Happy 100th Birthday, Hubert White Men’s Store

Beginning with a store in St. Paul in 1916, Hubert W. White Sr. established his menswear store to showcase extraordinary clothing and accessories for gentlemen. A Minneapolis store opened in 1939. 

The store brought exclusive brands to the Twin Cities market including: Oxxford suits, Hathaway shirts and Churchill hats. When business dress changed from suits to business casual, Hubert White responded with new merchandise. Today, business suits account for only 40% of sales, and the store has gained a following of young men. In 2015, Hubert White’s revenue was the highest in its history.

For more information on Hubert White’s centennial, see this Star Tribune article.

–Images are from the Hubert W. White 1966 Golden Anniversary Gift Book.

19A. Hathaway favorites: the London-collar white broadcloth, 6.95. The white oxford cloth button-down, 6.95. The oxford blue, 7.50. The French cuff imported broadcloth, 8.95. The new ultra-quality Mainliner collection of Sea Island broad­cloths and British stripings, from 11.00

19F. Collector’s item! Nettleton slip-on in finest alligator. King of reptile leathers! Perfectly matched skins hand-lasted in gleaming black or brown. 70.00

15G. New suits arriving regularly: by E & J Peake in Natural or conventional stylings, from 89.50 to 125.00. By Grieco in New England Traditional design, from 115.00. Hand-tailored by Walter-Morton from 165.00. Exquisitely fashioned by Oxxford and exclusively ours in the Twin Cities, from 275.00. Custom-tailoring service available for all makes, at nominal extra charge.

7A. Utter luxury in sportswear is this meltingly soft polo shirt of purest cashmere by Thane. A regal gift or a magnificent self-indulgence! Marine blue, heather, fawn, oxford. M, L. 27.50

7B. World’s finest shower head is the “Country Club” that accurately dials every spray, from stinging needle to gentle raindrop. Massively built of chromed brass with gold-plated face. Installs easily as a light bulb. 17.95

11B. Striped ties by the hundreds and hundreds. Regimental stripes. Specialty stripes. Old School stripes. Stripes in every imaginable color and combination. We’re known the nation over for our striped silk neckwear! 2.50, 3.50, 5.00

The Gift Book is from the Trade Catalog Collection at the Hennepin County Library Special Collections.