At the mention of the word “period”, I watch him pale and look away. At this I wonder, when did the world become such a place that men are embarrassed by the most natural function of a womb, when they had once called a womb home.
—  Nikita Gill, Period

Our menstrual cycle isn’t designed to be miserable. Periods should be without incident every 28 days without fail, shutting off by day 5, lasting no longer than 6 days, with a peak at day three, with a light to moderate flow. If this isn’t happening to you, then your estrogen is too low and you need to get it up and cycled properly.

PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and Endometriosis are all estrogen deficiency diseases and will go away once the estrogen deficiency issue is addressed. If your practitioner keeps telling you it’s “normal” and prescribes you something to treat the symptoms, find another practitioner who will take this seriously.

PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and Endometriosis may be normal but they don’t have to be.

I Tried Free Bleeding Into Period Panties and This Is What Happened

When I heard that there was a brand of underwear called Thinx that absorbs period blood, I knew I had to try them.

Thinx sent me three pairs to try out: the Hiphugger, a low-rise and full-coverage style for heavy days; the Sport, a classic bikini style for medium days; and the Cheeky, a skimpier style for light days. As soon as I took them out of the package, I was skeptical. The panties felt too … normal. Where was the diaper-like insert? Nowhere to be found. In fact, the crotch (black, of course) was more like that of a bathing suit. Plus, they didn’t look like granny panties — they’re actually pretty cute!

Day One

I got my period while at the office late in the afternoon and didn’t have my Thinx with me. Fail! Luckily, my first day is often super light. I popped on a panty liner and went about my day and wore a light-day pad to bed. The true test would have to wait until tomorrow, aka my heaviest flow day.

Day Two

Thinx leaves it up to you how you want to wear the undies. Basically, the heavy-day style holds up to two tampons worth of blood. Only you know your flow, so you can wear them as a backup to pads, tampons, or cups, or you can wear them on their own. My period can be pretty heavy on the second day (I change my pad about two to three times), so I decided to wear the Hiphuggers with a light pad as backup.

A few hours into the day, I decided to go all in and removed the pad. I was nervous AF, but I was wearing black pants; I figured the worst that could happen would be I leak a little. But guess what? NO LEAKS, which is crazy because you still feel the blood coming out of you, you just don’t see it anywhere.

The crotch wasn’t wet at all, and it didn’t feel full or saggy.

Right before bed, I followed the directions and rinsed out my Thinx undies. Weirdly, blood didn’t come rushing out like I was expecting. The water was a little darker, sure, but nothing too intense. I hand-washed with Woolite and cold water, hung them to dry, and cried aloud, “WHERE DID ALL OF THE BLOOD GO? WHERE?”

The skies didn’t answer, so I did a little research: There are four super-thin micro-layers at work to absorb the blood. Thinx’s fancy technology makes them not only leak-resistant, but also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. You feel dry because the top of the four layers quickly wicks away liquid into the absorption pad layer underneath.

Still, I had days to go and only two dry pairs, so I went to bed in regular underwear with a pad. This is where it gets a little tricky: You definitely need a collection of Thinx if you want to wear them every day like I did, because there’s the daytime, the nighttime, and the rinsing in between to think about.

Day Three

I had planned on wearing the same Hiphugger pair because my day three flow is still pretty heavy, but they weren’t dry yet, so I opted for the Sport style. This was the Saturday before Easter, and I was traveling to see my family in Philadelphia by train. There was no option to change my clothes for hours so I crossed my fingers that the panties would hold up on a day when I usually go through one to two pads. And they did. Completely! By the time I got to my grandmother’s house a few hours later, I still felt totally dry. I actually forgot that I had my period for a few minutes. Crazy!

There was a bit of an icky moment though. You know how not everything that comes out of you is totally liquid? It’s normal to have some clots that come out, which is why blood sometimes looks clumpy. There was a small amount of that on the crotch of my underwear so I just wiped it off with toilet paper. Problem solved.

I actually felt like I could wear this pair to bed because they felt so clean, but … couldn’t. Instead, I washed them, hung them up to dry, and went to bed wearing my third pair, the Cheeky. I don’t bleed much at night, but if I did, I would’ve just added a pad.

Day Four

This is my medium-to-light day, so you’d think I’d be super confident by now, waking up and sticking with my Cheeky pair. But it was Easter, and I was wearing a pastel-blue dress without tights to brunch with 20 of my family members and about 100 strangers. There could be no leaks! I went to the bathroom to check on them more I had on heavier days and was leak-free each time.

