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Distractions pt 11

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Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 4856

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Yoongi laid in bed as the noon sun pierced through the blinds painting glimmering golden stripes across the bedroom. It’s already been a whole week since he collapsed and finally, he seemed to be recovered but he chose to stay home for one more day to make sure that he had fully gotten rid of his illness. He didn’t want to get you or anyone else sick at Music Box.

After hours of just laying in bed, Yoongi’s stomach finally decided to make a desperate call for help. All this week he had no appetite because his brain just refused all ideas of eating while he was sick. Now that he was better, he felt like he could eat an entire grocery store or something. 

The dorm was empty as expected. It was already afternoon and everyone would probably be out doing their own thing, but Yoongi was surprised to see Jimin in the kitchen eating lunch. He thought that he’d be out with one of the others, but that obviously wasn’t the case. Yoongi could sense that there was something up with Jimin. After living together for so long, he had grown accustomed to the way Jimin acted. Just by the way the younger poked at his food and zoned out, Yoongi could tell that there was something wrong.

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The Unexpected Guest

For the first day of fic everday in april… check out @snowbaz-feda where there are more!  

“I’m dreaming of ordering pizza,” I say to Simon as we ascend the stairs. I’m out of breath and there’s still another flight. Why did we get an apartment that had no elevator? Mental note to never do that again.

“Penny, what if– can we get twelve pizzas?” Simon responds and he’s also out of breath. We were up at the crack of dawn to go on a school trip and are just now getting back. It’s hours later than expected, and we’re both wiped out from traveling all day.

Finally, we make it to the door. Simon fiddles with the lock and kicks the door open, but then he pauses.

“Did we get robbed?” Simon asks.

“Couldn’t have…” I say, trailing in behind him. “If anything, there’s more stuff here than when we left. And something smells good.”

It’s like a bomb exploded, but if bombs were made out of groceries and kitchen gadgets. Fresh vegetables cover the kitchen table, the sofas have been pushed against the wall to make room for a new table, and there’s metal tools on every surface. I spot something that looks like a pasta maker, a blender, a worrisome numbers of knives, and a picnic blanket in the far corner. I’m taking all of this in when I see movement in the corner of my eye – Baz Pitch emerging from Simon’s room, looking both sheepish and defiant at once.

Simon tries to confront the topic by saying, “Baz, hey, uh – what’s up?”

That sets Baz off.

“What’s up? Well, Simon, I’ve been here for hours not knowing when you’d be home, and you’re hours later than you’d said you’d be, so I thought I’d make you both a nice meal after your long day. I bought all this stuff to cook with, but, guess what, I can’t actually cook at all—”

“I didn’t know he could ramble,” I whisper to Simon.

“Me neither,” Simon replies, who is looking at Baz with amused adoration.

“—So, because I can’t cook, you all are going to get horrible poisoning if you eat any of this food, even though I did honestly spend the entire day cooking it. No, don’t look at the food it’s shit, and I am shit. I’m such a shit—”

I walk over to one of the tables and dip my finger in a dish. It’s delightful; a pasta dish smothered in some sort of lemony Italian sauce.

“—and when you gave me a key to the apartment yesterday, you probably forgot that I’m such shit at everything, which, yeah, big error on your part. I’ve had the key for one day and I’ve already gone psychotic with it. I’ve made a mess of your entire apartment—”

“It was already messy,” I interrupt.

“—And I’ve prepared an obnoxiously huge sum of food—”

“Your boyfriend is voracious,” I interrupt.

“—And I’m honestly so embarrassed. You can have your key back, and I’ll just go. Don’t follow me.” Baz finishes, holding the key to the apartment in the palm of his outstretched hand. Simon is staring at it, transfixed. I think he’s caught between laughing hysterically and snogging the boy senseless. I worry that Baz
might have a panic attack before Simon makes up his mind.

“Baz, no, stop saying whatever it is you’re going on about and go get us some plates,” I tell him.

“Penny, I don’t want your pity.” He turns to the door.

“No! Stay. Get plates. Simon, make tea. I’m eating this.”

Baz places his key on the table with a loud clink, as if he means to leave it on that table and never return.

“Baz, no, keep the key.” He turns his gaze to me, and his face is both pathetic and dejected. “The key is yours. And don’t even think about leaving, because you’re cooking for us tomorrow, too.” Simon slides the key back into the pocket of Baz’s jeans, and he visibly relaxes. I’m guessing there’s a maximum of fifteen seconds before they’re snogging. “Why didn’t you tell us you knew how to cook? We’ve been battling this kitchen for months. Eat with me and apologize. Baz, you’re such an arsehole. ”

Come to Bed - Bruce X Reader (NSFW)

Author’s Note: Hey. so this is my first smut on here and I’m not quite sure about it. I tried to keep Bruce in character, especially during sex, considering the other guy, so I hope this is okay. It’s not so dirty that it makes me blush, and hopefully you find it kind of sweet, because that’s what I wanted it to be like. Tell me if I should write more smut…i guess?

Request: Could I request a smutty Bruce Banner one-shot where Y/N goes down to the lab one night because he didn’t come to bed and so she has to persuade him to put his work down? ;)

Warnings: cute smut, so…yeah…

Words: 1,388

You woke up at two in the morning when you felt coldness on the other side of the bed. It wasn’t unusual that Bruce’s side of the bed was empty. He would usually be in the lab, working himself to death. You honestly did not know how he kept himself functioning like a normal human being on as little sleep as he got. You, on the contrary, were a self-acknowledged sleeper. You’d sleep more than the recommended eight hour plus naps in the day. You were just always tired.

Which gave you the idea that maybe Bruce needed to get a little tired.

You got up from bed and walked towards the elevator, mentally preparing yourself. It’s not like you and Bruce hadn’t had sex before. You had and it was great. But, he was very hesitant about physical contact, even now, and he was deathly afraid of the other guy hurting you, so you had only had sex about four or five times in the last year and it was only you that initiated it. Now, you were just glad that you continued taking your birth control.

