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Thoughts on MM and her friend's IG story? In very bad taste in my opinion. Why does Sam have to push this girl down our throats now by retweeting and liking her tweets? Damage control for him? You are who you associate with. Food for thought Sam!

I agree. It was a subject best left untouched, and choosing to post such a thing publicly was a poor choice, in my opinion. And I think that has been belatedly realized, hence the “correction” recently offered up on Twitter. But, unfortunately, the “corrected” version which has been offered up to provide both excuse and justification for the public sport being made at this woman’s expense- in which the woman was allegedly drunk and acting on a dare-and not either homeless or a victim of mental illness, does not really change the fundamental issue here; which is that the woman Mackenzie witnessed was a victim of circumstance- wether that circumstance was due to extreme inebriation, mental illness, or extenuating circumstances forcing her to be living in the streets- she was obviously not fully in charge of her actions, and making sport of her predicament, whatever it’s cause, seems rather shallow, and also a bit cruel.

Also, it is not the claim that Mackenzie was “traumatized” by the incident that I take issue with; though the use of such language to describe her response to this incident seems a bit extreme, and potentially insensitive to those such as refugees and others who experience far worse and far more lasting psychological trauma than this incident is likely to result in for Mackenzie. And, if she was truly actually seriously traumatized by witnessing such an act, then that also perhaps is a measure of how little she has been exposed to, and grasped, the realities of this world we live in and I truly hope, for her sake, that she is never asked to travel on behalf of the charity that she represents, because in the extremely impoverished places of the world where such charity is needful the act Mackenzie found so profoundly traumatizing to witness is simply a part of everyday life for many, many people. And that simple fact; that there is such economic disparity in this world as to make such living situations commonplace for millions of people- should be what is really traumatizing- to all of us. And the proper response to that is to to speak up, and DO something about it! Not to belittle the plight of millions of impoverished human beings by making laughing sport of their everyday reality in the guise of making fun of a drunk. Or a homeless person. Or a sufferer of mental illness. It doesn’t really matter why the woman Mackenzie witnessed acted as she did- it’s the publicly posted response that is the issue- a response that seems rather shallow and insensitive coming from someone who lately is trying to convince me that she is a spokesperson for the impoverished, downtrodden children in this world, many of whom have no where else to shit but in the streets.

So for me it’s not so much about the actual matter under discussion, or what the woman’s actual circumstances were- the new “explanation” does not change, or justify, the juvenile way that the matter was handled in that vid. Two privileged women were making sport of a woman who in any case you care to present is still a victim of circumstance. Using that for sport is never a good look

So for me it’s the fact that seemingly neither of them could foresee that this post was in poor taste, and what that, and the content of the post itself, says about their view of the world and their place in it, that is the real issue here.

As to why Sam continues to like tweets of hers? Maybe it’s a nudge in the right direction thing. He likes the solid, professional stuff. Tony awards, charity posts. He is giving a signal boost to the professional adult content only, and giving a miss to everything else. It’s a courtesy, and also perhaps some subtle advice, to a younger actor still trying to find her “voice” on SM.

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Hello! I'm actually doing my senior year project on people with mental illness in the prison system. I've found some crazy statistics about the incredible increase of mentally ill people in prisons instead of hospitals. Would you say that there has been a mass incarceration of people with mental illness? Thanks!

Estimates suggest that more than half (56 percent) of people in state prison had a mental health problem while incarcerated. This number was even worse for those in jail (64 percent).

For many, these issues are compounded by substance use and abuse, homelessness, and being victims of abuse. Deinstitutionalization – moving people out of hospitals and closing those facilities – has been linked to increases in homelessness and the use of incarceration to address mental illness.

Bernard Harcourt has argued that we should be looking at institutionalization – not simply incarceration. Because while we locked up far fewer people in the mid-20th Century, there were a lot more people in hospitals. As one facility was closed, another door opened.

While hospitals may not have been terrific places, they were much better settings to deliver treatment and were staffed by people trained to provide this type of care. Prisons and jails are designed to lock people up. Period. Full stop. They are not appropriate settings for people who are ill and need treatment. Yet, they have become the primary response for those who are suffering from mental illness. This often exacerbates the situation – driving conduct violations while in prison and recidivism once out on the street. Investing in noncarceral responses to mental illness is an absolute necessity as part of the movement to roll back mass incarceration.

