mental asylum

No Privacy - 2010

A collection of office furniture and outdated patient files found inside an abandoned Psychiatric Hospital.

The signs in 10 years

Aries : getting married
Taurus : buying a pet
Gemini : agent/ FBI
Cancer : going to a bunch of concerts
Leo : broke and homeless
Virgo : pole dancing
Libra : prison
Scorpio : drug addict
Sagittarius : billionaire
Capricorn : owning a library
Aquarius : being famous
Pisces : in a mental asylum

Reading 101 - 2010

Hundreds of books strewn about in an office inside an abandoned Psychiatric Hospital.


Abandoned Tennessee mental hospital

A freelance photographer captured the eerie setting of an abandoned American mental asylum after avoiding security guards at the premises. The 32-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to sneak through an unlocked door and gain access to the state-owned asylum, which dates back to the 19th century.

The asylum, Western State Mental Hospital, in Tennessee, was one of the last to be built in the area and became the least funded. The hospital’s population grew from hundreds, in the 1890s, to thousands, in the 1960s, as patients were institutionalized for decades. (Caters News)

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“Diagnosing people as mad has more to do with social control than therapy. Many of those labeled as schizophrenic, bipolar, and other kinds of “mad” are not ill. … They are seeing and feeling what is wrong with society and what needs to be done to change it.” Seth Farber


“On October 12, 1773 the Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and disordered Minds admitted it’s first patient.
Located near the edge of town; in a relatively undeveloped section of eighteenth century Williamsburg. The New institution consisted of twenty-four cells, an apartment for a live-in-keeper, and a meeting room for the overseeing court of Directors.
When it opened, the Virginia Hospital was the only public institution exclusively devoted to treatment of the mentally ill.”

Williamsburg, VA