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Common Micro-aggressions: African Americans and/or
Black People

Anonymous said: What are some common micro-aggressions that a black american will regularly have to deal with?

Behold this masterpost of common micro-aggressions towards African Americans and/or people in the African Diaspora, several of which may be applicable to other PoC. Micro-aggressions can be perpetuated by White people as well as fellow Black people and People of Color.

This is just to give a thorough understanding of some of the things a Black person (often in America) deals with. Don’t run forward and jam-pack your Black character with every one of these experiences, though I can say I’ve personally experienced every one of these or know someone who has.

General Micro-aggressions

  • People excusing blackface.
  • Having our grammar and annunciation corrected.
  • “I don’t see you as a Black person/ I don’t see colour.”
  • Calling Black people ghetto, thugs, rachet, sassy, urban…
  • People debating why they should be allowed to say the n-word.
  • Then saying the n-word anyway.
  • Whispering, spitting, or stumbling over the word "Black” as if it’s a curse.
  • Refusing to pronounce your name right, or just calling you by a different name that’s easier.
  • Alternatively, “jokingly” calling you a “ghetto” name.
  • Constantly mixing up unrelated and not even resembling Black people, because you know.. ‘Black people all look the same’.
  • Dismissing our experiences as “just overreacting,” defending the wronging party, or using our plight to talk about one’s own experience (e.g. “well as a gay man i’ve got it rough…”).
  • Telling racist jokes and calling you sensitive when you don’t find it funny.
  • “______  is the new civil rights movement!” Black folks are still fighting for their rights so…


  • Fox news (xD)
  • Caricatured depictions of Black people on TV.
  • Casting calls for Black people only tailored for “race roles.”
  • Media treating white criminals and killers better than Black victims (see these headlines).


  • Assuming you only listen to rap/hip-hop/r&b.
  • Assuming you love chicken, Kool-aid, and/or smoke weed.
  • Assuming you’re good at sports.
  • Assuming there’s no father in the picture in Black families.
  • Assuming all Black people (see: young girls) have children.
  • Calling Black people who don’t conform to one’s image of Blackness, “less black,” acting white or “oreo.”


  • Non-Black People mimicking/imitating AAVE.
  • People falling into AAVE when talking to Black People.
  • “Why don’t Black people speak real English instead of ‘ebonics’?”

Insults/doubting intelligence:

  • You’re so articulate!”
  • You take advanced classes?!”
  • “How did she get into that [prestigious school and/or program]?”
  • “They only got x because they’re Black/Affirmative action.”
  • Assuming a Black person (usually male) attends college because of a sports scholarship.
  • Counselors discouraging Black students to take prestigious coursework, assuming it’s too difficult for them.

 Respectability politics:

  • “You’re a credit to your race.”
  • “I’m glad you’re not like those other Black people. You’re not ghetto or listen to that rap stuff..”
  • Tone policing: dismissing someone’s reaction/argument/etc. because they are too “emotional.” Thinking that we need to be calm in order to be taken seriously. 
  • Pitting African immigrants against African Americans, especially those coming to America for education, aka “Good Blacks.”

Beauty Standards and Dating


  • People asking you what you are or where you’re really from.
  • Referring to Black people or our features as “exotic.”
  • Referring to Black people’s skin as chocolate or other foods.

Black Women/Misogynoir

  • Saying Black women are ”strong, independent and don’t need no man.“
  • Calling Black women ”sassy“ or angry if she shows passion/emotion.
  • Referring to white and non-black women as "girls” and “women” while calling Black women “Females.”
  • [White] males who apply courtesy to white women (holding doors, giving up seat) but don’t apply the same to Black women.
  • Referring to Black women on government assistance as “welfare queens” (While ignoring that white people get more government assistance than Black people in the USA).
  • “Black women All woman are beautiful.” (Stop. That. Please.)


  • People touching/petting your hair without consent.
  • “So is that your real hair? Are those extensions?”
  • Calling natural black hair unprofessional.
  • White people appropriating Black hair styles (dreads, twists, etc) and being praised as edgy, while it’s “ghetto, unprofessional, and unclean” on our own heads.

