mental hospital

  • person:"you're obsessed with your mental illness"
  • me:i know right? its like it impacts every part of my life.
  • person:"it's all in your head"
  • me:i know right? it's almost like it's a MENTAL illness.
  • person:"why do you let it affect you and stop you from being able to do things?"
  • me:i know right? it's almost like it's an ACTUAL ILLNESS

Craig Dunain Mental Hospital - Inverness, Scotland

Formerly known as Inverness District Asylum and Northern Counties District Lunatic Asylum. Opened 1864. Closed 1999.

bpd facts

borderlines are the patients psychologists fear the most.  as many as 75% hurt themselves and approximately 10% commit suicide - an extraordinarily high suicide rate. (by comparison the suicide rate for mood disorders is about 6%) 

borderline patients seem to have no internal governor;  they are capable of deep love and profound rage almost simultaneously. they are powerfully connected to the people close to them and and completely terrified of losing them - yet attack those people so unexpectedly that they often ensure the very abandonment that they fear. when they want to hold, they claw instead. 

many therapists have no clue how to treat borderlines. And yet diagnosis of the condition appears to be on the rise

keep going
  • no matter how bad things are right now.
  • no matter how stuck you feel.
  • no matter how many days you’ve spent crying.
  • no matter how many days you’ve spent wishing things where different. 
  • no matter how hopeless and depressed you feel.

i promise you won’t feel this way forever. keep going

There should be a make-a-wish foundation for kids and teens that are suffering with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and other mental illnesses. These are people who also need hope to get better, hope is not just for the physically ill.

The Signs Institutionalized

Cancer: *Is the nurse* Come on, sweetie. It’s only for a week.

Aries: I never asked for this! *stands glued to their spot*

Cancer: Please, just come with me. This doesn’t have to be an issue.

Aries: *starts yelling* Come with you!? Why!? So you can put me in a padded cell, is that it!?

Cancer: *looks confused* Wait, nobody told you anything? You poor baby! *touches Aries’s arm*

Aries: *lightly slaps Cancer’s hand away.* Please don’t touch me.

Cancer: *sighs* you’re going to have to come with me darling. There aren’t any other options.

Aries: *mumbles something incoherent, but reluctantly follows, much to Cancer’s delight.*

Cancer: The other patients are having free hour right now, so you get to meet them all in the common’s area. *said with a big smile. Opens a door revealing a colorful room.*

~Sagittarius and Virgo are reading. Pisces is watching cartoons. Capricorn is scribbling something down on a notepad. Aquarius is drawing. Taurus, Leo, and Libra are playing cards while Gemini is rapidly talking about something. Scorpio is sitting on a beanbag watching everyone.~

Cancer: We have a new patient!

Scorpio: Ew.

Pisces: *Jumps up* Hi, I’m Pisces! *Gives a big hug to the very uncomfortable Aries*

Aries: Um. *Shoves a sad looking Pisces away*

Aquarius: *Slaps Aries’s back* Hey, man, what landed you in here?

Cancer: You know you’re not allowed to ask or tell that, Aquarius.

Aquarius: You know people don’t actually listen to rules. *looks at Aries* We should go do something fun.

Aries: *scoffs* There’s nothing to do in here.

Aquarius: That, my friend, you’re wrong about. I can show you the power of imagination.

Aries: *rolls eyes* I think I’m good. I’d rather go watch cartoons with Pisces. *Actually goes to watch cartoons with Pisces*

Gemini: *to Taurus, Leo, and Libra* What do you think about the new guy?

Leo: I love him. We’ll be married by this time next year.

Libra: Seems a bit hostile.

Taurus: I’ve never even talked to him… He just got here.

Gemini: I think we’re gonna be friends.

Libra: Good, maybe it’ll get you out of my hair.

Gemini: *looks hurt*

Libra: Just kidding bae, you know I love ya.

Gemini: *beems*

Scorpio: *leers at everyone.*

Capricorn: *Looks around.* So.

Taurus: I could use a hug.

Capricorn: *looks lovingly at Taurus* Commere. *Gives Taurus a hug*

Aries: *is genuinely shocked* Woah… I kinda assumed you didn’t have emotions.

Capricorn: I get that a lot.

Libra: *sarcasm* I wonder why. It’s not like you’re over there doing calculus or anything.

