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Wait why is Sarah j mass receiving so much hate right now??

Basically everyone is upset about their ships and they don’t want Sarah to mess up their perfect little head cannons. So you probably have noticed in the majority of ya books the main character has a love interest and once said love interest and the main character start dating, they become endgame and nothing can ever break them apart. Though love triangles try to make the romance interesting, it’s almost always obvious who the main character will end up with. However throughout the Throne of Glass series Aelin has been will more than just one or two guys.

Here’s the breakdown:

Assassin’s Blade - Sam Cortland

Throne of Glass - Dorian Havilliard

Crown of Midnight - Chaol Westfall

Heir of Fire - No one

Queen of Shadows - Rowan Whitethorn

Empire of Storms - Rowan(?)

Anyway the majority of people invested a lot of //feelings// and time into Dorian and Aelin, but in Crown of Midnight when Aelin and Chaol became a couple people were outraged because this doesn’t follow the typical ya formula. Like “How on earth can she date Chaol and not have any lingering feelings for Dorian?” or “Doraelin for life!!! She HAS to end up with Dorian because they are meant for each other!”. The same thing happened when Aelin starting dating Rowan and broke up with Chaol. The outrage in the fandom was unbelievable and you wouldn’t believe the shit I still see on my dash of people trying to tear down other people over their personal opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that does not mean they have the right to shit on other people because their opinion differs. 

These fans completely disrespect Sarah’s choices as the AUTHOR of the series. She has invested countless hours and didn’t choose off the top of her head to suddenly have Aelin date someone else. She knows her characters the best and knows that they are dynamic and what they wanted before is not necessary what the want now. ANYWAY this is Aelin’s story about reclaiming her throne, WE ARE NOT READING THE BACHELORETTE! This series has a lot more going for it besides the romance and most people are abandoning this series simply because Aelin isn’t with who they want her to be with. They don’t recognize that  Sarah will do whatever she wants with her characters and her story because THEY ARE HERS TO BEGIN WITH! We are allowed to disagree with the choices she makes as the author, but we have to right to jump in and try and tell her how her story should go.

Plus if people keep straight up dissing Sarah unabashedly, do they really think she will continue writing? Do you think she will enjoy writing when she already knows the backlash she will receive from her “fans”? The answer is no. Finally, if you are the type to send hate and try to ruin something as amazing as this series for other people, please don’t consider yourself a fan because you aren’t.

tldr: Sarah has written a series that completely destroyed the classic “one boy for life” equation that most books in her genre follow and people are upset because they forget that this is Aelin’s story of reclaiming her throne and not The Bachelorette.

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Does anyone wanna talk about what actually happened in the books so far? I’m tired of the drama and hate already and only like 10 people have the book anyways at this point in time. No poikers, just what has happened so far in the series.

Who’s rereading the series? Who hasn’t touched it since their first read through? What are we looking forward to figuring out about Aelin? What about Aedion? Meave? How about the Silent Assassins? Anyone or any event at all?