Imagines I would like to Request

These are just some of the request I thought about and if anyone could write these I would be grateful.

1. (SOA & SUPERNATURAL) the reader is an angel who works along side of tfw, one day the Winchester brothers have a Cas in charming but Cas can’t make it beacuse because he has business to take care of in heaven so reader goes with them. On there way there Dean gets a plate tire and somehow the sons of anarchy help them.
2. (SOA & AVENGERS) Reader is a new teacher at Abel school, but she has a secret she is an ex-avenger and one day she sees a child bullying Abel so he sticks up for him and saves him. Jax can’t pick up his son due to business happening and reader decided to drop Abel off at his home when she comes to bring him in the sons of anarchy are having a fight with the other gang and reader goes all avenger on them, turning into a badass.
3.(SOA & SUPERNATURAL) Reader is Lucifers twin sister and she decides while her father is locked up in the cage to explore the world that’s when she moves to charming and meets the famous biker gang sons of anarchy, and just so happens to meet her true mate their Happy.
4. (SUPERNATURAL & AVENGERS) Reader is a hunter who works for Shield but no one knows about her expect Director Fury and Agent Hill. One day while on a mission the Avengers ends up having to fight demons having been losing the fight so far the reader turns up and saves them which leads to fury having to explain who she is and what she does for Shield.
5. (SHERLOCK X SUPERNATURAL) Reader is the youngest angel in history and befriends Jim Moriarty.

1. Reader is Lucifers twin sister and really wants to meet the boys who Lucifer never shuts up about so Lucifer takes her to meet them and she’s just like him but in girl form.
2. Reader is a goddess who just so happens to be summoned by TFW by accident.
3. Reader is Chuck/God mother and decides to visit her son who just so happens to be at the bunker, which leads her to meeting her sons friend and his children.
4. Reader is Sam’s ex girlfriend. When Sam and Dean has a case in New York, Sam just so happens to see her but shes not alone this time.
5. Sam, Dean, Cas and Reader are in a polyamory relationship and Crowley Readers adopted father doesn’t understand why she likes them.
6. Reader is Crowley’s angel friend.
7. Reader is deaf and befriends Cas who learns sign language for her.
8. Dean finds out he has a daughter from a one night stand named y/n.
9. Soulless Sam gets his soul back to be with reader.
10. Chuck meets his youngest child reader after being gone from heaven so long.
11. Reader is Sam’s old friend from college who became a lawer and saves him and his brother from doing any jail time.

1. Reader is Steve’s wife who the Avengers never met until they follow him to his old home in Brooklyn and meet her.
2. Reader is a mutant who just so happens to be Director Fury’s daughter.
3. Natasha never knew she had a daughter until she finds a file on her daughter reader in a hydra base.
4. Bruce and Reader has a child who is just like Bruce expect instead of turning fully into the hulk he’s just doesn’t have normal skin, he’s green.
5. Reader is adopted by Loki while he is in Asgard.
6. Thor and Vision fights for the readers attention.
7. Reader likes to hug all the Avengers and tell them how important they are to her everyday.
8. When Tony suits goes missing he knows it has to be his daughter, when he goes to her room he sees the reader and her painting it pink and his daughter telling reader she hopes her daddy likes his birthday gift.
9. Reader is Steve, Bucky and Sam’s college roommate who acts like one of the guys.
10. Reader is a siren who saves Tony from drowning at the beach.
11. Director Fury gets a visit from his wife the reader.
12. Maria Hill and Natasha are in a polyamory relationship with Reader.
13. Clint’s oldest daughter reader returns home from college.
14. Wanda and Pietro meet their half sister Reader.

1. Wade meets mutant reader on a mission.
2. Wade asks reader out on a date which gets ruined thanks to a guy trying to mug them afterwards.
3. Reader meets Wade while he is being tested on by Ajax.
4. Ajax fights Wade beause he loves the reader.
5. Weasel and Reader have a lazy date night at the bar while it’s closed.

1. Jim meets Sherlocks psychopath sister.
2. Sherlock meets a female version of himself while on a case.
3. Jim and Sherlock are in a polyamory relationship with Reader.
4. Wilson babysits Reader who is 6.
5. Sherlock helps reader give birth to their son in his apartment.
6. Jim and Reader have a date night and reader brother Sebastian ruins it.

