Hi! I’m working on my midterm paper about cultural perceptions of menstruation and how periods affect people’s lives. I want to interview a few people. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about your experience with menstruation, please message me! Everything will be kept totally private, I promise.

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Help make a difference in someone life with this small gesture that really means a lot

Had my first appointment with Julie Dybbro today. She seems chill and nice, and even said the binary gender system sucks. She asked me basic questions, told me about informed consent for T, and asked that I get a recommendation letter from my old therapist. She gave me a lab sheet so I can go get my blood drawn around the 20th day of my menstrual cycle. Made a follow-up appointment with her a month from today. I’m excited!

Why does getting your period have to be a secret??? Like why do they teach girls to “put extra pads in a secret pocket of your bag”… when literally all females have to go through it every month… Is this a big secret? Is the male population too sensitive to know that we menstruate? Why is it so shameful and what are they afraid of? I’ll keep my pads and tampons wherever I damn well please. 

I refuse to let my period be the “dirty little secret” that society seems to demand of me. While it’s no picnic, it’s a normal and necessary part of the human life cycle and without it, we’re toast folks!!! No one’s asking you to love it (who does?!), just stop treating people who menstruate like they are gross, bad, and dirty — pls & ty!!!

Give homeless shelters pads and tampons.

There is a desperate need for pads/tampons for menstruating homeless people. They are not often thought of and keeping clean during this time is not only vital for ones comfort but also for their health. Staying clean cuts down on the chances of infection. 

Sugary drinks may cause menstruation to start earlier, study suggests

Sugary drinks may be causing girls to start menstruating earlier, research suggests. A study of girls aged nine to 14 found that those averaging more than 1.5 sugar-sweetened beverages a day had their first period 2.7 months earlier than those consuming two a week or fewer.

The difference of a few months is not great, but the researchers say it may be significant because earlier onset menstrual periods are among the factors contributing to an increased risk of breast cancer later in life. However, one expert said the small change may not be hugely biologically relevant.

Sugary drinks are widely thought to be contributing to childhood obesity, which is already known to be a factor in earlier onset of menstruation.

The lead researcher in the US study, Dr Karin Michels, of Harvard Medical School, said: “Our study adds to increasing concern about the widespread consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks among children and adolescents in the US and elsewhere. The main concern is about childhood obesity, but our study suggests that age of first menstruation (menarche) occurred earlier, independently of body mass index, among girls with the highest consumption of drinks sweetened with added sugar.

Tennis star breaks the “last taboo” in sports and proves women, are in fact, humans too

While you were paying attention to “Twirlgate” last week, a bigger story was unfolding at the Australian Open.

Britain’s top-ranked women’s tennis player, Heather Watson, broke the “last taboo” for women in sports — by mentioning her period. After the 22-year-old lost her first-round match Tuesday, during which time she called for a doctor, she said she was suffering from “girl things” — that is, menstrual side effects like light-headedness, nausea and feeling “low on energy.”

Why that’s such a big deal

Dear all vagina owners, let me tell you about a thing...

There is a magical alternative to using tampons or pads called a MENSTRUAL CUP! If you have already heard of it great, you can stop reading now. But if you were like me and you have never heard of it before please carry on reading because this could change your life.

A menstrual cup is a safer, more hygienic, more practical, and (for me) just a much better way of dealing with periods. They look like this

and there are a whole bunch of different brands/sizes/colours. They are usually made of medical grade silicone and you insert them into your vagina during your period. The blood collects in the cup which you then empty into the toilet and rinse out your cup.

I will now list the benefits of this little miracle worker:

1) They are hygienic, there is no risk of TSS since they are made of medical grade silicone.

2) They also hold a lot more fluid than tampons do. This, as well as the fact that they are hygienic, means that you can leave them in for up to 12 hours!! (depending on how heavy your flow is)

3) They also don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that pads and tampons have in them, so they are kinder to you body. Some people claim that wearing a menstrual cup actually makes their period a lot shorter because the body isn’t absorbing any chemicals and makes them have less painful cramps.

3) You only need one, for the rest of life! This means they are cheaper and you never run out, like you would with tampons or pads, because it is reusable. The only time you would need to replace it is if it started to break/tear (or if you bought a bio-degradable one which you need to replace every 10 years)

4) They are better for the environment as they are reusable, so you don’t throw away as much. And you can even get bio-degradable ones which will break down in the environment, unlike tampon or pads which come in plastic wrappers.

You may think these little guys look a bit intimidating, I know I sure did when I first heard about them. I thought, how the heck am I going to get that up my vagina? But do not worry my friends because once you get the hang of them it is very easy to insert and remove them.

This video is really helpful and shows a bunch of different folds. I personally use the origami fold as it seems to work best for me. Inserting it and removing it does take a few tries to get right and you can try the different folds, but it is really worth persevering!

I would also recommend this girl’s youtube channel, called PRECIOUS STARS PADS as she sells reusable pads as well as menstrual cups and is very knowledgeable about alternative sanitary products.

Sorry for taking up such a large space on your dash board, but I think it is important that vagina-owners are aware of all the possible options for their bodies, and since I had never heard of it I thought I would try to spread the knowledge as much as I could, even if it is only seen by a few people.