important announcement

sparrows, i’m afraid i have bad news.

i’m in my last year at university, and my dissertation is due in just over a month. as you can imagine, this is an all wings on deck kind of situation for me, especially since i’m disabled and mentally ill (making it harder for me to get this done).

updates have been a bit spotty recently. unfortunately, it’s going to get worse. things should get a bit back to normal in the middle of may, but this is crunch time for me and i can’t guarantee regular updates to the blog.

so, i suppose this is a semi-hiatus. not a full hiatus, but updates will be increasingly sporadic for the next month or so.


Hey guys..

So, I really hate to do this again but times are hard and things are getting a lot more rough with me.. 
My caseworker has basically fucked up my case AGAIN and I won’t be getting food stamps. Currently I am staying with these people but its getting harder to get by each day and I’m really over staying my welcome but my disability and mental illness is preventing me from getting a job. This is also a military loving town so that makes it even harder. 
So I really need your guys’ help.. I need about 30$ just for right now.. I would be willing to draw for you, don’t be afraid to ask! Its not digital art since I don’t have a tablet or anything and my style changes constantly, but right now I’m willing to do almost anything.. I will even draw sigils for you. 
I would link you to my redbubble but they have been taking the majority of the profits I made and I need the money soon.. 
My paypal is

So please guys, please help me out.. I really need this by the end of the month and the month is already coming to a close.. 
Please spread this about ! And I’m really sorry but thank you! 

anonymous asked:

One of the thing that bothers me most about ToG series is that it has a potential to be something better than whatever it is right now. In the hand of a good and thoughtful writer, we can have strong WoCs (and PoC in general), good LGBT representations, good representation for people with disability and mental illness, meaningful realistic relationships (all types, not just romantic), and an enjoyable epic fantasy book. Instead, we get a Shitty Shades of Fae Porn we don't need in our lives.

The idea of T0G would actually be pretty good in the hands of a competent writer. She could’ve written the story of an assassin (not a lost princess) in T0G because without reading the book the plot actually sounds good and then explored the fae in AC0TAR, in a more original and less toxic way. Not to mention she has a ton of opportunities to add diverse character in both series, but she decides not to. Good ideas, bad execution. Conclusion: wasted potential.

The glorification of mental illness/disabilities, especially autism, that I see on here is horrible. I work with children who have autism, and it isn’t an “aesthetic” for Christ sake. These children are most likely going to have to live in an adult home when they are older, and I see people self diagnosing with autism to try and be “trendy” and “quirky.” Autism isn’t a trend. Autism isn’t a quirk. I can’t believe I even have to say that.

dont talk to disabled people as if theyre children or some kind of pet, literally do not do it.

its not cute or considerate, its not the “right way to talk to them” its honestly disgusting and you shouldnt talk to anyone like theyre less than you.

its patronizing and rude, and if youre talking to them like that because theyre disabled, whether it be mentally, physically or chronically, its not only wrong, but incredibly ablest as well.

yo, its time to discuss being "able-passing"

so idk if anyone else in the disabled community have seen this term being thrown around, but ive seen the words “able-passing” multiple times in the last few months, both on tumblr, irl, and in articles.

and tbh, i see people who use the term try to explain it as “when you dont look disabled, it is assumed that you are abled and you dont face the same discrimination that a visibly disabled person would, it is like youre not even disabled”, ive had it explained in different ways, with different words but that same result.

because apparently having your disability erased cause you dont look disabled isnt real, or being told that its like youre “not even disabled” is apparently not ableism.

and my guy my dude, this is my opinion but its time to be real.

“youre abled-passing” is no different than “But you dont look sick”