Poverty Assumptions:

  • “Do you live in the ghetto?”
  • “Can you afford that?”
  • “Here are the value prices of this product…”

Racial Profiling + Criminalization:

  • Crossing the street to avoid passing Black men/people.
  • Following in stores, assuming Black people are stealing.
  • Moving aside when we pass, clutching purse, locking doors.
  • Asking Black people for I.D. when paying with card (while white people are not asked).
  • Being pulled over + arrested at astonishingly higher rates than white people.

For a fuller understanding of micro aggressions and the effects it has on individuals overtime, please see this: “These incidents may appear small…”

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My freestyling guide (feel free to add on)

~~What is freestyling?~~
Freestyling is sugaring in the real world without the use of any websites. It’s a great way to build confidence, keep you on your toes, and to perfect your online persona as well.

~~Pros of freestyling~~
Freestyling is great because you at least know that the person you’re communicating with is a real person. You’re a cute girl and men are going to treat you better when they see you’re cute Vs online when they don’t know if you’re who you say you are. You have the ability to meet a better variety of men then you would online. Why would a rich busy (especially single) professional spend his time sifting through an SD site? Not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying it’s rare.

~~Cons of Freestyling~~
You may be dealing with someone who either doesn’t know what a sugaring relationship is or is a skeptic. You could still find salt daddies and sleazy or dangerous guys.

~~Where to Freestyle~~
This is very important. Many of the freestyling tips I have read say to look at Country clubs and horse races and charity events. Which are all good places, don’t get me wrong. But those are a little unrealistic for a modest (poor) college student such as myself. The best places I have used that work for me are expensive stores for men. I will say I’m looking for a watch for my dad or a tailored suit for my cousin. I don’t know. Get creative. Also, upscale coffee shops, breakfast places (like Whole Foods), happy hour at nice hotels, and even breakfast at expensive hotels. 

~~Who do you want to attract?~~
Remember, you’re looking for rich and generous men (duh). They often come in the forms of retired widowed or married old guys, middle-aged divorced business men (my favorite), and young married (30s) guys looking for mistresses.

~~What kind of relationship do you want?~~
Do you want to be a spoiled girlfriend or a part-time SB. Do you want a secret affair or shopping dates and fine dining around town? It’s important to know what you want, stick with it, and be direct about it because closed mouths don’t get fed. You want a man to take care of your rent? Ask. You want him to buy you a new wardrobe? Ask. And if he says no, then try to convince him or move on to someone who will take care of your needs.

~~The first encounter~~
Be cute and confident. Dress classy!! Show interest in your POT and even extend him an olive branch. But don’t look too desperate and only ask him for his number as a last resort and only if you can tell he is interested in you ( I would usually recommend not, but sometimes men are shy around cute girls or they feel too guilty to make the first move).

~Have confidence and Stick to what you want~
Some guys may initially not want a sugaring relationship. It is important to explain why he needs one and needs you. This is the most important, make it or break it step. And if anything, it makes you seem honest and unique. And because you’re asking for an allowance upfront, he will worry less about your authenticity.

~~Finding the right sugar daddy~~
Something I’ve learned from freestyling is that there are middle class guys who look rich, dress nicely, and still don’t make enough to support a sugaring relationship. And there are guys who don’t dress too nice but are rich. My SD for example looks like freaking bob the builder. I would never guess he was rich, but he is. And that’s how it is. Nice things such as an expensive watch, name brand clothes, and a nice car can be signs of wealth, but a lack of them isn’t a sign that they should be brushed off. However, if he looks dirty, and drives a beat up hoopty, he is likely not the SD you want. Your job is to look classy and upscale and sexy so rich guys will come to you. And if you do this all the time, you can turn even grocery shopping to a sugaring opportunity.

I hope this helped and happy sugaring

All in the Past

  When Dean Winchester asked you to go shopping, you had thought the world was ending. Dean and shopping were two things that never went together. Dean didn’t shop. Dean went on supply runs but when it came to buy clothes for himself, let’s just say a few choice words were involved along with eye rolls, huffs, and the occasional rude comment to the retail worker. You hated shopping with Dean almost as much as he hated shopping. Why hadn’t it been Sam?

  You met Dean at the mall, the two of you walking towards a high end mens clothing store. You didn’t even want to think about why you were going in here with him. You knew it was because of her. He informed the retail worker that he was looking for a suit that he could wear to a party, one that looked like he was from the early nineteen hundreds. Some Great Gatsby party of some sort. You tried hard not to be the first one to roll your eyes. 

