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As a trans man, as much as I hate my genitalia, id /much/ prefer to be referred to as 'people with vaginas' or 'people who mensturate' than 'biologically female people'

Of course. I know quite a few people that feel the same way. That is why I am not comfortable with referring to trans men as “biologically female”. I do not want to be disrespectful.

To my other anon, “people with vaginas” made sound disrespectful, but I just want to be inclusive.


Pompadourable’s Guide to Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads!

What are they?

Cloth Pads are a cuter, eco-friendly and more comfortable alternative to disposable menstrual products like pads and tampons. 

What are they made of?

The materials used to make cloth pads can vary from maker to maker.  Typically they are made from soft, breathable fabric, such as fleece, flannel or OBV (organic bamboo velour), with an inner core to absorb and hold blood, sometimes made with layers of flannel or terrycloth. The wings used to connect them to your underwear can have fasteners such as velcro, buttons, snaps, or just a safety pin. Cloth pads are perfect for people with sensitive skin, or who don’t want to be exposed to the chemicals and plastics that can be found in disposable menstrual products.

One of the MANY advantages of Cloth Pads is the wide array of designs you can get on them. Psychologically, it can be a real bummer to go to the bathroom, only to be faced with a bloody massacre in your underwear. With cloth pads, you can get ALL KINDS of way more cheerful designs, from pretty, intricate patterns, to dinosaurs, cupcakes, superheroes and galaxies, to just plain colorful.

How long do they last?

In the long run, cloth pads can last for up to 5 years or more with proper care.

In the short run, it depends on your flow, and the size of the pad you are wearing. Speaking from personal experience, cloth pads can last a lot longer than disposable pads. If you have a very light flow, you may only need to wear one pad a day. If you flow is very heavy, you may have to change your pad once or twice.  But in general, cloth pads can hold a lot more liquid than disposables, and have to be changed less often.

Where can I buy them?

Cloth pads are difficult to find commercially, so it’s best to order them online through artisanal purveyors on handmade websites such as Etsy. You can also google the term “reusable cloth menstrual pads” for more options.  If you would like a personal recommendation, I’ve had great experiences with Happy Moon Pads on Etsy.

What size should I get? How many should I get?

Cloth Pads come in different sizes, just like disposable pads do. The sizes range from “Panty Liners”, Light, Regular, Heavy/Overnight and Postpartum.

You can get an assortment of different sizes, or get sets of all the same size. If you know you typically have heavy periods, it may be a good idea to invest in some Heavy/Overnight pads. Personally, I only ever need a set of regular size cloth pads, as they work well for both light, regular AND heavy days.

As for how many, try to base it on how many days your period lasts. If your period usually lasts 5 days, 6 or 7 pads will work just fine. As I mentioned before, they last a lot longer than disposable pads.

Once I have them, how do I care for them?

Caring for your Cloth Pads can be as easy as throwing them in the washing machine with your delicates after your period.  But to get the most out of your cloth pads, some extra steps can really help prolong their lifespan.

After you take off your pad, run cold water over them, and then soak them in cold water with a little bit of baking soda. Just like if you accidentally stained your underwear. This will help remove most of the blood from the core of the pad.

While they are still damp, put them in the washing machine with the rest of your delicate clothing. You can add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the wash. This will help with odor, as well as bacterial growth.  Fabric softener is not recommended.  Use a detergent that won’t irritate your skin.

After the wash, you can put them in the dryer on the delicate setting with the rest of your clothes. However, if you leave them out to dry in direct sunlight, this can help with any staining that may occur on the fabric.

What if I need to change my pad while I’m away from home?

Most purveyors of cloth pads also offer items called “wet bags”, which are bags lined with waterproof material (plastic, polyurethane laminate, etc), and can be used to hold your used pad in your purse, bag or backpack until you get home. In most cases, they can have cool designs on the outside of them as well, so they remain inconspicuous. I would like to mention, because cloth pads hold more liquid anyway, it is VERY UNLIKELY you’ll ever have to change your pad away from home, like at work or school, unless it’s an unusual circumstance. Better safe than sorry though!

You mentioned they were eco-friendly?

That’s right! Because Cloth Pads are reusable, and can have a useable lifespan of over 5 years, they are WAY better for the environment than disposable pads and tampons, which fill up landfills and dumps just as bad as disposable diapers do.

This also makes them very wallet friendly. Though a set of pads can seem expensive upfront, just think of all the money you will be saving, not having to buy disposable pads and tampons every other month. You buy reusable cloth pads once, and they will literally last you for years.