You got the lab and looked in through the large window. Bruce was alone, thank goodness, and seemed pretty engrossed in whatever it was he was doing. You were never the scientific type. You walked in, slightly making noise to not catch him completely by surprise.

“Hey, Bruce,” you said.

He glanced at you, gave you a small smile, and then returned to his work.

“Bruce..” you started. “Babe, come to bed,” you said.

“Soon. I need to finish this,” he said, still concentrated in the gadget and stack of papers in front of him.

“You can finish it tomorrow, when you’re well rested and can concentrate better,” you said, reaching your arm up and touching his shoulder.

“I…I’m just not tired,” he said and you smirked.

Both your hands reached his shoulders and you started massaging him. You leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Let me help you with that.”

“(Y/N),” he whispered, trying to warn you to stop but his will to give in to you was stronger.

You turned his chair around and settled yourself on his lap and started kissing him slowly. Everything had to be slow with Bruce and you loved it.

You started nibbling on his neck and he sighed deeply.

“Can you finish that tomorrow, baby?” you asked, already knowing his answer.

“Yeah, honey,” he said and you went back to kissing him. His hands gripped your hips and yours started unbuttoning his shirt.

“(Y/N),” he said, unsure.

“Bruce, it’s okay,” you said and pushed his shirt off his shoulders. You kissed him again, this time letting your hands roam his torso freely. Every brush of your soft hands against his skin drove Bruce wild and he was always pleasantly surprised at how much control he had over the other guy whenever you were intimate with him. He lived in fear of hurting you, but whenever he did let go, he knew you’d be okay.

His lips starting kissing your neck and when he started nibbling, you whimpered. HIs hands grabbed the restraints holding your robe together and gave them a quick pull.

He seemed excited to learn that the only thing you had underneath the robe was a pair of lacy underwear and he let his hands roam free. He grabbed your breast and squeezed slightly, making you moan. His head bent forward, capturing one of your nipples in his mouth and palming your other breast. He felt himself grow underneath you, and you moaned when you felt him against your leg.

You became a moaning mess as he licked, bit, and pulled your breasts and you felt a familiar burning sensation down there. You were turned on and you wanted Bruce so, so badly.

He gently pushed you off of him, so that you both could stand. You walked towards an empty lab table and he followed. You hopped on and brought Bruce closer through the belt loops on his trousers. You brought him down to your level and kissed him passionately. Your hands roamed to the button on his pants and undid it, bringing the zipper down as well. He pushed the pants off and you took the opportunity to reach and grab his dick through the thin material of his boxers.

He moaned gently and you smirked.

“God, (Y/N), do you want to kill me?” he asked, breathless, and you giggled.

He grabbed your hand from his groin and gently pushed you to lay down on the table. He grabbed your underwear and you lifted your butt to make it easier for him to remove them. He placed feather light kissed on your inner thighs and you were getting frustrated. You wanted him.

“Bruce, please,” you said and you felt him smirk. His warm lips touched you down there, and you couldn’t help the groan that left your throat. His tongue started tracing patterns on  your clit and the sensation that you felt was beyond amazing. Your head was thrown back in pure pleasure and you felt one of his fingers enter you. You moaned and he continued to thrust his hand.

“Bruce, god, yes,” you whimpered as he kept his ministrations on your sensitive area.

You felt yourself getting closer and closer, and he felt it too because he stopped. He pulled his boxers down, releasing his dick (which you nicknamed ‘The Hulk’) and pulled you closer to the edge of the table. In one quick movement, he entered you and you moaned at the feeling of being filled by him.

His thrusts were slow and careful and it drove you crazy.

“God, (Y/N), you’re so tight,” he groaned and you smiled.

“Well, it’s not all the time you fuck me, Bruce,” you responded.

His thrusts continued and he blushed at your comment. You almost giggled that he blushed at that, considering the position that you both found yourselves in.

“I’m sorry, you know sometimes it’s hard for me to control the other guy,” he said sheepishly and you smiled softly at him.

“I know. But, let’s not talk about that right now,” you said and he nodded at you, and increased his pace slightly. His hand reached down in between your bodies and started rubbing your clit. You moaned loudly, and were surprised when he increased his pace even more. He was going the fastest he’s ever gone and you felt like a mess under him.

“Bruce…don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” you said and he kept thrusting at an alarmingly increased pace. After a few moments, you heard him groan and pull away from you. You sat up, alarmed, and watched him and he took deep breaths and tried to calm himself.

“…Bruce?” you asked and he looked up at you shyly.

“Sorry, honey,” he said and you smiled at him.

“It’s okay, babe. You want to keep going?” you asked and he nodded at you.

“Then come here.”

He approached you again and started kissing you. You hopped off the table and turned around, leaning on it on your elbows. He entered you from behind this time, a position that rendered you speechless. His speed was decreased once again, but his thrusts were hard and hit your g spot every time. Your body felt hot and you moaned loudly when he reached around and grabbed your breasts, pinching the nipple.

“Bruce…” you groaned and he started increasing his speed again. You worried for a moment, but it was short lived as you felt your orgasm coming.

You came mouthing his name, the explosion of pleasure inside of you rendering you speechless. You felt his thrusts getting sloppy and knew he was close to his orgasm as well.

“(Y/N),” he mumbled and you felt him come inside of you. He groaned and you moaned at the sensation.

He pulled out of you a few moments after, and you turned around to smile at him.

“You’re so amazing,” he said to you, grabbing your waist and bringing your body closer to his and hugged you tightly.

“You are too, Bruce….So, are you tired now?” you asked, smirking at him. He gave you an exasperated smile and nodded at you.

“Well, then, let’s go to bed Dr. Banner." 

