menstrual heating pads

My girlfriend found this about 6 weeks ago, unfortunately right AFTER her time of the month passed. So when it came again, I dug this out of my likes and asked her to test it out. She shared it with a couple of friends, and the feedback from all three was exactly the same.

“This really works. It’s not my favorite method, and it is hard to beat the effectiveness of drugs or a heating pad, but it really comes in handy when like you’re in the middle of class, or you’re just in a situation where there’s nothing you can do. Then it’s a really good time to use the pressure point method.”

Tips for littles who menstruate

Hello girls and boys and others who are cursed with the monthly monster! Have you ever been in little space and gone to the bathroom and BAM, completely ruined by this grown up thing your body is doing? Never fear Moon Princess is here to talk about the glories of : 

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Period Hacks

Ladies and gentlemen (if you have a uterus), I present to you some ways to help with period cramps:

• lots of water
• dark chocolate
• warm water (bath or shower)
• heating pad
• menstrual medication
• putting pressure on the worse areas (must have someone else do it so you can relax)
• exercise
• masturbation