ó ió ció áció 

(feltenném a magamnak a kérdést, hogy mi ez a menstruáció-fixáció nálam, de nem teszem fel, mert egyértelmű, hogy így dolgozom fel a tényt, hogy havonta egyszer tűrhetetlen kínok közt elvérzek)

“Emilie Autumn: Opheliac era” sentence meme

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  • “Filthy Victorians, they made me what I’m made of.”
  • “I’ve been so disillusioned.”
  • “Wouldn’t they stop when you asked them to leave you alone?”
  • “Go on and show them who you really are.”
  • “Whether I swim or sink, that’s no concern of yours now.”
  • “I pay for your silence…”
  • “Can you believe what they’ve done to you?”
  • “If I’m going down, then I’m going the prettiest wretched whore you’ve ever seen.”
  • “This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.”
  • “Then I break a glass and I slit my own innermost thigh so that I can pretend that I’m menstru…well, unavailable.”
  • “Won’t you lend me your protection and help me?”
  • “You made me what I am today; a bundle of broken nerves, a mouthful of words I’m still afraid to say.”
  • “You think I’m bluffing? Just try me.”
  • “God help me.”
  • “I know the sickening thoughts that slither around your head.”
  • “This room’s gonna be my grave, and there’s no one who can save me.”
  • “I want to show you all the beauty you don’t even know you hold.”
  • “When master’s displeased I’ll be down on my knees again.”
  • “To say I do this for the people, I admit, is hardly true.”
  • “You’ve given me a reason to let it die.”
  • “You’re so easy to read, but the book is boring me.”
  • “I think my ego would fall right through the cracks in the floor if I couldn’t count on men to slap my ass anymore.”
  • “I’ll hide my behavior with wine as my savior.”
  • “That doesn’t compare to what I do to myself when you’re not there.”
  • “Don’t think no one understands, it happens every day.”
  • “Why live a lie?”
  • “How did your father die? Was he a good man?”
  • “You were never able to keep me breathing as the water rises up again.”
  • “You should be killed by an army of little girls.”
  • “It’s a simple excuse for a complex crime.”
  • “If I had a dollar for every time I repented the sin and commit the same crime, I’d be sitting on top of the world today.”
  • “I want my innocence back.”
  • “What beautiful dresses and hair!”
  • “Everyone else can watch as their dreams untie, so why can’t I?”
  • “You know the games I play and the words I say when I want my own way.”
  • “Dead is the new alive.”
  • “I’m truly privilaged to look this good without clothes on.”
  • “I’m hurting you for your own good.”
  • “My faith in this world is a bottle of nothing.”
  • “Why live a life that’s painted with pity and sadness and strife?”
  • “I don’t see how I can live this way.”
  • “I’ll tell the truth; all of my songs are pretty much the fucking same.”
  • “You’ll suffer for this, I swear.”
  • “I self medicate with tea.”
  • “I know your tainted flesh, I know your filthy soul, I know each trick you played.”
  • “Morality plays on stages of sin.”
  • “I only gave you the chance to prove the rumours true, and now I’m paying with my life.”
  • “Pray for me, if you dare.”
  • “I’ll die before I’m old.”
  • “I’m open to attack, but I don’t want to hurt you.”
  • “You wanted someone to understand you– well, be careful what you wish, for because I do.”
  • “I want to mix our blood and put it in the ground, so you can never leave.”
  • “You poor pathetic paranoid.”
  • “Thank God I’m pretty!”
  • “Misery loves company and company loves more.”
  • “It’s not the way I want to be.”
  • “Is it just me or do you secretly enjoy it?”
  • “So take me now or take me never; I won’t wait, you’re already late.”
  • “I’ve been dead a thousand years, and lived only two or three.”
  • “Are you suffering?”
  • “Choose your fate.”
  • “I’m blessed with the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied.”
  • “Funny how the only one in your bed is you.”
  • “I demand you put my heart back in my hand, and wipe it clean from the mess you made of me.”
  • “If I had a chance to change my mind, I wouldn’t for the world.”
  • “Do I need you? Yes and no.”
  • “I only wanted a hand to pour my heart into.”
  • “Sing me to sleep.”
  • “I’d die for you, you know I would.”
  • “Don’t make me choose; I’ve got too much to lose.”
  • “You play the victim very well.”
  • “My reasons to live were my reasons to die, but at least they were mine.”

anonymous asked:

Hola, sabes tengo una duda si mi novio y yo tuvimos relaciones sin proteccion pero no se vino en mi, puedo quedar embarazada, lo peor esque yo no menstruo , pero estaba investigando y encontre que aunque no menstrue puedo ovular y puedo quedar embarazada,, ya me tome la pastilla del dia siguiente pero estoy muy asustada... tengo 16 años ya la cague verdad?

Empieza a juntar los pañales :(