  She picked out a couple of suits that she deemed would be perfect for the event. You tried your best not to glare daggers into the back of her head when you caught her eye-banging your best friend. Dean was gorgeous, and he knew it too. He never had a problem landing the girl of his choice, which is why he was with her. Lisa Braeden

  She had everything you didn’t. She was giving Dean the apple pie life he so desperately deserved. She gave him the white picket fence and a bed to sleep in. A kid that you were almost certain was his. What could you give him? A back massage after a rough hunt? Even though Dean promised Sam that he’d settle down with Lisa, it didn’t stop you. You were only here because Dean called for some assistance. He still talked to you on a regular basis. But he wasn’t your Dean anymore. He wasn’t the Dean that had your back on hunts, or the Dean that stayed up all night eating junk food on the impala hood. He was hers. She was his. You were grateful he didn’t cut you out all together, but seeing him happy because of her was the worse kind of torture you have ever endured. This, was your own personal hell and there was no way you were ever getting out of it. 

  “How does this one look?” Dean called out from behind the closed curtain. He shoved them both to the side, waltzing through with a small smile playing on his lips. You swear, your heart skipped a beat. You didn’t think that was humanly possible but if someone were to monitor your heart, you were certain it would have showed. Dean looked stunning in the suit; damn near perfection. His hair was parted differently, like he fixed it when he looked in the mirror before he came out. It hugged his body in the best ways. You could see every bulge on his body, every curve and edge. 

  It killed you.

  You could feel your heart shattering, completely crashing into a million different pieces. It doesn’t matter what past you had with Dean; what crap you’ve been through together. It didn’t matter how many times you had saved each others lives and patched each other up. Dean was out, living another life. He was with the girl you knew he loved; a girl that wasn’t you. He was getting dressed up for her, he had a family with her

  He was never going to be yours. 


  “Hmm?” You shook your head, blinking away your tears. 

  “What do you think?” he asked nervously. 

  “I think that’s the one,” you smiled weakly. 

  “Me too,” he chuckled. “I think Lisa is going to like this one.”

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I cant stress enough how much i look forward to starting on T, and getting top surgery.

I cant wait to hear my voice crack for the first time.

I cant wait to start shaving

I cant wait to look down at my chest and be happy with what i see

I cant wait to pass as a male

I cant wait to get that jawline i hope i get

I cant wait to stop getting my period. (You have no idea how wrong it feels, every freaking month!)

I cant wait to be called a boy by everyone around me

I cant wait to be a proud trans boy, who isnt afraid.

I cant wait to people making fun of my voice cracking, even if im 21 when i start on T.

I cant wait to go topless at the beach, and no one staring at me weirdly.

I cant wait to be ‘one of the boys’

I cant wait to be able to go into the mens section in stores, and not get weird stares.

I cant wait to go into a mens bathroom, and no one looking at me weirdly.

I cant wait till i find a name that i think suits me, and then having people calling me that

I cant wait to teach people about lgbt+

I cant wait to meet other people like myself

I cant wait to hear somone call me their BOYfriend

I cant wait to be refferd to as a boy, even when im not around.

I cant wait to hear my mom and dad call me their son

I cant wait to tell my story to other trans people, and hearing other stories 

I cant wait to wear a dress, even after i have transitioned fully, and then rock it!

I cant wait to stop being scared

I cant wait to stop crying

I cant wait to stop hating my self

I cant wait to not feeling like this anymore

I cant wait to be happy with my self

I cant wait to be a better person

I cant wait to be more happy, so much more happy

I cant wait to get the people out of my life who arent okay with me being trans

I cant wait to set and X with male on tests

I cant wait to start growing a beard

I cant wait to then shaving it off

I cant wait to when people dont have to be scared to come out as trans, or anything else

I cant wait to all parents are accepting and supportive of their kids

I cant wait to all people re accepting and supportive of their friends and family.

I cant wait to being trans isn’t something you should hide, becouse you are scared of others reactions.

I know i can do many of these things already when i havnt gotten the surgery nor started on T. But when i do get the surgery, and start on T, i know im gonna be much more confedint. Im gonna move away from where i am now, and start again, as the boy i truly am, and not someone i pretend to be.

