mental hospital

if you’ve ever seen a film that takes place in a psychiatric hospital then you know literally 0 things about psychiatric hospitals

if you’ve read a lot about old psychiatric hospitals then you know literally 0 things psychiatric hospitals

Psychiatric hospitals literally aren’t scary, awful places 

they’re actually p boring and basically all you do is go to a bunch of groups, have free time, eat, and sleep 

and it’s super rare that anyone will freak out but if they do then they use sedatives and not actual physical restraints or empty rooms where they lock you up by yourself

all the rooms have windows 

it’s very rare that you will actually be put there against your will, most people are there have checked themselves in and can leave at any time. And even if you are put there involuntarily then they can only keep you there for a max of 72 hours.

actually most hospitals look to rehabilitate people quickly and try to get you stable within three to five days, it’s very rare that you will be in there for longer than that 



Craig Dunain Mental Hospital - Inverness, Scotland

Formerly known as Inverness District Asylum and Northern Counties District Lunatic Asylum. Opened 1864. Closed 1999.

  • person: "you're obsessed with your mental illness"
  • me: i know right? its like it impacts every part of my life.
  • person: "it's all in your head"
  • me: i know right? it's almost like it's a MENTAL illness.
  • person: "why do you let it affect you and stop you from being able to do things?"
  • me: i know right? it's almost like it's an ACTUAL ILLNESS

There should be a make-a-wish foundation for kids and teens that are suffering with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and other mental illnesses. These are people who also need hope to get better, hope is not just for the physically ill.


For those of you who think that “depressed” is equivalent to being “sad,” my intent here is to show you just how wrong you are. If you fail an exam, you’re sad. If someone doesn’t call you back after a first date, you’re SAD. When you have to physically resist the urge to throw yourself in front of a moving vehicle or swallow an entire bottle of pills, you are depressed. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. When a depressed person says, “I want to die.” or “I want to kill myself.” WE GENUINELY DO, we mean it wholeheartedly. Our brains tell us that taking our lives is a logical way to end our suffering. Depression swallows you whole, it sucks the life right out of you. It alienates you from the entire world around you. You feel empty, hollow and alone. Your existence seems meaningless. It’s as if everyone else on Earth has the script to the play of life while you walk around, hoping to catch on to some of the lines and fall in line with everyone else. For those of you who romanticize mental illness, tell me this. What’s romantic about me screaming out and smashing at walls for someone to save me, because I can’t breathe during a panic attack? What’s ROMANTIC about a significant other leaving because they don’t have the patience to deal with a flat mood and negativity? Fuck any of you who fake mental disorders for attention. I do everything in my power to HIDE mine. I speak for every mentally ill person when I say that we don’t want attention, all we want is to be NORMAL, full functioning human beings. People who mock or disregard our REAL struggle are the reason why society doesn’t take us seriously. Depression is a silent demon, an overwhelming wave of absolute dread. It is a debilitating, life ruining BATTLE that I would not wish on my very worst enemy. Never treat it as anything less.


Disassociation is a self-defense mechanism that the brain uses when it cannot handle the current situation, or when it is attempting to process something painful. 

When people disassociate they begin to feel unreal, sometimes they feel as though they are watching themselves go through their day to day activities. other times it’s an entirely eerie feeling - as if their body does not belong to them.