Capricorn: *frowns* I have to keep my mind sharp.

Leo: Scorpio, how do I look? I haven’t seen a mirror since this morning. I mean, I know I always look fabulous, but I’d like the layman’s opinion.

Scorpio: *Says flatly* fantastic.

Virgo: *looks up from reading a book about parenthood and symmetry* Actually honey, you look awful and shouldn’t be seen out in public.

Leo: Fuck you hater.

Virgo: *shrugs and goes back to her book.*

Aquarius: *Clears throat. Cracks knuckles.* It’s about time someone addresses the elephant in the room, so I’m going to verbalize what everyone is thinking: We’re escaping.

Virgo: Literally no one was thinking that.

Aquarius: But this place is a drag.

Leo: He has a point.

Capricorn: He didn’t make any points.

Gemini: I think he’s made a very convincing argument.

Capricorn: …he hasn’t argued anything.

Libra: I miss taking artistic photos of my Starbucks to post on my aesthetics Tumblr blog.

Leo: She’s right.

Capricorn: ….You’re all horrible at this.

Sagittarius: *looks up from his fantasy Buddhism book for the first time.* Did someone say adventure??

Virgo: *groans.*

Scorpio: *laughs*

Gemini: He has a knife!!!

Capricorn: What. No he doesn’t.

Libra: So many stereotypes! Can’t we all just get along!?

Aquarius: We’re leaving I have a key.

Virgo: Oh my god.

Sagittarius: Gosh!!! You’re using the Lord’s name in vain!!!

Capricorn: I thought you were Buddhist.

Sagittarius: Uh… I’m Hindu…

Pisces: Shhhhh! I need to find out what Max is trying to tell Ruby this time!!

Scorpio: *shakes head slowly*

Aries: You’re all mental.

Gemini: *looks at Aries like he’s stupid. Wild hand gestures around at the room they’re in.*

Libra: Truuuuuuue.

Aries: Which confirms it.

Libra: Truuuuuuue.

Cancer: *enters* Art therapy time!

Pisces: Yay!!

Libra: Truuuuuuue.


Everyone but Aquarius: *Is sleeping*

Aquarius: *sneaks into Gemini’s room and awakens him.“

Gemini: *Still half asleep* No mom. I’m tired. Lemme sleep.

Aquarius: *Shakes Gemini. Whispers* We’re leaving.

Gemini: *Sits up.* I am so ready.

Aquarius: Yeah! *wakes everybody up and forces them to come with him*

Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Aries, Scorpio: *stands in the lobby, disgruntled.*

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces: *stands in the lobby, excited*

Taurus: I get released in the morning…

Capricorn: This plan is illogical.

Virgo: I actually want mental help.

Aries: You’re all insane.

Scorpio: I don’t trust any of you.

Pisces: Adventure!

Scorpio: You just want to do more meth.

Aries: …

Taurus: ….

Gemini: ….Ohhh…

Leo: …

Virgo: …

Libra: …

Sagittarius: …

Capricorn: …

Aquarius: …

Pisces: How do you know about that you son of a-

Libra: Alright! As much as I’d love to stand here in the lobby and chat, they’re close to making rounds, so we should dash.

Everyone: *Runs out the door, across the street, and into the woods.*

Aquarius: So now that we’re out, what was everyone in there for.

Virgo: I have extreme OCD.

Pisces: I was addicted to meth and tried to kill myself.

Leo: Extreme narcissism.

Aries: “Anger issues.”

Sagittarius: psychotic depression.

Gemini: I have bipolar disorder.

Taurus: I suffer from Bulimia.

Capricorn: I’m a psychopath.

Aquarius: I have extreme anxiety and paranoia.

Libra: Anorexia.

Scorpio: I have extreme sadism. I also killed fourteen people, but was deemed not fit to stand trial.

Aries: …

Taurus: …

Gemini: Holy shit.

Leo: …

Virgo: …

Libra: …

Sagittarius: …

Capricorn: …

Aquarius: …

Pisces: …

Scorpio: I bet you guys regret leaving the hospital right now.


Disassociation is a self-defense mechanism that the brain uses when it cannot handle the current situation, or when it is attempting to process something painful. 

When people disassociate they begin to feel unreal, sometimes they feel as though they are watching themselves go through their day to day activities. other times it’s an entirely eerie feeling - as if their body does not belong to them.