Well, seeing as how I don’t have that ability, and suspecting that any questioning of the 2 females in the group of 5 about this subject would have likely been met with some raised eyebrows, I can’t say that I’m too much of an expert on this subject.

However, what I can guess is that, yes, anything paper-like was probably burned, or the ladies may have opted for something like the DivaCup which can be washed after use. Although, all of our water came from a beaver pond, which meant that maybe they would have wanted to get purified water which meant either pumping with a hand-held device or boiling the water.

If any ladies want to chime in, here’s your chance.


Crystal of the Day: Bloodstone

July 27, 2015

This stone was believed to be at the foot of the cross that Jesus was crucified on, and that his blood dripped onto it (hence the name). It creates tranquility and promotes peace. It’s great to revitalize energy that is being drained or lost. Carry it with you on a long day to keep you energized.  It represents courage and helps achieve it. It acts to help remove obsticales and promotes wealth. It’s a prosperity stone and helps with good luck.

Healing attributes:

  • Helps with circulation issues
  • Neutralizes toxins
  • helps with menstural cramps
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Protects against nightmares

Source source

My friends who menstruate, I have something cool for you! Menstrual cups are environmentally-friendly and body-friendly reusable menstrual products, but sometimes, they can be a bit expensive. Good news: I just received my Lena cup in the mail and was given a 15% off to share with my friends! Click here for 15% off an already excellently priced tampon/pad alternative:

I’ve always been quite the curious one.
In the fifth grade I conducted my first experiment.
I would wear my period stained panties to school once a week for a month, and each day I did I got more attention from my male friends than the days I didn’t wear them.

That month when I started my period I got asked out by three different boys.

My sister said to me, “oh my God, are you still on the toilet, what are you even doing?”

And I said, “I am seriously not moving until my period is over, so get used to using the downstairs bathroom because I am going to be up here for the next three days bleeding and perusing the internet.”

And then she said, “yeah right, you have pilates tomorrow.”

And this post is obviously a metaphor for my life.

Crystal of the Day: Citrine

July 19, 2015

Citrine is a very powerful healer. It creates optimism and helps make desicions, especially for business. Called the “merchant stone”, it aids in any businesses and should be kept in the cash register. Not only does it increase self esteem, but it shields from others’ negative, abusive energy. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. It strengthens your creative energies and opens us up to constructive criticism, and is an extremely positive stone.

Healing Properties:

  • Promotes physical activity
  • aids in digestion
  • works well to calm PMS/menstural cramps
  • detoxifies blood
  • Aids in chronic fatigue

source source

[caption: a screenshot of two tumblr posts. 

the first reads “HOLY SHIT MAYBE FOR ONCE SOMEBODY COULD TALK ABOUT THE HORRORS OF PERIODS WITHOUT BEING CISSEXIST?????? “This is an attack on all men” ok but consider this: I am a man and I get a period. So maybe just MAYBE you could sit the fuck down for a minute, thanks. Sincerely, every single trans boy who is tired of your shit.” 

the second is a picture of a person with short black hair, with the caption “How modern women do periods.” There is smaller text underneath which reads “PERIOD-PROOF UNDERWEAR THAT PROTECTS YOU FROM LEAKS AND KEEPS YOU FEELING DRY.”]

Womens IP in relation to menstural pain 2.0
Online survey BOS


Beth, a masters student is currently conducting research in attitudes towards menstrual pain.

The research is to investigate a woman’s attitudes towards pain, and her perceived injustice of such pain, i.e., does she feel any sense of unfairness.
The study is totally novel and unique, and it will be the first time this injustice of pain measure has been applied to this sort of pain – it is usually applied to people who have been involved in accidents, however, parallels can be drawn, because menstrual pain is obviously not a pain that is self-caused.

It would be much appreciated if you can complete and reblog this study, lets get her some results!

- NW Nurse

can we pleeeeease stop ridiculing and flaming on guys when they ask stuff about periods or other biological female stuff? like they can’t help if they want to know stuff they’ve never learned and if they ask, it’s just information. and it’s not like it’s something a guy knows about all the time since he might not even experienced it himself. so please, please, PLEASE stop hating on guys when they’re just asking about stuff they don’t even know about.

Why can't periods just last like one hour?..

Like why can’t it all just gush out over the course of an hour? What’s the point of having them for a whole week. Like i’d much rather have to call into work and be like “hey im comming in an hour later, my period is gushing right now.”

Like wtf, mother nature stop draggin’ it out. Do what u have to do, and get the fck on!

This makes perfect sense to me right now… but then again I could just be delerious and need to go to bed…