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I have no idea if ya all know that “diva” means “star/celebrity” in Italian, and that the noun is always used for ladies (“divo” is for men) 

 as an Italian, watching this movie while everyone called Aigami “Diva” was a surreal experience 

When you fall in love with God, you mentally uncover another dimension, you see and feel things differently and much more intensely. He frequently converses with you through your heart and your soul sweetens.

So some people are saying that Marco’s mentally 30 because of the Hekapoo episode. But I’m thinking not only did he still act like a teen even within those 16 years/8 minutes at least when talking to Star, he also reverted back to his teenage body when back home. So even if he was mentally older in that dimension, he probably reverted back to the mind of a 14 year old when he got back home??

But then again, he did still experience 16 more years of his life. So I don’t know.

Aeris Gast, 1st Class Special Forces - perhaps better known as SOLDIER’s White Witch. Her peerless proficiency with spiritual energy has saved countless lives and turned the tide of many a battle, though her mysterious Ancient heritage tends to overshadow her combat achievements. Shinra takes full advantage of her unique abilities in the roles and missions they assign her. Most often, these involve collecting rare and powerful materia, or surveying esoteric, dangerous land for company interests. Working mostly alone or with a small detail, she is difficult to know, but the whispers that follow in her wake are alike among friend and foe: “They say she’s not even human.”

listening to a friend talk about something interesting, or evoke the mind is a great relaxant for gemini. the interesting thing about gemini is their capacity to be soothed with stimulation. a bored gemini can easily become a bundle of nerves. when new information is entering, gemini returns to equilibrium. they are typically fun and enjoyable people to be around, they know how to make things lightly entertaining and comedic, geminis operate from the mental dimension, so the thinker has creative ways of looking at life, it generates wit and cerebral agility

Tuesday Mixtape.

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