I am so lucky that i have suportive parents and suportive friends, and im so happy. I am so freaking lucky to have them, even though im not fully out at all to everyone i know, just this little start means so much. And i cant imagine how it would be for somone without the suport. So please, if you know somone who is trans, agender, bigender, or something else, pleasure suport them. They might ask you to use a diffrent pronounce, or name, and if they do that, please use the name/pronounce they want, it means so much. And even if its a bit hard for you to remmber it, please try your best, and if you use the wrong name/pronounce, just quickly change it and move on, no need to make a big deal out of it. But just things as that can help so much, it can really mean a lot.

Being trans isnt always easy, some people have it worse than others.But i know just the smallest things, can make someone that much happier. 

I my self is a 17 year old trans guy, i havnt always known that, but im glad i have figured it out. There are still a lot of things i dont know yet about my self, But for now, i know im a trans guy, i am pansexual, though leaning towards guys, so i would say im quite gay. 

People figure out who they are at diffrent times, some when they are young, others when they are older. ANd that is okay, you should never force anything, and you dont have to label yourself, some people like labels, others dont. Just do what you feel comfortable doing, and dont judge others for doing the same thing.

I know i dont have a big following, and most of my folowers are porn blogs, but i just really nedded to say these things, and i will probrly reblog this post later, and probrbly also write one more or two. Happines is something that comes and goes, right now im okay, but i know that i will meet people who wont agree with who i am, and tell me that who i am is wrong, and tell me all kind of negative things, and i know i will cry, a lot more, happy tears and sad tears, beauce there is gonna be hard times and good times, and that is never gonna change, i hope it will though.

Anyways, im Ollie for the time being, a little gay trans guy just passing by. My inbox is always open, and i would love to talk to people, and learn about their experiences. 

I hope you have a great day

Artwork (Negan x Female)

Summary: Negan gives her a gift for her birthday.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 1,219

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Fluff

Author’s Note:  @illysamorgan asked me to write her a birthday fic, so here you go! I hope this little drabble is to your liking and I hope you have a happy birthday, dear!

I am always happy to hear what you think! Shoot me a message and tell me what you thought! If you want to be on my tag list, let me know!

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Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and cast (Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Kiernan Shipka, Jessica Paré, Ben Feldman, and Kevin Rahm) reunite at the launch For Matthew Weiner’s Book ’Mad Men’ at TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills on February 23, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California

Adventures in Retail

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Requests are open! Send them in if you have anything :)

Summary: Working in retail is a nightmare. When you meet Namjoon, you come to appreciate the stock room a little more, though.

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Genre: Smut and a little fluff

Warnings: Daddy kink, slight choking

“Thank you for shopping with us. Have a wonderful day.“ You tried to put as much enthusiasm as you possibly could into your voice. It got to be harder and harder to do as the day went on and you repeated the same phrase every five minutes. The midday rush had finally died down, so you had decided to walk around and straighten some clothes that had been mindlessly placed by some customers.

As you were folding some shirts you felt eyes on you. You looked around until you saw a group of guys standing a few feet away glancing at you. You walked up to them, knowing that most of the time when men came into the store, they were usually too prideful to ask for help.

“Are you gentleman finding everything all right?” They all smiled brightly and nodded.

“We were just browsing. Do you work here?”

”I do. My name is Y/N, so if you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help.” They thanked you, and you noticed the taller one of the bunch kept staring at you with a look that you couldn’t quite figure out. You smiled, then went back to folding the pile of shirts that had been messed up earlier. A few moments later, you heard someone clearing their throat behind you.

“Excuse me. Would you mind helping me?”

You turned around, seeing the tall one from the group you had talked to before.

“That’s what they pay me for. What can I do for you?” He smiled, looking at the ground for a second before looking back up at you.

“Do you happen to have any red Converse shoes here?” You smiled as you started to walk towards the shoe section, motioning him to follow you.

“You have good taste. All our shoes are over here. The Converse section is my favorite.” He chuckled behind you, and your heart skipped a little at the sound.

“Thank you. My name is Namjoon, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Namjoon. Like I said earlier, my name is Y/N. If you have any more questions-”

“I’ll be sure to let you know.” You gave him a small smile as you turned to walk back to your shirts.