That night, I went commando to bed. Call me a risk taker, but like I said, I don’t bleed much overnight, especially on day four.

Day Five

I was out of underwear so I wore the Hiphuggers again. Though this was my lightest day, I didn’t mind wearing them at all because they’re so undiaper-y. My train ride back to NYC was a total success!

Final Thoughts

I’m officially Thinx-obsessed. They just worked for me. I didn’t have to stress about having supplies with me or worry that I’d kept a tampon in for too long. I really only thought about my period in the morning and before bed, and not much else during the day. I also felt less wasteful because I wasn’t throwing out pads and tampons. Yay, environment!

The undies made me feel more confident too. I’m usually wearing loose clothes on heavy days since I’m worried you can see the line of a pad. But I felt great in my tight pants and spring dress. Yes, $34 is a lot for a pair of underwear, but it’s worth it to me because it makes my period so much less of a hassle. I’ll be buying the thong and high-waisted styles for sure. Having your period is not fun for anyone, so #TreatYourself, right?

by Seventeen

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Practical Magic @ the New Moon | September 20, 2017

Tune into the practical magic of the New Moon, September 20, 2017. This New Moon is the moon that teaches us to help others, do impeccable work and prioritize the well-being of ourselves. During this Moon you may feel the energy of the New Moon dominating your body with the brain chemical Acetylcholine. This means you could find yourselves getting divine downloads of new ideas, new projects and new opportunities lighting up your inner helper-healer.

want to eat in tune with your menstrual cycle? follow yourcycleyourfood

the Diva Cup is a fucking godsend, like if youre tired of tampons and pads, or you want to be eco friendly, or you want to be more in tune with your period, or if you dont like the icky stuff they put in our tampons and pads then seriously seriously try it. And stick with it for a couple of cycles. The first three times i used it were a little messy but ive finally got it down and THANK ALL THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS cause 12 hours guys,,,, 12 HOURS

Ayurvedic Advice for a Happy Menstruation

Ayurveda says that bleeding every month gives us a distinct advantage over men, and it’s probably why we live longer than they do. It sounds weird, I know, but that’s because Ayurveda believes that your monthly is much more than a way to shed the ol’ uterine lining.

Think of it as a built-in detox cleanse that you get to do every 25 to 35 days, one in which all the toxins— the sticky, icky stuff Ayurveda calls ama— that have accumulated during the month get a free ride out. These toxins can come from anything your body hasn’t digested— bad food, stress at work or at home, even any emotions you’ve shoved down.

Of course, if you’ve taken good care of yourself all month long, your body should have a pretty easy time self-cleansing. But if you’ve pigged out on junk food, hit the Red Bull a little too hard, functioned with barely any sleep, skipped out on your usual yoga classes, or failed to deal with hurt or angry feelings that cropped up, guess what? It’ll be a drag later on in the month.

Add these if they speak to you!

1. Focus on your breath on Day 1

While you’re taking it easy on the first day of your period, your body is working really hard to move the menstrual blood (and all the toxins it finds) down and out.

You can help it along by focusing on soothing, conscious breaths, with a special emphasis on the exhale.

This type of breathing will encourage what yogis call the apana vayu— the downward-moving wind energy. Apana vayu (a type of prana, or life force) not only governs menstruation and digestion, but it also allows us to let go of what no longer serves us— destructive thoughts or negative emotions.

2. Be selfish

The first day or two should be a time for reflection. This is a perfect opportunity to do a loving-kindness toward yourself, your family, and your friends. It can really help dislodge you from the poor-me attitude your cycle has unleashed.

Focusing on your basic goodness— after all, you’re beautiful just the way you are— turn it inward and then toward the people you love (even if you’re not feeling all that loving toward them right now!).

Here’s how:

Sit down comfortably either on a cushion or in a chair. Close your eyes and allow your breath to find its natural rhythm. And then turn your attention to the area around your heart.

Breathing in and out of your heart space, repeat the following several times to yourself:

Loving-Kindness Meditation:

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I be free from harm.

And now visualize someone in your family, and repeat

May s/ he be happy,
May s/ he be healthy,
May s/ he be free from harm.

Repeat the same meditation/ prayer with one of your close friends in your heart.