Alcohol Chronicles

Words: 1,780
Genre: Original, Romance
A/n: Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a title yet, and I don’t know if I’ll continue the story, but here’s something like a chapter 1.  I entitled it Alcohol Chronicles because I wrote something long ago that involved alcohol, and this one involves that as well.  So yeah, hope you enjoy. :)

The first time I saw him, it was in an airplane going to Hong Kong.  He sat just across the aisle from me.  I liked looking at people, and imagining what kind of person they are, or what kind of life stories they hold.  And so I looked (stared) at him for a while (a long time).  He had a prominent bone structure- high cheekbones, and a sharp jawline. He wore glasses, and had small earrings on both his ears.  He liked to rest his chin on his knuckles while watching airplane movies or waiting for food.  He pursed his lips together into a pout when he was thinking of things to say, such as food to get in the airplane or how to operate the airplane TV.  For that whole airplane ride, I weaved back and forth from trying not to look, to giving in to the impulse of staring.  

Usually, it was easy to read people, but this one was sort of different.  I thought, maybe he was a cool guy, because he sort of had a bad boy vibe going on. His eyes were brown and heavy lidded- mysterious and piercing.  I say this because our eyes made contact when he caught me staring at him.  He bowed in greeting, and I bowed back with an embarrassed smile.  He returned the smile with a slightly mischievous smirk. A smirk? That confused me because when he tried talking to the flight attendants, he was shy and he moved quite awkwardly. When he conversed with his friends, his smile was like a boy’s- carefree and shy and innocent and (admittedly) adorable. When he laughed, his eyes would vanish and (happy) lines would form around them.  He looked like trouble, but he felt kind of…warm.

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I ask God a lot of questions
Most of them about you 

    Why do I crave the things… no fuck it, 
    the people that are bad for me?

I think it was your smile
It made my heart feel light

     Oh God!

I fell asleep with a smile on my face
Even my demons bowed out in grace
You mentally elevated me to a happy place 

     Why can’t I get her out of my head?
     I’m tired of crying when everyone else is sleeping…

Gone, gone, gone were my worries
See with you I felt safe

      God, please get her out of my system.

—  You Fucked me Up so Bad I had to Ask God for Help 
Desires 2

Originally posted by ucandoitbetter

A/n: SMUT (don’t like sexy stuff then don’t read) 

Words: 2,197


Richard stood in the elevator mentally cussing himself out. He shouldn’t have left Kori like that. It had been the night before when she was sleeping with him that Richard couldn’t help admitting that he was in love with her. He had been looking down at her lovingly before stroking her cheek. He couldn’t help wondering why she was still sharing his bed? Was he holding her back? Holding her from someone younger, like Matt, who wouldn’t worry her with dark and distant looks the way he did?

Now here he was storming off in a rage leaving her looking heartbroken. Yeah he was over hiding and being some secret but at the same time that whole situation could have been handled differently. What if she didn’t want anything to do with him after that? That was the absolute last thing that Richard wanted.


Ruth walked out of the bedroom expecting to see Richard and Kori making out however, that was the last thing she saw. It was only Kori sitting on the bed looking devastated.

“Where is Richard?”

Ruth asked. Kori looked up shrugging.

“No clue. We had some words and he left. That was the quickest I have ever ran him off. He’s ready for us to go public and I am too. I’m just scared. I have always had this irrational fear that when things are official they will go down the tube. I didn’t really react the way he wanted. He said if we didn’t go public it was over….”

Ruth out a hand over her mouth before sitting down on the bed beside Kori.

“You know I have known both of you for quite some time. I don’t think Richard is going to be the kind of guy that will intentionally hurt you. It all makes sense now. I’ve noticed how he watches you. When you two are in the room together his eyes don’t leave you. I suppose I never had the sense to put two and two together.  Kori, darling, you deserve to be in love and happy. Don’t let your mother’s mistakes ruin that.”

Kori smiled with a nod before laying her head on Ruth’s shoulder.

“ I need to go talk to him.”

Kori quickly stood, grabbing her phone and dialing Richard’s number. She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for him to answer. When the voicemail picked up she sighed. She sent him a text and waited a few moments before texting Rob and asking if he had seen Richard in the past half hour. Five minutes later her phone finally buzzed.

“He said he was going down to the hotel bar for a drink. Little early for him to be hitting the sauce don’t you think?”

Kori smirked before walking to the elevator. At least she had a chance to go talk to him

5 minutes later she walked into the hotel bar only to freeze when she saw Richard talking to some leggy blonde headed chick. She watched a moment as the blonde reached over touching Richard’s hand. Kori felt her mouth drop. The whole time that they had been together Richard never even seemed to show interest in other women. He didn’t care. Now here he sat letting this really pretty girl touch him. Was this a sign that their relationship was really over?

Kori wasn’t sure how long that she had been standing there until Richard’s amber eyes rolled to her direction. His mouth dropped when he saw her and the devastated look on her face. He quickly stood and over the music Kori could tell that he was calling her name and begging her to wait. She turned walking from the hotel bar without giving Richard a chance to catch up.

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Bound By Chains

Pairing: Eric/OC *Sarah*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - This story portrays sensitive subjects with multiple trigger warnings. Read on with caution.

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Okay, so this was a long time coming. My work is on other sites and I think it’s about time I shared in the world of Tumblr. Enjoy :) 

As of 16th April ‘17, this story is under editing.


Sarah hears him before she sees him, the clomping boots and multiple voices, but his is the loudest. The door is most likely kicked open and she stands hurriedly, almost knocking the chair over and smoothes her skirt.

He stands heads taller than her, his shoulders filling the frame with a thick wodge of A4 paper notes in his hand. When he looks up his eyes are cold, disinterested and he gives her a tilted look. “Who are you?” His voice is deep, hinting on amusement that some imbecile has dared creep into his room.

“Sarah Bennett.”

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chokerwolf  asked:

Hey I'm planning on doing a ritual with a friend of mine. Does making music count as a form of energy you want to release as sacrifice for the ritual? And what time of the day would be best to perform it?