“These clothes will be folded whether they like it or not.”

When you finally finished folding your pile, you felt a presence behind you again.

“Hey Y/N? Do you mind helping me again?” You laughed, turning around to see Namjoon smiling sweetly at you.

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, I was wondering what kind of shirt to wear with my new shoes.” You cocked your eyebrow, smirking at him.

“Do you just want me to help you pick out an entire outfit?”

“Actually, that sounds wonderful. If you don’t mind, of course.”

You helped Namjoon pick out an entire ensemble, including some bracelets and rings. You talked a lot and learned about each other. The more you got to know about him, the harder your heart started to pound in your chest. You brought him to the register and smiled.

“My coworker will ring you up.”

“Thank you for everything Y/N. Maybe I should shop here more often and get you to help me.” You blushed a little as you smiled sweetly at him.

“I’d like that. I don’t mind helping you. You’re a lot nicer to deal with then some of the people we get that come through here.” You waved at him and went to do some cleaning around the store to occupy yourself for the remainder of your shift.

“Y/N. Do you mind going to the stock room to do a quick inventory check? We forgot to do it yesterday.” You agreed and made your way to the back where the stock room was. You started to check the inventory, humming to yourself because it was too quiet back there. You heard the door close, which confused you since it was policy to keep that door open while there was someone in the stock room. A customer must have snuck in, thinking that there was no one in the room.

“I’m sorry, but there are no customers allowed back here-” As you rounded the corner, you saw Namjoon standing there.

“Namjoon? What are you doing back here? You shouldn’t be here.”

He didn’t say anything as he slowly walked over to where you were standing. You felt your heart pounding in your chest when he got close enough for you to smell his cologne. His hand slowly reached out to touch the velvet choker you had decided to wear that day.

“Namjoon?” He stayed silent still, his finger slowly running back and forth across the choker. His hand moved up a little until his fingers were completely around your throat.

“Do you wear this because you like to be choked Kitten?” You closed your eyes as you bit your lip to keep from moaning at the pet name he gave you. You felt his hold on your throat get a little tighter.

“I believe I asked you a question.”

“Please Daddy!” Your eyes snapped open as soon as you realized what had just come out of your mouth. Namjoon’s eyes darkened as he stared at you.

“On your knees. Now.” You quickly obeyed and got onto your knees, staring up at him as you waited for you next command.

“I think you know what to do Kitten.” You shakily reached out and undid the button of his pants, pulling the zipper down before pulling his pants and boxers down. He was bigger than you had expected, which sent a wave of heat right to your core.

“Don’t just sit there. Suck.”

You started to slowly stroke his cock. While keeping your eyes on his, you wrapped your lips around his tip and sucked. He inhaled sharply and grabbed the back of your head.

“Don’t even think about teasing.” You quickly took as much of him as you could into your mouth while your hand stroked what was left. The groan that left his mouth urged you to suck a little harder as you bobbed your head. His fingers tightened in your hair and his hips thrust a little when you added your tongue to the mix.

“Fuck. You’re better at this than I thought you would be.” You smiled to yourself, your ego blowing up. You hollowed your cheeks, moving your mouth lower until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. He groaned and roughly pulled you off him.

“I won’t last if you keep doing that Kitten. Stand up.” Your legs wobbled a little as you slowly stood. He quickly picked you up and slammed you against the nearest wall. Your legs were quick to wrap around his waist, the feel of his hard cock against your clothed pussy under your skirt making you wetter than you already were.

“I’ll have to repay the favor next time. I need to be inside of you now or I may just lose my damn mind.”

He quickly pushed your panties to the side and ran his cock along your slit a few times.

“Already so wet for me. You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you?” You moaned loudly, throwing your head back. His hand wrapped around your throat.

You have to be quiet this time Kitten. As much as I’d love to hear your moans, we don’t want to get caught before the main event.” You bit down on your lip and nodded. Your nails dug into his shoulder as he wasted no more time, slamming his cock straight into you.

“Holy shit. You’re so tight Kitten. Just for me.” He quickly built up his thrusts to a brutally rough and fast pace. You tried to meet his thrusts at first, but the pleasure got to be too much, so you focused on keeping quiet instead. His mouth met yours in a heated kiss, allowing you to finally release the noises building up inside you. His thumb pressed hard on your clit, and his kisses moved to your neck.

