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Swinging London.
Winter 1965 Men Fashion In London, on a boutique in Carnaby Street, three male models and Mike D'Abo of Manfred Mann in the red trews, presenting the masculine Mod fashion of the winter of 1965. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier, Paris Match


“Voyage de travers”

_est une série de photomontage ayant pour objectif la vente des produits présentés disponibles chez ESSAPMI à Lyon, comprenant une liste non exhaustive de vêtements, chaussures et d’accessoires de designer d’avant-garde pour la saison Printemps/Été 2017, mais surtout une idée d’arrangement vestimentaire.

Le concept est un lookbook de mode, vive critique contre le format carré, devenu symbole d’une hyper médiatisation de la personne par les réseaux d’Instagram, et la société de consommation dite “capitaliste” mis en exergue par les effets empruntés au glitch, qui est l’art d'esthétisation d'erreurs analogiques ou numériques, par corruption de codes ou de données ou manipulations d'appareils électroniques, et est interprété comme un blâme du capitalisme.

Le voyage exprimé par les paysages mis en décalage, est la volonté de sortir des idées reçues que la “mode” d’avant-garde ne cesse de promouvoir, et les couleurs rappelant les visions psychédéliques de certaines substances comme l’acide lysergique diéthylamide ou encore la psilocybine. Une tangente entre le rêve et la “réalité” qu’il est intéressant d’observer sous forme dichotomique: le voyage / la vue ; un endroit / un envers; la vie / l’avis; consomme / consume …

Ceci étant dit, ces images n’ont qu’un but commercial, donc toute cette mascarade artistique témoigne de notre temps libre.

_is a series of photomontages aimed at selling products presented at ESSAPMI in Lyon, including a non-exhaustive list of clothes, shoes and accessories from avant-garde designers for the Spring/Summer 2017 season, but above all an idea of ​​dress.

The concept is a fashion Lookbook, a sharp criticism of the square format, which has become a symbol of a hyper-mediatization of the person by Instagram’s networks and the so-called “capitalist” consumption society highlighted by the effects borrowed from the Glitch, which is the art of aestheticizing analog or digital errors, by corruption of codes or data or manipulation of electronic devices and is Interpreted as a blame of capitalism.

The journey expressed by the shaded landscapes is the desire to emerge from the preconceived notions that avant-garde “fashion” continues to promote, and colors recalling the psychedelic visions of certain substances such as lysergic acid diethylamide or Still psilocybin. A tangent between the dream and the “reality” that it is interesting to observe in a dichotomous form: le voyage / la vue; un endroit / un envers; la vie / l’avis; consomme / consume …

That being said, these images have only a commercial purpose, So all this artistic masquerade testifies to our free time.

APROPOS Concept Store is a luxury menswear boutique in Hamburg, designed by a Yellowtrace-favourite Rodolphe Parente and Benjamin Liatoud.

Author spotlight: DamnPene day 4

This day is a chance to rec other fic. Which is lovely and tough. I have chosen just three that stuck with me today. There are so many others by these authors and many more.

Before I Hit the Ground by @misqueue

This story is space opera and hurt-comfort and many things I love only if they’re done exceptionally well. It was the one WIP I waited for daily. It’s strikingly lovely and the way MQ builds a world makes it feel like you’re in it, not having it described to you. It has a weary, fierce, imperfect Kurt aching and fighting for a life and a warm, generous, imperfect Blaine, looking out for Kurt.

This is the first line and you can see how quickly and remarkably MQ weaves a world around you.

Kurt’s left knee twinges sharp as it takes his weight down to the floor of the hangar bay. The cryo-sickness is always worse coming back in off the Andromeda run because of the short turnaround. It’s three months there and back, but he feels aged three hundred years. It’ll take days to feel right again.

And Learn To See by Corinna @chiasmuslovesme

This is a delightful AU set in a menswear boutique with lots of delicious detail and grown-up romance. It’s smart and warm and full of crisp talented people who are adult enough to think they don’t believe in love. There are some heartbreaking moments and some sweet sweet moments that are all the more affecting because the writing is quick and calm.  

This is early in the piece and shows the careful humour and attention to detail alongside all the romantic potential of this story.

Sam is there on the couch drinking coffee, the way he often is when he’s not working. Kurt doesn’t mind; Sam’s a good guy, and it’s not like having a model hanging out at the store is bad for business. Angus is helping a customer by the ties. Kurt makes his own coffee, talks with Sam for a bit, and wanders back to the counter in time to see Angus ring up the customer’s purchases. Two bow ties and a pocket square, each a riot of color and pattern. The pocket square will work with either tie, for a man fashion-forward enough to risk it. Kurt finds himself impressed with the man’s taste.

“Good choices,” he says.

“Thanks,” says the man. He’s got on a madras jacket in blues and pinks and a green bowtie. His hair is brushed back in a ridiculous Cary Grant hairdo that emphasizes the gray coming in at his temples. He should look like a walking punchline, but it works. Maybe it’s the smile, or the clear bright brown eyes. “Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Kurt tries not to smile. “My name’s Kurt.”