It really depends on you, if you have deep ties to making music and it makes you feel mentally elevated then yes by all means. Personally, I prefer silence because i get distracted and I’ll end up putting Fergalicious on or something. As for time of day, night is usually preferred as you let in as little natural light as possible.

Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Four - Alone Together

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,498
Warnings: language, medical stuff, cancer, death of a child, drinking
A/N: Because I couldn’t focus yesterday you guys are getting part 4 early as well! Part five will not be released until I have written through part 13, just to give myself some time to catch up. Title comes from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. Huge thanks to Nicole (@iwantthedean) for help with the medical stuff. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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@gun-maker : One Small Request

Over and over, Osera went over her mental script as the elevator’s slow fall carried her down into the bowels of Zarkon’s fleet ship. She re-adjusted the set of her mask with her one free hand, mouth settled into a permanent frown. “No worries. No one will question you,” Osera mumbled to herself as she shifted once more within the folds of her robe. Her attire alone afforded the Druid some pull among the general population of the ship.

So what if she didn’t exactly have expressed permission for this request? No one had to know. No one had cared where the Druid had wandered before, so why would this be any different? Besides, it was all for aiding the Empire for the better. Thus she wasn’t really doing anything wrong.

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Fights (B.I)

Ship: B.I (iKON) x You (Y/N)

Type: angsty fluff

Requested: Yes by bomsenpai

Words: 1 492

Notes: This was long overdue and I am sorry it took so long. I’ve just been having so many tests and assignments handed to me after my break so I tried to squeeze in time to write this. It’s been in my drafts for a month and I finally had time to complete it. Hope you like it.


You both rushed into your shared apartment. You shoved the door open aggressively, your head hurting with all the thoughts and words that wanted to be spoken in the utter silence was rushing through your head. Hanbin had a poker face on making it hard for you stay calm at him because he knew what he was doing and he was thinking that he wasn’t in the wrong and wasn’t trying to explain what happened at all.

You frustratedly sigh as you turn towards him. He closed the door cautiously and turn towards you, waiting for you to speak. You were trying to process all your thoughts into coherent sentences but to no avail could you piece them together. Desperately, you pull on your hair when pushing it back, purposely causing a bit pain trying to get rid of the larger ache in your head.

Hanbin’s sigh echoed from the silence of the room. “You’re overreacting.”

Your head felt was going to explode. You tried taking deep breaths trying to calm yourself down and not wake the whole neighbourhood up by your yelling but you couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m overreacting!?” You burst. “Overreacting!?” You let out a groan of frustration.

“What would you do if your boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone for 5 days making you worried sick and then you see him with another girl having dinner together which, he convinced me that he had no time for?” You said in a low voice, trying to be more quiet. You run your hands through your hair roughly in frustration. Your head was now throbbing and you were straight pissed at him.

“I would give him some fucking space if that’s what he needs.” He snapped back at you in a deep demanding voice you’ve never heard him use. It almost terrified you to an extent but his next response is what totally set you off and you didn’t care about anyone else right now. “You don’t always have to be a clingy bitch.”

Your face was red and you were fuming and he could tell that you were not going to let that outburst go. His face almost turned frightened, thinking of what you might actually do or say.

Surprisingly you had actually controlled your feelings for a moment before you could finally speak the words that might hurt him enough. “Fine.” Your voice was awfully stable for someone who was fuming a second ago, making Hanbin anxious. “If you want some space from a clingy girlfriend who’s just trying to make sure you’re alive and healthy then by all means, lets take a break. Is that enough space for you?” You tried walking to the door but Hanbin immediately slid right in front of it, blocking your exit. His hands right in front of you trying to get you to not walk closer towards the door.

“No, no, no. Okay, wait. Just wait one second.” The looks on his face explained exactly what he felt and he was definitely scared. Scared of you leaving. “Let’s talk about this jagi. Don’t leave. Please.”

“We did talk. You called me a clingy bitch.” You frowned at him, trying to exaggerate how upset you actually were because of it. Hanbin knew you didn’t like the term bitch for girls and him calling you clingy as well made you feel embarrassed to no end and you wanted to do nothing more but to leave.

“No. We haven’t talked. I didn’t mean what I said. I’m sorry, just don’t leave.” He begged and you almost felt like caving in but you just wanted to be alone and cool off. Looking at Hanbin right now made your fresh feelings fire up.

You grabbed the doorknob and quickly making your exit before Hanbin could protest. You ran your way out and into the elevator before it closed. You sigh as you slump into the side of the elevator. Your head hurt from the whole situation and you felt exhausted mentally. As the elevator landed on the lobby you quickly made your way out and ran to your nearest friend’s house for the night.  

You couldn’t sleep the whole night. It wasn’t your bed, it didn’t have Hanbin’s smell, and it was too unfamiliar. You gave up on sleep when it hit 7am and sat up in the bed. You could feel the bags forming under your eyes and your head was pounding. What meant to be a night of release turned into a night of grief. You wanted to resolve this with him, if this is what it’s going to be like everyday without Hanbin then you didn’t want to be without him.

You got up, got ready and prepared yourself to face Hanbin. You sighed as you looked in the mirror. The sight of yourself almost scaring you.

It was understandable that you were upset, it was something natural that would happen when someone fights with their boyfriend.

You left your friend’s house trying to reassure yourself that because today was a different day that maybe you could fix this. He might’ve called you a clingy bitch but you didn’t even get to hear his day and why he resorted into calling you derogatory terms because you were being emotional yourself that day.

You locked the door and eased your anxiety with your positive thoughts. The travel all the way there was probably the longest in your life with all the thoughts running wild in your head making out what to ask him. You stop a few times in your track to think but being awoken by people harshly pushing past you in the streets.

You finally reached the house and you suddenly felt anxiety on having to see him again. Your heart was beating fast and her hand was a bit shaky. You were losing confidence.

You raised her slightly shaky hand up gathering some confidence before you could finally knock on the door. The light knock had echoed in the silent room and halls actually making it louder than it should be. You heard shuffling behind the door so you knew that Hanbin had heard it.