“Cum for me baby. I want you to cum all over my cock. Now.” You bit your hand to hold back your screams as your walls contracted around him. You saw flashes of white as you came all over his cock. He was somehow able to go faster, groaning at how you looked coming down from your high. He stilled as he released inside of you. The only sound in the room was heavy breathing for a moment. He looked up at you and smiled shyly.

“Would it be weird to ask you out-”

“Y/N? Are you still back here? Why is this door closed?” You quickly jumped down and fixed yourself before kissing Namjoon on the cheek.

“I get off in an hour.” You winked at him and walked out to distract your manager so that Namjoon could sneak out. Maybe you should wear your choker more often.

anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting prompts? If so, foster/adopted Dex. Team/Nursey finding out.

Haha I’m going to be accepting prompts until the end of time, my ask box is literally always open :D

Parent’s Day at Samwell was usually the eye of the hurricane that was a college-aged hockey team living in near squalor. Things had gotten better since Bitty arrived and started keeping things straight around the Haus, but there were still beer bottles to pick up, beds to make, and a certain green couch to Febreeze the hell out of before any parents arrived who may not be accustomed to the smell of decaying fabric.

It was tradition that the d-men made the store runs and garbage trips during the cleanup prior to Parent’s Day (apparently Ransom had been the only member of SMH with a car way back when he was a freshman, and Nursey was the only one besides Jack or Shitty who could really afford to drop money on gas AND be trusted to drive the speed limit) so it was Dex and Nursey who were shaken awake at 4 AM by Bitty to go to the store because he “had just realized that they were entirely out of toilet paper, oh lord, how did I not catch this in time?” and parents would start arriving at 6.

Dex slid into the passenger seat and looked Nursey dead in the eyes and said he would actually, literally, physically die if they did not stop to get coffee. Nursey told him nowhere was open. Dex said he would rob a Starbucks. Nursey said he couldn’t bail Dex out on Parent’s Day, he’d be too busy, and Dex grumbled something as he buckled up and Nursey pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the nearest 24 hour Walmart. Dex looked out the window like the world’s saddest dog at every gas station they passed until Nursey finally stopped and got them some cheap, terrible coffee.

When they finally got to the Walmart, it was almost 5 in the morning. Dex was starting to perk up a bit, and Nursey was considering different toilet paper options. He told Dex to call Bitty and ask how fancy they needed to be. Nursey could hear Bitty yelling something about perfection and satin sheets and ten layer “Welcome to our Haus” cake and made a mental to note to buy Bitty tickets to Providence when this whole debacle was over; the kid was stressing himself to death, and the rest of the team wasn’t really making it any easier for him.

They checked out of Walmart with a dead eyed cashier who stared at Dex’s cup of coffee like she might murder Dex for it, and hurried back to the car just as the sun started to rise. As they made their way back to the Haus, Dex glanced at Nursey.

“Hey Nurse, you haven’t met my parents yet.”

Nursey looked at Dex, a little confused by the question. He looked nervous in the passenger seat, practically cradling the giant package of toilet paper.

“No, I guess I havent. Why? They serial killers or famous or something?”

Dex laughed sort of hollowly, looking out the window at the sunrise.

“No, it’s nothing like that. I just-ah, they don’t really seem like they’d be my parents, and I don’t want you to think I’ve been keeping something from you or anything.”

Nursey reached over to grab Dex’s hand from where he was holding the toilet paper and smiled at him.

“Listen, I don’t know what you mean, but I’m sure I’ll like them a lot, okay?”

Dex gulped and looked hesitantly at Nursey.


Back at the Haus, they were still putting away toilet paper when the parents started to trickle through the door. Bitty and Chowder were on welcome duty since they were the most enthusiastic people on the team who wouldn’t start stripping. The rest of SMH was awkwardly standing around the Haus trying to look studious and like they didn’t hold semi-regular and quasi-legal Kegsters. Nursey and Dex were just coming down the stairs when Nursey heard a loud shout coming from the doorway. He barely had time to register the noise when the largest man Derek had ever seen came barreling towards them and picked up Dex like he was a kid instead of a 6 foot 1 hockey player. Another man was close on his heels, only a little shorter than the first, but no less enthusiastic.