1. Logan comes back home to find the reader dead.
2. Young charles has a crush on his student the reader.
3. Erik and the reader finds out their son has his father’s powers.
4. Erik and his wife reader meets Erik son Peter.
5. Peter and Scott takes the reader who is a mutant on a date after a person calls her ugly thanks to her grey skin.
6. Reader is a alien who falls to earth which leads her into meeting te X-men.
7. Reader turns invisible in class whenever Scott askes her a question because shes shy.
8. Warren meets reader who has black wings.
9. Young scoot and young Jean helps their best friend reader sleep when she has a nightmare.
10. Warren has a nightmare and goes down stairs in the middle of the night which leads him to meeting Logan and reader.
11. Charles sees mutant reader from his past.
12. Jean helps her daughter reader get ready for prom.
13. Kurt and reader are found cuddling on the couch in the living room.
14. Bobby gets a visit from his half sister Reader.
15. Pyrco and Reader going camping with their group of friends.
16. Warren and Reader sleeps under the stairs.
17. Kurt helps young reader fall back to sleep after a bad dream.

Sons Of Anarchy:
1. Chibs gets a visit from his old lady Reader.
2. Jax falls for his son, Abel new school teacher.
3. Happy and Reader argue and he ends up chocking her making her become scared of him.
4. Juice has sex with the Reader for the first time.
5. Opie gets clingy with the Reader in front of the guys.
6. Tig picks up his daughter from high school.
7. Abel and the young reader becomes best friends.
8. Jax askes Reader to be his old lady.
9. Happy becomes a single father after reader dies giving birth to their daughter.
10. Clay and Gemma adopts young reader who was abounded in front of the clubhouse.
11. Reader is in a long distance relationship with happy and she’s his old lady, one day she decides to surprise him by finally meeting him in person and he’s all clingy and follows her around like a love sick puppy and the sons are weirded out by his behavior since he’s never acted like this before.

1. Jerome meets Bruce’s cousin reader, and kidnapps her but ends up falling kn love with her.
2. Jim helps the reader get over a breakup.
3. Oswald askes the reader to marry him while he is in a meeting.
4. Edward worries about the reader when she catches the flu.
5. Reader solves Edwards riddles which gets his attention.
6. Bruce finds a mentally ill women on the streets and takes care of her after finding out her name is y/n.
7. Selena gets jealous of the relationship her girlfriend has with Edward.
8. Bruce sends the reader to a mental health facility so she can get help.

Suicide Squad:
1. Harley catches Joker cheating on her with someone else and runs to her bestfriend readers house were reader helps her get over him.
2. Capatin Boomerang gives reader fluffy one night to help her sleep.
3. Rick Flag sees his wife on the team and doesn’t know what to think.
4. Amanda tries to protect her daughter from the Joker once she realizes her daughter reader gained his attention.
5. Joker and Harley adopt reader.
6. Reader kills for the first time and hides away in her room for a week and her boyfriend Deadshot starts to worry about her.

Criminal Minds:
1. Spencer meets FBI agent reader.
2. Reader is the unsubs daughter and after the Team puts the unsub in jail they don’t know what to do with her.
3. Reader is dereks neice.
4. Hotch’s son and Readers daughter try setting them up together.
5. Young jack has a crush on his father’s coworker reader.
6. Reader babysits Jack for hotch.

The Hobbit:
1. Fili and Kili have a crush on the reader.
2. Thorin pushes the reader pass her breaking point and she runs off in the middle of the night.
3. Fili and the reader cuddle while it rains outside.
4. Bilbo and his wife joins Thorins company.
5. Dawlin askes to braid the reader hair which shocks the company.
6. The reader is found by the company and even though she’s shy and she is protective of the small group.

Lana Del Rey on sobriety & community service:

“I spent the last ten years in community service and writing folk songs. I’m not a trained social worker. I’ve been sober for ten years, so it was drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It was more traditional twelve-step call stuff. Just people who can’t get it together, me and groups of other people who have been based in New York for a long time working with people who need help and reached out. It was about building communities around sobriety and staying clean and stuff like that. That was my focus since I moved to the Bronx when I was eighteen. I liked music, but I considered it to be a luxury. It wasn’t my primary focus: the other stuff was really my life. Yeah, because I was an addict who got clean.”

