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“So ... let’s talk about your father.” Dean, Denial and John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, or, Why Dean still hasn’t launched a grenade.

(CW 1: This post deals with the episode “Sam, Interrupted,” which has a fairly inconsistent approach towards mental illness and neurotypical divergence. I get a little squeamish with some of the representations and approaches towards “crazy” in the episode).

(CW 2: Talking about John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, so mild suppositions about the upbringing Dean had, with mentions of neglect).

This week’s task of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt was to tie together two randomly selected aspects of the show. When I got past tons of con pages and Supernatural books, I was left with two things I am happy to talk to you about:

The grenade launcher

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Dr. Fuller (from 05x11, “Sam, Interrupted”)

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More specifically, Dr. Fuller and the grenade launcher are both devices by which we engage with Dean’s sharply-honed sense of emotional asceticism.

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Medical Excuse for Abuse

While people struggle with serious physical and mental health issues when approaching interactions with others and their moral stance, not everyone who tells you “I only hurt others because of” those issues is telling the truth, or being genuine with you. Whether they’re aware of it or not, illness as an excuse for abuse is a serious misdirection.

I know this encroaches on saying people are “lying” about their illnesses, which IS shitty, but we can’t ignore the harsh reality that people will lie, and will avoid and misdirect and make excuses, in order to keep exploiting others. Even if that excuse involves something as serious and personal as their emotional health. Those who aren’t diagnosed with physical or mental illness make these kinds of excuses all the time - it’s not suddenly different just because it involves a sensitive topic.

It’s okay to call someone out on their bullshit when they’re using illness as an excuse to harm others. Understanding how illness makes life harder is not the same as using illness to shield yourself from criticism. Doing so only makes the erroneous categorization that illness is somehow responsible for harm; or that those who are physically or mentally ill are more likely to harm others. 


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“You’re going to do it this time” Jimmy said to himself mentally as he approached you.
“Ah [Y/N]”.

“Yeah Jimmy?” You said shooting him a bright smile. At that moment he froze. He just stood there with his mouth open, no words escaping his lips.

“ah never mind”.
He wanted to punch himself in the face.
“You’re a damn coward Darling” he thought.

Okay I’ve been beating around the bush with this, I’ve implied this in multiple posts but have always wimped out at directly stating it.

 I really don’t like the trend I see here where characters are approached as being demographics. A character as a big list of traits, their gender, race, sexuality, nationality, mental illnesses. People approach thinking about and making characters as just rearrangements of said features.

Yes it is a good-intentioned attempt at creating diverse casts and representation, and I know it isn’t some /cishet white man/ thing and is often used as a way to represent the self too. But damn it always feels so cold to me. Like im honestly left null with a lot of lgbt themed internet original stuff lately cause any exploration of identity and attraction feels so calculated and inhuman like a textbook. Any sense of intimacy and humanity feels too tied with being a statement, and any relatability comes exclusively from having a shared identity with them.

It ends up with characters that feel fragmented and stiff, they don’t feel like flesh and blood people when you build their personality solely around their disadvantages and privileges. Not that these arnt influential on a person (character or real live person), but it shouldn’t be the only thing to say about them either


The Tyranids 

Are an extragalactic composite species of hideous xenos that is actually a space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms which are all variations on the same genetic theme. The Tyranid race is ultimately dedicated solely to its own survival, propagation and evolutionary advancement. The Tyranids collectively form a monstrous superorganism that travels across the universe in their great Hive Fleets of biomechanical Hive Ships, systematically consuming all other biomatter to enable its own rapid evolution and reproduction. All Tyrannic organisms are synaptic (psychically-reactive), and each Tyrannic creature within a Hive Fleet shares and contributes to a communal Hive Mind, which allows the trillions of beings comprising the Tyranid Hive Fleets to communicate and organise instantaneously on a staggering scale.

The mentality of the Tyranid approach to warfare can be described with the phrase “quantity has a quality all its own”. From the “lowly” Ripper, to the deadly Hive Tyrant and beyond, the signature of the Tyranid species is that they overwhelm their foes with sheer numbers, reproducing massive numbers of highly virulent organisms in record time from the biochemical soup that they derive from the biospheres of the worlds that they consume. The components of a Tyrannic Hive Fleet travel almost exclusively in large groups known as swarms that possess specialized biomechanical creatures for destroying and consuming a wide variety of prey life forms. 

