J'aimerais qu'un magazine féminin sorte un numéro spécial règles, un jour, dans lequel toutes les plus grandes célébrités parleraient de leurs menstrues. 

Vous imaginez, Beyoncé qui parle de ses crampes ? Gwyneth Paltrow qui parle de sa marque préférée de tampons ? Britney Spears qui fait l'apologie de la coupe menstruelle ? Scarlett Johansson qui raconte sa pire histoire de fuite ?

Y aurait un gros encart de 15 pages de photos de toutes ces femmes en pleine reconstitution de leurs journées PMS et crampes, Lady Gaga avec une robe constituée de serviettes hygiéniques, Kesha qui pleure au milieu d'une montagne de tablettes de chocolat, Courtney Love qui se fait des rails de Prontalgine, Blake Lively en culotte de grand-mère trouée en train de manger des chicken wings devant Clueless, et des idées de DIY pour se faire des guirlandes de tampons et des collages artistiques de Miley Cyrus faits avec du sang et des paillettes.

Moi je trouverais ça super cool. 

“Emilie Autumn: Opheliac era” sentence meme

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  • “Filthy Victorians, they made me what I’m made of.”
  • “I’ve been so disillusioned.”
  • “Wouldn’t they stop when you asked them to leave you alone?”
  • “Go on and show them who you really are.”
  • “Whether I swim or sink, that’s no concern of yours now.”
  • “I pay for your silence…”
  • “Can you believe what they’ve done to you?”
  • “If I’m going down, then I’m going the prettiest wretched whore you’ve ever seen.”
  • “This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.”
  • “Then I break a glass and I slit my own innermost thigh so that I can pretend that I’m menstru…well, unavailable.”
  • “Won’t you lend me your protection and help me?”
  • “You made me what I am today; a bundle of broken nerves, a mouthful of words I’m still afraid to say.”
  • “You think I’m bluffing? Just try me.”
  • “God help me.”
  • “I know the sickening thoughts that slither around your head.”
  • “This room’s gonna be my grave, and there’s no one who can save me.”
  • “I want to show you all the beauty you don’t even know you hold.”
  • “When master’s displeased I’ll be down on my knees again.”
  • “To say I do this for the people, I admit, is hardly true.”
  • “You’ve given me a reason to let it die.”
  • “You’re so easy to read, but the book is boring me.”
  • “I think my ego would fall right through the cracks in the floor if I couldn’t count on men to slap my ass anymore.”
  • “I’ll hide my behavior with wine as my savior.”
  • “That doesn’t compare to what I do to myself when you’re not there.”
  • “Don’t think no one understands, it happens every day.”
  • “Why live a lie?”
  • “How did your father die? Was he a good man?”
  • “You were never able to keep me breathing as the water rises up again.”
  • “You should be killed by an army of little girls.”
  • “It’s a simple excuse for a complex crime.”
  • “If I had a dollar for every time I repented the sin and commit the same crime, I’d be sitting on top of the world today.”
  • “I want my innocence back.”
  • “What beautiful dresses and hair!”
  • “Everyone else can watch as their dreams untie, so why can’t I?”
  • “You know the games I play and the words I say when I want my own way.”
  • “Dead is the new alive.”
  • “I’m truly privilaged to look this good without clothes on.”
  • “I’m hurting you for your own good.”
  • “My faith in this world is a bottle of nothing.”
  • “Why live a life that’s painted with pity and sadness and strife?”
  • “I don’t see how I can live this way.”
  • “I’ll tell the truth; all of my songs are pretty much the fucking same.”
  • “You’ll suffer for this, I swear.”
  • “I self medicate with tea.”
  • “I know your tainted flesh, I know your filthy soul, I know each trick you played.”
  • “Morality plays on stages of sin.”
  • “I only gave you the chance to prove the rumours true, and now I’m paying with my life.”
  • “Pray for me, if you dare.”
  • “I’ll die before I’m old.”
  • “I’m open to attack, but I don’t want to hurt you.”
  • “You wanted someone to understand you– well, be careful what you wish, for because I do.”
  • “I want to mix our blood and put it in the ground, so you can never leave.”
  • “You poor pathetic paranoid.”
  • “Thank God I’m pretty!”
  • “Misery loves company and company loves more.”
  • “It’s not the way I want to be.”
  • “Is it just me or do you secretly enjoy it?”
  • “So take me now or take me never; I won’t wait, you’re already late.”
  • “I’ve been dead a thousand years, and lived only two or three.”
  • “Are you suffering?”
  • “Choose your fate.”
  • “I’m blessed with the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied.”
  • “Funny how the only one in your bed is you.”
  • “I demand you put my heart back in my hand, and wipe it clean from the mess you made of me.”
  • “If I had a chance to change my mind, I wouldn’t for the world.”
  • “Do I need you? Yes and no.”
  • “I only wanted a hand to pour my heart into.”
  • “Sing me to sleep.”
  • “I’d die for you, you know I would.”
  • “Don’t make me choose; I’ve got too much to lose.”
  • “You play the victim very well.”
  • “My reasons to live were my reasons to die, but at least they were mine.”
J’aimerais bien être dans ton noyau dur. Te sucer la bite du recramé. Dictalope, mégaphonard, mais quand même hurler ma frayeur dans ton vide. Du sens? Crie! Fais tourner le code de ton avatar avant toute chose, que je te baise comme une simiesque Sims. Tu aimes gratter le fond de tes casseroles ? Moi je les brinquebale, attachées à ma queue. Tournicoteuse et moi bulbille à l’aisselle de tes bonnes feuilles, aux aguets pour renaître de ton terreau exsangue. Le trophée de ta carbatine, fraîchement écorchée, mâle aparté (Malaparte), la peau, la laine, les os, j’avalerais tout, fais-moi confiance. Grand prince de la déchenaille, je lape toutes les menstrues, surtout celles des p’tites cailles qui carcaillent dans les réseaux asociaux, mon kif. Montée sur des talons décompensés, elle fait la grande. Je te conglutinerais les plaies, de mon gluant, visqueux, tu finiras opaque, hermétique. Bien rebouché. Ne viens jamais te plaindre, les guichets sont fermés, vive les gueules d’interface, moi j’suis déconnecté ! Tu trouveras ton insipide avec cette accroche : « Cherche prince pas trop charmant ». C’est écrit sur ton visage.
—  Au jouir le jouir.