“Well, one thing you learn when you do get sober is that complete surrender is the foundation for all good things to come. And I feel like that idea translated to all aspects of my life. When you have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen to you or what your career’s going to end up like and you’re just really open to anything, then you don’t really have anything to lose. A lot of different people come in and out of your life. And it’s really fun to say yes, and it’s really fun to be easy about everything and just let songs come to you and let people come to you. And it is free, in a way.”

“I’ve been involved in homeless outreach for the last seven years. Drug and alcohol awareness — I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs anymore. When things aren’t going that well musically, you know … I stopped focusing on music for a long time so I started focusing on other things that I knew more about.”

“I live in Koreatown on the edge of Hancock Park [in LA], so I do different things where and when I can. It’s not just people with mental illness on the streets, but also people who, throughout the years, have lost identification information, that sort of thing. And I know what to do, I know how I can help, because I was that person. My life was feeling murky, and that sense of disconnectedness from the streets is part of that.”

“It’s not my fault that love went bad. I met this person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We were both clean and sober. We lived together and then he started getting into trouble, and he had to leave. There’s a lot of facets to my life, they don’t all seem like they would come together. It’s been a strange ride.”

In her years in New York, working “odd jobs” and “helping out in the community, in alcohol and drug awareness programs” and playing the singer-songwriter open-mic circuit. - The Telegraph

She now raises money for a charity that helps homeless people. “Music was my passion, but my work with this foundation is more important. I myself had the chance to be [helped by an organisation],” the singer revealed to French magazine Madame Figaro. “Helping others now feels like it’s my turn to give something back.”

“I’ve been really involved in my community for the last seven years that I’ve been here, in lots of different ways. I’ve been involved in homeless outreach for the last seven years. Drug and alcohol awareness – I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs anymore. When things aren’t going that well musically, you know … I stopped focusing on music for a long time so I started focusing on other things that I knew more about.”

Some volunteering. I have a group of friends who work individually with different affiliations, but basically, yes. It’s been good. I consider being able to pursue music a luxury, but it’s not the most important thing in my life. It’s just something that’s really nice that ended up working for me for right now. Just in New York, just in the last seven years. When I realized that maybe singing wasn’t going to be so easy I went back to what I knew how to do, what I was also really passionate about. There’s not many things, but …”

“I mean, I do feel alone in the things that I do sometimes … sometimes I feel that I’m walking my own path. I’m not anymore actually, but I think that I did. When you lead a different lifestyle from a lot of other people – like you don’t do drugs, you don’t drink, you try and stay above the dark side of things – it’s just, that was maybe a position I was trying to embody just to stay calm.”

How do you deal with the old “you’d be prettier if you smiled, love” or “you’re so grumpy, you need to learn how to smile” when minding your business and daring to not radiate positivity and joy while walking down the street? Today as I was battling mental illness and buying vegetables, two separate strangers told me in two different ways, to smile. I didn’t reply or smile, rather scowled even harder. But if I had had the energy, I might’ve told them that my face does not exist for their viewing pleasure, that I’m not a dog to be told to do tricks, and I’m not about to elevate my mood for anyone’s approval. This happens a lot, and honestly it’s exhausting. Next time I might just demand that the stranger do something they don’t want to do, or get them to tell another man to smile, and see how that goes 😂 In the words of @kcapogna - “Telling me I have a nice smile is different from saying I’d look prettier if I smiled, or that I should smile. The former is a compliment, but the latter two imply smiling is the norm for women and that I’m doing something wrong if I don’t.” Also, it’s scary and gross and rude AF 💖💖💖 @therileydann

Please excuse me, but in a way you have to laugh at this idocy with MM. All over this blonde bimbo’s IG, MM, are quotes of be Kind, Generous, Thoughtful etc. Then she is with her friend and someone who is homeless or mentally ill, and yes this person isn’t shitting on the street without having some sort of issue, does something totally impropriety and then her friend actually posts this on IG. Shit happens in this world, sorry about that. This girl is a five year old. Some homeless people do things to get arrested. They get a meal, a nights sleep and sometimes a shower. If this was done in front of someone there might of been reason. Whatever this was, the reaction was more inappropriate than what the person did.