3. Give yourself an Ayurvedic massage

Begin your massage with a loving attitude— toward your body and your mind— and focus your awareness on the task at hand.

Warm some sesame, almond, or coconut oil and massage a thin coating over your whole body.

Use long strokes on your arms and legs— moving from the tips of the toes and fingers in toward the body— and circular movements on your joints.

Let the oil soak in and then shower in warm water. No need for soap. If you want to feel even more luxurious and rejuvenated, massage some of the warm oil into your scalp, onto your forehead and temples, and the soles of your feet just before bed. Throw on a pair of cotton socks and call it a night.

via Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

want to eat in tune with your menstrual cycle? follow yourcycleyourfood

Intense Menstrual Cramps? Try These Out!

As someone who has PCOS, I have experienced years of excruciating menstrual cramping, and just unbearable periods. With that in mind, I have tried numerous products and remedies to find out what would ease the pain, and let me function a little bit better throughout the day. So I wanted to share what has worked really well for me.

Enzymatic Therapy Aunt Flo™ Cramp Relax

This has become a must-have in my household, and I will never be without it because I stay stocked up on this product. While on vacation, I couldn’t do anything because of how much pain and discomfort I was in, but a trip to the health store, and I discovered Aunt Flo Cramp Relax. After taking two pills, I felt relief within an hour! During my periods, espcially when I am in pain, I become tense, but this actually relaxed me. Now it is a product I recommend to anyone who deals with menstrual cramping!

This product contains a calcium and magnesium for cramp relief, but also a blend of cramp bark and dill, both used traditionally to sooth menstrual cramps. It also contains L-theanine which reduces irritability and muscle tension, dandelion to fight bloating, vitamin B12 to boost energy,and ashwagandha to support the body’s natural anti-stress abilities.


In the morning, and in the evening, I dab Lunablend to my wrists for some PMS relief, and to de-stress. Occasionally I’ll add it to a bath for a treat to the senses, body, and mind. I enjoy the blend of aromas, and it’s small enough to be tucked away in my tote bag throughout the day.

Lunablend is a blend of orange, lavender, and geranium essential oils, in a base of jojoba oil and vitamin E. It can be applied directly to skin, or a few drops added in the bath to, “help remind you of the goddess that you truly are.” according to Lunapads, or to relieve cramps. It’s an interesting combination of scents, but soothing. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is one of the longest-used medicinal herbs known, and it has many benefits from menstrual cramp relief, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory. I remember the first time my grandmother brewed me a cup of chamomile, and all I can remember is that I thought it was such a soothing tea. It not only ease my cramps, but it helped me relax enough to sleep throughout the night. 

This tea is calming and pleasant. It can reduce muscle spasms throughout the body, such as the wall of uterus during menstruation It has gentle sedative effects while encouraging your body to relax! It truly is an all-around herb for physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

Ginger Tea

Despite the spicy flavor, this tea is soothing, and has many benefits that include wading off colds, soothing aches, and encouraging good digestion. It took me a few cups of ginger tea to get past the spicy zing, but it was fragrant, and comforting. I prefer making homemade ginger tea– all you need is fresh ginger, filtered water, raw honey, and lemon juice! You can even add in cinnamon, mint, or chamomile flowers, or extra flavor. Although, you can buy it in the store, too. It can be quite potent for some, so make sure to adjust it to your liking.

Besides cramping, what is one other symptom that many can relate to? If you said nausea, then you’re correct! Ginger tea is a fantastic remedy for nausea, and can be sipped throughout the day for relief. Ginger contains a natural anti-inflammatory called ‘gingerol, which can help for menstrual cramps, and muscle aches that are quite common during menstruation. 

Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

Before the thought of heating pad on my lower stomach made me cringe because it actually made my pain worse! However, after trying again–this time with damp cloth heated in the microwave–I found it my aching lower stomach to be at ease.

To soothe contracting muscles, and aches, apply heat to the area. Whether you are using a heating pad or hot water bottle, it can not only soothe the pain, but help you relax, and ease tension.

Soak in the Bath

If you are one who is OK with stepping into the bath and soaking during your menstrual cycle, you’ll notice that it can not only be relaxing, but bring quite a bit of relief! My menstrual cramping begins a week prior to my period, so I take that time to enjoy a hot bath to calm my tense muscles, and sooth any body aches. Mineral salt included for the extra benefits.

Lavender and chamomile oils are great for that added relief and relaxation, but make sure to use them safely, and properly.