A lot of issues Mae has in the story (origin of her nickname ‘Killer’, coming home from college, her strained relationship with her friends) are all explained because she suffers from very clear disassociation, seeing people and things as just shapes and ultimately meaningless. In looking into it, it seems that depersonalization disorder specifically fits her problems.

Gregg: Bipolar disorder. Gregg having this is highly hinted at with Bea even describing him as such and Gregg himself explaining to Mae that he has 'really high days and really low days’, and a few times in the game we do see him go through very sudden shifts in mood. I also, personally, could see arguments for him also being ADHD.

Bea: Major depression. After loosing her mother and having to give up her future in order to help her dad, it’s very clear where she would get this from. This one is pretty darn clear but is never explicitly stated or referenced so, ultimately, it is just a headcanon. But a very plausible headcanon.

Angus: He does not blatantly appear to have any mental illnesses, but he was heavily abused as a child so it is very likely that he could have some less obvious issues.