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this is kinda off topic but i need someone to tell my i'm not compleatly nuts , today i got a box of Always Radiant infinity overnight pads & i swear when i opened the box they smell like flowers & bubblegum , not the pad itself but the wrapper it's tottaly crazy i don't think i grabbed the scented ones or anything & i'm not concerned about it i just wasn't expecting my pads to smell like candy

I use the radiant line, and I use tampons most of the time but when I use the pads they do smell really floral. It doesn’t irritate my skin which is odd but ya I like them. They are my favorite. -cylina

This one goes out to the ladies

Now I will not lie and claim that I would personally go this rout but if your serious about the environment you might like to buy reusable menstrual products. Or you could always sew your own. Again I say personally this is not a plan of action I would undertake, however it is frugal, environmentally friendly, and makes for an excellently awkward conversation when someone asks if you happen to have a pad on you in the ladies room. Also remember, pads were not always disposable, this isn’t some hippie notion. Some of our mothers, and most of our grandmothers used them. Perhaps we should all be a little less squeamish about our own bodies.