Headed to a wedding???

• paired the burgundy strips in the pants to the pink bow tie through the perfect pocket square which incorporated all the colors of the outfit.

Men’s Items
Vest: H&M
Pocket Square: Men’s Wearhouse
Bow Tie: Kohls - Bow Tie Tuesday

Women’s Items
Shirt: Brooks Brothers - Tailored Fit Non-Iron
Slacks: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Cole Haan - Oxfords



Dear followers, 

yesterday i asked you a simple question: are you interested in knowing why i wear what i wear?

The ever so great nightsandstreets, details-abundant and drivingincarswithpocketsquares positively answered, which is why i attributed the title “Ramblings” to this post. From now on, i´ll share my thoughts on the above posed question from time to time. If you agree / disagree with anything, let me know. 

Whenever you feel like dressing the part, you´ve got several areas you have to reflect on: your mood, the seasonality (hence the choice to layer up or down and the type of fabric you´re using), the colours (which combination) and finally, your range of items. 

Number one is your mood: if you feel like Nucky Thompson, dress alike, with bold suits, tie pins and laple flowers. If you feel like playing the all-american collegiate, then take on the Ivy look. Both are concepts of dressing well, yet they have nothing in common. 

Number two is the seasonality: not much you can influence, but your environment certainly has impact on what you wear. If it´s cold and damp outside, you may want to go in flannel or heavier wool - if the sun is blazing and the sky is all blue, linen might be the better choice. The number of layers you put on and the textiles you wear certainly define how you´re looking. 

That brings us to number three: the colours. This is a delicate topic, as it is the field in which one can err the most. Over the next few posts, i shall elaborate on how to combine colours. For starters, dark blue and burgundy (as pictured above) are working well together. 

Finally, you´ve got your own range of items you can pick from - the more you have, the easier it is to come up with different outfits, naturally. 

So, whenever i prepare my next day´s getup (yes, i do that in the evening prior to going to sleep), i think about those four areas - and then start adding pieces to each other. In my case, i often begin with the shirt, add a jacket, fetch the trousers, browse over the tie to end up on the pocket square. Your routine might be different, but i recommend starting with a piece that you really love to wear the next day and add all the others items consecutively. This step by step way ensures that the whole (your outfit) is more than just the sum of its pieces (tie, pocket square, trousers, etc.). 

So, how i started today: 

Picking up the shirt, adding the jacket. Brown and blue hues are getting along quite well, if they have the right shade. I chose to add a pair of dark blue cord trousers to match the shirt. In comes the cardy to add another layer (seasonality), a burgundy one at that (remember the colours: brown / blue / red in deep, rich tones work well together). To bring these three together, i opted for the dark blue (like the trou) and burgundy striped (the cardy) wool (matching the rather chunky texture of the cardy) tie. In summarization, i now had four pieces complementing each other in terms of colour and texture, the only thing missing being the pocket square. The choice on this one was rather easy: a dark blue would not have stood out from the dark, brown jacket, while a white one would have possibly meant too much contrast to the cardy and tie. All in all, red was the way to go and to add a focal point for the eyes (which means that you wear sth that helps the viewers´ eyes to settle upon), i chose to add one more different pattern (the checkes), being only slightly seen (hence the square fold). 

Does this explanation on “Why i wear what i wear” make any sense? If not, let me know. If yes, please indicate as well.