Sam will do what he always does, ignore. Or act like it’s nothing and support this idiot. I don’t think SM is the place for him to say his gf is a complete self centered dimwit. She does that well herself.

This is just beginning. The shit show continues. I know she is 28 almost 29, but it looks like we can’t expect any intelligent behavior from her. I keep saying I have no intentions of being involved with any of this beyond being an observer. This girl keeps throwing SM bombs into the fandom. Look at me crap to get attention any way she can. She will continue as long as she is getting attention. Like a spoiled five year old screaming look at me.

I am here for the Sam and Cait fun, the show and all the great women in this fandom. This will get more insane with the hiatus.
Just hope she doesn’t fuck up so badly that more people leave.

I will probably get flack for this, but if Sam is involved with this girl more than a friend, he is more fucked than she. If anyone tells me not to be critical of this girl, then it’s time they take a good look at what she does. Don’t ask for no criticism if you act like an idiot.

It’s 5 PM, time for a margarita. We could all use one. Watch out if your in California, there are some real shits out there.

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I started following your blog for Bellarke but then read ACOTAR & ACOMAF bc of all your posts on them & naturally I am now obsessed :)) So seeing as we seem to like similar things I was wondering if you could recommend any books!!

Ah yay! Getting people into new books is probably my favorite thing in the world, so I’m happy to oblige! Here are some fun reads:

YA Fantasy/Sci-fi Lit:

  • The Katerina Trilogy by Robin Bridges (Imperial Russia + supernatural things including necromancers, wizards, vampires, werewolves, zombies + slightly star-crossed lovers)
  • The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa (Fae + star-crossed lovers)
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Melissa Meyer (sci-fi retelling of fairy tales + complex characterization and worldbuilding)
  • His Fair Assassains by Robin LaFevers (ancient France + assassains + political intrigue/conflict + mythology / triggers: sexual assault, abuse, mentions of incest)
  • Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini (greek mythology + modern day + star-crossed lovers)
  • anything by Tamora Pierce (medieval world + well-developed female characters and worldbuilding/plot)

Contemporary YA Lit:

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (fandom culture + freshman year of college love story + family drama)
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (a guy and girl both in on-hold relationships fall for each other + dealing with/resolving family issues) 
  • Anna & the French Kiss (+ the sequels) by Stephanie Perkins (really unique stories / the first one is about a girl going to boarding school in France + making friends/falling for one of them)
  • Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (modern day coming-of-age + dealing with trauma/loss/grief + music & history + slight time-travel element / triggers: suicide, depression, mental illness)
  • Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt (funny story about exes taking a road trip to college together and realizing they’re not over each other)
  • anything by Ally Cater (secret spy school series, art thieves series, embassy row series)

New Adult/Romance Novels (aka mature ratings):

  • Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy (really fun college aus basically + interesting characters + smut / triggers: sexual assault mentions)
  • Jill Shalvis’ series (small town modern day romances / note: her early Lucky Harbor novels are my favorites)
  • The Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty (early era Scotland + secret revolutionary warrior troupe + very formulaic stories + my guiltiest guilty pleasure but really really entertaining light reading)
  • Courtney Milan’s series (Regency era romances + well-developed female characters + light stories with actual plots)
  • Erin Knightley’s series (Regency era romances + unique female characters)
  • May McGoldrick’s series (early era Scotland + fun romance stories)

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Historical job anon: The story setting will be based on late 1700s-late 1800s Europe, and I know that may be a large stretch. I'm still in the planning stage. Some jobs I've thought of are working in domestic service, at a factory or coal mine, or in prostitution. I've thought about farming also but that might be tough for the character given their situation. I'm looking for more unconventional jobs or options I may have overlooked.

  • Apprentice jobs. Working for a master who was a baker, a tailor, or maybe even the local apothecary.
  • If they are lucky (and probably male) maybe they could get work as a lab assistant. I’m thinking it would have to be for dangerous work though because otherwise older, richer people would do the job.
  • A nurse for a mentally ill ward of a rich family
  • Artisan, selling his/her wares on the street (maybe this leads to them getting involved with some people they shouldn’t)
  • There’s always pickpocketing and general theft or other illegal things
  • a courier
  • trying to pass as a fortune teller or some other sort of entertainment trick