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Spotlight: NoHOURS

In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise and resurgence of a number of labels that made a big impact on streetwear, pushing what it could be and defining what it should be. Now as the industry and demand is at an all time high, special brands are continuing to emerge with new gear for style savvy enthusiasts.

Indie lifestyle brand NoHOURS is all about low-key branding and muted colors mixed with tongue-in-cheek graphic flair; creating what one could call a uniform for the creatively like-minded. Emotionally conscious pieces like the Cracks and Paradise tees juxtaposed with the brands romanticized rose motif showcase NoHOURS’ ability to blend references and offer an artistic take on urban streetwear.

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Photography: @adri_law

“Playful serenity, luminous ecru tones that glow. Sun kissed skin and dark bouncy coils, culottes and curly waist skirts to twirl around in. Delicately painted abstract faces on buttoned up shirts, billowy jumpsuits and airy low crotched trousers. Hand stitch embroidery on denim jackets + miki hats full of character.”

This is More Than A Color - Collection 7

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