As soon as he opened the door, your eyes fell on him. He looked tired and I probably woke him up from sleep.

Now realizing the actual time was 7am, maybe coming here without sleep was actually a very bad idea.

“Were you sleeping? I’m sorry. You can go back and sleep. I’ll come back later.” You almost escaped from the situation until you felt a hand on your wrist bringing your body back towards him, closer than ever.

“Now that you’re here. Just say what you have to.” He looked at you anxiously, hoping that you could resolve this fast and go back to being with each other if this all went right. He was not ready to let you go.

“Can I come in?” He immediately opened the door wide enough so you could easily fit through.

As soon as you came in he shit the door and faced you. As you looked at him you could feel tears spring to your eyes. You don’t know why you were being so emotional but fighting with him always hurt you and you couldn’t take it if you guys broke up. Your bottom lip quivered and he was surprised to see that you were on the brink of crying. Before he could utter a single word you attacked him in a much needed hug for the  both of you.

His hands immediately wrapped around your waist tightly. You both didn’t hold any intention to let go. Your silent cries not heard and your tears transferred onto his shirt and you couldn’t help but clutch the piece of clothing tightly in your hand.

“Just tell me, what happened?” You asked shakily, the question almost being muffled by his shirt but he heard.

“I’m sorry. I was working hard and I really didn’t have time. I made some time for you yesterday to go have some dinner but, but a sunbae asked to go to dinner with her if I was available. It was a sunbae so I couldn’t say no and so we went to restaurant where I was supposed to take you. I’m sorry. I was just angry because even the little time I made for you had gone away and when you saw me and yelled I don’t know why anything even came out of my mouth.” He held on to you tighter as he spoke, trying to make you hear him loud and clear. “I’m so sorry I called you such things. I’m so, so sorry. Please don’t leave me again.”

“Never.” You whispered to him. “I will never leave unless you give me a good ass reason to.”

“I will not make the same mistake twice.” He snuggled his head in the crook of your neck and you both stayed there for another while just hugging.


Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoyed the scenario and my requests are open.


In a sense, the two of them have been wandering the Earth, totally isolated, because they have such a specific and elevated mentality. Not identical, but it is as if not only are you the greatest chess player on the planet, you’re actually the only person on the planet that can play chess. And then suddenly you walk into a room one day and there’s a guy playing chess. I think that’s how they feel about each other.
—  Hugh Dancy  
In a sense, the two of them have been wandering the Earth, totally isolated, because they have such a specific and elevated mentality. Not identical, but it is as if not only are you the greatest chess player on the planet, you’re actually the only person on the planet that can play chess. And then suddenly you walk into a room one day and there’s a guy playing chess. I think that’s how they feel about each other.
—  Hugh Dancy (The Art and Making of Hannibal)
3. Let the Lies, Rumors, and Games Begin




I feel like an insomniac.

They say you’re supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, truthfully, nobody gets that much sleep. Here I was, early in the morning, watching the sun come up.

Sparking up the blunt I had just rolled, I take a long drag, exhaling smoke slowly. The pretty pink, peach sunrise had a calming sense about it that I loved to watch everyday from my balcony. It was nearing 5:00 a.m. and as usual, I couldn’t get an ounce of sleep. Smoking was something I had picked up on in my junior year of high school, and I haven’t stopped since. It calms me.

The sound of the sliding glass door didn’t even make me turn around. Mel takes a seat in the chair beside me. Like clockwork, she held her hand out and I was passing her the blunt which she takes with no hesitation. This has been our morning routine for the past year. I had her waking up at 5 even though she hated it with a passion. I never forced her to get up with me though, it was all on her own.

“What’chu doing today?” I mumble, playing with the loose thread of my shorts.

Mel shrugs, inhaling more of the blunt. “Probably just go to work, then maybe we could find something to do later on. It’s Tuesday so we got all week to find something to do.” She suggests. Her eyes were now red, low, and a lazy smile graced her face. I nod and put the roach out in our star-shaped ashtray.

“I’mma start getting ready for work. I gotta be there at seven today.” I groan, running my fingers through my tousled tresses. Work was never my favorite part of the day. I don’t even know how I deal with that job day in and day out.

I give Mel a kiss on her cheek and saunter back into the house. Heading down the hall, I reach my bedroom and head in. Grabbing my towel and some underwear I head into my bathroom.

After a quick shower it’s nearing 6:30 so I know I had to hurry. After applying lotion I grab a pair of black underwear and matching bra. My purple satin halter dress and a pair of black pumps would have to do for today. I just brush my hair back and pull it into a neat ponytail. I apply only a touch of makeup so I was ready to go.

Grabbing my purse I place everything I need for today inside and head out. At the same time Mel was walking out of her room; looking a little more dressed up then usual. I raise my eyebrow.

“Who you trying to get all cute for?” I laugh. She waves me off while smoothing out her wrinkle-free skirt.

“My damn self. I can’t look cute every once-in-awhile?” We both laugh and she follows me out the door.


I groaned in frustration attempting to open the door while balancing the two coffees and my bag in my hands. Rolling my eyes, I tried reaching for my key card only for another hand to slide theirs. I blow my bangs out of my eye to look at my savior.

“Thank yo-” I began. Chris smiled, holding the door open for me.

“No problem. Your hands looked a little full.” He chuckled, smiling. “Lemme help you out.” I pass him the two coffees bypassing him and heading straight for the elevator.

“Thanks for the help.” I sarcastically say to the security guard. He saw me struggling for damn near ten minutes and just sat there.

As usual the elevator was filled to capacity, but a man was nice enough to make room for Chris and I to squeeze on. I stayed silent since we had to go all the way up to the 30th floor.

Little by little people exited the elevators and headed off to work. Chris and I ended up being the last two seeing as we’d be getting off on the same floor.

