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           Patient debrief: John Constantine

Intake interview proved extremely brief this person was committed to his own volition. He’s a chainsmoker with a history of violence [so a real charming gentleman]. He’s self-loathing banterism is insufferable. [A real corker for me now is] apparent schizophrenia that seems to be untreated most of his life, so he has developed an entire language and hierarchy for it as a coping mechanism. He talks with complete clarity about demons, angels, monsters and possessions...
       [Must be scary... living in a head like that...]

anonymous asked:

Can anyone tell me what's it like to spend some time in a mental hospital (voluntarily)? How do they help? What is the treatment like in just the short span of 3-5 days?

What experiences have you guys had? When sending something in, try to note the country since care is different in different places.

It’s worthwhile to do searches on this subject too and look over what comes up, like this and this (US). There are these answers on Quora, albeit long-winded.
- Mod Alex
‘Can I cry now?': Dallas DA, who grappled with mental illness, survives effort to remove her
A year after becoming the first female district attorney of Dallas County, Susan Hawk faces a rare legal battle to keep her job after admitting she struggled with mental illness.

“ DALLAS — A Texas judge swiftly ended an attempt to remove Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk from office on Friday, ending months of debate over whether the county’s first female DA could be tossed out after disappearing from work for two months and checking herself into a psychiatric hospital for depression.” 

She admitted she spent two months in the hospital for psych care, and they tried to remove her from office. This is what the stigma around getting treatment does. You tell us to get help, and then punish us for doing it. 


But nothing worked.
      So eventually I stopped sleeping altogether.
Before long, my sleep-deprived brain started throwing up hallucinations…
                                                                            …and they were even worse than nightmares.