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I just had this mental image of Jade approaching your table, and you doing the owl thing, trying to hide your burrito/prey from her.

Pretty much yeah, weh don’t share food often.

I used to feel really weird as a lesbian who likes otome games until I realized the lack of physical intimacy with fictionalized men makes them infinitely more approachable. It lets me strip away a lot of the masculine features I hate from them because really my issue with masculinity comes almost entirely from physicality and aggression, allowing me to mentally approach the dating aspects wholly on a mutual connection where the character’s masculinity isn’t even addressed or, better, is viewed as non-existent.

….Doesn’t explain my love of DMMD though so y'know, theory in progress.

I hate Gotham sm sometimes like Edward Nygma does not have dissociative identity disorder. He has never shown any kind of symptom of having that mental illness in the comics or throughout the first season of Gotham. If anything he probably has borderline personality disorder (overwhelming feelings of distress, anxiety, worthlessness, anger; loss of contact with reality; difficulty maintaining stable and close relationships; harming others, ect.) But they’ve just decided to give him DID because they think it’s “cool” and “edgy” and that audiences won’t want to deal with the real, crushingly negative effects of mental illness that can make living feel like being dead.

Honestly it’s so insulting that Gotham and the Bat-verse as a whole treats mental illness so interchangeably and with no compassion or truthfulness whatsoever. It’s wheeled out to instantly identify the bad guys from the good guys and it makes me sick. 

There are too many Muslims struggling with suicidal ideation. How can we help each other? How can we as a community support each other. How can we provide services that help the individual and their family? Why do we continue to ignore this? & how can we shed light into depression? How do we make it okay to talk about? How do we incorporate that in our approaches to bettering the Muslim community? Ignoring these issues will not make them go away.

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Is it wrong for me to want to self-dx did/ddnos? I know what ur stance on self-dx is, but this is the only mental health issue that i've not only self-dxed with, but i'm hesitant to approach any mental health professional about due to the heavy stigma towards did and other dissociative disorders within the psychiatric community

I don’t think it’s wrong at all! I’ve definitely known people who’ve self-diagnosed DID and OSDD, sometimes even to the point that they’ve had these disorders professionally diagnosed as well. If you want to talk to one specifically, I believe @pdghoul has OSDD-1, and is otherwise pretty well-versed in dissociative disorders.

EDIT: @bpdzoldyck is also a good person to contact!

It’s crazy how far you can go to avoid submitting to a certain compulsion when focusing on the healing process for a specific case– and certain hours of the day it’s so damned easy to avoid just that one, even for an entire day you can be blessed to live without that one worry but then you come inevitably crashing down /// but it also makes no sense because you go through the same physical and mental process approaching the compulsion each time it comes to mind, and usually there’s that set of barriers that come in early on or at last minute at your good times /// it makes you stop in your tracks, turn the other cheek and continue on without lending more thought– and you’re just left thinking “why didn’t it work this time?”


(Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) approach energy mentally; they are the thinkers of the zodiac who are social, and who are always ready for a new relationship or friendship. They love learning, but bore very easily. They are into ideas and people. They are communicators who must share information, and interact with others, and influence society. They always want to get the word out and are alert, curious and  perceptive. The world seen by the Air signs will be a very interesting one. They can be a fresh summers breeze or a howling hurricane depending on what mood you catch them in. While they are known to be calm and cool they can turn very cold if their equilibrium is upset. They are intellectual, clever, fair, objective, mentally clear, lacking in sympathy, relational, thoughtful, playful, hyperactive, adaptable and animated. They can blow hot or cold. 

Gemini has great intellectual curiosity, and lots of personalities. 

Libra is relationship driven, but not in an overly emotional way. 

Aquarius is popular with friends and is unstoppable when it has a cause to champion.

