On the outskirts of New York lies a derelict building known as Letchworth Village. Although dilapidated and vacant now, it was once home to some 4,000 asylum patients and was considered one of the most prestigious “Madhouses” in the country. It proudly claimed to be the hospital where the first ever Polio vaccine was performed in 1950. Coincidentally, staff failed to disclose that the patient was an 8-year-old mentally challenged boy, who was strapped down and forcefully injected.

Rumours of malpractice started to circulate as early as the 1920s, but were quickly ignored by officials who were already inundated with work. Thousands of patients would be crammed into tiny, unhygienic rooms without proper care. All patients were neglected in one way or another and, sadly, many of them were both physically and sexually abused by the nurses and doctors. It’s not surprising that Letchworth Village remains one of the most haunted buildings in New York, with thousands of souls still wandering it’s walls, desperately looking for a way out of the hellhole.

There is a mental delusion called The Truman Show delusion where those affected believe their lives are actually reality shows. A patient went to New York to check whether the World Trade Center had fallen believing the 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal storyline. source

I thought we had a chance. But the thing is I’ll never be good enough, will I? I’ll never be enough, she’ll always be better in some way, because you love her. And I’m simply the crutch you fall back on every godamn time something goes slightly pear shaped. Looks like this is the year I am a crutch for everyone. But what happens when the crutch disappears?
—  Angry and sad
Loving yourself is not as easy as looking in the mirror and feeling good. It’s loving the faults, knowing they are there and no amount of online scrubs, make up or haircuts can change it. It’s not about working out everyday until you have a six pack and being able to say ’ I loved myself before I was fit’. It’s about acceptance. Accepting who you are and what you want. Working for what you want and want to do. Loving yourself is treating yourself as a equal, to other people, to your past self and future self.

What is Self Love? by Amy Kennedy