To his credit, the customer understands his faux pas immediately. “Oh! Oh, wow, Mr. Hummel, wow. That’s embarrassing. I’m a big fan.”

In lieu of meta by @stultiloquentia

A tiny little piece of poetry with Adam watching Kurt and knowing he’ll lose him. It’s beautiful and true to young people and that kind of early prongs of love for someone you’ll never have.

Also it introduced me to stulti :)

He didn’t mean for you to get so invested. He isn’t used to being desired, knows what he looks like when he stands in front of a mirror, but has no idea what he’s like lit by late afternoon sunlight in a coffee shop, bashful grin and lowered eyelashes until he forgets himself and says something so mean and razorishly funny that it’s all you can do not to guffaw your chai right out your nose and into your lap.


Acte 1 - Bienvenu

Automne//Hiver 2015 

Le parquet craque, il est érodé. Fatigué des allées et venues provoquées par les tendances. Pourtant il s’apprête à accueillir une troupe singulière pour une nouvelle représentation. Ça débute avec une révérence. Le témoignage d’un égard particulier aux pièces baroques. Tous dansent autour de Trame. Par rejet pour le conformisme, ils préfèrent l’émotion, la perception. Les vêtements sont les acteurs de cette pièce. Ils promeuvent l’irrégularité et le paradoxe, une création complexe aux multiples facettes qui provoque l’illusion. L’illusion d’un monde idéal. La représentation théâtrale d’un univers poétique. Les scènes se jouent dans l’impasse animée du 7 rue du Plâtre. Ces comédiens si particuliers vous invitent à essayer. A vous mouvoir avec eux. Virevolter sur scène, admirer le rendu. N’est-ce pas orgastique?

in my mind i run a small but successful menswear boutique that also doubles as a cafe/lounge with luxe sofas and stocked bookshelves with a few close friends and we make frequent buying trips overseas during which we are wined and dined by various brand owners

Colourful Home in Spain

Owned by businessman Jaime Lacasa (interior stylist and owner of furniture and menswear boutique, Scooter & Jimmy’s Scooter). Filled with plenty of natural light and open space, this 3,229 square foot (300 square meters) apartment home is chalk full of bold colour, intriguing artwork and eclectic objects.

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Chrysalis - Chapter 24 (Complete)

Just after graduating from NYU, a car accident puts Blaine into a coma.  No one expects him to wake up.  Almost three years later, Kurt sees a man in a wheelchair who couldn’t be anyone else.  A story of love and new beginnings.


Klaine; 4200 words (68k total); A03.

Read from the beginning here.



Kurt tucked his cashmere scarf into the neck of his jacket as he walked down the street, shivering a little at the chill in the air.  Somehow the weather had changed recently from sunny fall days to crisp and chilly early winter without so much as a moment’s notice.  He made a note to himself to make sure that Blaine’s warmer clothes were down from the closet shelf – some of them could probably use a trip to the dry cleaner’s, after having been boxed up for so long.  Maybe he’d drag him out to go shopping this weekend, too; there was a menswear boutique Isabelle had suggested he check out that sounded promising.  Very little entertained Kurt more than dressing his gorgeous husband in fine clothes, and Blaine deserved a few new pieces.


Tonight they were having dinner again at the French bistro near their apartment – an excellent find, as far as Kurt was concerned.  The chef offered daily specials to keep the menu interesting, which had the additional effect of encouraging Kurt and Blaine to become regulars, often coming on Friday nights when Blaine usually didn’t have rehearsal.  Kurt smiled to himself, looking forward to seeing Blaine across the candlelit table, his lovely eyes sparkling in the light.  Sometimes he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have Blaine back; it made him want to throw salt over his shoulder, or make sure he didn’t step on any cracks, something to acknowledge the good fortune that had come their way.


Blaine had apparently needed to get some extra work done with Professor Lee before dinner tonight, and had asked Kurt to meet him at the restaurant instead of at home.  This was fine with Kurt, as it gave him time to finish up an assignment for Marie Claire.  He had worked out an arrangement with the magazine where he worked a flexible part-time schedule, so that he could start taking voice lessons again and, when he was ready, begin auditioning.  Kurt was finally letting himself feel how excited – and nervous – he was at the thought of returning to the stage, and he knew he had Blaine to thank for encouraging him.  Meeting Blaine later at the restaurant also gave him a chance to stop and buy Blaine a bunch of fall flowers, a flame colored bouquet of dark red roses and luscious orange and yellow lilies.  Even the most beautiful flowers couldn’t fully express how in love he was with his husband, but it never hurt to try.


Kurt checked his watch as he came around the corner.  He was right on time, but there was a good chance Blaine was there already, maybe seated at their favorite table in the back.  To Kurt’s surprise, however, as he approached the restaurant he could see Blaine standing outside, his cane in his hand and a wide grin on his face.  Blaine looked like something out of a fashion magazine, ridiculously gorgeous in his navy blue pea coat and a crimson scarf, his curls blowing in the wind, and Kurt’s heart nearly beat out of his chest at the sight of him.


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