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107 Regional Slang Words (in the United States) 

In case anyone needs a laugh

Here’s a masterpost of all the blooper videos I could find on John and Hank Green’s many channels. I hope this stuff makes someone else chuckle as much as I do.

Lizzie Bennet Bloopers

Outtakes with Emily Graslie at the Zoology Museum in Missoula

Question Tuesday Outtakes

SciShow 2013 Outtakes

SciShow Outtakes Remix

Crash Course World History Outtakes 1

Crash Course World History Outtakes 2

Crash Course World History Outtakes 3

Crash Course Literature & US History Outtakes

Crash Course US History Outtakes 2

Crash Course US History Outtakes 4 (where’d ya go, #3?)

Crash Course US History Outtakes 5

Crash Course Literature Outtakes (#2?)

Crash Course Biology Outtakes

Crash Course Biology & Ecology Outtakes

Crash Course Chemistry Outtakes 1

Crash Course Chemistry Outtakes 2

Crash Course Chemistry Outtakes 3

Crash Course Psychology Outtakes 2 (couldn’t find #1)

Crash Course Psychology Outtakes 3

Mental Floss Outtakes 1

Mental Floss Outtakes 2

Mental Floss Outtakes 3

Mental Floss Misconceptions Bloopers

Filmed an episode of Mental Floss today! 15 innovations making the world better for women, because everyone deserves access to safe and clean toilets, sanitary pads, and educational resources. Stay tuned for the video.


Check out the new Mental Floss video about holiday songs! You *mike* even see a familiar face… ;)


The Story of ASL, by Arika Okrent for Mental Floss.  

The video above has subtitles, but if you’d rather see a history of ASL in ASL (also with subtitles), there’s also this video from CHS ASL

can we talk about how amazing John Green is? 

Like.. here’s a list of all the things John Green is currently doing 

  • Filming Vlogbrother videos
  • Filming Crash Course Videos
  • Filming Mental Floss Videos
  • you know that little thing called TFIOS 
  • Touring for TFIOS
  • Premiers for TFIOS 
  • going to things like bookcon 
  • doing hella meet and greets
  • Remaining hella active on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr 
  • Dude even finds time to go biking and exercise 
  • Working on a new book 



I am under the impression that John Green is in fact not a man but a superior robot being.