mental disorers

The signs as I (gemini) perceive them based on people I personally know
  • Aries: they have anger issues, but deep down, they care so much
  • Taurus: very good-looking, but boring af
  • Gemini: extremely fun and cool people, but usually suffer from mental disorers
  • Cancer: Satan
  • Leo: art enthusiasts, great sense of aesthetic, determined and devoted, but suck at communicating
  • Virgo: fuckboys
  • Libra: really charming and funny, independent, often ignore emotions
  • Scorpio: either absolute sweethearts, understanding and kind, or fucking idiots
  • Sagittarius: boring conformists, but they mean well...i guess
  • Capricorn: stable, focused and loyal, although not very bright
  • Aquarius: FUCKING GODS, each of them has a different signature quirk, artistic and clever, one can never read their thoughts and feelings
  • Pisces: grumpy cats