Recreational Witchcraft’s Essential Healing Salve Recipes

When it comes to healing salves, there are a couple kinds that prove their need most often. Though everyone has different preferences and different recipes for those salves, these are ours.

Sore Muscle Salve

  • 3 Parts Cloves
  • 2 Parts Arnica 
  • 4 Parts Cayenne Pepper 
  • 1 Part Basil

Bug Bite Salve

  • 3 Parts Calendula
  • 1 Part Plantain
  • 2 parts Cloves

Topical Menstrual Cramp Salve (To be applied to the abdomen)

  • 1 Part Rose
  • 2 Parts Clary Sage

Cut & Scrape Salve

  • 1 Part Comfrey
  • 2 Parts Calendula
  • 2 Parts Plantain

Need help getting started? See our Simple Salve recipe here.

surgery recovery analysis, week 1

-everyone does whatever i want and i’m abusing their good will. no regrets
-this includes but is not limited to making them fetch things for me, picking the food, and asking for starbucks
-GIFTS!!! including voltron lion toys, build-a-bear teddy, various flowers, clothing, makeup and food
-my sister decorates whatever room i’m in so it’s always a party
-no one calls me out when i’m being fussy
-i get to do embarassing shit like watch old shows and cry, and they’re not allowed to make fun of me
-i need to eat a lot of protein and i’m interpreting this as permission to eat whatever i want as long as they contain protein. i.e., ridiculous amount of sushi
-i get to lay in bed and read all day
-said bed is a rented hospital bed and it’s so much fun to play with the remote

-i still don’t have my ok to shower
-ITCHING!!!! i cant stress this enough. itchy stitches are the universes way of punishment for my wrongdoings
-given the chance i’d literally and physically fight surgical drains, i hate them with the passion of thousand suns. they hurt, they tug, they leak, they messy hoes
-sometimes i get this false confidence that i can do a thing and my body goes like “um. how dare u. here’s pain.”
-a comfortable sleeping position is a gift from the twelve greek gods and you must complete their rigorous trials to find it
-stiff muscles that refuses to relax, yikes. somewhere is bound to crack whenever i move
-as if surgery recovery wasn’t taxing enough my body decided it’d be fun if i had my period the same week. my uterus is formally invited to meet me in the pit
-fucking hell i’m bored

You spot the difference

So right here is this:

A toilet paper.

Nothing special right?

You wipe your ass with it

It doesn’t offend you right

Cause why would it

It’s an ordinary object you youse every day for your personal hyegine right. Nothing offensive. So if for example, you buy it in a store and carry it around the street you’re not embarrased. It’s just a toilet paper right. Everybody needs one. We don’t even wrap it up so much.

It’s usually pretty visible right.

Cause why would we cover it, we know we use it, it’s human right.

So let me ask you a question.

Why is THIS

So fucking


To show in public

the Diva Cup is a fucking godsend, like if youre tired of tampons and pads, or you want to be eco friendly, or you want to be more in tune with your period, or if you dont like the icky stuff they put in our tampons and pads then seriously seriously try it. And stick with it for a couple of cycles. The first three times i used it were a little messy but ive finally got it down and THANK ALL THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS cause 12 hours guys,,,, 12 HOURS

honestly tho im so lucky to have my dad in my life. he could have easily abandoned my sister & i just like our mom did. said fuck it and left us w/ family or the state but nah. since day one he’s worked his ass off for us and when i was a kid i really did resent the fact that he was always at work but looking back at it now, i wish i hadn’t gave him such a hassle. idk what id do without him. he’s always been there for me, whether it was helping me when i got my period for the first time and didn’t know what to do, all the way to helping me w/ my depression and anxiety. i just can’t wait until the day i can return the favor and hopefully maybe buy him a new car or even just help him out financially. 

So I just typed a huge post about how annoyingly irregular my menstrual cycle is since I stopped taking hormonal contraception a year ago and then I realised that I probably miscalculated and I’m not 5 days late at this moment but actually don’t have to expect my period until the day after tomorrow (if we’re going by the standard 28 day cycle).

Anyway… apart from me being unable to count and probably having to start a period calendar again, it has still been super irregular and that sucks big time.

EDIT: Does someone know a good period tracker app?

My 2 weeks in a pregnancy scare

After sex: 

During the week start feeling nauseous:

External image

“ahahaha~ probably just over ate or something”

So damn tired:

External image

“I have been working a lot this week”

Man Im so HUNGrY!:

External image

“Might as well enjoy it! I never have time to eat anyway ^^”

Owwww my boobs are sore:

External image

“My period is coming~ ugh”

/Watches tv/:

External image

“…t-the m-m-marathon?”

Tries to rationalize:

External image

“I know our method wasnt the safest, but we were on time with everything”

/sits and watches teen mom/ 16 & pregnant/:

External image

“I feel so sorry for these girls~ this will never be me~ ahaha”

/turns channel/:

External image


/hears something thats sounds EXACTLY like what im going through/:

External image

me: there’s no way im pregnant… not possible…. okay possible, but not to me…“

Goes to google:

External image

"oh my god im pregnant. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

/starts thinking about my life/:

External image

“I was only a sophmore in college. I’m almost finished…. what am i going to do about school… my mom is going to murder me… where can i find a job..what will their father say… where am i going to live? what what what what what what..”

/Has realization/: 

External image

“I can just take a pregnancy test! fucking duh!”

