Ending 2015 with my last collaboration of the year, so lets hit it off with a bang. Recently, had the pleasure of working with ChozenStyle Brand and showcasing their amazing products. A great lifestyle brand company that really knows how to give you hometown pride with an edgy look. From sweatshirt, shirts, tote bags, hats, mugs and much more you can find anything in their online store. 

Chozen Orange Style Bag - $30

The tote is a great piece of equipment with a minimalist look. Great for carrying just about everything and the perfect size. Its not too big or small, so you don’t have to feel like your carrying around another person. I like to use it to carry around my textbooks because the bag is wide enough and able to hold the weight. 

Golden Style Shirt 

An edgy piece that makes a statement and I do mean a statement. It’s perfect to wear right now with all the changes in weather and a great way to layer up. I would personally wear in the spring too.

New Jersey Style Sweatshirt - $40

If your looking to represent your hometown or favorite place then you need to get one of these. I’m wearing a size small but it doesn’t feel like one. This is a practical piece of clothing that everyone needs to have during this season. It is extremely comfy to wear and will keep you warm. Made to give you a relaxed feel the sweatshirt will not restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable while wearing it. Another thing I want to point out is how soft it is the skin, it feels like something tailor made for you. For people with sensitive skin, I promise you that you will not be disappoint by this. 

There’s still time left to shop in 2015 so get online and visit and get some last minute shopping done. Also follow them on Twitter @ChozenStyle, Facebook:, and Instagram: 

So peeps let me know what you all think of how I styled my outfits and be sure the repost!


Do You Recycle?

Bring up a valid point here, some people maybe like…wait “I don’t do that.” But me ask you straight up do you not recycle your outfits? It’s a simple and eco-friendly question. So let me ask you again, “Do you recycle your outfits?” I know some people like completely reject this question and not want to come out and say it. 

To all the people who have been following me know that I always manage to recycle my clothes into my outfits. For me this is a great way to bring out my creativity and force myself to think. Many have this problem of not wanting to wear the same clothes again, probably it’s their self pride. I have no issue with doing it and encourage others to do the same. If you have the funds to keep on buying clothes and not wearing them after a certain time then I implore you to either donate your clothes or give them to a store which reuses them. 

This post is sort and sweet and hope it causes you to think a little. Peace!


Beautiful Cashmere Coat Made by Tailorable wine label(Fabric from Loropiana)

Special Cashmere Promotion at upcoming Tailorable&co Hong Kong Trunk Show

22-23 Nov at The Mandarin Oriental 5 connaught Road.Central.