I took him slipping his phone from his pocket as my chance to fully examine him. The fresh cut and trimmed facial hair lead me to make the assumption that he’d taken a trip to the barbershop within the last few days. His jaw clenching as he scrolled through his phone was a sight to see. He wore a hoodie that read ‘Black Pyramid’, black jeans along with a pair of Jordan’s. His outfit was simple but somehow he pulled it off.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare.” Chris’ voice broke me from my thoughts as embarrassment took over.

“I wasn’t staring, just simply admiring the inside of the elevator.” I mentally smacked myself upside the head for that dumb ass excuse, but on the outside I remained cool as if that response was normal.

He chuckled, not buying a word I just said to him. He stopped talking only allowing his eyes to take me in from head to toe. “Your hair looks nice like that.” He spoke, staring right into my eyes. I was a little surprised that in all that time that was the compliment he’d come up with.

“It’s only in a ponytail,” I mumbled, pulling my purse strap higher on my shoulder. “But you don’t look too bad yourself, Chris.” I responded.

“Thank you, gorgeous.” His slew of compliments had me smiling like I’d won the lottery.

“Is this your way of getting to know me?” I asked, shifting all of my weight onto one leg.

“Hell yeah. I’mma compliment you till you stop being all mean.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

The elevator doors suddenly opened and Chris motioned for me to step off first. As soon as we stepped one foot off the elevator, all eyes on the floor were on us. Jealousy from some of the women, curiosity from the men, and just plain nosiness from the rest. I mean, you could literally hear a pin drop from how quiet they’d gotten. Chris cleared his throat so I looked up at him.

“Looks like we got an audience,” he whispered, so only I cold hear.

“I’m saying, don’t people have work to do?” I spoke, loud enough for a few to hear which had them scoffing.

“Don’t be so grumpy Robyn.” He smoothly slid one arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him. I looked up at him but he only smiled, his dimples making an appearance. With one arm securely around my shoulder, and the other holding me and my boss’ coffees, we made our way pass our gawking co-workers and towards the offices. Right before we reached Keri’s office Chris dropped his arm.

“Why did you do that? You know they’re gonna talk about it,” I laughed, leaning against the wall. Chris shrugged leaning against it also. “You don’t know how fast word gets around this office.”

“It’s too damn quiet around here anyway. They were staring, why not give them something to talk about.” Chris stated, staring at my intently.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be in the middle of all the drama. Trust me.”

Chris chuckled, but then focused his attention on the two coffees I’d asked him to hold. He picked up the one with my name on it and before I could utter a word, his lips were on my straw and he was downing my drink.

“Chris, what the fuck?” I yelled, reaching out for my coffee.

“I needed this.” He sighed, smacking his lips.

I just stared at him trying to process what just happened. I know damn well he did not just drink my coffee. Like, I just met you and you’re already drinking my coffee?

“Well, I’mma get to work it being my first day and all.” Chris announced, passing me the other drink.

“Nah, you gonna buy me another coffee.” I stated. It came out calmer than I thought it would’ve.

“You wouldn’t want me to slack off on my first day would you?” He laughed.

“I can’t believe you just-” I cut myself off, shaking my head.

“I’ll see you around Robyn.” He smirked, walking away with MY coffee in his hand.

Now, everybody knew I didn’t play when if came to my coffee and my food. So, him taking my coffee and me not smacking him was a surprise to me.

Scoffing, I fixed myself up, grabbed the drink and my purse, and pushed the door open to Keri’s office. She was typing away on her computer with an annoyed look on her face. Keri always looked annoyed but today it just seemed worse.

“Hi boss lady,” I mumbled, setting my things down. She looked up sending me a slight wave. “Your coffee, two sugars, two creams.” I set the cup down in front of her watching as she took a sip.

“Thank you. I definitely needed this.” She took another large gulp setting the cup beside her. “I’m surprised you on time today. Second day in the row, what you up to?”

I laughed at her statement. “So, you wanna know what your agenda is today?” I said. Keri nodded about to take another sip of her coffee but paused. Her eyes scanned me up and down as she squinted.

“Why you so happy today?” She grinned, “What has you all rainbows and lollipops?” Although Keri was my boss she was also my friend. She could read me like a book.

“What? Nothing. I just woke up feeling happy today. Is that a crime?” Her eyes scanned me from head to toe one more time.

“Mhm.” She sipped on her coffee eyeing me. “I have a model coming to the studio soon. She’s beautiful and I wanted to take some photos of her to add to my portfolio. Am I open now?”

I pulled her planner out only to see she had to have the photos sent in by today. Other than that we schedule was completely open. “All you have to do is make sure you get those photos in.” She smiled clapping her hands.

“Great, we can leave right now.” Keri closed her laptop gathering her belongings. “Let’s go,” she grabbed her car keys and we headed out. Jared was exiting his office also with a pile of papers in his hands.

“Keri, Robyn just who I was looking for. We have a meeting in five in the conference room.” With that, he walked away with his mountain of papers.

“Now how he know I ain’t have shit to do?” Keri seethed. I shrugged, following her down the hall to the conference room.

The room was all around glass, a long mahogany table placed in the middle. Twenty plush, black chairs outlined the table, and I took a seat in the third one down from the head of the table. I watched everyone file in behind us one by one. Managing editor, John, looked at me, smiled, before he took the seat adjacent from mine and adjusted his tie. He was cute but way too uptight for me.

“How you doing today, Robyn?” Jared smiled, Removing his glasses showing those pretty blue eyes. I shoot him a smile.

“I’m fine, Mr. J-” I start but he cuts me off.

“How many times do I have to tell you call me Jared?”

“Well, I’m fine…Jared.”

The doors to the conference room open and Chris enters, just as calm as can be. He plopped a thick Manila folder down onto the table opening it.

“Welcome,” Jared says. “Chris came to me with a new idea and I want you all to hear it. We feel like it’ll be a good for the magazine. Take it away, Chris.” He smiles for the umpteenth time today. I lean back in my chair all of my attention on Chris.