Dex was laughing and struggling to get back to the floor as the first man held him up against his chest. They were both tall, bulky people, but the one holding Dex was slightly more tanklike, with bushy eyebrows and an out of control beard that would make a lumberjack jealous. The other man had a mustache that Nursey could already see was threatening Shitty’s, and an expression that seemed perpetually, genuinely cheerful.

Dex eventually stopped play fighting and threw his arms around the man after he was lowered to the ground.

“I missed you Dad. You should come down more often.”

Dex’s father laughed and ruffled Dex’s hair in the way Nursey knew that he only pretended to hate. The second man clapped him on the back, and Dex practically tackled him into a hug in response.

Nursey watched the three men laughing, and he smiled at how happy they seemed. Dex turned to him and gestured to his fathers.

“Derek, these are my dads!”

Nursey rolled his eyes and stepped forward to shake their hands.

“Yeah Dex, I put that together, what with the hugging and all. It’s really great to meet you.”

Dex grinned sheepishly and put an arm around Nursey, leaning in to quietly say,

“This is all okay with you, yeah?”

Nursey laughed, and brought Dex’s hand to his lips for a quick kiss.

“Yeah babe, surprisingly enough, I’m totally okay with this. I think I can bring myself to accept my gay boyfriend’s gay parents.”

From the hallway, Ransom and Holster watched, and then sighed in unison. Ransom gently rubbed his hand on the wall next to him, and turned to Holster.

“Yknow bro, sometimes I think this Haus might not let straight people inside.”

Holster looked at Ransom, and then out the door where Tango had whacked his head on the frame and hit the floor, then back at Ransom again.

“Yknow bro, I think you might have a really good point.”

Clothing with pronouns

I just had a conversation with my mother this morning about a pair of pants relating to Supernatural I had recently purchased. They were too big, and we had to send them back. My mother asked if I had already ordered a smaller pair, and I told her I had not. She then proceeded to explain she did not think I should order a new pair if I was planning to wear them out, because they were considered ‘men’s pants.’

I tried to explain to her, there is no such thing as ‘men’s pants.’ Yes, I have seen the signs in stores labelled ‘men’s wear’ and ‘women’s wear,’ but I find this concept utterly ridiculous. They are labelled as such because it is more likely for a female to wear a dress than a male. That does not mean the male gender is not permitted to take up such attire.

This is where the discrimination starts to come in. Females will tend to buy oversized shirts or graphic T’s from the ‘men’s wear’ and most of the time, your average person would think nothing of it. But if a male were to wear a dress out in public, he would be thought lowly of. There are several cross-dressing models and occupations, but judgement has been an issue since the beginning of time.

I do not believe it is fair to give clothing articles pronouns. Please, reblog if you agree.

Shopping with BTS
  • <p> <b></b> - BTS gets out of the car -<p/><b>Jin:</b> *slaps everybody except Yoongi on the back of their heads*<p/><b>Mankae line:</b> OUCH! MUM WHAT GIVES?<p/><b>Hoseok & Namjoon:</b> HYUNG!<p/><b>Jin:</b> LISTEN UP. Once we get inside the store, yah better not ASK for shit, DO shit or EMBARRASS  the shit out of me. We are here for food ONLY, so no overwatch...<p/><b>Taekook:</b> Oh Come On!<p/><b>Jin:</b> Dancing in the aisles to store music...<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> Its not my fault that they played Despacito.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Following strange men out of the store...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Hey! Those men in the past were super nice to me and just wanted to give me gifts from their cars.<p/><b>Jin:</b> Breaking store shelves and items<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> My bad.<p/><b>Jin:</b> YOU KNOW WHAT?! JUST STAY CLOSE AND DONT LOOK AT SHIT!<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> How come Yoongi Hyung never gets yelled at? No fair!<p/><b>Yoongi [in the background]:</b> Dabbing/Thuglife/GetLikeMe/PlayaHaterYouShouldLoveYourself<p/></p>

I worked at a book and office supplies store (in the Netherlands) for about a year. I already wasn’t a people person when I started working there and after quitting I was even less of a people person. Here are some highlights:

  • A woman came in in a rush one afternoon, waited in line impatiently asking if we could “hurry the fuck up” because she had places to be. Now, a nice old lady let her go first and without even thanking her, the woman then came to the register. She wanted a cinema gift card, and she needed it NOW. Since we sold two different kinds, I asked her which one she preferred, and after I told her the benefits of each gift card she picked one. 2 SECONDS AFTER PAYING FOR IT SHE CHANGED HER MIND, and we cannot return gift cards, because that’s against company policy. But no, everything was my fault. She continued to yell at me for a solid 8 minutes until my manager resolved the problem.
  • A lonely old lady insisted on having a conversation with me. For 45 minutes. While there were customers in the store.
  • Someone came to pick up a book order and after handing it over, he insisted that it wasn’t the book he ordered (even though we had copious amounts of evidence that it was).
  • Some dude once told me I was the lowest piece of shit to ever walk to earth after I told him about the shipping costs for his 10-pound package that had to be sent to Australia. Sir, that’s literally on the other side of the world. You can’t expect it to be cheap.
  • Had two men RUN into the store 2 minutes before closing time, asking us if we could wrap up a 3-feet Buddha statue for a birthday party. We were annoyed but did it anyway, and then the guys pulled out 15 euros. “Here’s a tip, get some snacks, you look hungry.” We got snacks and it was amazing.
  • First got told I was a rude bitch ever after telling a woman we no longer had her favorite magazine. 10 minutes later, I was awarded a 9,5/10 score from a mystery shopper right in front of her. Satisfying.
  • A 17-year-old wanted to buy lottery tickets, which is illegal at his age. After asking for his ID he called me a “cancer whore”. This happened every single week until my manager decided to ban him from the store, permanently.
  • One afternoon a lady came in telling me she wanted a fashion gift card valued at 500 euros. That is impossible, the most you can value a gift card at is 150 euros. I repeatedly told her this but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, after which I decided to show her that it was impossible. She paid with her bank card, I attempted to activate the 500-euro gift card and BOOM. Entire cash register system broke on me. 500 euros was lost in cyberspace, her gift card was left unactivated, and all of this was going on while there were 40 people trying to buy something. It took us an hour to get the system up and running again.
  • A kid asked me for a book, I looked it up and told him we didn’t have it anymore, and he kicked me in the knee.
  • We didn’t sell some dude’s favorite brand of cigarettes anymore and he yelled at me for 5 minutes, after which he left the store.
  • I am so glad I don’t work retail anymore.

Martin Margiela

“A studio condo 15 minutes’ walk from work, 88,000 yen a month, with separate bath and toilet. The place is so immaculate, it’s hard to believe he’s been living here for six years. An instructor at Bunka Fashion College, they call him “maestro Margiela.” He’s been into the Martin Margiela scene from seven years back. Originally his soul belonged to Comme des Garcons, then one day a department store manager got to talking with him and he changed over just like that. “The Margiela philosophy and concept of clothes was just so perfect.” Now just look at him: the only clothes he keeps here are Margiela, “because it’d be improper to put anything else together in the same closet. I’d even wear Margiela underwear, if there were any!” Each season he siphons his entire salary, some 2 million yen into his high-end habit. No normal obsession, he stretches forward when eating so as not to dirty his precious clothes, and scrubs the cuffs and collar with soap when he gets home. He never washes patterns and whites together in the same laundry load – his white shirts are absolutely spotless – so say he’s got a weekend engagement, he’ll spend an hour working out the order of washes counting backwards from what he’s got coordinated for tomorrow. No drying outside either, because smog will stick to the clothes; he uses a hanger rack to dry everything indoors, each item in a specific order. And when spring comes, he stores away his knitwear in special airtight vacuum bags. A perfectionist in all things, does his Margiela-style fussiness extend to his living quarters? Well, he’d rather eat out than infuse his clothes with daily life smells, and only keeps eyedrops in the refrigerator. He’s never once lit the stove or run the water in the kitchen, keeping only a precision stack of room-tempered process soy milk packs. No wastebasket even. When he gets thirsty, he rushes to the nearby shop and drinks on the spot, taking the trash out at the same time to discard at the store. No men allowed to piss in the john standing up, lest they cause a mess. This is a man after Margiela’s heart (not to mention his landlord’s).“