/takes pregnancy test/:

External image


/still has irrational fear of being pregnant/:

External image

“Sometimes those test are wrong… oh my god…”

/waiting for my period/:

“please hurry the fuck up…. omg”

/finally gets my period. A DAY EARLY/:





menstrual cups!:

/When I get off my period/:

“sex? ahahahaha!" 

What your menstrual cycle says about you!

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about the human menstrual cycle in comparison to that of the moon’s, and what it traditionally represents when you start your period at a certain time!
Apparently there are two common cycles; white and red.
A person on the white cycle ovulates with the full moon, and bleeds on the new moon. This is usually considered to be natures natural pattern.
People on the white cycle were said to be in perfect balance with the Earth’s fertile energy, and often displayed nurturing characteristics. Women on the white cycle were the “good mothers”.
A person on the red cycle bleeds with the full moon. I’m the past, it was super hush hush because it was associated with seduction, and the wielding of magic. This was considered evil, as it supposedly represent a lack of care for bearing children. Crazy! Now, some say it represents powerful healing abilities!
I’ve been asking my friends which cycle they lean towards and so far almost everyone is perfectly in sync with one or the other! I thought it would be fun to see which team everyone here is on! If you want, reblog with your team in the tags! Info for figuring out which cycle you might be more in sync with:
Most recent full moon: August 29th
Most recent new moon: August 14th

Pompadourable’s Guide to Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads!

What are they?

Cloth Pads are a cuter, eco-friendly and more comfortable alternative to disposable menstrual products like pads and tampons. 

What are they made of?

The materials used to make cloth pads can vary from maker to maker.  Typically they are made from soft, breathable fabric, such as fleece, flannel or OBV (organic bamboo velour), with an inner core to absorb and hold blood, sometimes made with layers of flannel or terrycloth. The wings used to connect them to your underwear can have fasteners such as velcro, buttons, snaps, or just a safety pin. Cloth pads are perfect for people with sensitive skin, or who don’t want to be exposed to the chemicals and plastics that can be found in disposable menstrual products.

One of the MANY advantages of Cloth Pads is the wide array of designs you can get on them. Psychologically, it can be a real bummer to go to the bathroom, only to be faced with a bloody massacre in your underwear. With cloth pads, you can get ALL KINDS of way more cheerful designs, from pretty, intricate patterns, to dinosaurs, cupcakes, superheroes and galaxies, to just plain colorful.

How long do they last?

In the long run, cloth pads can last for up to 5 years or more with proper care.

In the short run, it depends on your flow, and the size of the pad you are wearing. Speaking from personal experience, cloth pads can last a lot longer than disposable pads. If you have a very light flow, you may only need to wear one pad a day. If you flow is very heavy, you may have to change your pad two or three times.  But in general, cloth pads can hold a lot more liquid than disposables, and have to be changed less often.

Where can I buy them?

Cloth pads are difficult to find commercially, so it’s best to order them online through artisanal purveyors on handmade websites such as Etsy. You can also google the term “reusable cloth menstrual pads” for more options. 

What size should I get? How many should I get?

Cloth Pads come in different sizes, just like disposable pads do. The sizes range from “Panty Liners”, Light, Regular, Heavy/Overnight and Postpartum.

You can get an assortment of different sizes, or get sets of all the same size. If you know you typically have heavy periods, it may be a good idea to invest in some Heavy/Overnight pads. Personally, I only ever need a set of regular size cloth pads, as they work well for both light, regular AND heavy days.

As for how many, try to base it on how many days your period lasts, and how often you think you would need to change them. Think about how many pads or tampons you already use, and take into consideration that cloth pads can hold more liquid for longer.

Once I have them, how do I care for them?

Caring for your Cloth Pads can be as easy as throwing them in the washing machine with your delicates after your period.  But to get the most out of your cloth pads, some extra steps can really help prolong their lifespan.

After you take off your pad, pour a little hydrogen peroxide onto them, let it pull most of the blood from the core, and then run cold water over them until the water runs clear. Then soak them in cold water with a little bit of baking soda in the sink. Just like if you accidentally stained your underwear. This will help remove most of the blood from the core of the pad.

While they are still damp, put them in the washing machine with the rest of your delicate clothing. You can add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash. This will help with odor, as well as bacterial growth.  Fabric softener is not recommended.  Use a detergent that won’t irritate your skin.

After the wash, you can put them in the dryer on the delicate setting with the rest of your clothes. However, if you leave them out to dry in direct sunlight, this can help with any staining that may occur on the fabric.

What if I need to change my pad while I’m away from home?

Most purveyors of cloth pads also offer items called “wet bags”, which are bags lined with waterproof material (plastic, polyurethane laminate, etc), and can be used to hold your used pad in your purse, bag or backpack until you get home. In most cases, they can have cool designs on the outside of them as well, so they remain inconspicuous. I would like to mention, because cloth pads hold more liquid anyway, it is VERY UNLIKELY you’ll ever have to change your pad away from home, like at work or school, unless it’s an unusual circumstance. Better safe than sorry though!

You mentioned they were eco-friendly?

That’s right! Because Cloth Pads are reusable, and can have a useable lifespan of over 5 years, they are WAY better for the environment than disposable pads and tampons, which fill up landfills and dumps just as bad as disposable diapers do.

This also makes them very wallet friendly. Though a set of pads can seem expensive upfront, just think of all the money you will be saving, not having to buy disposable pads and tampons every other month. You buy reusable cloth pads once, and they will literally last you for years.