He clears his throat, “I’mma just cut straight to the point. I’m here to make this company better, even better than it already is.” He paced back and forth as he spoke. His tone had changed from the playful Chris he was earlier, he was now all business.

“And how do you suppose you do that?” Richard asked, scoffing under his breath. Chris was new and he already seemed to not like him. Even if he was his cousin.

“Well smart ass, the sales from last month were the lowest they’ve been in almost a year. I was thinking we needed something different.” He said, recieving chuckles from everyone at the table except Richard. Jared leaned back in his chair waving his hands as a way of saying ‘go on’.

“This magazine is read by everyone. So, isn’t it supposed to appeal to everyone. Women, men, they all read this for the latest in music. Yeah we have one fashion column a month, but we need more. More things that’ll appeal to the woman’s eye.” He says, “Trust me, I know what appeals to women.” He chuckled.

Chris’ eyes averted to mine for a quick second, and I swear he smirked before returning back to his presentation.

“Did he look at me?” Keri asked. I shrugged, leaning back in my chair a little more.

“I’m pretty sure women don’t want to be looking through the whole thing just to see one colum for fashion at the end.” He states. Richard meshes his eyebrows together.

“We are not a women’s magazine though, Chris. We’re only here for the music. We put in what we feel should be in here. Our audience hasn’t had a problem before, why now?”

“It’s time for a change. I feel as new owners you should see-no disrespect-that you’re magazine is a little out dated. This would be something new, fresh.” He expresses.

Chris actually did have a point. This magazine has been around for over forty years. Why not make a change and give everyone something to look forward to every month instead of the same thing every month.

“Nobody has ever-” Richard begins but Jared interrupts.

“What do you suggest Chris?” He asks.

“Well, l suggest we start off with the music first, transition into fashion, men and women. Try to balance it out, but we still keep the music aspect.” Jared rubs his chin before a wide smile goes across his face.

“And that’s why we put you here. Okay. Okay, I’ll give it a go.”

“Wait, so you want to change over forty years of this magazine’s tradition, to make it more ‘up to date’?” Richard scoffed.


“Just for this month lets see if they like it. I’ll call a metting with some of the investors and you can explain it.” Jared says.

“We’re not even going to talk this through? You’re just going to go ahead and co-sign it. This is a co-owned company.” He says.

“And you should realize this is a good change. We both know the magazine is old. Shit, grandpa started it damn near 40 years ago.” Jared interrupts with a laugh.

Richard clenches his jaw and sends Chris a hard glare.

“So it’s settled. We’ll discuss this more tomorrow but for right now let’s give the staff a heads up.” He claps his hands together and leaves the office. Richard and Chris stand in an uncomfortable silence.

He clears his throat, “So everyone, It seems like my idea for the magazine is in motion.” He smiled. “This will involve everyone. I figured since music is the main focus, then we should start off with music.”

“John, that’s you job. You’re the boss over there so I need you to make sure they’re ready to meet the deadline in a few weeks. Nobody has to change their colums they’ll just be one added and in a different order.” He says.

“But, who’s going to do the extra pieces?” The girl, Rachel, asks.

“There’s only two so I could have a few people do the research and another group to write them and hand them in to me.” He states.

“The deadline’s in three weeks. Do you think that’ll be enough time?” She says.

“Yes, if we work a little harder they should be done by the deadline.”

“So it’s settled. Chris, you’ll work on the new layout while they tell the rest of the staff.” Jared says enthusiastically.

“Oh, Keri I need to talk to you. Everyone else is free to go,” Chris mumbles, flipping through a few files. Everyone starts leaving as Keri and I stay in our seats.

“What’s up Chris?” Keri crossed her legs and leaned in as if she was listening.

Deciding to drown out their conversation, I retrieve my phone from my clutch and open my Twitter app. Twitter just so happened to be only one out of two social media accounts I have. Facebook brought me way too much drama I just took my page down altogether. Since the last time I’d checked I’d gained another hundred followers or so. Honestly, I had no idea where these people were coming from seeing as I haven’t been on here in what felt like forever. I scrolled through a few profiles to see they were mostly men who’d followed me. I guess I could tweet something since I had nothing better to do.

@badgalriri: Work has been my life for wayyyyy too long…I need some fun

In a matter of minutes my retweets and favorites started pouring in. I didn’t understand how something so simple could be liked by so many people, but to each is own.

I finally noticed the conversations had come to an end. I could feel Chris’ eyes burning a hole in the side of my face but I ignored him continuing to scroll through Twitter.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare,” I joked, repeating the exact words he’d said to me earlier in the elevator. I slid my phone back into my clutch and turned around to face him.

“I wasn’t staring, just admiring the beautiful view in front of me.” He calmly stated.

Well played.

I rolled my eyes, crossing one of my legs over the other. He followed suit and dropped the papers he’d been looking over. “Can I take you to lunch?”

Chris’ bluntness was definitely something I had to get used to. First it’s my number, now lunch. This man damn sure didn’t hold his tongue. But, neither did I.

“After you just hijacked my coffee? I think I’ll pass.” laughed, sitting up a little higher in my chair.

“I said I was sorry.” He argued. “This could be my way for making it up to you.”

“Actually you didn’t, and I don’t think so.” I responded, sitting back in my seat. “But look at you, first day and you’re already changing things.” I smile. “Mr. Big shot.”

Chris laughed, “Nah, I just know what I’m doing. Everybody knows they’re old fashioned nobody was just ready to say it yet.”

“So, when are you gonna stop playing and give me your number?” His casually spoke, sliding his hand across the table to grab mine. Someone clearing their throat caused the both of us to look up to see Richard, eyeing the both of us with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. I quickly pull my hand away laying it in my lap.

“Am I interrupting?” He smiled, sliding into the seat next to me.

“Nope.” Chris said popping the ‘p’.

“You sure? The two of you looked a little too comfortable. You do know that colleagues dating is against policy right? I would hate for you two to loose your jobs over a…fling.” His last statement sounded more like a threat. Chris laughed heartily, collecting his papers and stuffing them back into his folder.