Mental Illness

When we talk about mental illnesses, there is a huge educational gap in our society. When we compare Cancer to Schizophrenia, the differences in how we approach these illnesses shine. “Cancer fighter,” “a survivor” we would call people who have been diagnosed with cancer. But when we hear about schizophrenia, all we can picture is a guy on a bus chopping off heads. Why? Why don’t we hear about /good/ mental illness stories? Why is it that we, as a society, approach mental illness with fear rather than compassion? 

It’s because mental illnesses are all subjective. There is no physical evidence other than the behavior. What’s going on in the space between our ears… that’s a mystery that we have yet to fully unravel. We know more about what’s going on millions of light years away from our planet than what’s going on right here, in our own heads.

The stigma associated with the mental illness also arises from the public’s discomfort and inability to communicate with the ones who share a different reality than ours. If someone is having a twitch or saying something completely inappropriate, we  tend to get scared or uncomfortable. The unpredictability of the ones who suffer with a mental illness can be frightening. 

But you know why it’s so downplayed?

Because we feel what they do too. 
“Oh I get sad sometimes too, but I recover. Why can’t this person? What’s wrong with them? They’re probably fucked in the head or overly dramatic.”

“Oh you hear voices? Well sometimes I get irrational thoughts too. Why can’t you just ignore them lol?”

We feel things that these people do too, making it relate-able when it really shouldn’t be.

So how do we even combat this? If I understand this, why can’t everyone? Why don’t we make a conversation about this? 

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; v; I love the post you made on Gency ♥ seeing all the anger and hate n stuff for it lately has bummed me out, but your post made me feel really happy, thank you.

Anytime anon! At first, I kinda regretted making it because I was worried that I’d be wading into the very thing that I hate, but it’s great to see that it’s had a positive impact on you!

Seeing how people were acting just like the people they condemned (and rightfully so) within the span of just a few months really didn’t sit well with me, and the misinterpretation of the characters combined with the narrow minded mentality people approached it with just really spurned me and I made the four posts.

I’m glad the post made you happy and hope that you have a wonderful day! 

Venus in the Fourth House

“Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.” - Voltaire.

Those with Venus in the fourth house are known to be extremely sensitive, especially in their childhood when tend to be much more quiet and observing. They start to realize that they are able to feel pleasure and pain much more than normal, but this is something they won’t comprehend until they start to mature and realize that they are highly sensitive. Venus in the fourth house individuals are highly emotional beings with senses that are much sharper and more open to receiving different kinds of sensations. Their heightened feelings give them the ability to feel other people’s pain on a deeper level. This is certainly a soul that is truly compassionate in nature since they are given deep introspection that enables them to, without much hesitation, sacrifice their self in order to help others. They tend to live with a spiritual mentality and holistic approach to life. Moreover, there is a loving nature deep within them that desires  to be expressed through their private and home environment.

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I can’t let kobe retire without at least mentioning MJ right? After all, Kobe spent most of his NBA career in Michael Jordan’s shadow. Like many players before him, Kobe was projected as “next Jordan” but none came quite as close.

In fact, Kobe didn’t want to just be Jordan, he wanted to be better than him. From the moment he stepped on the court the comparisons were there, and they remained throughout his career. As he finally retires it is clear: kobe is no Michael Jordan. No matter how hard he tried to be. And while basketball fans like me might’ve hated Kobe for trying to be a little to much “like mike”, I think we all can now appreciate the “Jordan” in his game. It’s not just the movements, or mannerisms he borrowed but the overall mentality. How he approached the game, cerebral not physical.

The “mamba” mentality.

And that’s something you can’t teach a player. Kobe couldn’t have copied it if he tried, he’s born with an unmatched love for the game combined with competitiveness and will to win. Not many players have it.

Kobe may not have had the skill set or legs like he did 5-10 years ago but last night he willed himself to 60 points at 37 years old because he wanted it. Even if he had to take 50 shots to get there.

Like Jordan, Kobe was a rare breed of player, “Last of a dying breed” is how many analysts described it. There hasn’t been many like him. There aren’t to many left, especially in today’s game.

Westbrook and Cp3 come to mind. maybe Lillard and now it’s Currys league. But who will really replace Kobe?

As kobe retires, so does that mentality. For Laker fans it’s definitely the end of an era but I’d go as far as to say the last of the Jordan era ended last night.