“I would never do that big cousin. It’s only my first day.” He paused, “And trust me, I know all the rules.” Chris glanced my way, and sent me his signature wink. Before I could respond my phone buzzed against my thigh. I quickly pull it up to see a text from Trey.

Can you come sign me in? I forgot my I.D…

Since Limelight was such a huge magazine we all had I.D’s and key cards. If you forgot yours, someone would have to come down and sign in for you. Even if they knew you worked here and saw you every day. A dumb ass rule if you ask me.

Me: I guess

“I’ll be back.” I say to Chris. Standing from my chair, I motion towards Keri I’ll be right back and she nods. Grabbing my clutch, I make the short trip to the elevator taking it all the way down.

“Finally.” Trey mumbled, once I in hearing distance. I rolled my eyes showing the guard my I.D. Snatching the pen from the security guard, I signed my name. “You know damn well I work here.” Trey said.

“My bad, it’s policy.” The guard appogized.

“Policy my ass.” Trey took the temporary badge, wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and we headed back all the way up.

“How did you forget your card and you I.D.?” I chuckled.

“Man, I was already late. I guess I just left it on the counter or something.” Trey was usually here early so him being late was out of character. But, his annoyed attitude made the situation funny.

“What I miss?” He asked.

“Nothing really. Oh, Chris is changing a few things in the magazine but that’s about it.” I shrugged.

We reached the floor and once again Trey wrapped one arm around my shoulder and all eyes were on us. This time, whispers were heard instead of just complete silence. The two of us headed back towards the offices until we reached Keri’s.

“Why don’t you ever use your office? You know how hard Keri worked to get that space for you.”

My office was nothing to be all excited about. It was basically an oversized box with a desk and a computer. I honestly saw no need for it but Keri insisted that I’d have my own space, so, she convinced Richard and Jared to give me a space. I rarely went in there and when I did, all I did was scroll through my phone and wait for Keri to need something.

I shrugged, “I see no reason for it. Don’t you have to get to work Mer. Neverson?” Trey sucked his teeth, pulling me into a hug.

“I’ll see you later, aight?” I nodded. With one last kiss to my cheek he disappeared down the hallway to start his own work day.


“I’m back!” I yell into the apartment. I received no response letting me know Mel hadn’t made it home yet. Before I take another step I remove my heels and carry them to my bedroom. My aching feet could use a good soak right now.

Once I reach my bedroom I plop right in the middle of my bed. The soft, satin sheets making me want to curl up and fall asleep. The vibrating of my phone in the pocket of my purse causes me to groan.

I just can’t catch a break.

Lazily, I dump the contents of my purse onto the bed and grab my ringing iPhone. Without looking at the screen I slide the bar across to answer. Shuffling is all I heard on the other end of the line before my friend, Jen, speaks.

“Hey Rob,” she greets. Her cheery voice makes me smile. Jen lives in Orlando which I hate but she visits whenever she can. We’ve been close ever since I started dating her best friend.

“Hey boo, what’s up?” Jen calls me almost every day and I know she wants nothing but it just makes me happy that she care.

“Nothing. I’m sitting here watching re-runs of ‘Martin’. Where’s Melissa?” She says. I’m guessing she’s eating popcorn from the loud crunching and smacking from her end of the line.

“Can you smack any louder? And I think she’s still at work.” I say. I unzip the dress and let it fall into a pool at my feet. Relief washed over me, after ridding myself of that tight ass dress. I couldn’t even describe the feeling I’m having right now. Placing my phone between the crook of my neck and shoulder I start searching for something comfortable to sleep in.

“Rob?” I mumble a ‘hm’ but her hesitant tone made me stop what I was doing to pay more attention. The crunching had stopped and now I could only hear the faint sound of the tv.

“I ran into Mia today,” she mumbles. “She asked about you.” I subconsciously roll my eyes. I haven’t heard anything from them in at least a year. Why ask about me now?

“Hm, that’s interesting.” I say, “How’ve they been?” Jen babbles on while I busy myself takeing out a pair of pajama pants and a tank top.

“She said they’ve been good. She seemed better than how she was a few years ago.” She says.

That’s good.

“Good for them.” I mumble.

Jen and I catch up for a little while longer before I hear Mel call out for me. “In here!” I yell.

“I’mma go boo,” Jen says, munching in my ear once again.

“Alright, love you.” We say our goodbyes just as Mel takes a dive on my bed. I really missed my friend. I toss my phone beside me on the bed and turn to face Mel.

“Who was that?” She asks.

“Jen.” I stand and grab my towel. A long shower was needed and plus they always seemed to relax me; other than sleep.

“My bitch, why you ain’t let me talk to her?” Originally the two hated each other but now; thick as thieves.

I leave her question unanswered while I saunter into my bathroom.

30 minutes later I’m refreshed, dressed, and ready for bed. Mel had went to let room and knocked out for the night.

Since I didn’t want to have to worry about my hair in the morning I straighten it and wrap it up, tying a scarf around my head to make sure my hair wouldn’t be wild in the morning.

With a deep sigh, I slide on to the softness of my queen sized bed. The right pillows I slept with getting messed up. Pulling the covers over me, exhaustion finally catches up to me and I’m out.

Maybe part of why Johnlock is bigger than Sheriarty is because society values emotions over intelligence in a relationship. John works to make Sherlock more normal, Jim works to elevate Sherlock mentally so that they’re the only two in the world, but since we’ve been conditioned to think that normal is better and Jim falls into a category of “bad guy,” people automatically reject Sheriarty.


Walked the few steps it takes to get from my friends place to mine telling myself I’m gonna do my homework then edit content I’ve been sitting on. Came into my room and immediately stepped in front of my camera turned on my jukebox and danced. Now i’m sitting here cooking up a personalized mixtape for a friend. I heard they say what you do when you procrastinate is what you should be doing…